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Pop quiz. Your pregnant surrogate has just had an operation to remove one of your twins in order to save the other, and now she is having pains. What do you do? Stand around and accuse her of lying, of course!

I absolutely loved Wednesday's episode. It was classic Passions, and hasn't been that good since my beloved Timmy passed away. Endora is, without a doubt, the most adorable baby on daytime television. Her high jinks with Tabby on turkey day had me in stitches. And the Lo-Fitz feud is just heating up.

I think both Luis and Pilar have every right to hate Marty, and I can not blame them for wanting him to just leave again. Paloma is right on the money with her hatred of her parents, but I wish she'd start giving points for effort. Luis and Pilar put their differences aside so they could spend Thanksgiving with her. Shouldn't that at least show her they are trying to fix their relationship with her? And as far as this "family day" went, why did EM have to sit at the Crane mansion with servants while his mother was in the hospital and the rest of his family was together? Couldn't Sheridan have grabbed him on her way out to meet Luis?

And what a Thanksgiving that was? Wild turkeys, pilgrims, oozing pi˝atas; it was definitely different. And why is it Marty is constantly having to shut Kathy up to keep her from spilling the beans about who she really is? He did such a bang up job keeping his secret, shouldn't she take the hint? She needs to just go on and tell everyone who she is and get it over with. And I honestly hope he didn't leave Pilar just for her because if he did, he needs his head examined.

Pop quiz. Your pregnant surrogate just had an operation to remove one of your twins to save the other and now she is having pains. What do you do? Stand around and accuse her of lying of course. How long did Theresa stand there and agonize while Rebecca yelled accusations at her, Gwen stood there not knowing whether or not to believe her mother or Theresa, and Ethan stood there holding Theresa. I can understand why Gwen stood around, she's always been a little skittish about Theresa, especially when her mother gets wound up. But why didn't Ethan sit Theresa down and call the ambulance himself?

But Gwen's fears are confirmed when Theresa's schemes to get Ethan alone works. I totally see this baby being Gwen and Ethan's, but Gwen finds out about Ethan and Theresa's night together and takes the baby and leaves. Only after some very careful snooping and eavesdropping, does Rebecca learn that Theresa drugged Ethan, just as he is about to get back together with Theresa.

More and more people are finding out that Eve is gonna be a grandma. We just aren't sure if it's through her daughter or her son yet. I really don't think the baby is Chad's, but then again, I really don't think Chad is Eve and Julian's son. Eve should at least warn Whitney that Ivy is not going to give up, especially where her son is concerned. But Theresa should thankful of Whitney's predicament, because I don't know if she could handle both Ivy and Rebecca breathing down her neck right now.

Some Random Thoughts:

Quote of the week: "I swear, does anyone know who their real parents are? You'd think the citizens of Harmony would administer a mandatory paternity (maybe even maternity) test to every child born in that town!" Thanks Brittany!

"Do you think Pilar made the right decision to smash the candle she lit for Martin every night?" Yes Jamison I do. She was totally in love with the man, wasted half her life waiting for him to come back to her, prayed every night, sacrificed so her children could have a good life, and when he finally comes back he is with another woman. Had he been my husband, it wouldn't have been the candle I smashed.

Until next week friends,

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