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The 'Anderson' trio is still on their excellent adventure following the sun's paradise. Babe always hated the cold and snow associated with winter and preferred thinking of warm, tropical paradises. Now she is trying to follow a path where she can be a family with the two James in her life.

The "Anderson" trio is still on their excellent adventure following the sun's paradise. Babe always hated the cold and snow associated with winter and preferred thinking of warm, tropical paradises. Now she is trying to follow a path where she can be a family with the two James in her life. Unfortunately or not, she has issues back home that could affect her happily ever after. At week's end, she is calling Bianca to see if she has Baby Miranda back in her arms. Bianca knows Babe and Bess will need her and confides in Maggie that she can't be with Lena in Poland because of this strong "feeling" she has. It could be answered prayer for so many loyal fans out there as this baby storyline could be finally coming to resolution. Just around the bend, one more curve, maybe a few more reminds me of taking young children on a road trip and the constant inquiries, "Are we there yet?" We reply, "Don't worry, hang in there, and not much longer". Meanwhile, Jamie and Babe have had a few close calls but manage to forge ahead. They have left their parents in a quandary over their safety and whereabouts. Tad is ready to hit the trail and find them and Dixie's grandson. Krystal is finding comfort with David but is scared off when he kisses her. It was inevitable these two ex-lovers would find their way back to each other. The writers always test us good by throwing unlikely couples together and they either work for us or they don't. One fan, Maureen, still hates the way they are writing David's character. He had stood by Bianca even when she couldn't abort her baby, she trusted him completely. David knew the loss she was feeling after losing Leora, wouldn't he want to be the person to tell Bianca her baby was still alive? She thought for sure Tad would tell due to being so upset about it all. I am sure, dear fans, that it is all because of all the bases they have to cover to include everyone from Pine Valley to Llanview. All the connections to both babies and the various families. It is pretty mind-boggling at times.

The Santos sisters seem to be having a bad year and ending their fairy tale marriages. Maria is served with divorce papers and Anita advises Bobby to sign theirs when they are delivered. Don't fret; both women have a man waiting in the wings. Aidan has been a good friend to Anita and admits he does "have a thing for her" but has never crossed the line. We all know Maria's history with Zach and she has admitted to her sister that she is in love with both Edmund and Zach. It is an interesting twist to hear Bobby calling someone anonymously admitting he saw them attempt to kill Ryan Lavery. Aha, finally a witness.........was it Jonathan?

Don't get me started on this young Lavery brother. His manipulative and indecent behavior is out of control. He convinces Greenlee that Kendall was to blame for shooting Ryan and in return (under the influence of his liquid potion) she attempts to run down Kendall. It is very disturbing when you start messing with peoples' minds and we can only hope he will be discovered soon. Poor Ryan as both brothers who came back to town was imbalanced and deeply affected by their childhood. Despite Ryan's earlier shenanigans, he is a decent guy and seemed to overcome his family curse. Sue, a fan, said she thought Ryan was a good guy but was surprised that he wouldn't ask about Kendall. If your wife practically runs over someone, wouldn't you want to know that they are okay? Has he been married to Greenlee so long he has lost compassion? Very good point.

Ryan sweeps up his wife and bullies his way into the emergency room to get help for his Green Butterfly. Joe Martin intervenes and pages Maria (who is with Zach in her office). They immediately determine she needs a MRI. As a side bar, I work in a medical imaging office during the week and we have AMC on during lunch hour in our break room. Unfortunately, I only get to watch a portion of it then, as it is always interesting to hear what my co-workers think of certain characters, scenes, etc. Two are MRI techs and of course they picked that scene apart. Maria still had the stethoscope (metal) around her neck; Ryan was in there without a gown or scrubs, etc. It is an everyday occurrence at work for scrutinizing the medical scenes for a reality check. The mammogram techs love to pick out the actresses with implants. I would love to hear if any of you out there are able to watch the show during work or school hours and how much input you get about what happens and how everyone reacts. I could probably write a whole column just on what my family, friends, and co-workers think about it all, LOL!!!

My choice for Fan Spotlight of the Week covers a pet peeve of mine that I have mentioned in the past on occasion. It comes from Wynn (stay at home mom of three daughters) who shares, "I have been watching ABC daytime, particularly AMC, for thirty years. I am writing to express my distress over the frequent use of "slut" and "bitch" on the show. This language is distasteful, shocking, offensive, and extremely derogatory towards women, even a low-life as the character "Babe". I am not a prude and do not disapprove of the occasional use of these terms for increased dramatic effect. However, the usage of this type of language has become more frequent and common to the extent that it is several times an episode. Our youth in this country are increasingly de-sensitized over language, music, and violence that should be shocking. I hate to see a beloved show that has tastefully handled some major social issues contribute to this de-sensitization!"

Ethan is released on bail and Kendall offers her condo for them to share. It is nice to see this young Kane woman in a normal, warm relationship. I liked the comparison to how it could get "stringy". How very true, strings can pull you closer, draw you apart, or strangle you to death. But sometimes you have to take the risk and they have decided it is worth doing so. Bianca offers her support to her friend, Ethan, and Zach wants to cover the bail so that his son will flee Pine Valley and the Cambias Curse. Maria is not happy with Zach for feeling this way, it is hard for any parent to understand why you would want to deny your child at any age knowing who you are. Hopefully, Ethan will take Bianca's suggestion to have the second DNA test done.

Reggie was ready to take his relationship with Dani to the next level but is busted by his father and sister. It was surprising to know the two children were left alone in the first place, but interesting to see how Erica and Jack handled the parenting intervention. It appears they will finally have this popular couple get married and settle down into marital bliss with their extended family. Jack will also have to be there for his daughter, Greenlee, as she deals with her demons and current condition. She admits to the psychologist that she can't bear the thought of losing Ryan like she lost her first husband. It can truly cause a lot of anxiety and problems for her, but we get back to the fact that Jonathan isn't helping the situation any.

It was also good to see Erica back in her businesswoman mode, as she got excited over new office space. She is ready to start "New Beginnings" and share it with Kendall. There is something about that which is very appealing, new beginnings, a new start, and a new leaf to turn over. The Kane Women could be onto something!!! Now she just has to convince Zach to sell her the space, he seems to be a shrewd operator and isn't afraid to use his power and money to manipulate others. I was a bit shocked about the way he spoke to Kendall about how she can't keep men and HE could always make her feel like a woman. She probably meant to say, "Don't hold your breath" but she actually said, "Please hold your breath". Chuckle!!!

As I reflect on the happenings of the past week, there really has been a lot going on. It seems to be picking up speed and covering a lot of territory. Is there hope after all? As a long-time, loyal viewer of OUR FAVORITE SHOW.......I sure hope so. It gives me more positive things to share bi-weekly on Two Scoops. It would lasso the fans back out there who have stopped watching or threatened to. WE would all be most grateful (perfect time for giving thanks during this season) to see the show pick up in the popularity and get back to the good old days, don't you think?

A big thanks to Nancy, a fan from Indiana, who shared pictures of her excellent adventure at SSW in Orlando. She said it was exhausting but awesome. I hope to hear from Eric in NYC too as it was his first time attending and he always has a lot to say about the show, actors, and writers. I sure can remember how exciting it was the first time for me at SSW. Hey, even the second and third!!! May you all have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends. I will be back next week to share my thoughts on this next week's events. I have to admit I am most anxious to see how Bianca reacts to hearing Bess is truly Miranda. Let the fun begin!!!


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