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Hope Adams Wilson
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Actor History
Signy Coleman
Beth Toussaint
Maggie Gwin
In flashbacks to when Adam was 11 years old

Died February 18, 2008


Farm owner at time of death

Formerly worked at a free clinic in Genoa City

Resided At

Leavenworth, Kansas, at time of death

Marital Status

Widow of Cliff Wilson at time of death

Past Marriages

Victor Newman [Married: 1994; divorced: 1995]

Cliff Wilson [Married: 1996; widowed: 1996]


unknown name (mother, deceased)

unknown name (father; deceased)


Victor Adam Wilson, a.k.a. Victor Adam Newman Jr. (son by Victor Newman; born 1995)

Riley Newman (grandson; son of Adam and Chelsea; miscarriage)

Connor Adam Newman (grandson; son of Adam and Chelsea)

Christian Andrew Newman (grandson; son of Adam and Sage)

Flings & Affairs

Cliff Wilson (deceased)

Victor Newman (lovers)

Kurt Costner (kissed)

Health and Vitals

Choked and was rescued by Kurt Costner [1996]

Crimes Committed


Brief Character History

In 1993, Victor was blasted by Nikki, Ashley and teenaged Victoria, all resenting the control he tried to exert in their lives, so he left town. During his trip, Victor was robbed of his wallet, jewelry, and car. After his car was found with a body inside burned beyond recognition and wearing his jewelry, word reached Genoa City that Victor was dead. But Victor turned up at the Leavenworth, Kansas farm of the blind Hope Adams, just in time to rescue her from a rapist. Hope was strong and independent, but she needed help and protection alone on her farm.

Back in Genoa City, a power struggle for control of Newman Enterprises quickly erupted between Jack, Brad, and Ashley, while Nikki and Victoria were grieving over Victor's death. Jack gained control of Newman Enterprises, regained CEO of Jabot, and made Brad head of Newman. When Victor heard the news, he returned to Genoa City, where he learned from his pal, Douglas, that everyone thought he was dead. After overhearing a conversation between Nikki and his children, Victor mistakenly believed that no one missed him, asked Douglas not to reveal the truth, and returned to Kansas. Victor's life on the farm was a seldom-seen look at the tender side of Victor Newman. He became a kind and gentle man who was content to live there as a farm hand, growing closer to Hope. Victor's presence created a dilemma for Hope. She was attracted to him, but she had accepted a marriage proposal from her longtime friend, Cliff Wilson. Finding their wedding plans underway, Victor arranged to return home for good. When Hope learned of Victor's plans, she told Cliff that she couldn't marry him. Soon afterward, Hope accompanied Victor back to Genoa City.

Everyone was stunned that Victor was still alive. Nikki was relieved because she continued to have strong feelings for Victor; however, she felt threatened by Hope's presence. Nikki suggested to Hope that Victor was helping her out of gratitude for the kindness that she had shown him in Kansas. Feeling out of place and worried that she was interfering in Victor's relationship with his family, Hope returned to her farm. When Victor found out, he returned to Kansas once more.

Hope revealed to Victor that she had never been with a man sexually. Soon after, she and Victor made love. When Victor proposed marriage to her, Hope accepted, and they returned to Genoa City engaged. Nikki was so distraught by the news that she crashed their wedding and made a spectacle of herself. Nikki considered reconciling with Jack, but he surprised her by announcing that he was ready to divorce her. Meanwhile, Hope learned that she was pregnant. Victor and Hope were forced to do some serious soul-searching when Hope's doctor warned them that the baby could inherit her blindness. When medical tests revealed that there was a good chance the baby would be born blind, Victor urged Hope to have an abortion, but she resisted, and the tension in their marriage escalated. Frustrated by Victor's remote behavior, Hope returned to her farm in Kansas after she received word that Cliff had been injured in a farming accident. While Cliff recuperated, Hope extended her stay. Victor's friend, Douglas Austin, arrived at the farm and pressured Hope to return to Victor. During their argument, Hope accidentally tripped over a chair and had to be rushed to the hospital. Victor arrived to make sure that Hope was okay, then returned home. The next day, Hope gave birth to Victor Adam Newman Jr. To Victor's disappointment, Hope decided to stay in Kansas and raise their son on her farm. She asked him to stay out of their child's life so he could be raised without the Newman influences, and they were later divorced.

In 1996, as Victor recovered from a gunshot wound, his near-death experience prompted him to reevaluate his life. He left Genoa City for several weeks and visited Hope on her farm in Kansas, where she was now married to Cliff. Cliff had adopted Victor Jr., and his name had been changed to Victor Adam Wilson. Victor enjoyed spending time with his son, a straight-A student who loved all sports, but Cliff made it clear that the boy was to remain thinking that Cliff was his father.

Victor returned to Genoa City and began spending time with Nikki, who assumed that they were finally about to reconcile. When Victor received word that Cliff had been struck by a drunk driver, he quickly returned to Kansas to lend Hope support. Hope was grief-stricken when Cliff died. Nikki misunderstood Victor's reasons for leaving her, and she resolved to break off with him. She became involved with her gynecologist, Josh Landers, who said that he was a widower. When Josh proposed marriage, Nikki impulsively accepted and they eloped to Las Vegas. Victor tried to stop the marriage, but arriving back from Kansas too late, he decided not to tell Nikki that he was still in love with her.

Eventually, Victor persuaded Hope to relocate to Genoa City with their son. Victor had the penthouse and its kitchen redone especially for Hope to be able to get around there though blind, and she and Victor Jr. had their own rooms. But once out of the penthouse, she was a fish-out-of-water in the big city. And Victor got so involved in Newman Enterprises, that Hope was left alone more and more. Victor even paid Hope's old Kansas friend Betty to come live with them for awhile to help Hope feel at home. But Hope was proud and independent, always wanting to go out on her own, and more than once her purse was stolen or she nearly got assaulted.

Betty went back to Kansas and Hope ended up working at a free clinic with Dr. Kurt Costner, and they became romantically involved. The same day Hope decided to relent and tell Junior that Victor was his father, Victor told Hope that he had just returned from his honeymoon in Greece after marrying Diane. Hope was livid, and told him that he was the most inconsiderate person she had ever met, and could not believe he did not tell her that he was getting married. "How do you think this makes me feel?" she yelled. Hope admitted that she had intended to tell Victor Jr. about his paternity, but now she never wanted him to know. Victor Jr. interrupted them and welcomed Victor home. After Junior left, Hope yelled at Victor, "I'm warning you Victor Newman, do not ever call him 'son' again. And don't you ever violate my wishes. He is never, EVER to know who you really are. If you do tell him, mark my words – there will be hell to pay!"

In 2006 Victor's was diagnosed with epilepsy, Nikki was informed, and he was given medication. But he liked the affects of the mini seizures that made him feel uncharacteristically mellow and caring, so he quit taking his medication. He shut off his cell phone and told the family he was going on a trip that landed him in Kansas at Hope's farm once again. Hope welcomed him, and informed him that his son was at soccer camp. Victor stayed on awhile, helping Hope out around the farm and feeling free, happy, and content like he had when they first met there many years ago. One day Hope came in to find Victor on the floor having a seizure, but being blind she did not realize it. Victor came out of it in time to fool her that he had fallen, then left Kansas to continue his spiritual journey, unaware that his family at home was in crisis. Some time later Nikki called Hope, looking for her husband, and Hope informed her that he had gone to a monastery in India.

In May 2007 while Victor was mourning the supposed death of this son Nick, Hope phoned Victor to let him know that their son was missing and had been hanging out with a bad crowd. Victor traced him to Columbia, but he'd disappeared from there without paying his rent. Victor then traced Junior to Sri Lanka, went there, and disappeared for quite some time. When Victor returned, he told those who asked that he had not found his son.

In early 2008, Hope contacted Victor that she was terminal with carcinoma of the pancreas, and he sent specialists to try to save her. But by February Hope called him to come to her in Kansas. He arrived to find her recently released from the hospital, having asked to be sent home to die. It was Hope's last wish that Victor be united with his son who now went by the name Vic, feeling that Vic finally needed to be told that Victor was his father. Vic arrived, now 27 years old, and was shocked to see his mother's condition, then further shocked and disbelieving when she gave him the news of his paternity. Victor finally started to get to know his son through Hope on her deathbed. She described Vic to Victor as independent like his father, yet sensitive and vulnerable. Vic told Victor how he secured his own scholarships and worked to attend Harvard Business School, but still had student loans to pay off. Then how he had attended Harvard Graduate School where he wrote his thesis on Victor Newman's rise in the business world, and that he had read the books on Victor's life. Vic said he was a stockbroker living in New York City, and his passion was business and he firmly believed in following one's passion. Vic and Victor were devastated when Hope passed away only days later. Her death wish was for Victor and Vic to stay together. Before they parted in Kansas, Victor offered his son a job at Newman, but he turned him down, and Victor returned to Genoa City alone. But it wasn't long afterward that Adam showed up in Genoa City.

In August 2010, following Adam's case being dismissed from trial for lack of evidence on charges of conspiracy against the Newman's and Abbotts for causing the death of Ashley's baby and replacing it with Sharon's and the murder of Richard Hightower, Hope appeared to Adam in dreams and recreated flashbacks to tell him that "I will never rest in peace knowing what you've done."

In December 2010, Hope appeared to Victor in a Scrooge-like experience and, no longer blind, took him to visit the past. This included watching his mother on Christmas Eve delivering him as Christian Miller to the orphanage where he had cried himself to sleep every night expecting her to return. Victor watched himself run away and vow to become a new man – renaming himself Victor Newman. Hope reminded him of all that Nikki had done for him, giving him a more balanced life, a family, and reuniting him with his mother before she died.

In February 2012, after Adam was blinded by Patty Williams who threw insecticide in his face, he retreated to Hope's vacant farm. Feeling depressed after he sent Sharon home, Adam was visited by the spirit of Hope, who was still blind. Hope reminded Adam that he had inherited her honesty and integrity as well as his pride and ambition from Victor. Hope told Adam that she wanted him to become self-reliant and strong rather than alienating everyone from his life, offering her spirit and strength of will for Adam to reply on.

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Who's Who in Genoa City

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