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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 23, 2005 on ATWT
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Monday, May 23, 2005

Lily returns home where Holden has been staying with the children while Lily was on her camping trip with Keith. Keith stops by the house, and Lily questions him about the call she missed on her cell phone while in the woods, but Keith manages to evade the question without arousing Lily's suspicions. Keith leaves, and Lily tearfully tells Holden that she is ready to finalize the divorce. Holden sadly temporizes, saying that he wants to wait to make certain that ending the marriage is right for both of them.

In Kew's Bangkok club, Rosanna has been overpowered by James Stenbeck's henchman, Tuck. Tuck calls Stenbeck, who leaves Cabot at his secret house with babysitter Sei, and heads for the club. Craig has been watching the house and waiting for James to leave. Craig slips Sei some money, identifying himself as "the man Tuck told you about." He explains, "It will look like I broke in, overpowered you, and drugged you. There is no way you can be blamed for anything." Craig sees Cabot in a little oriental tent and picks Cabot up. Meanwhile, James threatens to kill Tuck, forcing Tuck to disclose that Craig planned everything. James drags Rosanna back to the house, where they find Cabot in his little tent. James refuses to let Rosanna touch Cabot, saying, "That's the last time you're going to see my grandson!"

After Jennifer and Will's wedding, Will is unnerved by Celia's hug, and simultaneously the tension continues to grow between Gwen and Casey, although Gwen promises not to tell anyone that they slept together. Katie insists on going to the wedding instead of on the trip Henry suggested. Her late arrival gets a lot of attention, but Katie finds that she has irritated everyone, especially Mike. When Katie turns back to Henry, intending to resume their delayed trip, Henry tells her that their marriage is over and walks out.

Jennifer thanks Barbara for the beautiful wedding, turns to leave, and tosses her bouquet over her shoulder as she and Mike walk out the door. The wedding bouquet hits Katie, who has been watching from the back of the room. Everyone leaves the reception. Katie, alone, cries over the flowers.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Keith told Lily that he planned to stay in Oakdale, commute to O'Hare Airport and get out of debt. She was happy to have him stay, and kissed him. Luke caught them, and at first was very upset. When Keith left, Luke tried to tell Lily that she should try to work things out with Holden. But as the two talked, Luke began to realize that Lily wanted to be with Keith and her marriage to Holden was over. He told her that if Keith was what she wanted he was happy for her. Lily thanked him and told him how mature he was - she was saddened when he told her that it wasn't just him who had to deal with this kind of thing, that most of his friends at school had parents who had split.

Carly takes a cookie (decorated by Sage) to Jack at the police station. Just as she arrives, so does one of the guards in the transport van that wrecked on the way to taking Les to prison. The guard asked to talk with Jack privately, and they entered the interrogation room. He thanked Jack for saving his life. Jack graciously accepted the thank you, but added that it was an accident which could not be avoided. The guard wasn't so sure though, and told Jack that just before the tire blew causing the accident, he believed he heard two separate bangs. He left, thanking Jack again, and Carly entered the room. She hadn't heard the conversation but saw the discussion - Jack told her about what the guard thought he heard. Carly assumed that Jack suspected Keith had something to do with it. When Jack denied that, Carly said he only wanted to be "nice" to Keith because of JJ, which he also vehemently denied. But moments later, when Keith barges into the interrogation room without knocking, Jack allows him to do it without comment. Keith announced to both Carly and Jack that he had decided to stay in Oakdale and that he wanted JJ to stay with them and their children. Both Carly and Jack were happy, but Carly mentioned that there had been other interesting news that day.....Keith of course wanted to know what it was, but Jack refused to tell him, brushing it off as routine police stuff. When Keith left, Jack was furious with Carly telling her that the guard's opinion was no business of hers or Keith's. However, the spat didn't last long as they both looked forward to having JJ as a part of their family.

Lucinda begged Dusty to help her get "rid" of Keith, but he refused. However, he did show up at Lily's house just in time to find her crying. Of course, Dusty and Lily are old friends, and Dusty told her he was sorry about what was happening. She said "I'll be okay," and Dusty proceeded to tell her that she wasn't okay, that she was in more trouble than she could possibly imagine. He then shocked her by telling her that she had a family and that she should dump Keith - that he wasn't worth it. She was so shocked that she had no reply. Meanwhile, Lucinda was shocked when Keith barged into her home and told her not to take any phone calls because they needed to get a few things straight. Lucinda looked at Keith with great disdain.

Emily helped Paul to erase his memories of marriage to Rosanna by helping him to burn some mementos from their time together. While they were doing this, however, Rosanna was in serious trouble! James had realized that Rosanna wasn't cut out for the work camp he had planned for her, so he decided to kill her to get her out of the way. His henchmen duct taped her to a chair and James tried to throw her off a private airplane into the South China Seas. Rosanna screamed hysterically, but just as James was about to throw her out he was hit on the head from behind and lost consciousness. Rosanna was relieved to see it was Craig who had saved her. Craig also had the entire crew in his employ, and James was turned over to the authorities upon their return to Bangkok. Rosanna held Cabot tightly as she told Craig that James would always find them, that he would never leave them alone.......

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Paul lit a match to all his memorabilia that he saved from when he was with Rosanna, and burnt it. Paul and Emily than had a champagne toast to new beginnings. Even after witnessing Paul burn Rosanna's things, Emily told Paul that he was still hung up on Rosanna; in order to prove Emily wrong Paul kissed her. Emily kissed Paul back to prove to him that he could move on with his life without Rosanna.

Luke was at Emma's house telling her and Holden that he believed Lily was moving on with her life without Holden. Holden told Luke no matter what happened they would always be a family. After Luke left, Emma and Holden talked about his feelings for Lily. Holden said he just wanted what was best for his kids, but Emma believed that Holden was still in love with Lily. Emma told Holden he made a big mistake with Julia and to not let the same thing happen with Lily and Keith. Holden believed it was too late to save his marriage but Emma knew that Lily was still and always would love him.

Keith went to see Lucinda and told her that he was staying in town and he would continue to see her daughter, Lily. Lucinda still did not trust Keith and warned him to stay away from Lily. Meanwhile Dusty went to see Lily to warn her that Keith was involved with very dangerous people and that she should dump him to protect her family. Lily told Dusty not to listen to Lucinda, that Keith was a good man and that he would not hurt her. Dusty left to go tell Lucinda that Lily trusted Keith and so should Lucinda. Later, Keith returned home to find Lily had planned a romantic evening for the two of them. Lily gave Keith a check so he could pay off all of his debts. Keith refused to take the money because he wanted to prove himself to her. Lily asked Keith to think about taking the money, he agreed to think about it so they kissed and began to make love.

Rosanna told Craig that in order for Cabot to be safe from James she needed to give him up. Craig tried to talk Rosanna out of making the worst decision in her life but her mind was made up. Rosanna's lawyer took Cabot away, and Craig and Rosanna had a tearful goodbye with Cabot. After Cabot left Rosanna broke down in Craig's arms.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Margo approached Katie at Metro and asked her why she was twirling her ring. Katie told her that she lost Henry for good. Margo told Katie that she didn't blame Henry for being upset. Katie did everything she could to undermine his request for her to leave Mike and Jennifer alone. Margo finally got Katie to admit that she wanted Mike to be with her. Sitting at the bar is Henry who was witnessing the whole thing. He looked at his wedding ring and then picked up the phone and placed a call. Back at the table, Katie said that she and Henry were a bit off but all couples go through adjustments. Margo said she thought Katie had lost Henry for good and should let him go. After Margo left, Henry walked in with a former girlfriend, Ivy. Katie hesitated before approaching and when she asked to talk to him, he blew her off. Katie then told Ivy to take her hands off Henry. Ivy excused herself. Henry wouldn't listen to anything Katie had to say and told her it was over and one day Katie would understand.

Barbara went to see Will and wanted to know how he was doing. Barbara was excited that he was making new friends and wanted to know who Will was taking to the Prom. Will wanted to know how Barbara knew he was even going to the Prom and told her to leave him alone. Later, Barbara went looking for Will and found Casey instead. She started pumping Casey for information but Casey wouldn't give in and excused himself. Barbara approached Will's teacher and asked how Will was doing. The teacher told Barbara that he had been trying to schedule a parent/teacher conference but Will kept telling him that Barbara was too busy to schedule one. Barbara said there is no time like the present.

Celia asked Gwen if she had seen Casey who walked up shortly after. Casey asked Celia to leave with him but Gwen said she had something to tell Celia. Celia had been nominated for Prom Queen. Everyone came up and congratulated Celia but she seemed un-phased and excused herself to go freshen up. Casey told Gwen that he really like Celia and wanted the relationship to last. He asked Gwen for a fresh start. Gwen said they were cool and went to find Celia. Outside, Will approached Celia and told her she should find a better hiding place. Celia mentioned Barbara but Will was reluctant to talk about Barbara and changed the subject back to her. Celia wanted to know how different things would be if she and Casey weren't going out. When Celia left, Will dreamt that Celia wanted to be with him instead.

Emma told Holden she was convinced Holden still loved Lily. Holden tried to brush it off but Emma told him he needed to fight for her. Taking Emma's advice, Holden arrived at Lily's door with flowers in his hand. Faith opened the door and told Holden that Lily was with Uncle Keith. Meanwhile over at Keith's, Lily and Keith were in the midst of making love when Lily stopped. Keith wondered why and Lily told him she was a little scared and wanted to know if Keith really liked her. Keith told her that she has made his life worth living. Lily said that she felt alive again. Later, Holden appeared at the door and before Keith could get rid of him, Holden saw Lily. Lily asked if everything was okay. Holden told Lily that it was time for them to go through with the divorce. Holden left and Keith came back in. Lily was crying. Keith asked her to tell him what she was feeling. She said she wasn't sure but how do you end it with someone you have been with for twenty years. She looked down and found the flowers Holden had brought. It confused her so Keith told her to find out why Holden would bring her flowers and ask her for a divorce.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Henry goes to Metro to pick up a limo client, who turns out to be Katie. Henry tells her he won't be her driver for the day. Katie tells him that he can't "just un-we us because you're mad at me." Henry is in disbelief that she thinks this is all an argument of some sort, and he leaves. Katie tells Alison that Henry is just hurt because she panicked when Mike got married. She comes up with an idea to steal the identity of the woman Henry was with earlier at Metro (Ivy Churchill) so she can get Henry to meet her without realizing it's going to be Katie he's meeting. Alison questions the whole idea, but Katie insists that she and Henry love each other, even though it's not like it was with her and Mike, because they're best friends. She tells Alison that if she'll help her with her plot, then she and Henry will name their next rabbit after her. Katie and Alison then go to the Lakeview bar, where Henry is having a drink, and Alison gives Henry an envelope, telling him a woman left it for him at Metro. Henry tells her he knows this must be a plot of Katie's to get to him.

Celia and Gwen go to Fashions to look for prom dresses. Celia tells Gwen she thinks Gwen and Will belong together, but Gwen tries to tell Celia that there's a reason why Casey doesn't want her to hang around with Celia. Gwen tells Celia that Casey thinks she's trash, because she lives in a room at Burt's Garage. Celia tries to assure her that that's not true, because Casey's not like that, and that the real reason Casey doesn't want Gwen hanging around is because he wants alone time with Celia. Lisa interrupts and tries to help the girls pick out a dress, but they see the price tags and realize they can't afford them. They try on some dresses from the sale rack, including one that Gwen says makes Celia look 40-something, and while Celia is still wearing that dress, the 2 snobby girls from school show up and sneer at her behind her back before approaching her to tell her how perfect the dress is and that she should definitely buy it and wear it to the prom. They leave, and Gwen tells Celia that the girls were trying to humiliate her by getting her to buy and wear that dress. Celia agrees, and she decides to try on a pretty dress she can't afford, just to see how it looks.

Will runs into Casey, who says he needs someone to talk to, but that it can't get back to Celia. He speaks in riddles about how he was left alone a lot while his parents were avoiding each other (during the Doc Reese fiasco), and he'd go out driving around town until he ran into someone to hang out with, but this was all before Celia arrived in Oakdale and had nothing to do with her, but it would hurt her if she found out. Casey finally says something about not having been able to get concert tickets to see Beyonce, and that Celia will be disappointed, and although it's obvious Will knows this is not what has Casey so upset, he doesn't know what it's really all about. Will tries to reassure Casey that Celia really likes him and that it will all be alright, and Casey asks Will to pick Celia up from Fashions and take her to Metro for a prom committee meeting.

Will goes to Fashions and runs into Gwen; he asks if Celia is there, and she asks if Casey is with him. Then Gwen leaves, and Will sees Celia modeling the prom dress she really wants for Lisa, who tells her how beautiful it is and offers a discount on it, but Celia tells Lisa she still can't afford it. Later, at Metro, Celia is with Casey and Will when a waitress brings over a package, which turns out to be the prom dress. Excited, Celia assumes Casey's grandmother told Casey that she wanted the dress and so he bought it for her.

Jack and Carly go to the farm to see Emma but run into Holden instead. They tell him that Keith has agreed to let JJ stay with them, and they want to throw JJ a party to celebrate. Carly leaves to go visit Lily, while Jack stays and talks to Holden, who tells him that Lily and Keith are already sleeping together. Jack tells him he thinks Holden is so upset because he still loves Lily, and Holden agrees. But Holden says he doesn't have the right to stop Lily from moving on with her life; Jack says he does have the right to tell her how he feels.

Lucinda goes to visit Lily and gives Keith more grief about his shady past, but Keith tells Lily that what Lucinda is really upset about is that she thinks he murdered his sister, to get JJ's trust money. He points out that if that was what he wanted, he could have called the police and turned Julia in, because they would have given him custody of JJ and control of the trust fund. Lily tells Lucinda to leave. After she leaves, Keith tells Lily that maybe he should just go back to Chicago after all, until she has straightened out everything with Holden and the kids, but Lily tells him she'll hate him if he leaves after having made her feel so wonderful. He tells her he'll stay but that he wants to cash the check she'd given him earlier so that he can pay off his debts and they can start with a clean slate. Lily agrees, and as Keith is leaving, Carly arrives. After Keith leaves, Lily fills Carly in on Lucinda and the private investigator she hired and tells Carly that the only doubts she has right now are because Holden had been with Julia and now Lily is with Julia's brother. Lily says that as far as she's concerned, it's settled that Les killed Julia.

Keith goes to Julia's grave and speaks to her, saying she is the only one who knows how long it's been since he's been happy. He says he's sorry that she was cut down in her prime, but that his life just might be beginning again.

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