Donny Boaz out as Chance on The Young and the Restless

Posted Sunday, January 31, 2021 19:56:53AM
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In a surprising move, The Young and the Restless has opted to release Donny Boaz from the show. The actor, who made his debut as Chance Chancellor in November 2019, discussed his exit on social media.

Donny Boaz (Chance Chancellor) is out at The Young and the Restless -- at least for now. The actor took to social media to reveal that he has already taped his final scenes and that those scenes will air tomorrow, February 1.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Boaz revealed that he learned that he was being let go back on Christmas Eve. "I received a phone call, from The Powers That Be, telling me that Y&R was not going to renew my contract for another cycle," Boaz wrote.

The actor states that Chance will not be killed off or recast. The character will simply "disappear," and the door will be left over for the character to return at a later date.

According to Boaz, the reason for his dismissal is due to the costs the show has taken on due to COVID-19 testing protocols.

“Due to the cost incurred, production is to let go of 4 or 5 contract players," Boaz shared. The actor did not elaborate, though it does not appear that any other Y&R cast members have been let go at this time.

As for why he ended up cut from the show, Boaz states that the writers did not envision future storyline involving Chance. The claim is surprising, since Chance and his on-screen wife, Abby, recently made the decision to have a child via surrogacy.

"I thought for sure Chance and Abby just married, having a baby, and Victor Newman, the Godfather of daytime tv, saying 'Welcome to the family, son,' that I was safe," Boaz commented. "I was wrong."

In spite of the unforeseen exit, Boaz insists that he is "not angry or bitter," but admits that he is a bit sad. "I invested a year of my life into a storyline and didn’t get to see it through," he wrote. "Overall, I am grateful and thankful for this amazing opportunity."

Boaz thanked fans of The Young and the Restless for welcoming him into their homes. Boaz also took time to give a shout-out to the cast and crew of Y&R, saying that they "will be missed."

A spokesperson for The Young and the Restless had not responded to requests for comment by the time this article was posted.

To check out Soap Central's interview with Donny Boaz when he first joined the show, continue reading here. Boaz's entire Instagram message can be found below.

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What do you think of Y&R's decision to let Donny Boaz go? Do you agree that Chance had run out of story? If Chance does return, would you like to see Boaz reprise the role -- or should it be recast? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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