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Not far and not for good
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Ethan Ramsey has assured Kendall he has no intention of leaving town. He does not want to leave her and cherishes their new relationship/bond.
Ethan Ramsey has assured Kendall he has no intention of leaving town. He does not want to leave her and cherishes their new relationship/bond. Bianca has talked to Babe and now needs her sister to convince JR to go to Florida with Bess so they can all get answers. Binks has no idea what kind of secrets are about to be uncovered. Hopefully, it will be climatic for all the time we have had to endure the twists and turns of this baby-switch storyline. I have two Fan Spotlights to share while we are on the subject of Bianca, Babe, and Jamie.

Tricia said she wanted to share her frustration with the baby switch storyline. Suspense, twists, and turns are what keep viewers watching but it is out of control. She finds it interesting that neither Bianca nor JR have had "flashbacks" to the "almost" moments of truth and the empty threats by Babe, Krystal, and David. She agrees that David's protection of Babe is such a betrayal to Bianca. Now Tad coming on board to keep his mouth shut is even worse. The ones with the most clues can't seem to make the connection. Robyn from Auburn, AL shared: "How is it possible that Bianca has not seen a newspaper or news report on the missing Lt. Gov's baby? Every time Tad is in his house, a breaking new conference is on. But Bianca is in the dark? Come on, this baby's picture is plastered all over the front page. I know she remembers the day in the park when she told his "dad" she would not be voting for him. The writers must think we can't remember week to week, or question our sanity." Very valid points and observations, ladies. If we're lucky, we will find answers to our biggest questions, somehow, someday.

I always look forward to the holiday get-togethers but Thanksgiving was pretty bizarre this year. Erica and Jack's Family Gathering was hardly the Norman Rockwell Ms. Kane was hoping for. Myrtle was once again our favorite referee. Lots of hidden agendas and bantering. Not much different at the Chandler Mansion where the rest of the clan gathered. Poor Marian was livid over Adam's obvious snub of his twin brother and deserved all the slapping he got. JR's family gathering wasn't what he wanted for Bess' first Thanksgiving but hopefully when she returns as Miranda in the coming year, things will change. Maybe Babe and Jamie had the right idea by celebrating with Indian food in a motel room a thousand miles away. Meanwhile, Babe keeps making phone calls home like her only problem is keeping in touch with Bianca and planning their reunion in Florida. She seems to forget they are fugitives; they have crossed state lines with a baby that was supposedly a government official's child. Jamie seems to have the most level head of the two, but is smitten and plays along as she takes risks. The Andersons have also been doing a little dance around their feelings and attachment. I have enjoyed that and still feel Jamie could turn out to be Ace's (James) father. We need more secrets, twists, and turns!!!

Just like most Americans, there are times when you go to the gym more often than others. Holiday seasons seem to be a popular time...........and there are quite a few conscientious residents working out. First Maria is doing bench exercises without a spotter. Zach to the rescue. This leads the two to do that "dance" they are forced to while the circumstances keep them apart. Maria heads out and Zach gets approached and close to choked by his son, Ethan. Bobby is an observer, a little too interested as he later uses the incidents as blackmail for a $50,000 request. "Little Lavery" continues to put in his two cents (although I feel it is usually not even worth a penny) and antagonizes Ethan. I am very convinced Jonathan is the culprit and can't wait until this "secret" is exposed. It is affecting too many people now.

Speaking of secrets, Maria was not too happy to discover her husband has had feeling in his legs for close to a month. He makes excuses to why he didn't feel obligated to share this information with her and later Brooke. Again, I loved what Brooke had to say to him, she is always right on target, and admitted she HATES secrets and wants to know what is wrong with men. Edmund did the cop-out I hate most, "I just don't care". He claims he just doesn't care about Maria or their marriage anymore, tells her to go to hell and go to HIM. Very mature and a good way to teach his children to be, RIGHT. I could feel Maria's pain and she runs to Zach only to be pushed away. He loves her too much to get involved when she is so vulnerable and hurt. An admirable man, but a hard decision to make.

Greenlee continues to have psychotic moments and blurred vision. She is shown ready to do a trapeze act and fly like a butterfly. The Kane sisters have convinced JR to go to the Miranda Center Fund Raiser and JR will entertain with a song he has written. Lilly was anxious to show Derek the pictures she had of Reggie and Dani as they had to answer to him. David and Krystal went along with being at the Chandler Mansion to act as doting grandparents to keep JR off track. Tad returns and wants to find the runaways. It was a short week for us, only three days of OUR FAVORITE SHOW so not as much to write about. Just a lot of build up to what could/will happen with these situations in the near future. I enjoyed a lot of the dialogue and interaction this past week and look forward to seeing how they play it all out.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I definitely enjoyed being with my daughters and our extended family. Not long ago I shared about being a grandmother in 2005, now I know it will be a GIRL. My little granddaughter is due in April and the New Year should be a good one for my beloved family. Thank you for all your good wishes and inspiration from other grandmothers. Mary will be back on board next week so catch you in two.........


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