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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 9, 2005 on GL
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Monday, May 9, 2005

Edmund and Dinah are stranded in the broken-down van as they wait for Cassie and Jeffrey to return with help. Edmund is frustrated that Cassie and Jeffrey are alone together in the storm and he is stuck with Dinah. Dinah attempts to placate him and tell him if he calms down, they will be rescued before he knows it. Edmund refuses and hops out to repair the van himself. Dinah guesses correctly that Edmund doesn't know the first thing about engines and offers to fix it herself. While she is under the hood whistling and dancing as she pretends to tinker with the engine, she accidentally trips something that gets the engine going. Edmund is ecstatic that they can find Jeffrey and Cassie.

Jeffrey and Cassie have not traveled very far when the winds of a coming storm cause them to seek shelter in an abandoned shed. Jeffrey refuses to indulge Cassie who demands that they take their chances and continue to search for help in the storm. The decision is made for them when lightening strikes down a tree limb that bars the door and traps them inside. Cassie is distraught at the thought that they have missed their chance to meet Alonzo in Washington and seeks comfort in Jeffrey's arms. The embrace is interrupted as Dinah and Edmund burst through the door with the news they have repaired the van and can now resume their journey. Jeffrey reluctantly leaves Cassie behind to explain to Edmund. Edmund tells Cassie there is nothing to worry about - he is glad Jeffrey found shelter for them. He also assures her that he will stop at nothing to protect her and Will.

Mallet is comforting Harley who suffered a beating from prison guards when Gus walks into the wardens office wearing a guard uniform. Mallet is perturbed when Harley rushes to greet Gus who returns her affection. Harley urges Mallet to leave her alone with Gus so they can discuss her case. He relents when Harley tells him Gus may be able to help get her out of jail. While he allows them time to be alone, Mallet receives a letter that makes him rush out of his office.

He finds Frank at Company and tells him he received a letter demanding that Harley be transferred to a different prison. Frank is confused by the order and declares that sending Harley to the new prison would be a death sentence because she's a cop. Mallet agrees and begs Frank to help him find a way to save Harley. Franks offers no suggestions but accuses Mallet of still being in love with his sister.

Danny finds Marina alone at Olivia's Martini Bar and asks if she wants to go to Chicago with him to watch the sunrise. Marina tells him she doesn't want to and assures him if he is doing it to prove his feelings for her, she doesn't need it. They can take their relationship one step at a time. Danny agrees and they begin to kiss passionately. Danny breaks the kiss to share a secret with Marina. He tells her that when Michelle regained her memory, he slept with her. He tries to defend his actions by saying he did it out of habit but he and Michelle are definitely over. Marina can't forgive Danny for sleeping with Michelle and tells him to figure things out on his own. She tells him not to call her or follow her - just leave her alone.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Jonathan sees Tammy at Elizabeth & Company and mentions he is having trouble with his work for Lewis Construction. She offers to help him, and he opens up a blueprint. She tells him it's pretty easy stuff, but he says the letters and numbers are too small and they get all jumbled up. Tammy realizes he probably has dyslexia. She tries to talk to him about it, but he will not admit anything is wrong and starts joking around. Sandy walks in and doesn't seem very happy to see them laughing together. Jonathan leaves them alone, and when Tammy tries to explain, Sandy says they have wasted way too much time talking about Jonathan. He presents her with a gift to mark the six-month anniversary of when he found her upset about what Jonathan had done to her. The gift is a silver ladder necklace, so she can continue to climb up. She is touched - and they kiss. Sandy wants to go some place to be alone with her, but Tammy says "I can't. I just can't," but doesn't say any more. She leaves quickly.

Reva has discovered Nate, the mysterious man she saw in the hotel room, is a bartender. The two of them flirt as he teaches her how to bartend. As talk gets more serious, about her life and her future, Reva catches the figure of a blond woman in the corner of her eye. The bartender asks her what is wrong. Reva says nothing, she was sure she saw someone she knew... The mysterious figure, however, has not left the building. In the hallway next to the bar, she reaches into her purse for lip gloss. The woman, dressed as a "professional." Tammy.

Mallet decides to hide Harley so she can not be transferred to Hellis Penitentiary, or Hell Prison, as they call it. He convinces her to stay overnight in his office when he realizes someone is listening outside the door. It is Lena! Harley begs Lena not to tell anyone what she has heard. When she leaves, Harley is convinced she will not. However, Harley doesn't realize it is Alan to whom Lena has been talking on the phone. Alan knows Lena is desperate to see her daughter. He will arrange a meeting if Lena tells him what is going on with Harley. Lena is upset, but tells Alan that Mallet is hiding Harley so she will not be transferred.

Gus revisits the place where he was held prisoner, and as he examines the door to the boiler room he hears heels coming down the hall. He enters the room and pretends he is still a prisoner. Olivia tries to talk to Gus through the intercom - he springs out and catches her in the act! He starts to question her about why she held him prisoner and he asks about her perfume. It is the same jasmine perfume that Harley talked about smelling the night of Phillip's death. Bill hears the argument and tries to defend Olivia to Gus, but as they are fighting, Olivia disappears. She has gone to get Emma, and tells her they must say goodbye to Springfield forever.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Harley struggles with her choice to trust in Mallet's protection. Later, while holed up in Mallet's office, the two battle over their breakup and Mallet reveals that he wrote Harley countless letters, apologizing and trying to make up for the pain he caused her. Later, Harley makes the stunning discovery that Frank was the one who kept Harley and Mallet from reconciling by hiding the letters from her. With this new information, Harley can't help but see Mallet in a new light. Meanwhile, Gus is convinced that Olivia's disappearance confirms her guilt. He insists Frank launch an investigation but Bill defends Olivia and Frank wonders if Gus is grasping at straws to clear Harley. Gus won't to give up and later approaches Alan about uniting to bring Olivia to justice, on the condition that Alan accepts Harley as part of Gus's life. Alan agrees to Gus' terms but later reveals he was behind Harley's transfer all along. Bill is searching for Olivia, refusing to believe in her guilt until Vanessa calls him on his worst fear, that Olivia is in fact the murderer. With Vanessa's guidance, Bill sets off to let Olivia know that no matter what, she is not alone. Buzz plays Cupid when Marina and Lizzie reject Danny and Coop's advances. But later, both couples reach tentative truces, giving Buzz hope that the younger generation of Coopers will end up luckier in love.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Reva surprises Josh at the office. She tries, but to no avail to get Jonathan or Josh to play hooky with her. They wonder what's really bothering her. Reva looks for comfort at Nate's bar. He offers her a job as a bartender. She takes the apron and the challenge. The tips roll in and Reva seems happy mixing drinks until Josh arrives.

Tammy surprises Sandy with a kiss and news that she has a new job at Lewis Construction. Sandy is concerned when he sees Jonathan and Tammy making nice at the office. Jonathan tells Tammy he blew through his trust fund money. When Tammy is concerned, Jonathan tells her he doesn't care about anyone else but himself. She says it's killing him to be the big tough guy. When he gets in her face, she throws a glass of water on him. Jonathan finds a message in lipstick saying he can't ignore the person who wrote the message.

Josh and Sandy meet with Blake and Sebastian to work on their plan to take down Spaulding. Josh proposes to start with WSPR. He wants to make Alan pay for firing Reva.

Edmund, Cassie, Dinah and Jeffrey finally arrive in Washington. Edmund assures Cassie he will take care of Alonzo. Cassie can't stand to stay in the same hotel room with Edmund and banishes him to share a room and a bed with Jeffrey. When Edmund's sleeping habits make him uncomfortable, Jeffrey leaves to get coffee. Dinah encourages him to talk to Cassie in her room. Cassie, coming out of the shower, is startled to see Jeffrey in her room. She stumbles into his arms and drops her towel.

Dinah warns Edmund not to push Alonzo so far that Cassie actually loses her son. When Edmund goes to see Cassie, Dinah stirs up trouble. She tells one of Alonzo's representatives that Edmund is disloyal to Alonzo and plans to use the government to keep him away from his son. Alonzo's representative tells Cassie that Alonzo wants Will by the end of the week.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Josh finds Reva at an out of town bar and playfully accuses her of "hiding out." She denies it and offers to buy him a drink. Nate comes to the bar, and seeing Reva's money on the bar, admonishes her for forgetting the employee discount. Reva quickly introduces Josh to Nate but doesn't reveal he's her boss. She makes it seem like Nate just owes her a drink. Alone, Josh asks Reva what's going on with her. She hasn't really seemed grounded. Reva tries to explain her emotions are everywhere nowadays. She tells him everyone around her is trying to help and she seems to resent it a little. It's just easier to be around people who don't know her. Josh leaves to go to his meeting. With him gone, Reva's break is over. When Reva thanks Nate for not breaking her cover, he asks why she didn't tell Josh she works there. She wants something that is just hers alone. When Nate asks why exactly she is there, she tells him she's working and also having a little bit of good old fashioned fun. Suddenly, she spots Tammy in the bar. When she walks off to speak to her, Tammy is suddenly gone, leaving Reva confused.

Frank is at Company agonizing over a bundle of letters. He tells Coop that Mallet had mailed these letters to Harley but he intercepted them in order to protect her. He regrets the decision because perhaps Harley wouldn't be in this mess if she'd known about the letters. Coop suggests to Frank maybe he could talk to Lizzie about stopping her transfer to Hell House. Frank's not happy with Coop asking a Spaulding for help, but approves of it anyway. A little later, Gus arrives to get some coffee and picks up one of Mallet's letters and reads it. Gus asks Frank when they were written but he won't answer. Gus tells Frank he has a lead on Olivia - Alan said she was in San Cristobel. A frustrated Frank tells Gus that Harley is being transferred to Hellus Correctional Facility, nicknamed Hell House. Frank tells Gus that Mallet is hiding Harley until he can find a way to stop the transfer.

At the Spaulding mansion, after Alan gives Gus the lead on Olivia, he makes a call to Lena to ensure her cooperation in getting Harley transferred. Lizzie walks in on the tail end of the conversation. Alan tells Lizzie about sending Gus to San Cristobel. An upset Lizzie accuses him of sending his own son on a wild goose chase. She tries to catch up with Gus to tell him, but Alan stops her. He tries to defend his actions by stating he's helping Gus get over his obsession with Harley. Lizzie is not happy about Alan's venomous attitude toward Harley and says she hates being a grown up in this family. She tells her grandfather she used to be proud when she was compared to him; now she's afraid. Lizzie tells Alan she doesn't want people to hate her; she wants them to care about her. Alan accuses Coop of putting ideas in her head and tells her the Coopers will ruin her just like Harley ruined Phillip and Gus. Lizzie tries to convince Alan the vendetta against the Coopers and everyone else has to end, but he is determined to make those responsible for Phillip's death pay. Alan tells her sending Harley away is for the best and asks her to trust him. Suddenly, Coop enters asking to speak to Lizzie. Before she can go out to the hall, Alan privately tells her to keep Harley's immediate transfer a secret. Out in the hall, Coop asks Lizzie's help in using her Spaulding connections to stop Harley's transfer. He says he knows what kind of person she is. He knows she wants to help them. Lizzie tells him she WANTS to help him.

In Mallet's office, he and Harley are discussing the letters he wrote but she never received. Mallet's a little angry that Frank made Harley's decision for her but she defends her brother. Harley asks Mallet when he stopped writing to her. He says not for a long time. He mentions her old dog, Piper, and tells Harley the dog died two years after she left. At that point, his last link to her was gone and he stopped writing. Harley starts talking about how angry she used to be at him for not even apologizing to her; now that she knows he did, she's not angry any more. Harley regrets never having read any of the letters and Mallet gives her the last letter he ever wrote to her, one he didn't mail. Touched he's kept the letter with him all this time, Harley reads it and is moved to tears. Mallet asks her if it would have made any difference had she gotten the letters in the first place, but Harley really has no idea. She asks him if she had come back, what would he have done? Mallet tells her he would have spent the rest of his life proving to her that she hadn't made a mistake. Harley's not so sure, because she thinks she would have spent all the time wondering if he was cheating again. Mallet tells her he would have made her trust him, but Harley thinks it was too late. Suddenly, Mallet gets a call to meet the Corrections Officer to discuss Harley's transfer and leaves for Company for the meeting. But when he gets there, the place is empty. Realizing something is very wrong, Mallet rushes out. He is blasted by Gus, who just happened to see Mallet on the street, for leaving Harley alone.

Meanwhile, Lena checks up on Harley and reports to Alan that she's alone. A guard comes to Mallet's office to retrieve Harley. Being told it's on the warden's orders, Harley leaves with him and is suddenly taken outside where a transfer truck awaits!

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