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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 30, 2005 on GL
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Monday, May 30, 2005

Alan is alone in the attic at the Spaulding mansion surrounded by pictures of Phillip. He pours himself a drink and salutes his dead son for his birthday. Memories overtake him as recalls the night he shot his son. He seizes a photo and begins to shout that Phillip should never have dared him to stop him from leaving with the children. He reminds the photo that of all people he should have known best that he would do anything to keep his family safe.

Downstairs, Gus has received another cryptic message saying that the killer is still out there.

At Company, Buzz is pleading with Frank to let Harley go so she can find the freedom she deserves. Frank is convinced that his sister would be safer behind bars where he can protect her. Danny walks into the room and overhears the conversation. He tries to bow out saying he has heard nothing and seen nothing. Buzz calls him back and appeals to him to help Frank be sensible about pursuing Harley. Frank is disgusted when Danny sides with Buzz.

Harley has discovered Olivia attempting to bury some letters on the grounds of Spaulding. Harley wants to know why. Olivia tells her the letters are evidence that she was an idiot. She wrote them when she was pregnant with Emma and still believed in her relationship with Phillip. After speaking to Olivia, Harley is convinced that she is not Phillip's killer.

Gus has noticed that Alan has been missing and goes searching for him with a flashlight. He finds the secret room in the attic and surprises Alan who has been wearing bloodied gloves and pouring him self drinks. Alan hides the gloves as Gus approaches and explains that the room is a place he goes when he is suffering and does not wish to be seen. While explaining, he notices that the gloves are hanging partially out of the drawer. He attempts to block the sight from Gus by standing and telling Gus how much he misses Phillip. He begins to unravel and starts to shout about the importance of family. Gus gives him a puzzled look and says they need to get out the attic. Before leaving, Alan casts one last look at the gloves.

Outside at Company, Danny finds Harley who is about to rush inside to see her boys who she has seen from the window. Danny stops her and tells her it would only be worse since she can't have them with her on the run. He asks her to hide in the bushes while he goes inside. He returns with Zack and Jude and asks them to tell him all the things they like and the things they like to do. Harley watches on with tears in her eyes. Afterwards, she thanks Danny and tells him that she intends to run until Phillip's real killer is caught. Inside, Frank has received word from Rick that it's been discovered that Harley's is not the body at the morgue.

Gus and Alan have returned to the study to the news that Harley is not dead and is now considered a fugitive. Alan feigns happiness for Gus but tells him he has the feeling that Gus knew along that Harley was alive. Gus counters by saying he has the feeling Alan was happier when he thought Harley was dead. Alan offers the Spaulding resources in finding Harley. Gus mutters sarcastically about the offer and refuses. He prepares to leave the study when Alexandra stops him with a hug and whispers that she has packed a bag for Harley and it is waiting in the hallway. Outside, he finds Harley and they begin the investigation anew as fugitives.

In the study, Alan tells Alexandra he wants to be alone. Once she leaves, he makes a call to an anonymous person and requests that bounty hunters be set out to find Harley Cooper. He will pay three times the usual amount but he wants her found dead or alive - the 'alive' part is of little importance, he adds before hanging up.

Tuesday, June 31, 2005

Dinah is doing her very best to seduce Edmund, even though Edmund is very upset about Cassie's disappearance. Dinah continues to assure Edmund that Cassie is all right (even though she knows very well that Cassie is in jail) and comes out of the bathroom wrapped only in a towel. She tries, but Edmund is not interested......Dinah tries to convince him that Cassie doesn't really love him, but her seduction is cut short by a call from Cassie who has managed to steal a cell phone from the guard in her prison. Edmund and Dinah rush to the jail cell to free Cassie, but Edmund demands of the guard only result in both he and Dinah being thrown in the cell with Cassie. Dinah starts to have a panic attack and Cassie looks on with interest as Edmund comforts her and tells her that he will never leave her....Later, the guard returns and Cassie - but only Cassie - is released.

Blake leaves Will with Reva, who meets up with Nate. Reva and Nate begin to spar, but their conversation is interrupted by two well-dressed goons with sunglasses. They announce that they are Prince Alonso's representatives and they are there to take Will. Reva grabs Will and refuses to give him up, and Nate helps to chase them off. Moments later, Blake arrives to take Will back to her home. Nate agrees to walk her to the car, but Blake assures him she is okay. Just as Nate turns away, Blake and Will are attacked by the goons and they whisk Will away.....

Josh saw the interaction between Nate and Reva, and apologizes to Reva that he was not there to help with Alonso's henchmen. Josh tells Reva that Nate wants her.....but he isn't angry, he only tells Reva that he understands why he wants her. They agree to meet at home later, but before they go, Reva calls Nate on his cell phone. She leaves a message to thank him, and as she hangs up, she seems to wonder why she called him.....

Tammy shows up at Jonathan's asking for help with a work presentation. Jonathan is naked, and has a guest who is also naked..... Tammy asks what her name is, and Jonathan thinks it might be Summer. He laughs, but she tries to make him think he is better than that. He gets some clothes on and goes to her room and she explains she needs some advice about her presentation at Lewis Construction. Their conversation inevitably moves from her presentation to more personal matters. Jonathan thinks perhaps she has doubts about Sandy, but Tammy denies it. Jonathan tells her she is fine just the way she is, but she has doubts....he even tells her she is beautiful, but she still doubts it. Then Jonathan starts to feel insecure and Tammy tries to bolster his ego. There are some intimate looks shared between the two, but nothing physical. Jonathan returns to his room to say goodbye to Summer, but he is surprised upon his return...... He is surprised and unhappy to see Nate - whom he calls Dad -- sitting in his room. Nate berates him for losing his nerve, and then tells him that if he doesn't want to get back at Reva for deserting him, Nate will take care of her himself!

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Cassie is surprised to learn that it was Jeffrey who arranged for her release so she can meet with Alonzo and decide what's best for Will. Cassie is furious to learn that Will was taken from Springfield and brought to the island but with Jeffrey's encouragement, she braces herself to face Alonzo. Finally face-to-face, Cassie and Alonzo continue to argue over Will's future until Will appears and helps Cassie come to terms with what she must do. She explains it is time for him to learn the ways of a prince but promises he can visit home as often as he wants. Alonzo takes him away and Cassie breaks down. Meanwhile, in jail, Edmund uses his charm and humor to turn his and Dinah's prison cell into a fairy tale palace. Dinah is touched by his kindness, but just as they begin to grow closer, they are abruptly released. Edmund rushes to Cassie to comfort her in the wake of losing Will and Dinah is left on the outside as Cassie and Jeffrey lock eyes. Blake is in a panic after Will was taken but Sebastian finds out Will was taken to be with his mother and father. Sebastian then talks about how his new friendship with Josh will build his reputation. Meanwhile, Josh surprises Reva by turning down her offer to host a party for his clients at her bar. Josh holds true to their agreement that Reva have a place of her own. Although it's what she wants, Reva also notes that she and Josh are moving apart. Nate has been revealed as Jonathan's father and long-time tormentor. Reunited with his son, Nate reestablishes the hold he has over him. Nate keeps Tammy and Reva from realizing his connection to Jonathan and Jonathan realizes that to protect the family he has come to love, he must now push them away.

Thursday, June 2, 2005

Cassie prepares to leave Will with Alonzo. Jeffrey tells Cassie he's leaving for Springfield and gives her a picture that Will drew for her.

Dinah reminds Edmund that he is responsible for Cassie losing Will. She asks Edmund why he is wasting time with Cassie when Dinah loves him for the shovel-toting, fire-starting man that he is. Dinah rubs salt in Cassie's wounds when she tells her the baby kicked. Dinah is miffed when Edmund allows Jeffrey to take her with him back to Springfield. She tells Jeffrey he will ruin everything.

Harley and Gus prepare to travel to New York to find the person who has been sending him letters about Phillip's murderer. They share a steamy moment as Harley changes into the matronly clothes Alexandra gave her. They decide to cool things off with a little ice cream. Harley's cover is almost blown when she encounters an Oakdale police officer. Harley and Gus buy the ice cream truck and plan their escape. Enjoying their new digs, they kiss passionately.

Bill reminds Olivia over and over that they are strong and whatever happens, he will stand by her. He tells her to quit acting like she killed Phillip. She lovingly agrees but freaks out as soon as Frank arrives and accuses her of killing Phillip. Bill drags her to a hotel room and tells her again she must lean on him and cannot run every time something bad happens. Olivia balks at his request that she leave Spaulding Enterprises. She gives in when he agrees to leave Lewis Construction. They make love.

Cassie and Edmund tearfully tell Will goodbye. Edmund comforts her and they begin to make love. But she puts a halt to it when Edmund tells her that he sent Dinah off with Jeffrey. Cassie starts packing to go home.

Back in Springfield, Dinah tells Jeffrey to keep his white horse at the ready because he will need it when Edmund's most recent secret is revealed.

Friday, June 3, 2005

Lizzie leaves Coop a letter, saying goodbye before her flight to Switzerland and hinting at her feelings for him. Coop stops her from leaving, wanting to deal with their feelings but they don't get the chance once they learn of the bounty for Harley's capture. The news divides them and Coop doesn't stop her when she takes her leave. Harley and Gus are forced to leave each other's side when Gus learns of the bounty on her head. Convinced Alan is responsible, Gus confronts him and finds him with a briefcase in hand. Assuming the briefcase contains blood money for the bounty killers Alan hired, Gus tries to get it, unaware that it's actual contents are Alan's bloody gloves. But, Alan isn't about to let it go without a fight and holds a gun, unseen by Gus, prepared to shoot if necessary. Meanwhile, Harley leaves the ice cream truck to pick up items she and Gus will need on the run, unaware of the bounty on her head. When a security guard catches her, she impersonates Alexandra Spaulding to elude capture only to later come face-to-face with Lizzie! Marina and Danny have dueling fantasies about each other while they struggle to keep their distance. Later, when Frank says he wants to talk to Danny about his relationship with Marina, Frank surprises all by telling Danny he trusts him. Later, when Danny and Marina seem to be getting closer, they are once again thwarted by the shocking news of the bounty for Harley's capture.

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