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How was Carly supposed to know that Julia's ex-husband was an abuser? If someone was married to an abusive man, why would they jump into a relationship with a man that they barely know?
Carly is truly innocent this time and Jack is wrong in his interpretation of the situation. All Carly was trying to do was give information to Julia's ex-husband about his son. She was right when she told Les that she never dug into Julia's past like Julia went out of her way to find out things about Carly. How was Carly supposed to know that Julia's ex-husband was an abuser? If someone was married to an abusive man, why would they jump into a relationship with a man that she hardly knows because he could be as bad as or worse than the man she left?
Jack is totally coming out of left field in his treatment of Carly. It appears every time that he feels anything for Carly, he wants to find a way to negate those feelings in favor of Julia - this week's incident is a perfect example. I certainly hope that Carly does not allow him to leave but stay until the 30 days are over. I am beginning to have some doubt in Carly getting Jack back but I know they always find their way back to each other.

This story was somewhat of a loser but it has some highlights like Alison and Aaron realizing love, Dusty and Lucy trying to keep their relationship alive and the introduction of Rafi. Rafi could be the one to destroy Lucy's relationship with Dusty more than her breaking off with him over the nonsense at the gym. She knew going in that the people involved with this boxing fiasco were bad people. She has reverted back to her little girl non-trusting persona from the Aaron days. She has known that Dusty has some questionable traits but he loves her and has tried more since he has come back to Oakdale to be honest with her. What is going to happen now that it is true that Peyton List is leaving when her contract ends - hopefully they will continue this relationship with a new Lucy, mainly because it really gets under Craig's skin.
Aaron is the person that Alison should have been with and she probably could have had him when he and Lucy broke up if she had done all of those things before. Aaron will be fine though with a head injury it might take him a while to get to himself 100%; however, I'm sure Alison will stick by him until he is better.

Has anyone else noticed this but is Will developing a crush on Rosanna? It is just something I picked up on a couple of times. There is not a girl his age around and I realize that he has other problems other than a romantic entanglement right now. Barbara seems to have a strange hold over this kid that comes off as somewhat strange.
Jennifer seems to moving right along with Mike and they are hot together. I did like her with Jordan but I see potential with these two. I do hope Katie hurries back and then there will be this nice quadrangle - if its written right this could be very much worth watching.
Paul has two bad parents and I know he doubts himself on every decision in his life. I have a problem with Rosanna and Paul because I still believe that Craig is the man for her. I hope that Craig puts his two cents into this engagement which is always fun. Barbara Ryan was just cruel when she told Rosanna that Paul would not want her because she could not give him children of his own. I certainly hope that there is some clue soon that Cabot is alive.
Finally, if Julia can't get Jack, will she go after Holden? Holden had a moment with her at the hospital and he saved her from Les. She seems to be setting herself up just in case things don't work out with Jack - she will still be with a Snyder.
Also, it is so good to see Dr. John again!

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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