Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 15, 2004 on GL

Reva made a connection with Jonathan at the infamous country club fountain. Family and friends mourned and cursed Phillip's death at his memorial, and certain family members and friends were treated to a final message from Phillip in a videotaped reading of his last will and testament. Bill tried to convince Olivia that he could be a good husband and father to Emma. Harley struggled with memories of the night of Phillip's murder, uncertain if she, masquerading as Ruth, had actually shot Phillip in rage of insanity. Gus continued to cover for Harley, while certain family members were becoming suspicious of her behavior. Cassie found Tammy in a terrible emotional state, and had to back off when Tammy refused to return home until she sorted out her feelings for Jonathan and the entire incident. Michelle and Danny forged an alliance, while Tony told Michelle that he loved her and wanted to make love to her. Cassie learned that Dinah was involved in Tammy leaving town.
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 15, 2004 on GL
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Monday, November 15, 2004

At the Beacon, Cassie fainted after hearing Edmund had been acquainted with Dinah when she'd first returned to Springfield. A doctor arrived and offered to assist Cassie as she regained her senses. She refused to go to the hospital but agreed to be tended to in a suite. An examination revealed the cause of Cassie's dizzy spell to be a miscarriage. Edmund was shocked and immediately blamed himself for hiding his affiliation with Dinah.

Cassie refused to let Edmund blame himself. She reminded him that she had taken help and support from Jeffrey but had refused it from Edmund -- the man she loved. He was relieved and thanked Cassie for understanding. Cassie wanted to talk about what the miscarriage could mean for the two of them. They might have a chance at having a child of their own.

In the lobby, Jeffrey warned Dinah that if she intended to use Edmund as a tool in a campaign to harass Cassie, she'd better prepare herself to deal with Edmund as he was when provoked. They were interrupted when the doctor appeared and told them Cassie was fine but had suffered a miscarriage. Jeffrey, seeing Dinah's reaction, warned her anew that if she taunted Cassie about losing a baby, Edmund would become the least of her worries. Dinah assured him she found no humor in losing a child but remarked that Jeffrey was behaving as the gallant prince he had once impersonated.

At the hospital, Alan, Beth, Lizzie, Olivia, Rick, and Bill awaited word from the doctor attending Phillip for gunshot wounds to the chest. He emerged from the room and announced that Phillip had died. Alan, unable to accept it, tried to go in and see his son. Beth and Lizzie were crying and telling Alan, "He is gone." Olivia, however, showed no emotion, demanding to know if Phillip had said anything about where the children were.

The doctor confirmed no such information had been offered before Phillip had died. Alan railed at Olivia in a rage, announcing that she was responsible for his son's death. He demanded to know where she had been immediately before Phillip had been discovered at Company. Olivia, in a rage of her own, reminded all present they, too, had tried to meet with Phillip in private to broker a deal for the safe return of their own children. It could have been any one of them.

Rick tried to comfort Alan over the loss of his son. Alan wouldn't hear it and accused Rick of abandoning Phillip in friendship when he'd needed him most. "He took my son!" Rick screamed in shaking disbelief at Alan's dismissal of the lifelong friendship between Phillip and him. Understanding dawned on Alan as he realized the truth in Rick's words. He calmed himself enough to tell Rick he would arrange for a medical examiner from another county to perform Phillip's autopsy.

Lizzie, remarkably calm, asked her grandfather, "So, what do we do now?" Beth told her daughter, "We take care of your father." Alan agreed with her and reminded them to stand strong as family. Alan asked Beth to take Lizzie home, but she wanted to stay with him. Alan refused, telling her it was what Phillip would have wanted. Beth reluctantly agreed and left with Lizzie.

Outside at Company, Gus found Harley, partially disguised as Ruth, wandering around in confusion. Harley was bleeding and knew Phillip had gone to the restaurant, armed with a .38 caliber pistol. Gus was confused about how Harley could have known Phillip had been there with a gun, never mind the exact make. With coaxing from Gus, Harley began to remember following Phillip to Company. She said she'd thought she would be safe as Ruth but had found out Phillip had been aware of her charade when he'd ripped the wig from her head.

Gus continued to prod Harley for information and found out Harley and Phillip had struggled inside the restaurant. Phillip had shoved the gun at Harley, cocked it, and dared her to use it on him. Harley drew a blank at that point but thought that was when she'd fallen and hit her head. She wanted to tell Frank what she knew, but Gus told her it was the last thing she should do. He wanted more information. Gus took Harley's disguise and put it in a bag he hid behind a bench.

Frank arrived and told Harley that Phillip had died. She began to tell what she knew but glanced over her shoulder at Gus, who shook his head. While Frank comforted Harley, Gus retrieved the hidden bag and left quietly. At the hospital, he found Alan alone and dazed in the waiting room. Gus sat next to his father as he mourned for his lost son. No words were spoken.

Across Springfield, on a tip by police, children were returned to their parents. James was returned to Beth, who tearfully rocked her son in the study at the Spaulding mansion; Lizzie was nearby. Emma was returned to Olivia, who collapsed against Bill in joy and relief. Jude was returned to Rick. Finally, Zack was returned to Harley, who, with streaming tears, mouthed the words, "He died," when Zack asked where his daddy was.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Frank suspected everyone of murder, including Buzz, who was under so much stress he became short of breath. When a witness stepped in and described Ruth perfectly, Ruth became Frank's number one suspect. Gus tried to divert Frank from pursuing her because he knew the truth behind Ruth's true identity. Later, Gus attempted to convince Harley that, for her own protection, she needed to destroy all evidence of Ruth for good.

The Four Musketeers were down to three. Mindy arrived in town, and she, Rick, and Beth reminisced about the Phillip they'd known and loved. Later, after Beth found a letter Phillip had left for her, she was too afraid to open it. Finally, Rick read it aloud to her, and signs of the Phillip of old shone through, touching both Rick and Beth. Meanwhile, Lizzie was behaving very strangely for a grieving daughter, and Lillian worried about her.

Josh tried to get Reva to leave town, but she refused, citing a desire to be around in the wake of Phillip's death. Meanwhile, Jonathan headed to the country club, flaunting his money. He claimed Lizzie would vouch for him as a new member. However, when Lizzie told him to get lost and slapped him for his inappropriate comments, Jonathan got tossed into the country club fountain by the mâitre d', just as Reva arrived.

Michelle kept close tabs on Tony and Aurelia as Aurelia led Tony to where Sebastian supposedly was. When Michelle interrupted them kissing, Tony called Michelle on her jealousy and gave her a real kiss to let her know Aurelia had nothing on her. When they broke from their kiss, Tony realized Aurelia wasn't that into him, after all, when he discovered she'd stolen his wallet, phone, and map, leaving Tony and Michelle stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Bill called Harley while looking at Ruth's wanted poster. Olivia walked in and asked for information regarding Ruth, afraid she would be blamed for Phillip's murder if Ruth was not found. Bill assured her he would keep her safe. As she left, Billy entered the Beacon and asked if Bill and Olivia were still together. Bill became angry and assured Billy they were staying together, and he intended to be a good father to Emma.

Billy told his son he had talked to INS and had made them believe the marriage was for real. They made up and agreed to call a truce. Olivia walked back in as Billy left, and she accused Bill of using Emma to get even with his father. Olivia reminded Bill that they had agreed there would be no strings, and he was free to leave. Bill convinced Olivia he wanted to be with her and Emma and had no intention of ending the relationship.

Sandy took Tammy back to the bar where he'd been hit by the car. Dinah was there, and Tammy returned her car keys. Before she left, Dinah assured Tammy she would not say anything about where Tammy was. Tammy told Sandy she was different and felt everyone could tell what Jonathan had done. As Sandy was trying to comfort her and convince her that no one could tell, a guy named Jake approached Tammy. She felt he was only interested because he could tell something was wrong with her.

Cassie entered the bar and hugged Tammy. Cassie got a call from someone telling her where to find Tammy. She wanted to take Tammy home and help her through it. Tammy refused to go home until she figured out what was wrong with her that J.B. had known he could hurt her. Cassie tried to comfort Tammy, telling her how strong she was.

Cassie said how proud she was that Tammy had not taken the job as a stripper in Chicago. Tammy became angry that Cassie thought she would do that. She said she wouldn't disappear again, but neither could she go home right then. Cassie asked that Tammy at least call to let Cassie know she was okay. Cassie left the bar.

Sandy danced Tammy around the bar to cheer her up, and Jake interrupted to give his phone number to her. Tammy took that as evidence that he knew something was wrong with her. Sandy told her guys had always looked at her and would always look at her, because she was amazing and beautiful, and they would be stupid not to notice her. Sandy told Tammy to wait for him there, and he left to get the car.

J.B. fell into the fountain at the country club. Reva told him to get out of the fountain as the staff approached to apologize. As Reva told them Jonathan was her son, J.B. retorted that he was nobody and stood up in the fountain and took off his shirt. Hitting his chest with his fists, he began to yell that he was a freak show and the Loser of Springfield. Reva just stared at him, and finally said he really was her son. She said he was not special; he was angry, just like everyone else. J.B. accused her of being a martyr and told her to finish what she'd started and leave him alone.

Reva pushed J.B. down into the fountain, said she couldn't leave him alone and climbed in with him. She told Jonathan about being the "Slut of Springfield" and how she'd jumped into the fountain to make a point to Joshua. Reva explained that she had once taken the same path to force people to notice her. She told him he had to be incredibly sad and broken to do something like that, but he could be whoever he wanted to be; he didn't have to scream at the world to be noticed.

Reva got out of the fountain and called for the mâitre d'. She ordered dinner for two at her usual table. Reva turned to J.B. and told him he could stay in the water and freeze or go inside with her for a hot meal and dry clothes. J.B. got out of the fountain and agreed to have dinner with her just as Billy walked outside and moved between them. Reva assured him everything was fine. He went inside as Reva told Billy that J.B. had wanted to make a scene. Reva told Billy she knew who he was: he was her.

Lizzie was at the Spaulding Mansion, crying, when Coop entered to return his suit. He told her that with her father gone, his job with the Spauldings was done. Lizzie said no, she still needed him to drive her, as she did not have a license because of the accident. She told him she needed to carry on her father's good deeds.

Coop told Lizzie he was sorry for Phillip's death but not to make him into a hero. He had bulldozed people's homes, stolen their children, and undercut their work. Good people didn't do things like that. Lizzie became even more upset and said she would make Coop regret saying that. They continued to argue about her father, and Coop left the room as Lizzie swore she would not let anyone forget Phillip.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

As everyone gathered for Phillip's funeral service, Gus was intent on keeping Harley away. He feared her confusion about the night of the murder and that her own guilty conscience might lead her to confess. Reluctantly, Harley agreed to stay away.

Meanwhile, Olivia was adamant that she had no intention of speaking well of the dead. Still reeling from Phillip's abduction of Emma, she downed a few glasses of wine to give her the courage to speak the truth, despite the consequences.

The Spauldings, however, were determined to have a public send-off honoring Phillip's memory and maintaining the family's dignity and reputation. For Alan, Lizzie, and Beth, it was a deeply emotional time. When Alex got a one-day pass to join them, the family seemed oddly more united by Phillip's death than it ever had when he'd been alive.

Later, Harley appeared unexpectedly. Gus's worst fear seemed about to be realized until Harley fought through her guilt and vowed to find Phillip's killer, whoever it might be. At the end of the service, the reading of Phillip's will began, and the Spaulding family received a surprise appearance from beyond the grave.

Friday, November 19, 2004

The reading of Phillip's will impacted every member of the family. He left money for Beth and the kids while he left Alex stock with the stipulation that she work in the mail room at Spaulding when she got out of jail. He shocked Alan and Gus by leaving Gus in control of Spaulding, but Gus was adamant that he wanted no such thing. Later, Lizzie revealed what she had been left when she told a stunned Coop that she owned Company.

Harley struggled with her guilt that she might be responsible for Phillip's death. Her fears were heightened when she discovered the gun the cops had not been able to find. She covered with Buzz but was secretly afraid it was proof of her guilt. When left alone, Harley imagined seeing Ruth, who pointed an accusatory finger at Harley and forced Harley to admit she'd wanted Phillip dead.

Gus realized how close to the edge Harley was and asked her to let him help her. Meanwhile, Buzz tried to set Coop free and get him to leave town, but Coop wouldn't go. He got the feeling something more was wrong, but Buzz didn't admit anything. Later, when Harley and Gus realized the killer had to have known the alarm code to Company, Harley was shaken to the core when she proclaimed that Buzz was the only person who knew the code.

As Michelle and Tony wandered through the jungle, Michelle cut her hand, got frustrated, and admitted to feeling like she'd made one bad decision after another. Tony asked if she counted him among the bad decisions. Michelle said no, and the two got even closer. They began to kiss, but when Tony went off to gather firewood, he fell into a ravine, unbeknownst to Michelle. Meanwhile, Danny and Marina spent time together as they toasted to moving on with their lives. When Danny's wedding ring accidentally came off, he decided not to put it back on, and Marina impulsively kissed him.

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