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That's exactly what Greenlee tried to do with that ridiculous trapeze gear. How exactly did Greenlee have time to leave the party, get the outfit, etc. and hook everything up? The writers are either morons are believe the fans are. I'm hoping for the first choice.

That's exactly what Greenlee tried to do with that ridiculous trapeze gear. How exactly did Greenlee have time to leave the party, get the outfit, etc. and hook everything up? The writers are either morons are believe the fans are. I'm hoping for the first choice. We have Kendall "save" Greenlee once again and Ryan blame everything on Kendall. Is there a reason Ryan can't go away with Bobby when he vacates PV? Speaking of Christian Campbell being released, I have to say he never was given much of a chance. He had a good bit of airtime when Erica was a Vegas Show Girl - another ridiculous plot that the fans did not buy into. I personally think he's a very good actor and wish him much success. He probably doesn't realize how lucky he is to be rid of these plots. It appears Anita is going to stay around, for what I'm not sure. The character is boring and doesn't have any real spark with Aidan. I think it's interesting that Maria is "in love" with Edmund and Zach, yet doesn't have feelings at all for Aidan anymore. Now, they had chemistry together. Rumors persist that John Callahan (Edmund) will be leaving PV. What a shame that would be - no more Marick family. They could certainly have a great storyline for Edmund minus Maria if some creativity was used!

Ryan is just an arrogant bully, threatening to buy the hospital and replace the staff. Does he think they are just sitting there waiting for his wife to show up with an emergency? Kendall remembers the friendship she shared so long ago with Greenlee. This is obvious the beginning of forgiving and getting that friendship back together. Could this be a Christmas miracle? I know one thing Alicia Minshew definitely shines in her performances. One has to wonder why a primetime show hasn't picked her up.

It appears that it is obvious Jonathan is the culprit behind Greenlee's "problems." He will probably also turn out to be the one that shot Ryan. He's throwing away Bianca's letter to Maggie and seems to want to consume Maggie's life. Now with Lena out of the picture in Bianca's life and Jonathan soon to be gone (my prediction), this leaves the opening for a Bianca and Maggie pairing. It seems to me Bianca has had only 1 lesbian lover that being Sarah since Frankie and Lena were clearly bi-sexual. Now Maggie can experiment with bi-sexuality too. I preferred Maggie and Bianca to be best friends, but guess that won't be possible in Soap Land. That only happens in real life.

Babe has to "set things right" and reunite Miranda with Bianca. That would have been good months ago, instead now it's just dragging out this horrid storyline. And why would there be a tribute to Miranda in Florida of all places? We have Tad trying to tell Bianca about Miranda. Is there a reason Bianca is so annoying in this ill-fated plot that she can't hush and listen when someone is talking with her? AMC wants us to feel for Babe and James, but it's hard to go down that path with everything they've done --- to name a few --- stealing from the Chandlers, stealing "Ace" and drugging an innocent nanny while they were at it, lying to Bianca, JR, Tad, Brooke, well the whole of PV. It really doesn't matter that Babe is Ace's mother because what she did is still a Federal offense. She could have gone to Jackson and received legal help. I'm betting she doesn't get any jail time though for all of her crimes, that goes for James too.

Speaking of Jackson.... Oh, love is in the air. We long time Jackson and Erica fans see wedding bells actually happening for these two. This has been too long coming and I can only say one thing ----- this better be Ms. Kane's last marriage. No two-timing Jackson, no problems that are unsolvable, no divorce. They still have that wonderful magic together. I'd like to see just the two of them for a while without all the kiddies around. They deserve some private happy time. Unlawful entry is still a crime even if David's key was accessible. Jackson certainly knows the law. Once in, Jackson and Erica find nothing of interest although Jackson does keep Erica from snooping into David's letter from Babe.

Bianca threatens Kendall with dropping Kendall from her life if Kendall takes JR's side. Bianca is over the top with this one. Babe finally shows herself to Bianca and it appears the truth will surface next week. I thought it was inexcusable that James treated Tad that way. Of course, I don't think one punch would have knocked Tad out either. We have David finding Tad and presumably won't make any effort to untie him. It appears that David and Krystal are getting closer... UGH!!!

Suellen's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Karen in GA who writes "I see where the ratings are up for AMC which means this baby switching storyline will probably continue. I'm as frustrated as the next fan about the long drawn out story but my biggest complaint is how they're destroying Bianca's character. She used to be strong; strong enough to come out of the closet but she's been reduced to a blubbering idiot spouting off accolade after accolade for her best friend Babe. Even with the half hearted attempt with Tad trying to tell her she kept interrupting him until he also succumbed to dumbness. Another problem is David; he barely flinched when she hugged him at Thanksgiving; no remorse for the person who thought of him as a surrogate Dad. Krystal at least had the decency to look ashamed but David just had that same smug look that he always has. These must be new viewers to bring the ratings to number 2 because the longtime fans such as me are fed up!!!" Karen, I don't think the ratings have been up much at all other than 1 week as they still continue around the 3 range after dropping to 2.7 about six weeks ago. The baby switch story has been a bust and has done nothing but irritate long time fans.

Thanks to Suellen for covering for me while my work has been hectic. She'll be doing that for me again in two weeks and I'll be covering for her after that during Christmas week. Hope your Thanksgiving was nice. I ate too much turkey as always, but it sure was good! Hope everyone is taking it easy and trying to be stress free during this hectic time. Even though it is hectic, I do love Christmas as it's my favorite time of the year. The worst part of this year, will be my wonderful yellow Lab is no longer with us. She was such a joy around the Christmas tree and is still so missed.

Mary Page
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