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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 16, 2005 on ATWT
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Monday, May 16, 2005

Paul meets Emily at metro, where they share a bottle of wine and sparks fly between them. Emily goes home to Hal, vowing to find a girlfriend for Paul. Paul senses that something was not right about Rosanna's disappearance and is tempted to jump on a plane to try to help her.

In the Bangkok casino, Craig continues to gamble so that he can watch Rosanna, who is being help captive by the casino manager, Kew. The room is guarded by beautiful Mai, and Craig is able to bribe Mai to let him in to see Rosanna. Rosanna tells Craig that she agreed to marry James so that she could have Cabot back, but James did not follow through with him promise. Rosanna tried to turn James in to Interpol, so James has been holding her prisoner. Craig promises to help Rosanna to get Cabot back, but James arrives at the door of the room.

Casey has a barbeque for Celia, Gwen, and Will. Gwen is obviously after Casey, possibly for his money, but she asks Will to take her to the prom. Will and Celia are not aware of the tension between Casey and Gwen, but Casey is extremely uncomfortable.

Jack meets Carly at Yo's for supper, and Holden joins them to try to get Jack to investigate Keith as Julia's possible murderer. Jack still thinks Les is Julia's murderer, and Carly urges Holden to have a straightforward talk with Lily about his suspicions of Keith. Holden tries to call Lily, but there is no answer on her cell phone. Meanwhile, Keith has flown Lily to the woods where he camped as a child. He pitches a tent there, and Lily finds his childhood treasure box, which contains a sharp knife. As Keith spreads out a sleeping bag, he hears Lily's cell phone ring, but he does not tell Lily about the call.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Craig hides when James walks into the room where he is holding Rosanna prisoner. James has decided to send Rosanna to what sounds like a work camp so that she can know how the 'other half' lives in retaliation for her trying to run away. Rosanna begs to see Cabot one more time, and while James does not agree to this, he does tell her that if she runs away again that she will never see Cabot again. When he leaves, Craig tells Rosanna that he is her only hope and tells her that he needs money. She is very reluctant, and for good reason! She has trusted him before and been burned. Craig, however, reminds her that he is the reason she has Cabot, and that without his help, she may never see Cabot again. She reluctantly writes out her account number and access code and she is heartened when he begins to make plans. He leaves her to deal with James by herself.

Wedding arrangements are getting a bit out of hand for Barbara, so when Katie drops by with a wedding present, she reluctantly accepts Katie's offer of help. Katie has everything under control, and when Mike joins them at Lucinda's, Katie shares some hors d'oeuvres samples with him. Barbara walks in just in time to see them feeding each other samples of wedding cake. She is not happy, and walks out. Later, when she catches Mike kissing Katie's cheek in a gesture of thanks, Barbara asks him if he isn't kissing the wrong bride. Mike tries to assure her they are just friends, but Barbara isn't sure. She believes her suspicions are confirmed when she catches Katie wearing Jennifer's veil and holding the wedding dress in front to see what it might look like on her....

Holden is at home with Faith when Luke gets back from Washington, D.C. Holden has hamburgers from Al's, and they sit and enjoy a family evening. Luke has a lot of questions about why Lily isn't there, too, but Holden is reticent to tell him more. Faith spills the beans when she asks Luke if he likes the new bracelet that "Uncle Keith" gave her. Luke is not happy when Holden tells him what is going on, but the good news for Holden is that Luke is talking to him again and calling him "Dad." He tells Holden that it seems like they're on the same side again. Holden is happy to hear it but doesn't really know what to tell Luke when Luke tells him it sounds like he's jealous of Keith. Later, Emma drops by and asks Holden about Lily. She is very unhappy to hear about her relationship with Keith and asks Holden how he can stand for it. He tells her that Lily's social life isn't his concern any more, but he is concerned about Keith and that he has tried to reach her on her cell phone all day, to no avail. Emma just can't believe that Lily would turn her cell phone off.....Holden tries answer.

Holden may be right to be concerned. Lily and Keith are very close to making love when a storm blows their tent away and forces them to run to the cockpit of Keith's plane. Lily takes it as a sign that they should not be together, but Keith works hard to convince her otherwise. Just after he leaves to inspect the aircraft, his cell phone rings and Lily answers. It is Les, who has some advice for her. He tells her to watch her back, that Keith killed Julia and he won't hesitate to kill her. He also threatens Keith and tells Lily that he will take what Keith loves the most and destroy it. Les is still on the phone when Keith returns. They fight, and when Keith hangs up, he tells Lily to ignore what Les said. He went on to say that when he wanted something, that he didn't give up and that he wants Lily more than he has ever wanted anything. Before he kisses her, he tells her that they will be together and that they will be happy for a very long time......

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Barbara tried to convince Henry that Katie was still in love with Mike and that she didn't feel for Henry what he felt for her. Henry stuck up for Katie and told Barbara that Katie loved him and that they were happy together. Barbara threatened Henry by saying that if Katie did anything to stop Mike and Jen's wedding she would stop Katie. One last time before Barbara left, she told Henry to keep Katie away from the wedding.

Jen, Mike, and Katie were planning some last minute things for the wedding when Jen got stressed out about the wedding. Jen decided to ask Katie if she would be her matron of honor. Katie happily accepted. After Katie and Mike left, Barbara showed up to help Katie get ready for the wedding. Jen told Barbara that she had asked Katie to be her matron of honor which clearly upset Barbara. Barbara told Jen that she would do anything to make sure Jen's wedding was a big success.

At Al's Diner, Will was telling Celia that he did not want to go to Jen's wedding, because he did not want to deal with his overbearing mother. Casey went to Al's and Celia convinced him that they should go to the wedding to be there for Will. Gwen overheard their conversation and called the caterer that was doing Mike and Jen's wedding to ask if they needed an extra waitress for the wedding. Gwen told Casey that she was attending the wedding for extra money, but Casey thought she had ulterior motives.

Carly was having a nightmare about Les and woke up screaming. Jack was there to comfort her and Carly told him that she would be fine and that there was nothing to worry about. When Jack left to go to the police station Carly went to Street Jeans to do some sketching. Carly started to get freaked out about being alone when Emily showed up. Carly told her how terrified she still was about what Les did to her and how she was afraid that something horrible was going to happen to Jack. Carly asked Emily to lock up Street Jeans for her, so that she could go to the police station to talk to Jack.

At the police station Margo tried to talk Jack out of going on Les's transport to the state prison. Jack insisted that he be there to make sure everything went smoothly. Carly showed up at the police station to see Jack when Margo told her that Jack had gone on the transport with Les. Carly than had a flashback of the day that she lost Jack after his last transport.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Barbara brought a blind-folded Jennifer into the room where she would get ready for her wedding. Jennifer noticed the flowers and how beautiful everything was. Jennifer thanked her mother for doing everything to make her wedding a beautiful affair. Sierra came into the room and wished Jennifer good luck. Jennifer apologized for her behavior the last few weeks but Sierra said it didn't matter because Jennifer had been under so much stress. They both noticed that it was a little hot in the room so Sierra went to find someone to check out the thermostat. Sierra ran into Mike and told him what was going on and he rushed up to the room to see if he could fix it. Mike saw Jennifer which is bad luck and Jennifer was quick to tell Mike so. Barbara came in and demanded that Mike leave immediately. Jennifer asked where Katie was but Barbara said she shouldn't worry about Katie. Downstairs, Will asked Paul what an usher does at a wedding. Paul said whatever Barbara tells them to do. Celia walked up and was introduced to Paul who made a quick exit. Barbara walked up after Paul left and asked Will to help her.

Henry was listening as Katie was talking on the phone. She was giving someone a hard time because roses had not been delivered to Jennifer. Once she finished, Katie turned around to see Henry looking at her. She picked up two different shoes and asked Henry which one she should wear. Henry said we aren't going to the wedding and told Katie they were going to Hawaii. Katie said she couldn't go because she was going to be Jennifer's Matron of Honor. Henry was so angry that he accused Katie of doing all this work for the wedding because she still wants Mike. Katie reminded Henry again how much she loved him so Henry said if you do you'll come with me to Hawaii. As Katie and Henry were leaving, the phone rang but Katie chose not to answer it.

Jack was riding in the van transporting Les and other prisoners. They hit a bumpy patch on the road and the van overturned. As all the passengers, including Jack, lay unconscious Carly was frantically trying to get a hold of Jack. Jack and the other officer came to and started to get all the prisoners out before the van burst into flames. Jack picked Les up and got him out of the bus only to be attacked by him. They continued to fight until Les knocked Jack out and climbed back into the van. Jack came to and tried to get Les out. Carly came up and grabbed Jack pulling him away from the van just as it burst into flames.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Rosanna tells Mya (the woman helping her in Bangkok) that Craig is going to buy her and Cabot out of the situation they are in, but she realizes that she didn't give Craig her password, and she worries that he won't be able to get the money he needs because of this. Meanwhile, the bank officer arrives at Craig's suite to give him the money he has arranged to withdraw from Rosanna's accounts, but he insists (at gunpoint) that Craig must first provide Rosanna's password. Craig buys time by telling the man some of his history with Rosanna, after which he realizes what her password must be: myson. He is right, and the man gives Craig the briefcase full of money and leaves. As Craig counts the money, there is another knock on the door, and it is Mr. Q, who has the passport Craig wanted to buy.

Mya brings Rosanna a package, which turns out to be a work uniform that James has sent her to wear for her imminent new life at a work camp. Rosanna rips it to shreds. She tells Mya that she would kill James if she could, but Mya tells her not to give up hope, that Craig might still return to help her. When Rosanna questions why he should come back, Craig comes into the room and says, "Because I promised I wouldn't leave you here." He then asks Mya to stand guard, and he fills Rosanna in briefly on what has been happening in Oakdale with regard to Jennifer and the baby and the fact that he was framed and forced to leave the country over something he didn't do. He promises Rosanna that he will get Cabot back, and she tells him she believes him. He leaves, telling her that James Stenbeck has met his match.

After Craig leaves, Q comes to see Rosanna and wants to know why she's not dressed in the uniform that James sent. She says to tell James it wasn't her style. At that moment, a large man comes into the room and announces that he's there to "pick up a package," which turns out to be Rosanna. When she refuses to go, he picks her up and carries her out of the room.

Out on route 39, the prison transport van has had an accident related to a blown tire, and Les Sweeney has gotten away from Jack and shut himself back up in the van, even though Jack has told him that it's about to explode. Carly arrives on the scene and lunges at Jack, pulling him away from the van just as it explodes. They are both knocked to the ground and are briefly unconscious, but first Carly and then Jack regain consciousness. Jack wants to go back after Les, but Carly tells him there's no chance Les could have survived the explosion they just witnessed. She makes Jack promise that he'll never again do anything like that, and he does.

Keith and Lily arrive at the police station looking for Hal, but they are told he's at Jennifer's wedding. They overhear an officer reporting that there's been an accident involving the prisoner transfer van, and they find out that both Les Sweeney and Jack were on the van. Keith wants to drive out to the scene of the accident to find out what's happened, but then Jack walks into the station with Carly and explains it to him. Keith insists that if Jack didn't see Les's dead body, there's a chance he's not dead, but Jack says that's impossible. Jack and Carly leave the room, and Carly tells Jack that she felt completely helpless when he went over the bridge with Starziak; he tells her he knows how that feels, because he felt that way about what Les did to Carly, about JJ breaking his leg, and about hearing how Parker had almost drowned in the pond. Carly pleads with him to stay safe and alive, and he tells her he's not going anywhere.

Lily tells Keith he's got to let this go now. She reminds him that Les is JJ's father, but Keith says he was no father to JJ and that Les means nothing. Jack gets word that the police have found a body in the wreckage, and he tells Keith that since everyone else at the scene has been accounted for, it has to be Les's body. Lucinda arrives, and Keith asks if she can give Lily a ride home, because there's something he wants to do. He leaves and goes to the accident scene, where an officer tells him it looks like the van had a tire blow out. Back at the station, Lucinda tries to convince Lily that Les's death doesn't mean it's all over as far as Keith is concerned, but Lily becomes exasperated and leaves. Carly tries to suggest to Lucinda that she should trust her daughter more; she says she trusts Lily much more than she trusts Keith.

Henry and Katie drive to the airport to catch their flight to Hawaii. While Henry regales Katie with thoughts of what may (or may not) happen in Hawaii, she daydreams about Mike. They are pulled over for speeding, and when Henry tries to get Katie to hand him the registration, he interrupts her fantasy about marrying Mike, and she opens the car door and runs, much to the surprise of Henry and the cop who pulled them over.

Mike worries about what's happened to Katie, but Barbara insists that it's not his problem, and she says she'll fill in as matron of honor for Jennifer. Paul warns Mike that he'd better not ever hurt Jennifer, and Mike tells him he has no intention of doing so. Margo worries aloud to Tom about what's happened to Katie, but he tells her to live in the moment and stop worrying so much. The wedding begins; as the minister reaches the part about "speak now or forever hold your peace," the door bursts open, and Katie walks in, apologizing for being late and blaming it on traffic. The wedding resumes, and Mike and Jenn exchange heartfelt words about their feelings for each other; when it's Mike's turn, Katie cringes with every declaration he makes of his love for Jennifer. Mike and Jennifer then exchange the traditional wedding vows, ending with the exchange of rings, and they are pronounced man and wife. Shortly thereafter, a pained Katie runs from the reception, and Mike follows her, asking her what her "weird entrance" was all about, as Henry appears in the doorway behind him.

At the wedding reception, Celia tells Will that this was the kind of wedding she'd like to have, and Will tells her that if it's what she wants, she'll get it, because this is America, where dreams come true. She hugs him in gratitude. Meanwhile, Casey has gone to find Gwen to ask why she's been trying to ingratiate herself with his parents; he demands to know who she thinks she is, and she responds that she thought she was his friend. When he says she's not and that he's not even sure if he likes her, she retorts, "Well, you liked me enough to sleep with me!"

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