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Holden always seems to be giving Lily a hard time about Craig, but now he's doing the same thing with Julia.
Before I get to how I felt about what Holden did this week, I wanted to say that I hope everyone had a very good Thanksgiving holiday. For me, one of the things I am thankful for is to be able to write this column and receive comments from those who agree and disagree with my opinions - for that, I say 'thank you'.

What is going on with Holden Snyder that he would be such a turncoat? He asks as if he has never done anything in his life wrong because he comes off so self-righteous - just looking at Aaron is proof that he has not lived a perfect existence. Why did he have to go to Julia once he found out that Brad was not in Montana? He should have given Carly her chance with Jack. He seems to have some feelings for this woman so he looks like her next mark once Jack remembers Carly. For the first time in a long time I really became angry with Holden for his stupidity when he should have been at the hospital with his ailing son.
He always seems to be giving Lily a hard time about Craig and he is now doing the same thing with Julia. I can't believe he used his keys to let her into Carly's house. It was one thing after another. I think the bottom-line for me is for Jack and Carly to get back together and send this Julia person packing out of Oakdale.

I believe we are close to the moment their fans have been waiting for - a real reconciliation. Jack is acting too erratic by proposing to this woman and knows he has a family and no real memory of them. This is really starting to get on my nerves because I think this has gone on just a bit too long. The other thing is that Carly is being made out to be the villainess when she is not. I just how if this wedding thing does not work out she just washes her hands of Jack - at that point, he'll drop Julia like a hot potato.

There are so good together but that's the way he has chemistry with everyone he ends up with. But trouble is about to brew with Katie coming back to town. I guess we'll also be seeing Henry when she comes back because he seemed to have disappeared about the same time as Nikki.

How long will this union last? Is it possible that they might get some clue that Cabot is not dead and that James has him? I hope so. They need to keep Barbara out of their hair but she is up to something by stealing from her doctor's office.
Finally, the best scene this week was Kim and Barbara - I like confrontations with historical undertones. Also, what happened to Thanksgiving at the Snyder Farm and at Hughes house - hopefully they'll correct it for Christmas.
I received some interesting comments from readers:
Fran said, "Carly and Jack belong together. I think this thing with Julia has gone on long enough"
Helen conveyed some of my thoughts by saying, "I'm REALLY getting sick of Julia. Personally I wish she would just dry up and blow away."
Everyone does not feel the same because Mary said, "I have a different take on this triangle with Julia/Jack/Carly. I have sympathy for Jack. And I feel that Carly is pressuring him."

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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