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We knew that the pall of Phillip's murder would cast a long shadow on the town, but each day, the story continues to grow. His decline into madness, which ultimately resulted in his death, affected most of Springfield in one way or another.

The holidays are supposed to be a magical time filled with family, friends, food and fellowship. But for many - and many in Springfield this year - the holidays are a time of reflection on happier days.

We knew that the pall of Phillip's murder would cast a long shadow on the town - but we learn more and more each day of how this story continues to grow - even after Phillip is dead. His decline into madness that resulted in his death affected most of Springfield in one way or another. Now we see the lengths that people will go to save themselves - and each other - from a murder rap!

Which brings me to an interesting question - would you lie to protect someone you love from a murder rap? Now don't get me wrong - I don't advocate lying. But sometimes a lie of omission is a great thing (like not telling Aunt Ethel her dress is more than a little snug and not at all flattering). We see more than that "little white lie" going on Springfield these days. Deals are being made faster than they are on Wall Street or in Hollywood - all in an effort of self-preservation.

Let's start with Harley, er, I mean Ruth Carloff. Frank and the whole Springfield PD are looking high and low for Phillip's MIA Assistant, but she is nowhere to be found. Of course she can't be found - she doesn't really exist. But Harley knows that Frank is looking for Ruth - and hasn't come forward.

Not to mention that Harley had a major confrontation with Phillip just minutes before he died. She didn't remember what happened in the beginning - but has some recall now. Should she tell Frank about the confrontation and the blood she had all over her after leaving Company.

But Harley also thinks that Buzz, by virtue of the alarm system, could be behind the murder of her ex-husband. She has confronted Buzz about his involvement but has not said a word.

Buzz saw Alex outside Company - when she was supposed to be in jail. And she saw him as well. Now the two former love-birds are covering for one another - much to Alan's chagrin. Is Alan trying to make Alex pay for Phillip's death?

And in an interesting turn of events, Gus knows that Harley is Ruth (as does Bill Lewis) but he has said nothing. Harley knows that both men could easily give her up to the police and make life easier on themselves. Gus and Harley's wedding went up in smoke for the very same reasons. Yet Harley has allowed Gus to keep her secret.

Olivia certainly has made her feelings about Phillip known. This makes her a prime suspect as well. But her hubby Bill knows that "Ruth" is in town - which could take the heat off of her. Will this marriage remain strong through all of the tests this couple has faced?

Not to mention that several possible suspects have seen very little air time since the death. Could fellow Musketeers Rick or Beth be behind the murder? How about Lizzie with her own troubled past? Or someone else we haven't thought of.

I've put together a short survey to see what you think so far - who did it and how would you feel in the character's shoes. I'll share the results in the weeks ahead. To visit the survey - check out http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=35515746156

While all of this is going on in Springfield, we also have a two-part story taking part in another part of the world. Sebastian has taken Holly prisoner to save him from a mysterious (and deadly) disease. I've included a question about Sebastian's tactics on this survey as well.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday - certainly better than the one we saw in Springfield! Now the rush is on to the local malls to get ready for the holidays!! So glad I've already finished my shopping!!!

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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