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Monday, May 16, 2005

Although Gwen thinks Ethan arrived too late to do anything about her sentence, Ethan manages to convince the judge to revoke her ruling because he is presenting new evidence-medical studies that show that the anti-anxiety drug Gwen was administered at the hospital, mixed with prescriptions Gwen was taking, could have induced mood swings and flawed judgment. Theresa objects that Gwen knew exactly what she was doing, and Theresa's lawyer requests that the evidence be disallowed because it isn't conclusive enough. However, Ethan gives the judge more evidence proving that the medicine could have caused those side effects, and calls Eve to the stand to testify to this. When Eve is finished confirming that the combined drugs had dangerous side effects for Gwen, Theresa stands up and yells that Eve is not a credible witness; she is a former drug addict and is a suspect in three attempted murder cases. Both Whitney and Eve walk out after this. Ethan asks the judge that all charges against Gwen be dropped and that he and Gwen be awarded full custody of Jane. Whitney apologizes for Theresa to her mother and ends up admitting to Eve that she did hold and even nurse her baby, but nothing changed and she can't see her baby again.

Fancy pays off Lester by giving him a diamond watch (a gift from her father) and he lets Ned go with a warning. Ned promises to pay her back and apologizes for calling her a hooker. They walk to a table by the pool. Fancy tells him to start repaying her now and kisses him. Her phone rings, but she doesn't answer it. Instead she puts it on the table, where he sees the number calling and recognizes the Harmony area code. Ned tells her he knows someone who lives in Harmony.

Mrs. Wallace tells Beth they have to leave and explains that Eve knows they were at the mansion with Alistair. Sheridan convinces Luis to go to Beth's and try to get her to confess to kidnapping Sheridan, but just as he is leaving Beth calls his cell phone and asks him to come over because she has to confess something horrible that she did to him and Sheridan. She quietly assures her mother that she will take all the blame for what she did. Luis arrives and Beth shows him in, saying she won't believe what she has to tell him. They sit down and Beth says she doesn't know how it got so out of control, but she's done something horrible.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

At Chad's office, he and Valerie set things up for him to work with the baby. She recommends that he stop calling the baby pet names and give him a real name. As he feeds the baby, they discuss naming him. Chad tells her that he wants Whitney to help choose the name because he wants her involved in the baby's life. As he walks away, Valerie wonders if he wants Whitney in the baby's life or Chad's life.

In the courthouse corridor, Whitney hears an infant crying and is stricken with her loss. Fox entered the hall and saw that Whit is an emotional case and asked her if the baby crying has reminded her that she gave up their baby to the adoption system and now Chad has him. Fox told her that he's just been to a judge to find out how he can get his son back. Whitney yelled at him not to do this. Again, he asked her why and again she said because she didn't want to be a single parent.

In the courtroom, the judge asks Ethan to state his motion. He asks that the charges be dismissed because Gwen's drugs interacted. He also moves that he be given sole custody of his baby Jane. Theresa cried out that he couldn't do this. Theresa leaned on her mother for help. Ivy and Rebecca kibitzed about whether they could win without Judge Riley. The judge said that it isn't normal to link the two items but since they are so closely linked, she'll consider them both. She retired to her chambers and Theresa got frantic that Gwen will not only go free, but she'll lose her baby. Gwen thanked Ethan for fighting tooth and nail for defending her. Theresa ranted to her mother and the DA and even tried to discredit Eve. She listed all the things that Gwen has done. She tried to enter the judge's chambers, but the bailiff and DA stopped her saying that Ethan had a good case. She insisted that the judge hadn't heard the truth; that Gwen knew that she was trying to kill her. She asked Ethan how he could lie to the court. She said that this case was just a case of the rich getting what they wanted. Rebecca piped up that it was just one of the perks. Ethan told Gwen, Rebecca and Ivy that he had to work things out with Theresa so that this war could end. He took Theresa out in the hall and Theresa cried all over him that he should have stopped this and Ethan reminded her that she was the one who insisted on pressing charges and getting revenge. Theresa said it wasn't about revenge; it was about the two of them and little Ethan and Jane and their family. She insisted that she loves him and that she knows he still loves her. She grabbed him and kissed him. He pulled away and asked her if she was insane. He said they had something once, but he is married to Gwen and loves her. He screamed that there is no chance for them ever. Theresa dissolved in tears. He told her that they are over. He said he didn't want to hurt her. Theresa angrily asked him to stop the case about Jane. She was sure that the judge would never take Jane away from her. He said that no matter what the judge decides he wants the battle to stop. Theresa said she had one more legal question for him. "If a burglar steals something, does it ever become their property?" He told her that it doesn't and she cried that then he still belongs to her because Gwen stole him from her. He disgustedly asked her what it was going to take to get through to her. She has to let him go. Gwen came out to tell them the judge was ready. The judge decided to drop the kidnapping and assault charges against Gwen and because of the twisted way that Theresa became pregnant and her subsequent actions and outbursts, she was granting temporary sole custody of Jane Winthrop to Ethan and Gwen. Gwen and Ethan hugged and smiled while Theresa looked to her mother and said that Ethan beat her on purpose.

At the park, Sheridan bought brightly colored balloons from a vendor to celebrate Marty coming home to her and Luis. Sheridan sees Katherine sitting on a park bench. She asks Katherine why she didn't return any of her calls. Katherine didn't want to come between Sheridan and Luis. Sheridan told her that Beth had called that morning and asked Luis to go over so she could confess. She was so excited that Marty was going to be back with them. They embraced and Katherine told her that she was happy that Sheridan still loved her. Sheridan asked her mother what was happening with Martin and Katherine assured her that he was going back to his family. Sheridan wished that Luis could know what a wonderful woman she was. Sheridan accidentally lost the balloon bouquet and then asked that her mother join them in Marty's homecoming. Katherine declined. Whitney arrived, only to see Valerie taking pictures of Chad and the baby. Chad asked her to help name her baby. She reminded him that he's not her baby than she reminded him that he had already told her what he would call his first son. They giggled and Chad handed her the baby and proclaimed that the baby's name would be Miles Davis Harris after the great trumpeter. Just then Fox entered the park. He confronted them about being a cozy family and stormed off. Whit handed the baby back to Chad and said she had to go too. As a jealous Valerie looked on, Chad told Miles that his mommy would be back with them soon. Valerie crowed to Miles that he'd had a big day-he'd gotten a name and watched his dad put together a big deal that Alistair would be very excited about. She told Chad that he should get a promotion for this.

Back at Crane Industries, Fox walked into Chad's office and when he snooped around Chad's desk, found the project documents. He took them because he didn't want Chad to get in good with Alistair. "He took my baby, but he can't have my job."

At the Wallace house, Edna quakes wondering what will happen to her as Beth confesses to Luis. Luis asked her if Sheridan was right and Beth said she had to confess every detail. She started with the fact that she wasn't alone at the Blue Note. She said that Alistair came on to her and he's the owner of her Book Café. Her mother tried to warn her and rescue her. He not only wanted to get her into bed, but he offered her a check for thousands and thousands of dollars to destroy his relationship with Sheridan. She said she took the check. She said she was embarrassed to take the money. She used to be such good friends with Sheridan, but Sheridan had been so crazy and she really needed the money. Edna asked her if she wasn't leaving something out and Luis asked her if she'd worked with Alistair to hurt him and Sheridan. Beth swore that she hadn't. She said she took the check, but she couldn't hurt the father of her son or the woman he adores. She said she was worried that Alistair would hurt her if he found out that she wasn't going to hurt them and had told him. She asked him for his help and protection. Luis agreed and told her that she was just one on a long list of people that Alistair had hurt. He told her that he and Sheridan already knew that Beth had been with Alistair, but coming forward like that showed what a good person she was. When Luis left, Beth celebrated by singing "I'm a little genius" to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot" while slurping gin. Edna told her she should be ashamed of herself for lying so much. Beth reminded Edna that they didn't have to go on the run because of her. Edna said she should have known Beth wouldn't tell Luis the truth and Beth defended her actions by saying she'd gotten Luis off their scent since he already knew they were at the mansion. Then she re-enacted her act and laughed that it would drive another wedge between Sheridan and Luis. Beth gloated that nobody knows that she isn't really Marty's mom since Sheridan is her (unknown to everybody else) half-sister. She repeated her delusion that Luis would come to be with her and Marty.

Back at Sheridan's cottage, Luis comes home without Marty. Sheridan asked him why he hadn't brought Marty since Beth had confessed. Luis explained that Beth had only confessed to accepting money from Alistair to hurt them, but hadn't done anything to them and hadn't kidnapped Marty from them. Sheridan spun out of control wanting to know why he always took Beth's side. She swore that Beth had been the one who kidnapped her and stole Marty! Sheridan asked him why Beth could tell him the silliest lie and he believed her, but if Sheridan told him the simple truth he wouldn't believe her.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Temporary custody of Jane is awarded to Gwen and Ethan. Theresa screams that she won't let them take her baby and lunges at Gwen. Ethan pulls Theresa off Gwen and Theresa screams that they won't have her child. The judge finds Theresa in contempt of the court and charges her with assault, but Gwen interrupts as a hysterical Theresa is being dragged away and asks the judge to let Theresa go. Gwen says she can understand Theresa's behavior, and says that nothing hurts more than losing a child. The judge agrees, and Theresa is told by the judge that it will take a great deal of effort on Theresa's part to get the judge to give her back custody of Jane. Gwen tells Ethan that she doesn't need revenge anymore because now they have their daughter. Theresa overhears this and shouts that Jane is Theresa's child and she will never be Gwen's. She says that she had every right to press charges against Gwen, but she doesn't care that Gwen isn't going to jail-she just wants her daughter. Ethan explains that he is not doing this to punish Theresa, but because he feels it is in Jane's best interest, but Theresa doesn't buy this. Rebecca taunts Theresa and eventually enrages her enough that Theresa starts choking Rebecca before again being pulled off by Ethan. Gwen says she and Ethan will be by later for Jane, and Theresa asks Ethan how he could do this to her a second time? She says they will get Jane over her dead body.

Tabitha watches as Sheridan rips down the decorations for Marty's homecoming and as she and Luis argue. Sheridan asks what the fact that her word isn't good enough for him says about their relationship. Luis says that he's tried to prove everything she says, but he has turned up nothing and that no court would support them. Sheridan tells him this isn't about what the court thinks-he shouldn't need proof; he should believe her no matter what. Luis says the only piece of solid proof they have, the DNA test, showed that Beth is Marty's mother. Sheridan says she knows Marty is hers and she doesn't need proof, and she walks out. As Tabitha watches this, she thinks maybe she should point out to Sheridan that this is the only problem Sheridan and Luis have ever had in a relationship (in the present or in a past life) that wasn't because of circumstances beyond their control, but because of them. With help from Tabitha and Endora, Sheridan realizes this and tells it to Luis when he joins her. She says this time they are being torn apart by themselves.

Sam and Kay try to get Jessica to open her door and tell them she's okay, but they don't succeed until Jessica huffily opens the door and asks why she can't have privacy in her own room. Sam says he is trying to help her, and she says he's not helping by locking her in her room and sending her to a shrink. She slams the door in their face and they walk away. In her room, Jessica destroys pictures of Ivy with Sam, and in the kitchen, Kay is using one of her mother's recipes to cook dinner for them. Sam tells Kay that the whole thing with Jessica is his fault, and Kay says to herself that it's not his fault; it's her fault for driving Grace away. Jessica eavesdrops on them from the hall. Kay says that Jessica can't blame Sam for turning to Ivy when Grace left, and Sam says she has every right to be angry. Kay says that Jessica is hurt, scared and confused that Grace left. She adds that when your own mother doesn't love you enough to stay, you wonder how much you're really worth. Sam asks how he can help Jessica if Jessica won't let him and Kay says he needs to call Grace and asks her to come home. She thinks that once Grace comes back to Harmony, maybe Noah would come home and they could be a family again. He says he will try, but there is very little chance of him getting back together with Grace. Jessica, out in the hall, quietly asks for Sam to bring Grace home.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

At Tabitha's house, she and Endora watched Sheridan and Luis in the scrying bowl. As Tabitha gleefully clapped her hands that Sheridan and Luis were being torn apart, Endora ripped her stuffed doll limb from limb. When Sheridan pulled away from Luis, Tabitha decided she needed to do something to get Sheridan over for a visit, but needed help from Endora. Endora made a magazine appear, opened it magically to a page with a picture of Sheridan and Luis and then conjured up a pair of scissors. Tabitha cut out the picture, set it afire over the bowl and dropped it in.

Outside Sheridan's cottage, Sheridan and Luis fought about him not trusting her instincts that Marty is her son. Luis kept telling her that they could work it out and Sheridan insisted on having his support. He couldn't see how wanting provable facts wasn't supportive and Sheridan came to a breaking point. She cried that she'd lost her son and now she was losing Luis. Sheridan stumbled away, crying and not knowing where she could go for help or comfort. Suddenly Sheridan straightened up and said she knows where she has to go.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Theresa cried to her mother about losing Jane to Ethan. She got angrier and like a mother bear, swore that nobody would take her children because she would kill them. Pilar counseled her to accept the way things are for now and be glad she isn't in jail. Theresa started getting more militant about keeping Jane and Pilar told her she needed to keep control of herself or she'd go to jail, lose Jane permanently and maybe lose little Ethan. Theresa said that she shouldn't be the one to have to prove herself and asked her mother if she were against her too. Pilar told her she wasn't against her, and she had brought all this on herself. She encouraged Theresa to go along with the court order and try to prove that she was a good mother. Theresa said that the courts in Harmony only worked for the rich. She asked Pilar if she preferred that Gwen raise her grandchild and Pilar rationally explained that Ethan had asked her to stop the war or he'd sue for custody of Jane. Theresa said nobody was going to take her child-not Gwen, not Ethan, nobody.

At the Bennett house, Jessica listened at the kitchen door while Sam and Kay discussed Jessica's problems and how he was or wasn't to blame. He explained that he should have looked to his kids needs before he went looking for someone to heal his pain when Grace left. Kay tried to soft pedal his guilt knowing that it was her withholding the truth about David that had sent her mother running off to travel with him (slipping up momentarily by saying that her mother only left because she thought David was her first husband.) Sam asked her if she missed Grace and she agreed, but definitely thought that Grace being gone was at the root of Jessica's trouble since she wasn't feeling loved at the moment. Kay asked him if he'd go back to Ivy if Grace didn't stay and he said he needed to get everything right with his family before he pursued that option again(Jessica sneered and sighed at hearing Ivy might come back at all). He realized that he knew more about Ethan than Noah and didn't know little details about Jessica like what flavor of ice cream that she liked. He told Kay that he was proud of her for getting her act together. She said her life was all about Maria. He decided to email Noah about Jessica's problems. Sam left to run errands and go to the store. Kay found Jessica eavesdropping at the door. Jess told Kay that she's not buying her "new and improved" version that their dad likes. She told Kay that she hates Ivy and would rather die than let her dad bring Ivy back into the house. Kay reminded her that Sam intended to spend time with them fixing things. Jessica told her she was skipping Kay's homemade dinner-she was going out. Ivy couldn't stop her and neither would Kay. Kay tackled her to the floor.

At the Crane mansion Gwen, Ivy, and Rebecca arrived home in the mood to celebrate their courtroom win with champagne (Rebecca said she felt like Martha sans poncho on the night she got out of prison). Ethan was clearly not in the mood and Gwen could tell. Ethan felt how pained Theresa would be at losing her baby. He said he was relieved about the verdict but she's a devoted mother and he wasn't sure it was worth it to take Jane away from her. He reminded her that they only had Jane temporarily and she would hurt when Theresa got her back. Ivy and Rebecca toasted Theresa with "may she cry so many crocodile tears that her mascara runs into the ocean. When Gwen went in to celebrate, Ivy came out to the front hall to talk to Ethan. Ivy confronted him with what his reasons were for showing up late. He admitted that he had contemplated not going and not filing against Theresa for Jane, but he set his love for Theresa aside and did his duty. They went outside to get some privacy and all his passions for Theresa boiled up. He said he lives a hell on earth. He told his mother that he hadn't been manipulated, but truly fell in love with her. He was so proud of what Gwen did in court. He assured her that he loves Gwen, but like Sam is his mother's true love, Theresa is his. Inside, Gwen worried about Ethan finding out she had anything to do with his paternity information getting to the tabloid.

At Veronica's hotel in Las Vegas, Veronica and Fancy enjoyed the pool. Fancy asked her if she wanted to go to her hotel that night since she had an invitation to a charity gambling event. Veronica spied Ned and Fancy went over to talk to him. A girl named Sandra joined Ned and he introduced them. When he made fun of her name, Fancy felt snubbed. Sandra jumped into the pool and Fancy reprimanded him for staring at Sandra. She asked him for a kiss and he got up to join Sandra instead. As he walked away, she threw her cold drink on his bare back. He was indignant and she stalked off. Fancy gloated to Veronica that Ned was interested in her now and would be hers by the end of the night. She couldn't see what he saw in "little miss plain Jane." As she sat there in the sun, he swum up and got out. She asked him if he wanted that kiss now and he told her to close her eyes. Then he pushed her and her expensive sandals, hair, lame' bikini, and pink cowboy hat into the pool. People laughed as Fancy went to the edge of the pool and when Ned came over to rub it in, Fancy pulled a now clad Ned back into the pool.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Kay finds Jessica eavesdropping outside the kitchen. Jessica tries to go out to party, but Kay stops her by tackling her and saying she won't let Jessica hurt herself or hurt Sam again, and that when their dad gets home they will sit down and have a nice family dinner. When Jessica tries to get away, Kay raises a frying pan and says she will hurt Jessica if she has to. Kay asks what is wrong with Jessica and that Kay loves her and cares about her. Jessica calls her a liar and says she is fine and doesn't need any advice, so Kay lists all the horrible things Jessica has been doing lately. Jessica tells her to shut up and Kay replies that Jessica has to listen to her—if she keeps doing these things, she's going to get killed.

Fancy calls Ned a creep and a jerk for throwing her in the pool and pulls him in with her. Ned says she is a rich brat just like the girls he went to boarding school with, but unlike her, his mother taught him how to be polite. He swims back to Sandra and Fancy watches them in disgust. Ned and Sandra are walking away when he knocks Fancy's purse off of her chair. She makes him pick it up, and as he does, he stealthily steals her invitation to a private party in the casino. Fancy gets out of the pool, grabs her bag and tells Ned to drop dead. Later, Ned goes to the party with Sandra and is approached by Mary from another casino, who suspects him of being a cheater. After talking to him for a while, she warns him that the house is always watching, then calls back someone at her casino and says she thinks Ned is okay. Outside the room, Fancy expects to be let into the party but can't find her invitation.

Beth yells at her mother to stop spending Alistair's money because they should keep a low profile and keep the money in the bank for emergencies. Mrs. Wallace warns Beth that soon all her secrets will come out, but Beth says she has nothing to worry about. Luis walks in and asks what is going on and where all of Mrs. Wallace's things came from. Beth tells him that her mother used the money Alistair gave Beth, but that Beth will make her give every penny of it back. Beth invites Luis to come in and sit down, and they start talking about Mrs. Wallace. Beth says she really belongs in a home but she couldn't bear to let her go now. Luis says he wishes Sheridan could see Beth now, and then asks Beth if she's seen Sheridan. She tells him she hasn't and he explained that they had a fight and she took off. Luis says that he and Sheridan have to get through this; he can't live without her. He adds that if he ever finds out that he was wrong and Marty is Sheridan's son and he finds out who took him away, he will kill that person. He explains to Beth that now Sheridan is convinced Beth is her half-sister, and Beth says that is absurd. He tells Beth that if Sheridan ever tried to take Marty, Beth can go to the police and have Sheridan put away for a long time. Beth says Luis should spend time with Marty, and as they are playing, Luis comments that Marty really does look like Sheridan.

Tabitha lures Sheridan, who is in a trance, to her house. When Sheridan wakes up, she asks how she got there and thinks maybe she really is going crazy. Tabitha says that Sheridan must have walked and suggests that maybe Sheridan is just under a lot of stress and her memory is going. She convinces Sheridan to stay and tell her about Luis. Sheridan tells her what has been going on, and Tabitha says it is a pity that Luis doesn't trust her. She says that if Luis doesn't stand by Sheridan, maybe he doesn't really love her. Tabitha and Endora make Marty and Endora switch places, so Marty is in Tabitha's house and Endora is with the Wallaces.

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Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
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