One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 23, 2005 on OLTL

R.J. won custody of Jamie for another six months. John and Bo had an arrest warrant issued for Daniel. The public learned of Daniel's affair with Mark and murders of both Jen and Paul. Riley had a breakdown. Dorian accepted David's latest marriage proposal. Blair attacked a woman she believed to be Margaret. Spencer arrived in Llanview.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 23, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, May 23, 2005

Daniel is perturbed to learn that Mark plans on attending his swearing-in ceremony. Nora explains to R.J. why she doesn't want to even deal with Bo until after her husband has officially become lieutenant governor. Meanwhile, Matthew asks Bo why he has to stay with his Aunt Viki. Antonio urges Jessica to let him help with her recovery. Pennsylvania's attorney general accuses Bo and John of waging a vendetta against Daniel. At Jen's grave, Rex tells Lindsay to expect an arrest soon in her daughter's murder. Mark happily informs an appalled Marcie that everything is about to change for him and his lover. John collars the runaway coroner, who sheepishly admits how he falsified his autopsy report on orders from the district attorney. Jessica again elects not to confide in Antonio or Viki for fear of complicating their already turbulent lives. Riley is puzzled by Mark's interest in Daniel's career. Meanwhile, Kevin wishes his successor luck but cautions the governor's new right hand man to bury his skeletons deep before they rise up and bury him. Antonio and R.J. learn that the judge is ready to hand down a decision concerning Jamie's custody. Hoping to protect his ex from a public humiliation, Bo leaves numerous urgent messages for Nora.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A large crowd gathers for Daniel's induction to the position of new Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania. As Nora steps up to his side at the podium, Mark approaches Marcie in the audience. She tells him that she can't believe he's there, and he says that things are about to turn around for he and Daniel. Riley overhears Mark's words and is very confused. Mark manages to make Riley think that he's simply talking about getting a job via Daniel's influence.

As the judge is about to begin the swearing in process, Bo and John race against time to get a warrant for Daniel's arrest. Thanks to John's last minute words, the Assistant Attorney General agrees to issue a warrant. Rex is delighted and immediately calls Lindsay to meet him for the swearing in.

Lindsay bids a fond farewell to R.J., who has just won custody of Jamie for six months. When the judge issues her decision, Antonio explodes in anger, making her even more confident in her ruling. Outside the courtroom, Antonio verbally attacks R.J., accusing him of bribing the judge. R.J. enjoys seeing Antonio powerless and watches as he bids adieu to his daughter. Carlotta and Jessica try to convince Antonio that he will get Jamie at the end of the six month period, but he is beyond rationalizing at this point ... he feels that he has been wronged and that R.J. must get away with this. A somber Evangeline sits alone inside the courtroom, unable to believe the verdict of this hearing.

Duke and Adriana come inside the Buchanan mansion from the pool, and Renee grows sad as she recalls Asa's daily swims. She and Nigel sympathize over Asa's disappearance, as someone watches unseen from behind a curtain. When Nigel leaves Renee alone, this unseen intruder emerges and kidnaps her. She soon finds herself blindfolded, on an airplane. Her captor tells her she has a long trip in store, so she should settle down. Meanwhile, Asa calls his house from a tropical location and gets the answering machine; he is visibly satisfied that Renee is not at home. Duke gleans an inside bit of information and hurriedly prepares to leave Llanview, refusing to tell Adriana anything.

Blair and Todd are joined for a picnic in the park by Starr, Jack, and Dorian. Dorian is upset to hear Blair vow that she will help Todd kill Asa. Blair and Dorian hash things out regarding Todd and revenge as Todd plays soccer with the kids. Dorian says she'll be damned if she lets Todd drag Blair into a scheme that could ruin the rest of her life. Blair says that she needs some kind of closure after the hell she's been through, but balks when Dorian suggests therapy. She tells her aunt that if she can't make Margaret pay, Asa is the next best thing.

Lindsay joins Rex at the swearing in ceremony just as Governor Brooks begins making his introductory comments. Bo and John arrive on the scene and tell the judge to stop the proceedings. Bo offers Daniel a chance to "do this" in private, but Daniel tells Bo he isn't going to put a stop to the ceremony. Nora steps in to defend her husband. She is livid that Bo would go to such lengths to tarnish Daniel's career simply because he has a personal vendetta against Colson. Bo can't believe that Nora is still so blind to Daniel's actions, and he finds himself forced to make the arrest in public. "Daniel Colson, I have a warrant for your arrest in the murder of Jen Rappaport," Bo states, as the crowd goes wild. Lindsay looks livid as she finally learns who is responsible for her daughter's death. Nora is rendered speechless.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

DANIEL IS ARRESTED! As the disbelieving crowd looks on, Bo and John arrest Colson for the murders of Jen and Paul. Both Nora and Daniel are at first annoyed and blame the police commissioner for being out to get him. When John cuffs the former DA, Nora demands reasons and answers for Daniel's alleged killings, and especially of Paul's blackmailing. Bo tries to take it inside in order to keep it private but Nora keeps pushing for more information. She's snotty and threatens litigation, forcing Bo to talk. An affair is the reason behind the blackmail, he states. The governor is finished; he's had enough scandal to deal with. Again Bo tries to take it inside and again Nora keeps pushing. Daniel challenges him. The affair isn't with a woman, Bo quickly says. Nora is totally confused as Rex explodes and loudly spells it out for all to hear; he's having an affair with a man. Confusion ensues as Riley jumps Rex. Mark comes to the front and announces the affair they've been having for six months.

Kelly keeps Kevin company on a bad day for him. They decide to watch the swearing in but are they in for a shock! As they look on, they too learn that Daniel has been arrested for the murders. Kelly is feeling guilty because she's bewildered at the fact that she's glad that Paul is dead and that it's all over. Kevin can empathize with her because of how Paul hurt them. She's justified in hating him, he assures her. Kevin feels that he has to take some blame for their being hurt but Kelly feels responsible for all that's happened, since Paul came to town because of her. They drown their sorrows with cannolis.

A positive sounding Jess tries to comfort Antonio as he agonizes over losing custody of Jamie. She stops him from heading out to see R.J. and promises that they will get Jamie back. Antonio inquires about her medical problems so that they can share everything, but she insists that she's taking her medication and that there is nothing more to tell him.

A new man in town, Dr. Spencer Truman, checks in at the Palace Hotel. The female employees flirt with him and one learns that he's in town to visit the hospital because of a new surgical procedure he's developed. He takes a phone call from an acquaintance in Sydney and demands that the chief, a Dr. Hollister be gone from the hospital.

Blair thinks she's seeing Margaret having a conversation with Starr and attacks the woman, only to learn that it's a neighbor. As she and Starr talk, they hear Jack cry out. He's lost consciousness and as Blair frantically calls for help, a couple of guys hear the commotion and rush Jack to the hospital. As the hospital staff huddle over Jack, Dr. Truman arrives. The boy's breathing is shallow and the doctor on call seems puzzled over what the problem might be. It might possibly be a bee sting though he can find no evidence. Starr runs into Spencer in the hallway and he pumps her for information, noticing her distraught state. He calmly and quietly asks her questions and reassures her, finally bursting into the room to see the patient. As he gets ready to open the boy's airways to help him breathe, Blair freaks out, thinking that Margaret sent him to cut her son. Because Spencer is unknown to the staff, the doctor rushes off to get security.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Spencer implores a frightened Blair to let him perform an emergency tracheotomy on her dying son. Mark's announcement sends shock waves through the crowd at City Hall and the wider audience watching on TV. Todd races to the hospital after receiving an urgent message about Jack. As Rex comforts a stunned Lindsay, John reads Daniel his rights and leads the prisoner away. Dorian pesters an aggravated Viki to help her separate Blair from her unsuitable husband. At the carriage house, David sheepishly admits to an amused Kelly how he and Dorian accidentally found each other on the Internet. Spencer's fast thinking saves Jack's life. Bo escorts a shell-shocked Nora away from the salivating members of the press. Michael has to intervene after a seething Riley attacks Mark. Relieved to see Jack on the mend, Starr and Blair thank Spencer for his timely assistance. Viki feigns an interest in David to spark Dorian's jealousy and push her towards a reconciliation. Nora comes to the precinct house to face her husband. A jubilant Dorian and David are reunited at last.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Nora requests a minute alone with her husband, to which Bo reluctantly agrees. She asks Daniel how he could lie to her like this. Daniel insists that he's innocent of both murder charges and that Bo and John have tried to railroad him. Nora doesn't believe a word he says and grows increasingly emotional. At one point she screams at him to admit that he never loved her. Daniel remains stoic, and Nora brings up his affair with Mark. She maintains that Mark had nothing to gain by making up such a story, and that it must therefore be true. When she asks Daniel to admit that he's gay, he starts to crumble and says that his homosexuality is a disease, like his alcoholism. Nora is livid that he would say such a thing. "Don't you dare," she shouts. "Being gay is not a disease ... killing people is a disease." She tells Daniel that she had vowed never to be a victim again after Troy, and she hates him for reducing her to this. She threatens him with a pair of scissors when he tries to step close to her, and finally leaves the office, mumbling that she doesn't know anything anymore. Natalie tries to comfort her, telling Nora that she knows what it's like to be married to someone you don't know. Bo and John come to take Daniel away, and Nora goes back inside Bo's office alone; she collapses in tears.

At the hospital, Blair thanks Spencer once again for saving Jack's life. When Spencer goes into the hospital corridor, he bumps into Paige. He asks her how she's been, and it's apparent that they share some kind of past together. The encounter sets Paige off kilter, and she rushes to the police station. She kisses Bo passionately and lets him fill her in on the Colson situation. When Bo must leave to take Colson away, Paige goes back to the hospital, where Todd pumps her for information on Spencer. She coldly tells him that Dr. Truman is a brilliant, well-regarded physician, but will say no more.

Riley breaks down in anger, accusing Rex and Lindsay of enjoying the downfall of he and his father. Lindsay says that there is nothing enjoyable about any of this mess. She and Rex walk away, and Riley shouts angrily after them. Marcie tries to comfort him, but he's a monster unleashed. He starts to tear apart City Hall, even throwing a chair at the blown up picture of his father, knocking it down. He collapses tearfully into Marcie's arms. She tries to convince him that his father's behavior has nothing to do with him, but Riley is so guilt ridden over turning his back on Jen that nothing will sink in. He tells Marcie he can't believe his father never told him the truth about his sexuality. He then says that he hates himself and rushes off to find a bottle.

Lindsay, Rex, Marcie and Michael meet up at the gallery's parking garage, so that Lindsay can absorb the scene of Jen's murder. Rex tells her she doesn't want to do this, but she says she has to. She says she doesn't want to feel numb ... she wants to feel her life happening to her. Together, Marcie and Lindsay take down the pictures of Jen that had been set up as a memorial. Meanwhile, a drunken Riley nurses a bottle behind one of the columns in the parking garage.

Evangeline rips into John about the manner in which Colson was arrested. She feels that things could have been handled differently in order to protect Nora. John explains to her that Bo offered Daniel a chance to do things in private, but the D.A. refused. Evangeline says that she doesn't want to blame John, but she is frustrated at not being allowed to comfort her best friend. Glumly, she returns to her office. Natalie has been instrumental in helping John keep the reporters away from the station, and in the wake of Van's departure, she comes in and gives John a hug.

The final segment of the episode is a musical montage. The song "Broken" by Seether is heard while Riley continues to drink at City Hall; Lindsay, Marcie, Rex, and Michael pack away Jen's photos; Evangeline holds the key to John's room in her hands; and John and Natalie reflect somberly at the police station.

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