One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 30, 2005 on OLTL

Nora was humiliated. Riley was arrested for soliciting cocaine. Natalie offered to bait the Killing Club killer, and John rescued her from a crossbow. John questioned Marcie and Hayes, Marcie's agent. Asa had Renee kidnapped, and she joined him in Argentina. Todd was suspicious of Spencer Truman, a new resident in Llanview, though David appeared to know him. Todd and Blair made love.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 30, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, May 30, 2005

When Tess runs in into Todd, she has no choice but to pretend to be Jessica for him. Todd suspects something's wrong with her and she goes along with his idea that Dr. Jamison has her on some medication. When he starts to badmouth Antonio, Jessica's voice inside Tess starts to make noise. Taking a break in the ladies room, Jessica and Tess struggle for control of Jessica's body. Bo plays the hero when he chases a reporter away from Nora's door. However, Rachel refuses to allow Bo to come in for a visit with Nora and accuses him of deliberately embarrassing her in public when he arrested Daniel. Bo defends the way he arrested Daniel. Finding him hitting the bag hard and often, Evangeline argues with Antonio first when he claims he lost custody of Jamie and then when he boasts that he'll do anything to reclaim his little girl from R.J. John won't hear it when Natalie offers to act as a decoy in order to bring the "Killing Club" murderer out into the public. Though he tries to talk her out of it, she's not completely convinced and decides that she might act anyway. Blasting the hired thug for kidnaping her, Renee is not pleased when Asa suddenly appears, all smiling about her arrival. She's quick to start calling him names until she finds Duke is there too. He admits that he followed the kidnapper and stowed away on the plane to South America. Alone with Duke, Asa suggests that he and Renee live in South America with him. Later, Renee starts to soften towards Asa.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Bo pays a visit to Colson in his jail cell. Daniel continues to deny any wrongdoing, but Bo is having none of it. He instructs the guard to let him into Colson's cell, where he lambastes Daniel not only for taking Jen's life, but for ruining Riley's, Lindsay's, Nora's and Matthew's as well. An enraged Bo throws Daniel up against the bars and forces him to look at a picture of Jen. He taunts Daniel with the thought of life in Statesville prison, then leaves him with a bunch of pictures of Jen. Alone, Colson starts to crumble.

Meanwhile, Lindsay has barged her way into the station and demanded to be taken to Colson's cell. No one will listen to her plea. R.J. comes by to sit with her, while Rex also offers words of comfort. Natalie fills Rex in on her plan to use herself as a decoy to trap the Killing Club Killer. Rex thinks the scheme is foolish and accuses Natalie of only wanting to get John's attention. When John praises her for her office work, Rex points out that Nat doesn't have to do anything to get the Chief of Detective's attention; she already has it. Natalie flashes a devilish grin.

John has been hard at work grilling Marcie and Hayes about the murders. He is suspicious when Hayes opts out of assisting him any further. John is more successful when it comes to Marcie: she agrees to write him detailed descriptions of everyone who was ever involved with the real-life killing club, past and present. After Marcie leaves, John convenes with Bo. He tells his boss that Lindsay has been waiting to see Daniel, but that he was waiting for Bo to make the call. "I already made it," Bo says ...

Lindsay shows up at Daniel's cell, fire in her eyes!

Todd and Antonio have words over Jessica's well being. Tess blows them both off and goes into the ladies room, where Jessica manages to take over her body once again. Jessica decides she needs to investigate what her "alter ego" has been up to and takes off for Xanadu. Charlie, the bar tender, calls her Tess and says he hasn't seen her around in a while. Jessica takes out a pad of paper and begins making notes ... she realizes (to her horror) that her split personality has been going to bars and sleeping around, not to mention developing a taste for vodka. She is also glad to finally have a name for her split personality: Tess.

Todd breaks into Dr. Jamison's office, where he tries to steal Jessica's file. Antonio catches him in the act, and Manning replaces the file. Antonio warns Todd not to make an enemy out of him. Todd is nonplused and tells Antonio that the one thing Jessica doesn't need in her life is him.

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Jess investigates Tess' activities at Xanadu. She's appalled to hear from Charlie the bartender that she paid him off to keep Antonio away from her. When an apparent ex-date reminds her of their previous encounter along with mentioning a wife, she runs from the club crying.

Antonio stops at Capricorn to talk to R.J. about arranging a visitation schedule for Jamie but overhears part of what seems to be a business meeting about financial matters. Things don't appear to be going well for R.J. Upon leaving, Antonio immediately calls Rex to arrange his own meeting. If Rex spies on R.J., Antonio will see that Rex gets Ultraviolet back. It could also mean his getting his daughter back. He commends Rex for his trying to help Jen; it really earned his respect. Rex immediately drops in to see R.J., stating that he'll be in touch regarding the club, apologizing for not being around.

Rachel wants to stay in Llanview longer but Nora insists that her daughter get back to her own life. She finally removes her wedding rings and goes about cleaning up her CD collection. Finding the CD that Daniel claimed to have made for her, she recalls their wedding ceremony and other previous scenes. She breaks down.

Adriana and Ginger go shopping; Ginger pries into Duke's whereabouts and when Adriana is vague, she starts to twist the knife, planting doubt into Adriana's mind.

Dropping a wad of money when he smacks into Michael, Riley claims he's ransacked the automatic teller because he hasn't had any gigs. Michael wonders if Riley might be using again but it's quickly denied. Later, Riley is arrested in a drug bust.

Lindsay gets to visit Daniel in his jail cell but the man only denies killing her daughter. She recalls the Thanksgiving dinner when their families agreed to a new beginning. She manages to grab him by his hair and hold him against the bars as she shouts that the jury will see the truth in his eyes and he will rot in hell. Mark arrives as she's leaving and asks Daniel for his forgiveness; he states that he believes in his innocence and will stand by him. An amazed Daniel replies that he needs him as well and would sacrifice everything for him but this phrase triggers something in Mark's memory. He recalls Daniel pretty much stating the opposite on more than one occasion, the last time being the night that Jen was killed (how he sacrificed so much to be where he is and no one was going to stop him). It dawns on him quite suddenly that Daniel DID kill Jen.

John is pretty sure that Natalie will listen to him and not go off pursuing the Killing Club murderer. Rex tries to talk her out of it too but finally gives in and agrees to help her; he'd rather know what she was up to than not. Nat does deny planning anything to both John and Viki when she stops by but Viki is more certain that she's up to something. Michael arrives to give a statement and helps Viki out when she feels faint. Matthew demands answers from Bo who explains the situation to a little boy who actually knows more than his father thought possible. It's a lesson learned in the acceptance of others as well as oneself.

Lindsay shows up at Capricorn to be comforted by R.J. She thanks God for Rex helping to get Daniel caught. Adriana tries unsuccessfully to reach Duke. Antonio makes arrangements to view public records of deeds on both Ultraviolet and Capricorn. Ginger, who thinks she's seeing Tess, spots a crying Jess. Nat wants Rex to accompany her to a place she spotted on a map that resembles a place in Marcie's book. Nora screams for the press to leave her property. When the doorbell rings yet again, she finds a worried looking Bo instead.

Thursday, June 2, 2005

Todd overhears Jessica and Ginger talking, then after having his curiosity piqued, he asks Ginger whom she was talking to, and Ginger refers to her as Tess bringing Todd closer one step closer to revealing Jessica's DID. Meanwhile Nora accuses Bo of using Daniel's public arrest as a means of revenge for her infidelity with Sam. Bo defends himself by telling Nora he waited to tell her because he was afraid she would not believe him and that doing so may put her and Matthew in danger. Unsatisfied with the explanation, Nora tells Bo she can never forgive him for the humiliation of the public arrest and his allowing her to marry and stay married to a man that he believed was guilty of murder.

During his visit with Daniel, Mark realizes that Daniel is guilty of murdering Jenn and Paul. Daniel still proclaims his innocence and asks Mark to supply an alibi for the night of Jenn's murder to which Mark refuses. After Mark takes his leave, Daniel witnesses his son being lead to a cell for being arrested for buying cocaine. Riley begs for his father to be honest with him; however he continues to proclaim innocence but does advise Riley not to let all that has happened ruin his life.

During her talk with Ginger, Jessica realizes that not only has Tess been living a wild life she hates Antonio and has been going out of her way to make him unhappy including keeping him from having full custody of Jamie. Jessica is left hurt and ashamed of all that has happened while Tess has been in control.

Natalie and Rex venture to the nature preserve to scout out the next possible location for the Killing Club murderer to next strike. After finding the most plausible, Rex is knocked unconscious and the killer has Natalie in his sights. John realizes where Natalie and Rex have gone after Evangeline finds the book with the clues marked.

Friday, June 3, 2005

Blair drags Todd along to present Spencer with a thank you gift for saving Jack's life. Spencer is impressed with the cuff links and thanks the Mannings before going into his room to change for dinner. Todd seethes with jealousy towards the new doctor in town. When he emerges in a suit complete with new cuff links, Spencer asks Todd and Blair to join him for dinner. Todd shoots him down, and Blair is extremely embarrassed by her fiancé's behavior. She accuses him of being jealous. Suddenly, her train of thought is broken as she realizes that Spencer's room is directly across from the suite in which Todd and Blair were to have spent their wedding night. Todd gets a gleam in his eye and goes to the front desk, soon returning with a key to the suite. They go inside, and Todd confesses that he hasn't felt like much of a man since Margaret assaulted him; he blames this for his jealousy in the face of Spencer. Blair tenderly assures him that he's the love of her life, and no one could ever get to her like he does. They make love for the first time since Margaret kidnapped Todd.

Meanwhile, Spencer heads into the Palace dining room for dinner. He overhears Kevin and Kelly discussing Renee and pops over to introduce himself. At first, Kevin thinks he's a reporter and abruptly dismisses him, but Spencer corrects this assumption. He says that he's followed Kevin's political career for some time now, having been impressed with some health legislation that Kevin a few years back in Tennessee. Kelly is possibly smitten with the new doctor in town.

Dorian and David enjoy themselves in bed in the aftermath of making love. They banter lightheartedly about who apologized to whom, but agree that it doesn't matter so long as they are back together. Suddenly hungry, they decided to head to the Palace for a proper dinner. The maitre d' informs them that Renee gave explicit instructions that David not be allowed in the restaurant, but he is easily bribed when David slips him a little green. Dorian says that Renee should not be so judgmental, being that she used to be a madam; David is surprised by this juicy information. When the waiter informs the couple that the restaurant is out of their preferred main course, David gets the bright idea that they should head to Paris for some dining and shopping. Dorian is ecstatic and heads off to pack. David spies Spencer and can't believe his eyes ... it is obvious that David knew the doctor in the past!

Nora arrives at Daniel's jail cell to present him with divorce papers. He continues to maintain his innocence and also that he loves her. She will have none of this charade and hands him the papers, which he promptly tears into shreds. Nora assures him that she doesn't need his signature, as Pennsylvania will allow an annulment based on the fact that Daniel was having an affair. Riley passes Nora on his way to his own cell, and Nora can't believe his predicament. When Daniel offers to have his attorney assist Riley, Riley screams at his father that he doesn't want his help. Nora abruptly takes off, but returns for Riley, having posted his bail. She informs him that he can stay at her house as long as he needs to. Daniel watches his son and wife, realizing that he has lost everyone.

John revives Rex and they frantically search for Natalie. They come across her, and John pushes her to the forest floor just as an arrow flies loose from the cross bow. He takes chase after the killer, but returns empty handed. Assuring himself that Natalie is okay, he lets her have a piece of his mind about her foolish scheme. Rex leaves for the hospital to be treated for his knock to the head, and John yells at Natalie: "The last thing I need is for someone I love to get killed again!" She is shocked to hear this declaration, which he tries to downplay by saying he is simply concerned about all of the people close to him. They return to the station, where Michael is waiting for John. He also calls Natalie on her preposterous shenanigans, but John maintains that some good may actually have come out of this: the arrow has a serial number that could allow them to trace the person who purchased it!

Meanwhile, Marcie meets Hayes at the Palace. Her agent is mysteriously late for their dinner, and he is suddenly once again interested in the killings. He tells Marcie that he's booked her for a couple of talk shows to promote her novel. She says she is not going to capitalize on the deaths of her friends, but he maintains that it's just business.

Back at the station, a determined John punches the serial number from the arrow into his database ...

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