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Ivy told Whitney, who struggled with the deceptive plan for her unborn child, that the biggest mistake she ever made was trying to pass Ethan off as Julian's son. Trusting fate to bring them together, Theresa informed Ethan that she would demand a DNA test to prove the child she carried belonged to her. Paloma sided with Mrs. Wheeler and Martin when she learned Martin was her father. Pilar felt as though she had failed as a mother, and questioned the very faith she had put in her husband. Luis accused Sheridan of betraying him when she wanted to give Katherine the benefit of the doubt. A heartbroken Eve regrettably signed divorce papers after failing to reclaim T.C.'s love.
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Passions Recaps: The week of November 15, 2004 on PS
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Monday, November 15, 2004

Ivy told Sam about Theresa's decision to have the procedure done. Together, they drank Champagne and celebrated the upcoming arrival of their new grandchild. Ivy told Sam that she had never thought she'd be so happy. The phone rang, and Ivy answered it -- it was Grace, wanting to talk to Sam.

Whitney tried to convince Theresa to give up her plan to get Ethan back, but Theresa was dead set on keeping the baby. Whitney warned Theresa that she wouldn't blame Gwen if Gwen went crazy and tried to kill her. The nurse arrived and told Theresa the steps she needed to take to ensure that the baby would be healthy. Whitney asked about the risks of incestuous babies, and the nurse informed her that they had a higher risk of getting many diseases.

Ethan, Gwen, Rebecca, Whitney, and Theresa went back to the Crane mansion. Rebecca told Whitney to deliver a message to Theresa: if she ever hurt Gwen again, Rebecca would make her sorry she had ever been born, and Theresa would never see Little Ethan again.

A furious Sheridan had an emotional confrontation with Martin and "Mrs. Wheeler." Mrs. Wheeler got close to telling her the truth but decided not to when Sheridan yelled that she was nothing like her mother -- she was just "a lying whore." Sheridan ran out of the cottage. Paloma arrived at the cottage, hoping to talk to her mother, but instead found Luis comforting Sheridan and demanded to know what was wrong.

Pilar told Martin that it was his fault she'd had to send baby Paloma away, and he was not the father their children deserved. She said the children would never understand. Luis told Paloma that the man she'd thought was Mr. Wheeler was really their papa, and Paloma was so shocked that she fainted.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The distrust Rebecca felt toward Theresa was nearly confirmed when Whitney and Gwen unknowingly walked in on Ethan giving seductive Theresa a sensual back massage.

Paloma fainted when she discovered Martin, the man that had raised her as a father, was, in fact, her biological father.

Martin used the reactions to his newly discovered identity as a deterrent to Katherine, saying she would face similar backlash if she revealed herself to her children.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Eve showed up at the Russell house with the signed divorce papers and found Liz and T.C. packing up all of Eve's pictures. T.C. snarled that he and the girls didn't want anything to do with her. Eve handed T.C. the papers and was about to leave when she decided she had something to say. She said that she was tired of being the villain -- she'd made mistakes she regretted, but she hadn't ruined their marriage all by herself.

When Liz asked if Eve was blaming T.C., Eve replied that she was blaming Liz. Liz accused Eve of cheating on T.C. by kissing Julian. Eve didn't deny it but revealed that she'd seen Liz and T.C. kissing in the youth center. Eve left with the promise that she wouldn't bother T.C. again.

Ethan tried to impress upon Theresa that no matter whose baby she was carrying, he wouldn't leave Gwen. Theresa insisted that once their baby was born, Ethan would return to her because it was fate. She told him that there was no way she was giving up the baby, and she was going to have a DNA test done. Ethan thought that she was delusional and asked her why she couldn't see that her plot would just cause heartache for everyone involved.

Rebecca found Gwen looking through the baby books she had started to put together for baby Sarah and the twins. Rebecca reminded Gwen that the reason she had lost her babies was Theresa and warned her that Theresa had an ulterior motive. Gwen asked her to please stop putting Theresa down and told her mother that all she cared about was her baby.

Paloma continued to defend "Mrs. Wheeler" and Martin. She told Pilar that Mrs. Wheeler was more like a mother to her than Pilar would ever be. Luis said that Mrs. Wheeler was nothing but a lowlife tramp who'd stolen Martin away from his wife and five children. He told Paloma that if she wanted someone to blame for her being sent away, she should blame Mrs. Wheeler because she had been the one who'd made Martin leave. He said Mrs. Wheeler was lucky he didn't kill her. Sheridan defended Mrs. Wheeler and insisted that they should not judge anyone before they had all the facts. Luis couldn't believe that she'd stick up for Mrs. Wheeler over him, the man she supposedly loved.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Paloma resolutely sided with Katherine over her mother. Pilar questioned everything she'd done since Martin had treacherously left her, making her mindful of her misplaced faith in him.

Attempting to cheer up a heartbroken Eve, Julian took her out for a night on the town, only to run into T.C. and Liz, who were celebrating their new beginning.

After many failed attempts to be honest, Sheridan demanded Katherine tell her the whole truth. Katherine wanted desperately to tell her daughter everything.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Luis felt betrayed by Sheridan when she sided with Katherine, the woman who'd stolen his father, and he wanted to make both Martin and Katherine suffer for their misdeeds.

Sheridan urged Katherine, who was on the verge of revealing her identity, to get in touch with her children. Sheridan informed Katherine that Sheridan couldn't have any further involvement with her, since it would risk her relationship with Luis.

Ivy told Whitney that the biggest mistake she had ever made had been trying to pass Ethan off as Julian's son, which had only resulted in the destruction of Ethan's self-image. Whitney struggled with that information as she uneasily contemplated her own deceptive plan for her unborn child.

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