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Last week, Rebecca tried to blackmail Julian into letting her remain Mrs. Julian Crane, but Julian called her bluff, and Rebecca is looking to be left out in the cold. Rebecca is the most determined person in Harmony, so she's not giving up without a fight.

I totally understand Luis' frustrations at Marty, but he is being way to hypocritical. He hates Marty for walking out on his family, but really, when is the last time Luis spent any quality time with his son? Also, let's not forget Miguel did the same thing. So basically when it comes to the woman you love, it's okay to walk out on your family in everyone's case except Martin's. I almost feel sorry for him.

I said almost. It's very hard to feel sorry for someone who has to ask "what's that?" when a phone rings. And Kathy really bugs me. I can't exactly put my finger on it, but I think it's because she seems so weak and helpless. She let a man, who was just trying to help her leave his family to save her. And now that the truth is out, she wants him to divorce his wife and leave with her again. Why doesn't she just stand on her own two feet and let Martin go back to his family? There is no way this weak and spineless woman is Sheridan's mother.

Luis and Sheridan go to Julian to ask for help in getting Antonio declared dead. Which means its only a matter of time before Antonio comes waltzing back into Harmony and splits our favorite couple up again. I really believe little Martin is Antonio and Sheridan's son, and once you factor in Beth, that will be the breaking point for Luis and Sheridan. But in the end, love will win out again for the duo.

Rebecca tries to blackmail Julian into letting her remain Mrs. Julian Crane, but Julian calls her bluff and Rebecca is looking to be left out in the cold. I think Rebecca is about to do a little snooping and will find out Eve is the person who shot Julian two years ago, and will blackmail her into giving up Julian. Rebecca is the most determined person on this show and will not give up her lofty Crane perch without a fight.

Theresa gives birth to a baby girl, who is in very serious condition. But it wasn't whether or not the baby will live, but who is the mommy? I really hope it is Gwen's because it just seems as though Theresa only wants this baby to use her to get Ethan back. Gwen wants the true chance to be a mother. Let's just hope she makes a better mother than the one she has.

Whitney has a test run, but her mother lies for her and says Fox is the father. You would think after all these lies and the fallout, Eve would've learned her lesson. First she tampered with John's DNA, now she's lying for Whitney. And she worries about losing her medical license. What will Harmony do? Eve is, not only the ONLY doctor in town, but she is also qualified in many different specialties? What will people do for ingrown toenail treatments now?

David Bailey, the actor who portrays Alistair, passed away suddenly on Thanksgiving Day. He portrayed Alistair as an even more dastardly villain than one could have imagined. My thoughts and prayers go out to his loved ones. He will be sadly missed.

Some Random Thoughts:

Quote of the week goes to Diana. "I hope that the baby that Theresa is carrying is hers and Fox's. So when Fox finds out that he is not the father of Whit the twit's he would send her packing."

"I noticed how 2 weeks ago, Theresa preached a new word: "destiny" she said it TWICE. It was a nice break from FATE. sadly, "destiny" only lasted for that episode." I noticed this as well Alex. I knew it would be too good to last, and had it lasted, Theresa would've bored me quickly with this word as well.

The holidays are upon us once again, and it is almost time for my annual Best and Worst column. This year, I'm going to do something a little bit different. I'm including you, my dear readers, in the process. Over the next three weeks I will be collecting emails from you on your opinions of the following categories: Best Actor/Actress; Best Reason to watch/fast forward; Best/Worst Villain; Best/Worst Story; Most Useful/Useless Character. Be sure to catch the column the first week of the new year to see the results.

Happy Holidays,
Brandi Until next week friends,

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