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July 26, 2004 columns
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Adam Chandler, Jr is in revenge mode and spinning out of control. As we know, he set-up his own stepbrother, Jamie, to take the fall for drugging Babe. Babe Chandler is in complete denial and will not believe her husband is capable of doing such a deed. She loves him, he loves her, so she thinks. JR has truly morphed into Adam and Jamie pegged it by warning Babe when his brother flips the switch off, he is done. Thus, he is done with his wife and is only focused on his daughter, Bess. Tad tricks him into showing up at the "padded cell" his mother, Dixie, had to endure many years ago at Adam's desertion. JR blames Tad for showing favoritism to Jamie and doesn't admit to anything. No surprise, JR has no remorse or conscience at this point even with Jamie in jail awaiting his fate. Lines and loyalties have been drawn or divided with all the family and friends of these two brothers.

Mary's choice for Fan Spotlight of the Week comes from Tina in Philly: "Sometimes I wonder if anyone is watching and seeing what I am seeing on this show. For the life of me, I do not understand why people are sympathetic towards Babe these days! Even in the show's previews they are beginning to paint her out to be this innocent person. It seems that the audience is forgetting that this woman is walking around raising another woman's child. Meanwhile, the real mother believes that her baby is dead! How does she even live with herself knowing this? I'm sorry but that is sick and I hate the fact that the writers have brought David into this. I can see Tad pointing his finger in his face already. Not to mention what this is going to do to the wonderful relationship that David has maintained through the years with Erica and Bianca. I can already pretty much predict that Krystal and Babe will hardly feel the brunt of everyone's punches like David will." Ahhh, Babe the innocent victim. No, she is hardly that......especially since she has kept the true parentage of Bess/Miranda from Bianca. It is hard to be sympathetic knowing how wrong this truly is. There is no way to condone such a decision. Now with Krystal and David being involved, how can this ever be made right? They want to protect Babe, they love "their daughter" but Bianca chose to give birth to and loved "her daughter" and has lost four months of her life already. Oh you can count on Tad pointing his finger and carrying on his hatred for Dr. Hayward, but he will also have to face Krystal's part in it all. This is quite an involved cat and mouse game they have created.

The best part of Jamie getting arrested was seeing Maggie in action. Wow, such loyalty and deep concern for her roomy. I loved the way she barged into the Chandler Mansion and stood her ground. Of course she is disappointed in Bianca being on the fence between the two brothers, but she is on a mission. It was refreshing to see some true acts of friendship on the show again, something that has been lacking for way too long. It seems Opal, Maggie, Reggie and Jamie is only a few real friends in Pine Valley. We have family loyalty, but not so much between friends. For example, the writers prefer to show the Fickle Fusion Felines at odds all the time. Jamie was unable to convince Babe of his good intentions and innocence. He also chose not to trust or befriend David. In the meantime, he has Livia defending him legally and his parents doing whatever is necessary to free their son. Eric in NYC and I concur that Babe will realize what Jamie has shared about JR is possible and will just play along to trip her husband up. It will be interesting to see how JR reacts when the truth is finally out about Bess making his whole scheme futile. He will be the loser. It has not been fun to watch JR team up with and act like his father after always appreciating how much like Dixie he was overall. I guess there are no guarantees in life; you are your own person and are a product of your environment, genes, and a lot of luck. I will admit Jacob Young has done a great job in portraying JR's character with both personalities. He has really grown on me as has the actress playing his wife. I don't like what is happening with their characters, but then when do we have any say in the direction they choose for storylines?

Bianca has created a Center For Women And Children in Miranda's memory. How poignant and very inspirational as Bianca spoke at the opening ceremony to her family and friends. The board members will be Ryan, Kendall, Maria, Brooke, and Myrtle. Her Honorary Uncle David offered to contribute medical staff and programs as needed. So many gave huge donations, including Zach Slater. He will donate all profits from his casino for a week as Brooke will donate from her magazine for a month. He appeared with Kendall and caused quite a stir for Ryan and Maria. Maria was pretty shaken by his presence and confided in Ryan about her past with this new man in town. Ryan has been trying to get a bio on him and the guy comes up too clean which scares him. Maria feels uncomfortable about having to work with him on the new project. The love and feelings for each other have obviously surfaced and are like a powder keg ready to go off. It looks like there could be a crack in the Grey marriage and will be even more difficult with Edmund being in a wheelchair indefinitely. Would they have gone this direction if John and Eva Callahan hadn't separated? Something we will never know. I know it has to be hard when they are together on and off screen as do remember when Hayley was matched with Ryan and Kelly Ripa's new husband, Mark, didn't want their characters to go that direction. Was it being true to the characters or personal jealousy? Hmmmmm.

I am curious and would appreciate any police or correctional facility staff out there answering a question for me. Do they always treat suspected criminals like they have at PV Police Station? I mean with the handcuffs on all the time before they are actually booked, hooked up to the chair or closest stationery object? I just noticed it more lately when they had the teens brought in and of course the latest being with Jamie Martin. I have enjoyed Livia's feisty manner and like having her back as an acting attorney. I just wish Jackson Montgomery could get back to what he did best too. In the meantime, he has been doting on his daughter, Lily and brought her to Bianca's ceremony. There were some touching scenes and then she heard Adam and JR admit to their misdeeds and having Babe lose the baby. Aha, a real witness and a nice twist. Unfortunately, due to her condition it might be harder to process and then explain if questioned.

Ryan and Greenlee are platonically sleeping together as man and wife and finding they are getting closer by the day. Jonathan made a huge financial blunder with the bookkeeping at Fusion and Greens covered for him as Kendall went off about such a large business loss. My theory (and other fans have shared the same thought) is that he is trying to bring his brother down with revenge. He could be working for Zach, who I still feel is Michael C's relative and was interested in seeing the condo across from Kendall's and is after Ryan too. There is more than meets the eye and could be fatal for Maria's future. Maybe Bobby will get wise to him when he works closer at the new casino, right now he is concentrating on his own problems. Anita made it clear she wants a divorce and has not been open for a reconciliation or trust in her husband. Now Bobby is getting involved in the game playing at the Drama Factory of Fusion with Kendall and Greenlee. Kendall would love for him to seduce Greenlee so Ryan would run back to her. Delusional at best. As I was going through my mind of all the couples on the show, I couldn't come up with ONE who was truly together without a hidden agenda or obvious problems. That is scary stuff. Of course Joe and Ruth Martin are exempt as they are a given. Fortunately there are couples out there that work through their problems, have unconditional love and devotion, and are truly happy. I am still reeling from seeing a movie yesterday with a friend called "The Notebook" with James Garner and Gena Rowlands. It was a tearjerker beyond all others, very well acted, very inspiring and touching, and the type of movie that you can't stop thinking about. A real love story where they overcame all obstacles in sickness and in health, til death they would part. That's what I like to see in a soap opera, so hopefully they will get back to that soon as nothing could beat Tad/Dixie, Greenlee/Leo, and Ryan/Gillian during their ups and downs. The undying love they shared shot right to the heart!!! We all like to watch drama, intrigue, and mystery........but throw in some LOVE to feed our souls and we are hooked for life.

See you in two weeks and always feel free to send me your thoughts on OUR FAVORITE SHOW, Suellen

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