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Monday, May 23, 2005

Luis and Beth think that Mrs. Wallace is completely crazy when she insists that Marty just turned into a girl, because by the time they look at the baby sitting in the high chair, Endora has switched places again and Marty is back in the Wallace house. Beth apologizes to Luis and says Mrs. Wallace is losing it and she is starting to wonder if it's safe to leave Marty home alone with her. Mrs. Wallace sees Endora switch places with Marty again, and Luis decides that he better go look for Sheridan. He leaves and Mrs. Wallace begs Beth to look at Marty, but of course Marty and Endora have been switched again when Beth sees him. Mrs. Wallace says she is sure Marty was a girl; in fact, she thinks Marty looked like Tabitha's daughter.

Tabitha tells Sheridan that trust is the most important thing in a relationship and Sheridan says it breaks her heart that Luis doesn't believe her. She says she thinks she'll lose her mind if she doesn't get Marty back. Tabitha is shocked to see Endora switch places with Marty, and Tabitha quickly spills iced tea on Sheridan, then grabs Marty and takes him to another room, where she tells Endora to come back right now. Endora switches places again and Tabitha tells her she has to stop it, but Endora switches with Marty again just as Sheridan walks into the room. She is shocked and asks what Marty is doing there. Endora switches places again and Tabitha shows Sheridan that it isn't Marty, it is Endora, and Sheridan apologizes. Sheridan walks back into the other room, and Tabitha tells Endora that her switching places could push Sheridan over the edge. Sheridan shares her idea that Beth is her half-sister with Tabitha, and Tabitha says that makes sense. Tabitha convinces Sheridan to call Dottie and ask if there was a mistake with the DNA test. That way, Dottie could convince Luis to do the test again. Sheridan decides to call Dottie right then, and thanks Tabitha.

Sam prays on the pier, saying he needs help with Jessica. He asks where he went wrong with Kay, Jessica and Noah. Luis finds Sam, and Sam tells him what's been going on lately with Jessica and then asks Luis about Sheridan. Luis says that Sheridan won't listen to reason and she is continually upsetting Beth. Luis doesn't think Sheridan will be happy until she gets Marty. Sam says he thinks Harmony is cursed.

Kay tells Jessica she is gambling with her life and one of these days she is going to end up dead. Jessica says that she doesn't need anyone's help; she is going to enjoy herself now and Kay can't stop her. She adds that she just wants everyone to leave Sam alone, and Kay thinks that Jessica wants Sam all to herself, but Jessica denies this and tells Kay to leave her alone. Kay says she will leave her alone after she eats dinner and ends up having to force Jessica to sit down to eat, but Jessica throws the plate of food at the wall. Kay tells Jessica to clean it up and Jessica tells her to go to hell. Kay says Jessica is acting like a two-year-old so she will be treated like a two-year-old, and sends Jessica to her room. As she cleans up the kitchen, Kay thinks that now she will have to help take care of Jessica as well as taking care of Maria and working at the cannery. In her room, Jessica says Kay can't stop her from doing what she wants to do and Jessica climbs out of the window.

Fancy is furious that she isn't being allowed into the party without an invitation, and asks the man outside the door how that "bum" (Ned) got into the party? Fancy is told over and over that if she doesn't have an invitation, she won't be allowed into the party. Finally, some man decides to take pity on Fancy. He bribes the bouncer and brings her into the party as his guest. As she walks into the party, he comments to the bouncer that he will get his money's worth one way or another. At the table where he is gambling, Ned wins and turns to kiss Sandra, but Fancy is there instead. He asks what he is doing there. Fancy tells him he stole her invitation. He tells her to not be ridiculous and shows her "his" invitation—which has what she recognizes as her lipstick on it. While they are talking, Ned gets distracted, forgets to remove his chips, and loses everything. Sandra comes back over and Fancy tells her that Ned was kissing her. Ned assures Sandra it was nothing and tells Fancy she is arrogant and annoying. Ned and Sandra walk off, and the man who helped Fancy get into the party offers her a drink. She says at this point he would prefer a whole bottle, and he says that's even better and leads her off.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

At the Crane mansion Gwen and Ethan inspected the newly redecorated nursery. Gwen was giddy that they'd have a baby again. She got riled up that a clause in their surrogacy agreement gave little Ethan back to Theresa. Ethan wasn't as enthusiastic about Jane and Gwen accused him of not wanting to take Jane from Theresa. He explained that he was serious about taking Jane, but wanted to include Theresa in her life. He asked if they could just leave her over night. Their case worker, Mary Samms, called and set an appointment to meet in the morning. When he told her that they didn't have custody yet, she warned him to go get Jane immediately or he'd have more trouble getting the baby. Ethan told Gwen and she agreed. He said he just hated to take Jane from Theresa. She wanted them to go get Jane before Theresa slipped out of the country with the baby. She reminded him that Theresa tried that twice with little Ethan when they had custody of him. They decided they were ready to go get Jane and Gwen said she'd call and have his car brought around. He reminded her to ask for the sedan, not the convertible. On their way to Theresa's Gwen reassured Ethan that he was doing the right thing. They pulled up in front of the house and hesitated to go in.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Theresa held Jane in her room and reflected on losing Jane. She told Jane that no matter what the judge says or Gwen wants, Ethan isn't going to take her away because she thinks he loves them too much to hurt them. Theresa was sure she knew that Ethan would live with them before he'd give Jane to Gwen. In the living room, Luis told Pilar that he and Sheridan were fighting again. Pilar was surprised that Sheridan didn't believe the DNA test proved Beth was Marty's mother. He told her that Sheridan thought the test was wrong. Pilar asked him if the sample could have been tampered with, bringing up Chad's DNA results that Alistair changed. Luis said that Alistair was working with Beth. He said it just wasn't the same evil deeds that Sheridan thought it was, but that Alistair paid Beth to break them up. Pilar asked him if he told Sheridan that they'd known Beth since before high school. He told her that only enraged Sheridan who thought he had betrayed her in favor of Beth. He said he wasn't sure what to do. Theresa came into the room and told him that he should back up Sheridan 1000% or he'd lose her forever. She swore he needed to be on Sheridan's side no matter what. Luis said that facts like the DNA test matter. Theresa said that love matters. Luis said it wasn't that simple and Theresa said it was simple and to focus on their love. Luis disagreed and Theresa told him that relationships are built on feelings not facts that can be proved. He bit back with, "Okay, so why aren't you with Ethan?" She said she would be again. Luis told her that fate and feelings has only gotten her in trouble. Theresa thought it was because Ethan had been pressured. Luis tried to apologize, saying that as a detective his life revolved around facts not feelings. Theresa said that he needed to be more understanding of Sheridan. He said he couldn't understand her obsession with Marty anymore than he could understand Sheridan's mother luring their father away from Harmony. Theresa told Luis that he was the one coming between Sheridan and their happiness, not Katherine. He said he couldn't ignore reality. He reminded her that if she'd paid attention to reality and the counsel of her friends and family, she wouldn't be losing Jane. Theresa said she still believes that Ethan will choose to be in a family with her, Jane and little Ethan. Luis was incredulous. He finally comes to the realization that he needs to combine facts and feelings and goes to fins Sheridan so they can get back on track. Pilar told Theresa she hoped she really didn't believe her fantasy and Theresa said that she knows Ethan better than anyone. Pilar told her that Ethan loved Gwen. Theresa said the way he acted in court was just because Rebecca and Ivy pressured him, but in the end her would be with her because he loves her and that even though he won temporary custody, he would never go and claim Jane from her. Outside, Ethan said he hated taking a baby from her mother. Gwen thought he was reneging, but he just wanted her to wait in the car to keep the drama to a minimum. Gwen said Theresa was going to make a scene no matter what. Theresa heard the car and saw Ethan. She was all giggly and excited. Theresa flung open the door and wrapped her arms around Ethan telling him she knew he'd come to be with them. Ethan started to protest (Gwen looking on gloated that Ethan wasn't there because he loved Theresa.) Theresa gleefully announced that now they could all be a family as Ethan closed his eyes and bowed his head discouraged that she misunderstood and would hate him for taking Jane.

At Tabitha's house, Sheridan looked for Dottie's phone number without luck, so Tabitha asked Endora to help out and Endora zapped Sheridan. She was able to find Dottie's number and called to ask her to talk about the test results again. Dottie was reluctant, but since she was in Harmony to do some other work, she agreed to meet with Sheridan. Tabitha congratulated herself and Endora because she thought that once Sheridan has proof that she was Marty's mother, she'd dump Luis in her anger for doubting her and they'd be separated forever. (She'd finally get her spot in the Witches' Hall of Infamy.) Tabitha and Endora watched Sheridan walk in a trance to the hospital in her bowl of water and tut-tutted when Sheridan came upon her mother in the park. Katherine asked her what she was doing and it broke the trance. Sheridan told Katherine that she was on her way to see Dottie about the DNA test. Katherine was stunned because she thought Beth had confessed and Luis had taken Marty home to the cottage. Sheridan whined that Beth had lied and Luis had believed her again over Sheridan. She got angry and hurt all over again. Katherine counseled her to go talk to Luis first. Tabitha pitched a fit back home that Katherine would get the love birds back together again (and the boys in the basement sent red smoke under the door.) Katherine was surprised about the news that Alistair had paid Beth to tear Sheridan and Luis apart. Sheridan wasn't convinced it was the only secret Beth and Alistair had. Sheridan thought that Luis should just trust her. Katherine said Luis operated on facts and Sheridan said he should go with gut instinct. Sheridan was surprised that Luis could hate her mother so much when Katherine wanted them to be happy together. Tabitha asked Endora for a power boost and she zapped Sheridan telling her "not to talk to Luis, talk to Dottie, find the truth in the DNA." Sheridan starts walking away in a trance again. Endora blew kisses to her mommy. Katherine tried to stop her and Luis showed up, breaking the trance. He accused Katherine of filling Sheridan's head full of lies and making him out to be the bad guy. Sheridan told him to leave her mother out of it. It's his fault that their relationship was dead-because he wouldn't believe her. Luis said he'd come to talk to her about Marty. Katherine agreed with him and he snapped at her to stay out of it. Sheridan got very angry at him and told him not to talk to her mother that way. Tabitha and Endora sent a purple "mist of meanness" around Sheridan. She started attacking Luis for his lack of love and support and not living up to the vows in their commitment ceremony. She said that meant that he had to believe what she said, not anybody else, especially his high school sweetheart, Beth. He tried to get in a word and she said she couldn't be with a man who didn't believe in her. Luis asked her if that meant she was leaving him. Tabitha laughed with triumph at the imminent break up of the lovers.

In Las Vegas at a private gambling party, Ned warned Fancy about the man with whom she was hanging around. Fancy thought he was jealous, but Ned was worried because one of his ex-girlfriends said this guy roughed her up. Fancy told him not to worry. She planned to have a good time. Fancy's date questioned her about why she was talking to Ned. She said he was just calling her bad luck. She said she wished someone would take Ned down a notch and he said he'd be happy to do. She told him that maybe she'd teach him a thing or two later. Her date went to set things up with a friend of his and crowed that he'd get some mattress time. The friend asked if he'd share when he was done and the guy agreed as long as he didn't mind getting her with some bruises. The friend slipped a marked deck of cards and some cash to Ned's card dealer. Fancy's date joined the game. The dealer nodded to Fancy's date and his friend. Her date asked him why he didn't just fold, and then he proposed a hand of winner take all. Fancy thought "Sorry Ned, you asked for this."

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

When Ethan shows up at her door, Theresa thinks he has returned to her and begins planning their future together. When she realizes he is there for Jane, Theresa begs him to reconsider.

Although Luis blames their problems on Alistair, Sheridan blames Luis' lack of faith in her. She tries to convince him that Beth's "confession" was a lie.

Fancy begins to feel guilty as she watches Ned lose all his winnings in a fixed poker game. When he stands up to Fancy's shady companion, Ned is escorted out of the casino.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

At a hotel in Las Vegas, Fancy escaped her unnamed date by slipping into an unfinished hotel room that Ned is staying in. In the darkness, she stumbled and fell back on the bed he was sleeping in. He started to jest with her, but when he touched her arm, found that she was shaking like a leaf. He asked her what happened. He asked her if he scared her and then asked if it was the slime that she'd been with. Deciding from the look of dread on her face that he had it, he started to go for the guy. Finally, Fancy cracked and cried in Ned's arms that the guy had tried to rape her. Ned told her he was sorry and Fancy explained that she'd been chased through the hotel. She thanked him for not saying "I told you so." She asked where Sandra was, and then asked what he was doing in that unfinished part of the hotel. He admitted that he was squatting for free. He admitted he wasn't a billionaire and asked if that kept him off her list. She asked if he wanted to be on her list. She asked him how he lived, being penniless. He asked her if she'd eaten yet and then used his laptop to call room service to order a gourmet meal for two people who wanted to get to know each other. They hung out and got to the room door as room service arrived. He said they'd been at the spa, signed for a large tip and when the flabbergasted waiter left, wheeled the cart to his secret room. He admitted that he'd hacked into the hotel's phone system to make the calls. She asked if guests complained about charges and he said that he hacked the accounting system and wiped out the charges. She worried that they'd get caught and thrown in jail. This was the third or fourth hotel he'd mooched off of and Fancy wished she could wipe out her charges since her daddy often threatened to cut her off. She asked him to show her how he did it. He didn't want to, but she said she'd call the cops. When they finished their meal, Fancy said there was something missing. He asked what Fancy needed and she said dessert. She told him it had been a sensational evening and he told her it had just begun.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Gwen asked Ethan if he really thought about Theresa instead of her when he was making love to her. Theresa told him to tell Gwen that no matter what she said or did he loves Theresa. Pilar disgustedly told her to stop it. Theresa gloated that he really loves her instead of Gwen. Ethan pulled Theresa off of him, but Gwen told him that she had her pride and he could just stay there. She didn't want to be like Ivy, holding up her head while Julian slept around. Ethan stopped her from leaving, told her that he wouldn't lie, he still had feelings for Theresa and Theresa clapped her hands with glee that Ethan loved her. He told Gwen that he loves her. Theresa interrupted that he was ready to marry her. Ethan agreed that he married Gwen because she was pregnant and when Theresa started to point and shout, Pilar grabbed her and ordered her to stop. Ethan told her that even though he loved her, Theresa had a manic, ugly side that he hated. Ethan said that he and Gwen didn't need to fight with Theresa because they were rational, stable adults and that's why Jane needed to live with them. Theresa accused Gwen of being a serial criminal and asked how she could live with a man who loved another woman. She told Gwen that with Ethan Gwen would only always be a distant second to her. She accused Gwen of stealing her baby to hold her marriage together. Ethan yelled that he loves Gwen. Theresa told him that he could never give Gwen what she wanted as long as he loved another woman and that their marriage wasn't built on love; it was just a piece of paper. Pilar angrily told her that Ethan and Gwen's marriage was sacred. Theresa said a marriage was more than a contract. Pilar said it was a contract with God and Theresa said that she only thought that way because of her papa. Theresa told her mother that Pilar sees Katherine, her Papa's true love, in this Gwen/Ethan/Theresa triangle. Pilar slapped her. Theresa told her she could turn the other cheek but her mother couldn't. Pilar ran out of the room crying. Ethan was shocked and angry at Theresa's behavior. He told her their conversation was over but he wanted to make it clear to her that he loves Gwen and they've been granted temporary custody of Jane so whether it hurts or not, they are taking her. He demanded Jane be given to him and Theresa said she'd never give her up. Ethan told her the case worker would be at their house in the morning to do a case study and Jane had to be with them. Ethan told her not to make it worse. Gwen said let's just go get Jane and when Ethan made a move to get Jane, Theresa said she'd go get her. They heard her slam the door, so ran upstairs and found her locked in her bedroom. They asked her to give them Jane and Theresa said, "Never!" Gwen said this is why they can't trust her. He banged on the door and asked her to open it. Theresa yelled that he'll never take her from her, ever.

At the DNA lab, Dottie is affected by Tabitha's telepathic suggestion to check the DNA test to see if Beth and Sheridan are half-sisters. Dottie stopped herself and Tabitha sent her more orders to check the test. Dottie laughed off the idea that Sheridan and Beth could be half-sisters. Tabitha woke Endora to help her and then with a police bullhorn, Tabitha insisted. Dottie called Bernard to help her on an emergency. The lab technician was frustrated that she was asking him to do it again and she said that Sheridan had been in such a hurry, that she cut corners when she did the test the first time. He blustered about how she'd come in and taken over the test and acted like a queen bee. She apologized and they agreed to redo the work. Tabitha watched them in her bowl as they looked at the data. Dottie said that when she first ran the test, they only looked at Marty and Beth's DNA, so stopped when Beth's had matching markers. She hadn't looked at Marty and Sheridan's DNA. She asked him to compare Marty's DNA to Sheridan's; if there's a match, she can correct an injustice. Tabitha sighed with relief that Sheridan will soon know that she is Marty's mother and she'll toss Luis for not believing her.

At Sheridan's cottage, she arrives home to find it empty, but Luis arrives shortly after to tell her he'd been worried about her and looked everywhere for her. Sheridan said that it has to end. She loves him, but he doesn't believe her. Luis told her that they couldn't keep arguing the same issue since she had the DNA test done that proved Beth is Marty's mother. Sheridan cooed about how much she loves Luis and how she knows it's the only way he knows to operate-like a policeman, but that she needs him to believe her on this one thing and listen to his heart and gut because she knows that she is Marty's mother. Luis said they would get through this together. She said she couldn't because their son was missing. He told her their son is dead. She insisted that he had to suspend his disbelief or they couldn't be together. He told her not to do this to herself and she asked him if he thought she'd this if she didn't have to. She needed him to listen to her, and that if he couldn't he'd just end up thinking she's mad. Luis told her that Sam said without any proof, they couldn't even question Beth again. Sheridan said that maybe he couldn't connect with his feelings because he'd had to grow up and be the man of the house when he his father left his family. Then Luis counter-blamed her mother for seducing his father and running off. He said he wanted to stop the arguing, but he couldn't throw the facts out the window. She said he'd never be able to change, so she needed to do something herself. She decided she has to leave him.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Theresa barricades herself in her room and says Gwen and Ethan will have to kill her before they take Jane away. Pilar can't find the key to her room, so Gwen suggests breaking the door down with a baseball bat, but Ethan quickly stops her. He asks Pilar to go look for a screwdriver so they can pick the lock. In the kitchen, Martin comes home to find Pilar rummaging through the drawers and she explains what is happening. They find the screwdriver, but the screwdriver doesn't work. Ethan says the lock is too strong. He asks Theresa to please make the right choice, which he thinks would be to give Jane to Gwen and Ethan, but Theresa continues to refuse. Gwen thinks Theresa has completely lost it. Martin tries to talk to her, but Theresa doesn't want to listen to him, either. Gwen tells Theresa that Ethan was right when he said their war had to stop, that the revenge had to stop. Theresa says that if the revenge has to stop, Gwen should let her keep her child. Ethan gives up and hesitantly calls the police.

After their dinner, Fancy and Ned almost kiss again, but she asks him to slow down. He agrees and calls room service for dessert. He says that he doesn't think of what he is doing as stealing; he thinks of it as evening up the odds. Ned says they'll never catch him and his plan is foolproof just as the security officers are notified of an irregularity in the hotel's money. They are told to keep an eye on the twelfth floor. Back in Ned's room, Ned gets dressed and he and Fancy go to pick up their dessert. When they get there, the security officers notice them and start running after Ned and Fancy.

Sam comes home with Jessica's ice cream. Kay stops him from going up to see Jessica in her room, and she tells him what happened while he was gone. She says not to bother trying to talk to Jessica and gets him his dinner. She assures him that he is a terrific dad and that she will help with Jessica. She says that Noah is doing great, and he agrees, adding that Noah is working on his master's degree. He thinks they should call Noah and tell him about Jessica. He tries calling Noah's cell phone, but Noah doesn't answer, so he tries calling Noah's college to leave a message. He speaks to the dean, who tells him that Noah hasn't been a student at the college since the fall of 2003. Sam is shocked and asks what happened to his son.

Tabitha joyfully watches Luis and Sheridan, noting that as soon as Dottie runs the DNA test again, Luis and Sheridan's "smoldering love" will go up in smoke. Suddenly her house starts shaking and a light comes down from the ceiling. Tabitha says hello to Timmy, and tells him not to be so upset over what is happening to Luis and Sheridan. She explains that she is just enjoying the fallout from Beth's actions, and tells him to go home until he can behave, which he does. She smiles when he is gone and says she misses him.

Sheridan tells Luis that she has to leave—by herself. She says he is a cop and he thinks like a cop and she can't deal with that part of him right now. Luis says this is ridiculous, and she tells him she is sorry he doesn't understand, but she's leaving. He asks her what she wants to do, just take Marty? He points out that they would be arrested for that. She says not everything has to be all nice and legal, and he says that it is different when you are Alistair Crane's daughter. Sheridan insists that the DNA tests were wrong, and if he can't believe her, they have nothing. She sadly tells him that she wishes their son was alive in Luis's heart. She says that they will never be able to move past this, so she has no choice but to leave. Suddenly she hears what sounds like Marty crying, but Luis can't hear a thing—it is Tabitha playing with Sheridan's mind again. Sheridan says again that she has to leave Harmony.

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