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December 13, 2004 columns
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David Hayward wants Krystal to do a vanishing act with him and face any consequences TOGETHER. They make a toast, which appropriately is what we should all be doing, the truth is out and Bianca has Miranda back. Isn't that what we all have been hoping and praying for? Yet the overdue reunion is bittersweet, as Bianca has to fight JR for HER daughter and is pushed over the ledge by her old chum. All involved endures more complications and a lot more pain!!! Whew, where can we begin discussing the past week's turn-of-events?

The two "J" brothers are locked in together with lots of banter ending violently. JR didn't think twice about hitting James with a heavy metal object (flashback of the crowbar murder mystery) and is ready to kill his brother if not for Kendall's intervention. Of course wherever this warehouse is located, there is NO security or life. Not one person passed any of the PV residents as they dealt with their individual circumstances. It is truly scaring me now that two set of brothers have one good/one bad in their motives and sense of revenge. As many times as Dimitri/Edmund, Jack/Travis, and Tad/Jake disagreed, you could never imagine them wanting to kill the other even in moments of anger. The deep loyalty and love was ALWAYS there. Despite being half or stepsiblings, you are still family. JR is obsessed with Bess and unable to accept or let go as he thinks his child was lost in the river. He rants on about his baby is his baby is his baby. He is holding on tight to the baby as Bianca is taken to the hospital after falling two stories to the ground. Tad warns JR he is not going anywhere now. There were some comical moments with the two "Dads" scuffling in the motel room. We needed those comic relief moments with these two plus Jack had Reggie and Lily entertaining him at the hospital back in PV.

Speaking of JR, Mary's choice for Fan Spotlight of the Week came from Jelaine who shares, "JR while being afraid to leave Bess/Miranda's side and is occupied in schemes on several fronts, and who hasn't played in a band since high school is able to: Find musicians and organize a band, rehearse a routine, have effects, get tattooed, buy an outfit that is definitely non-JR, and be greeted by a screaming audience who acts like he is a huge star. Sure, I could have suspended belief and gone with it if it had been a small performance (solo guitar singing a ballad), but this was over-the-top and just silly!!!" True it was a bit much but a nice way to see another side to JR and Jacob Young, he seemed to be in his element. I am always open to that. Only on a soapie though!!!

The scenes between the two "B's", no not rhyming with witch but referring to Babe and Bianca, were very well done. The two actresses really rose to the occasion and didn't leave us down in that department. Bianca handled it all very well and reacted like we would expect with maturity, anger, disappointed, and an overdue slap in the face. Now she is ready to protect and embrace her "Sweet Miranda" when we have the aforementioned confrontation with JR. I keep wondering how they can actually resolve all these scenarios now that everyone is involved, has lied, kept a secret, and/or committed a crime. Babe and Jamie are again on the run and their fate is yet to be determined.

Greenlee was hospitalized for her psychosis and now believes Ryan is dead. She sees "Specter of Death" and barters with him for Ryan's life. She demands that Death suck the life out of her to spare her husband's life. Some very moving moments as once again Rebecca Budhig shines. Maria finally agrees and takes full responsibility for Ryan to visit Greenlee in the hopes of "bringing her back". He is quite successful in getting through to her and it appears she is now improved. Unfortunately, I doubt her nightmare and problems are over until the culprit behind it all is discovered. I do like Ryan and Greenlee as a couple more now as feel Kendall works better with Ethan. The trouble with Alicia as Kendall is she has chemistry with ALL the male actors she has been linked with: Ryan, Aidan, JR, and even Michael Cambias. How can you beat that?

Aidan was setting the bait for Anita to ask for Date #1 with sour cherry jellybeans. You know I am a big Aidan fan, so I am just happy to see him involved in a story, no matter how weak it is. He had me too with the first jellybean, LOL. The jury is out if Anita is the best choice for a love match, but the two "A's" were cute together as they went out for a burger and later hanging out at the infamous boathouse. Ironically, her soon-to-be ex was also there making a deal. The ever-sly sleuth, Aidan Devane, found the money and handed it over to him with a stern warning. Bobby got in a few rude comments and departed, probably for good. If he was the only witness to Ryan's shooting, what now?

The Kane Women prove their strong bond and devotion. It is amazing to watch and hear Erica actually treating Kendall like a daughter. They arrive at the hotel in time to hear Binks arguing with JR and falling off the patio. God help Babe, JR, Krystal, and David when Erica discovers the truth about her GRANDCHILD. We still have lots of twists and turns ahead, for sure. The majority of the past week was devoted to Jack and Ryan worrying about Greenlee in PV or the all the drama in Florida. It has been great to hear all of your theories and thoughts on these events, feel free to continue sharing with me......Back to you next week.


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