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Sheridan has been in love with Luis for how many of her lives? She has struggled for how long, against how many odds, to be with him? And now, during the most difficult time of his life, when he needs her the most, she turns on him.

Because of the amount of emails I received begging me to lay off Sheridan and Luis, I have tried to oblige. But Sheridan took the cake with me this week. She has been in love with Luis for how many of her lives? She has struggled how long and against how many odds to be with him? And now, during the most difficult time of his life, when he needs her most, she turns on him for a woman (Kathy) she met a few weeks ago. A woman she knows destroyed one relationship (Pilar and Marty). Instead of trying to support Luis, Sheridan scolds him like a child and comforts Mrs. Wheeler. Let Beth get wind of this, and see how fast she jumps to comfort Luis.

Eva Tamargo deserves an Emmy. Hell, give her an Oscar. She went from hurt to anger to hurt to anger to hurt - all so convincingly. I actually had tears in my eyes and knots in my stomach when Pilar was lying on the bed trying to make sense of Marty's betrayal. I cannot wait until this has really sunk in and she gets good and angry. I want to see her take Marty to court and sue his behind for back child support. I'll bet Alistair would help her.

Paloma rocks! Upon finding out that "tió Wheeler" is actually "su padre" (hey look at that, I am learning something in Spanish class), she promptly sides with her daddy. I know a lot of you think she should've stuck by Pilar, but lets look at this from her point of view. As a baby she is sent away, and rarely contacted by her family. Yet here was "tió y tiá Wheeler" who took care of her. It's not about him leaving his family and her being sent away because of it. It is because he was there when she needed him. And if I had been Pilar, when Paloma called Kathy her mother, I'd have scratched her eyes out.

Also, Paloma is a teenager and very impressionable. She sees the fancy clothes Theresa wears, and all the money she spent when she was "Mrs. Julian Crane." She sees Luis wining and dining Sheridan, and even accused Sheridan of not trying to help her family bring her home. She also has Tabitha trying to stir up trouble. And it's easier to believe a lie when you already believe it to be the truth.

I actually agreed with Theresa this week. Now before you pass out, or write me a hateful email, let me tell you what I agree with. When she told Ethan that God will give them a child to bond them together, she was almost right. She already has a child with Ethan. His name is Ethan Martin. I've said that since the day she announced she was pregnant, and I'll say it until I see a DNA test prove me wrong. Unless Eve performs the DNA test.

But I stand by my notion that Theresa is deluded. How many times does Ethan have to scream at her that he is not coming back to her before she'll listen? I laughed when she kept saying FATE and Ethan screamed, "I can't listen to this anymore!" My thoughts exactly.

Why are we changing channels mid stream? When Theresa had her "miscarriage" she needed to get pregnant again so she'd have a baby to trade Ethan and Gwen for EM. When Fox rebuffed her, she "turned" to Ethan. Now she is spewing this crap about "sleeping" with Ethan so they could get back together. If that is true, then her supporters have no ground for this. She raped him, and there isn't even a slight justification for it. I bet if Ethan knew he was drugged instead of thinking he was just drunk, he'd be singing another tune.

What is the point of T.C. now? He won't listen to reason where Eve is concerned. She is trying to tell him about how the frog has manipulated him and he won't listen. Then the frog tells T.C. that she saw Eve kissing Julian, but Eve threw that dirt right back in T.C.'s yard when she tells him she caught him and Liz a couple times. He may regret that when he has to start living off a coach's salary. And I see why everyone in Harmony is so stupid, the teachers never go to school! Seriously, when is the last time T.C. went to work?

Some Random Thoughts:

Since I made the comment last week that I don't think anyone on Passions is unattractive, Rebecca wanted to know if I felt that way about Liz as well, since I called her "the frog." I don't call her "the frog" because of the way she looks. A few columns back I mentioned how my grandmother used to say "He/She swole up like a frog" whenever someone was especially proud. I just think of that saying when I see Liz gloat.

Danica Stewart is not a recurring character as mentioned last week. Thanks Jamison for clearing this up.

I was asked the following question, "with a new love interest for Chad on the way (Valerie Davis), would you like Charles Divins a little bit better if he showed much chemistry with her?" The answer is no. Having chemistry with someone does not make them a good actor. If his acting improved, I'd watch him more.

"The women outnumber the men greatly on the show. They really need to get some more men on that show." I totally agree Yoldyve. All the triangles on this show are of two women fighting over a man.

Quote of the week: "I can't believe people actually called you names! HELLO!!! It's just a show. ITS NOT REAL!!!!" -- Chavonn. Thanks to everyone who wrote in and supported me. You are all greatly appreciated.

Have a very safe and happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Until next week friends,

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