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Passions Recaps: The week of November 22, 2004 on PS
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Monday, November 22, 2004

Fox is ecstatic when he discovers that Whitney is pregnant. He tells Whitney that he found her pregnancy test in the garbage, and when she tries to deny it, Fox doesn't believe her. He says that they need this good news and assures her that he will make the best father ever. Ivy is suspicious when Whitney appears to be horrified that Fox is happy about her pregnancy, and as Fox proposes a toast, she asks Whitney point-blank if the baby is Chad's.

Gwen reminds herself and Ethan that they still have so much to be thankful for. Theresa comes downstairs and asks Gwen for some more warm milk. While Gwen is in the kitchen, Theresa again tells Ethan that she knows when their baby is born he will come back to her, and he again tells her that they are not going to have a future together, no matter whose baby she's carrying. Rebecca arrives, tells Theresa to get her filthy hands off of Ethan, and tells Gwen that Theresa was coming on to him. Ethan defends Theresa and says that Rebecca misunderstood the whole situation. Theresa suddenly cries out, saying that she's losing the baby!

Mrs. Wallace taunts Beth about baby Martin and tells her that it's only a matter of time before someone figures out the truth, since Martin will soon look exactly like Sheridan. Paloma arrives and meets Beth, Mrs. Wallace and her nephew Martin. Paloma thinks Martin looks like someone she knows, but she can't put her finger on just who. She tells Beth about the problems Luis and Sheridan have been having because of Mrs. Wheeler, and Beth decides to use this to try to get Luis back. Mrs. Wallace resigns herself to the fact that her daughter won't stop until she gets Luis.

Sheridan and Luis return to the cottage just as Martin and "Mrs. Wheeler" are about to leave. Martin tries to apologize to Luis again and says that he can't tell him the truth, but he wanted to say goodbye. Luis tells him there is no way he is going to let Martin come to Harmony, turn their lives upside down and then just leave. He tells Martin that Pilar is going to get a lawyer and file for a divorce-Martin isn't leaving until he pays her back for years of child support. Mrs. Wheeler apologizes to Sheridan, but Sheridan tells her that they can't contact each other again, and she wishes that she had never met Mrs. Wheeler.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Theresa starts cramping painfully and pleads with Ethan and Gwen to call the doctor. Rebecca scoffs at her, saying that Theresa's just scheming to get Ethan to pay attention to her. In her pain, Theresa blurts out that she's losing "our" baby. Ethan covers for saying that "our" means all of them. Rebecca convinces them that Theresa is faking it, so they all abandon her and she collapses in a faint on the floor as she is reaching for the phone to call 911. She starts bleeding, so Ethan and Gwen race her to the hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler leave the mansion cottage and head to the Bed and Breakfast where Sam told them there's room to stay. Alistair stalks them ranting into the night air that he'll make Katherine and Martin pay for what they've done to him. Alistair and his armed goon walk in on them after they've checked in to their room at the B&B. While the goon holds Martin at gunpoint, Alistair taunts Katherine with how much her daughter Sheridan hates her for being Martin's paramour. He reminds her that Sheridan will hate her even more when she finds out Katherine is her mother. She replies that Sheridan will forgive her. Alistair reminds her that if Sheridan forgives her, Luis will dump her for not being on his side. After Alistair storms off, Katherine tells Martin that she can never tell Sheridan the truth.

Fox and Whitney are celebrating Whitney's pregnancy news when Ivy asks if Chad can be the father instead of Fox. Ivy insists that Whitney go to the doctor as soon as possible to find out how far along she is in order to prove which man is the father. While Fox and Ivy are getting the Wheelers settled at the B&B, Chad walks in on Whitney talking to herself about being pregnant. He doesn't hear what she said and they tell each other how much they've been missing each other. Chad convinces Whitney that they can be friends. On the way back from the B&B, Ivy insists that Whitney could just be playing Fox. Fox assures his mother that Whitney wouldn't lie to him and will go to the hospital to have a pregnancy test. Ivy tells him she just wants to protect him from a relationship built on lies. Ivy and Fox return from the B&B and walk in on Chad and Whitney. They tell him that Whitney is pregnant and insist he go along with them to the hospital to get the test results.

Luis and Sheridan make up for their earlier fight where Sheridan stood up for Mrs. Wheeler instead of Luis. Beth, watching them from outside the cottage window, starts plotting a way to use Mrs. Wheeler to drive a wedge between Luis and Sheridan. Earlier in the day, Paloma spilled the beans at Book Café to Beth that Mr. Wheeler is Martin; that Luis thinks Mrs. Wheeler is a slut, but that Sheridan doesn't. Beth invites herself in and starts badmouthing Mrs. Wheeler. She brings up all the horrible things that happened to her old boyfriend Luis because of Martin leaving. Then she twists the knife in Sheridan by making her look bad for not joining in on the badmouthing.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Rebecca continues to try to convince Gwen and Ethan that Theresa is faking having cramps. Ethan and Gwen warn Rebecca that if anything happens to Theresa or the baby, they'll never forgive her. Rebecca asks Ethan what is going on between he and Theresa and Gwen tells her to knock it off. Eve comes out of Theresa's room and says that the baby is fine, but she has admitted Theresa for observation. Ethan goes to check on Theresa, who tells him that he's saved their baby girl.

Whitney sticks with her story that the father of her baby is Fox. Chad tells Whitney that he will be there for her no matter who the father is. Whitney refuses to be examined at first, but Fox begs her to and they end up at the hospital, where Ivy tells Eve that Whitney is pregnant and also tells her that she is afraid the baby might be Chad's.

Endora conjures up a dining table and feast -- along with a gigantic piñata in the foyer --and Tabitha invites Pilar, Sheridan, Luis, Beth, Little Martin, Paloma, "Mrs. Wheeler," and Martin over for Thanksgiving dinner, eagerly anticipating an explosive night. When Pilar and Luis learn that Martin and Mrs. Wheeler are going to be there, they don't want to come, but Tabitha insists and manages to get everyone to her house. Sheridan, Luis, and Pilar wind up teaming up against Mrs. Wheeler, Martin and Paloma. Luis finally says he's had enough and attacks Martin!

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Passions did not air today. Regular programming will resume on Friday, November 26th. This holiday preemption was planned for and there will be no lost episodes.

The entire Soap Central "family" wishes you and your loved ones the safest and happiest of holidays. We are thankful for the continued support and patronage that you have given us over the past year and we look forward to dishing out many more servings of soap opera news and information in the years ahead.

Friday, November 26, 2004

With Gwen and Rebecca out of the hospital room, Theresa orchestrates a romantic Thanksgiving dinner for herself and an unassuming Ethan.

Eve is tortured with the possibility of Chad and Whitney having a child together, blaming herself for not revealing her past sooner. As Eve pushes her daughter to discover the truth, Whitney resists, not wanting a pregnancy test to reveal Chad is the father of her baby.

As Tabitha hosts the Thanksgiving dinner from hell, she sees the perfect opportunity to cause crippling damage to the Lopez-Fitzgerald family by revealing "Mrs. Wheeler's" true identity. Tensions explode as Luis and Martin engage in a brawl, and Pilar berates Katherine, causing Paloma to lash out at her mother. Tabitha is irked when Kay tries to calm everyone down and ruin all the "fun." The family melee is halted when Simone realizes the enormous turkey piñata appears to be dripping blood! After the chaos subsides, Sheridan and Beth are again intrigued by Katherine's past, and Martin and Pilar briefly bond over their granddaughter, Maria.

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