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Poor Pilar, she fainted dead away when she learned the truth about Martin last week. Marty is just a low-life bum who left her and her kids for another woman. He deserves more than a slap. He deserves to buried along with whatever is underneath the gazebo.

I received quite a bit of email this week, which I love. It means I've said something that extremely angers you or something that you agree with so much, you just have to write. I love receiving emails and I love hearing others opinions. That being said, I will have to insist that you all not write me and call me names. We are all adults here. I am willing to listen, post, and respect your opinions. Please respect mine.

The ire of you readers all comes from the Gwen vs. Theresa debate. Everyone of you that wrote in and said that Gwen wronged Theresa had something negative to say about me. Yes Gwen wronged Theresa. She framed Theresa for outing Ethan's paternity, she worked with her mother to steal EM and ruin the Lo-Fitz family, and she was warned to stay in bed when she was pregnant with Sarah. But I stand by my notion that Ethan and Gwen were childhood sweethearts who were all set to marry until Theresa schemed and lied to get to Ethan. She could've avoided being set up by Gwen and Rebecca had she just been honest with Ethan to begin with about his paternity. If she believed and trusted in their love, she wouldn't have felt the need to hold on to the info to blackmail him into loving her, thus giving Rebecca and Gwen the chance to set her up.

But Ethan truly fell in love with Theresa. And yes Ethan has admitted that had Gwen not been pregnant, he'd have married Theresa. But Gwen was ready to let Ethan be and raise her child alone. It was ETHAN who decided to marry Gwen and not Theresa. It's not like Gwen planned the pregnancy. And its not as if Ethan hasn't had multiple opportunities to leave Gwen since. But what did he do? He's trying to have a PLANNED baby with Gwen through a surrogate. If he didn't feel some love for her, he wouldn't be trying to start another family with her. And throughout this surrogacy, Gwen has bent over backwards and offered Theresa any and every thing for the sake of her child(ren). While both women are at fault, Theresa crossed the "who is worse" line when she raped Ethan. And her fans can scream she was justified all they want, but the bottom line is, rape is never justified. And if Ethan had any sense, he'd press charges. Let's see Theresa keep anyone's child while she's locked up.

I have been hating Whitney and her deceptions of late, but I loved the fact she handed it straight to Theresa. No one knows Theresa better than Whitney and Lord knows Whitney has stood by her through all of her outrageous schemes to get Ethan. So who better to tell Theresa to grow up and get over it. However, this officially makes Whitney a hypocrite. She is using, lying to, and deceiving Fox. What makes her better than Theresa?

Okay, someone help me out here. Why is Sheridan defending Martin to Luis? Don't get me wrong, I am glad the show is moving in this direction and letting things other than Alistair, and Sheridan's untimely "deaths" come between the duo. But why defend him even before she knows he helped her mother? As of Monday's episode, Martin left his family for another woman. Its reprehensible, yet Sheridan wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. I understand Sheridan represents goodness, but what Marty and Kathy did is inexcusable, period.

Poor Pilar, she fainted dead away when she learned the truth. When every one of my relationships have ended I have asked myself a million times, "Why did he leave?", "What did I do wrong?", "Why did it have to end?" Pilar has been asking herself these same questions for years, and now she has the answer. Marty is just a low life bum who left her and her kids for another woman. He deserves more than a slap. He deserves to buried along with whatever is underneath the gazebo.

The frog is back in full force. Apparently it's not good enough that Eve and T.C. are apart, now she is demanding T.C., or Thornton Chandler Russell, divorce her. Does T.C. have no backbone? He just stands there and lets the frog tell him what he NEEDS to do. I have yet to meet a man that would let a woman tell him he needs to do something, and stand for it. And the frog ticks me off. All she ever cried about was that she couldn't let herself love Antonio, why is T.C. any different?

And Dr. Do right really thought T.C. was going to come back to her. Maybe he would if she wasn't stuck up Julian's butt all the time. If Eve really and truly wanted to put her marriage back on track, she'd ditch Julian and the mansion, move into the B&B, and start trying to make amends for her lies. But, as long as she continues to hang around Julian, how is T.C. supposed to ever trust her again? And I used to root for Julian and Eve to get together back when Eve was Julian's only redeeming quality. Now Julian's gone soft, and I'd like to see Eve and T.C. make it work, if for no other reason than to beat the frog. Of course T.C. getting some therapy and coming to grips with his father's death would be nice too.

Some Random Thoughts:

What is with the nurses talking openly around visitors about patients? Those nurses openly discussed "Mr. Wheeler" in front of Pilar and Ethan. Of course it set Pilar up to discover who "Mr. Wheeler" really is. but still, I am a nursing major. Rule Numero Uno, CONFIDENTIALITY!!!!

Quote of the week: "I have a serious problem with Luis. He stood there and called Katherine a slut because she was with a married man, but what about Sheridan. She was married to Antonio and still creeping with Luis. I guess mother like daughter." Couldn't have said it better myself Dee.

Grace went to be with David in Italy. Dana Sparks in now on recurring status. The character of Jessica has always been recurring to my knowledge. As far as her "Mark" endorsements, I guess the producers made a deal with "Avon" and needed someone to promote it. Since Theresa and Gwen were busy fighting over Ethan, Whitney and Simone were busy fighting over Chad, and Kay and Charity were busy fighting over Miguel, Jessica seemed like the logical choice. Too bad because I really thought she and Reese made a cute couple and it was nice to have a couple that didn't have tons of obstacles thrown at them.

As far as the line last week about Eve looking like a monkey. A reader sent that to me. That was THEIR opinion. I happen to think Tracey Ross is beautiful. I don't really think anyone on Passions is unattractive. I apologize to anyone I may have offended with the line.

Second quote of the week goes to Katie, "Terror is like an STD that will never go away!!"

Until next week friends,

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