One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 29, 2004 on OLTL

John saved Jessica from Tico, but Tico was shot and Jessica stabbed in the process. Governor Brooks accused Kevin of an assassination attempt. Kevin left town in search of Kelly. David was locked up for his role in Paul's death. Marcie realized that Michael had been trying to propose to her. Jessica saw a shadowy figure pull the plug on Tico's life support.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 29, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, November 29, 2004

Antonio shoots at Tico instead of Gov. Brooks. Anto tries to finish off the job when he sees Tico reaching for his cell phone. Jessica goes to look for Antonio. The police capture Antonio and arrest him. Antonio tries to get them to believe him when he told them Tico wanted him to kill Brooks. Antonio sees a wounded Tico take Jessica by gunpoint through the back door. Brooks finds out that Tico is responsible and believes Kevin must be involved. Viki, Adriana and Duke arrive in time to hear the conversation. Viki doesn't believe for one minute that Kevin would be involved with murder but Duke is not so sure.

Tico is confronted by Cristian. Cris threatens to shoot Tico. Jessica begs Cris to shoot since Tico would never hurt her. Cris couldn't take the chance and puts his gun on the ground. Tico shoots at Cris. The shot is heard by John, Evangeline and Natalie. John rushes to find Tico with the gun aiming to shoot Cris. John and Tico wrestle for the gun. John shoots Tico. Evangeline and Natalie come rushing to John. Bo arrives to call for an ambulance for Tico. Natalie finds Cristian unconscious. She begs him to wake up. Evangeline and John watch her with Cristian.

Margaret has a plan to ruin Blair's wedding to Todd. Margaret makes a reservation for a cabin in the mountain.

Kelly and David talk about their past while playing poker. Kelly thinks she pushed too much. David gets annoyed when Kelly talks about Kevin.

Tuesday, December 30, 2004

The news that Cristian is alive hits a personal note for Evangeline, who thinks that his 'resurrection' will get Natalie out of the way so she can pursue a relationship with John.

In the hands of desperate Tico, Jessica is stabbed and immediately hospitalized. Antonio goes after Tico, who falls into a coma from his injuries and is put on a life support system.

Kevin convinces Viki that he had nothing to do with the assassination plot on the governor. Although Kevin vows no knowledge of the scheme, Todd plans on using it against him anyway.

Kelly calls Kevin and learns that Dorian is behind bars for Paul's murder. Kevin traces the call and leaves with a suitcase, presumably in search of his wife. While David opts to go back to Llanview to check on Dorian, Kelly decides to continue on with her mission to find Ace.

Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Todd shows Blair his latest headline, "Buchanan Flees Llanview" complete with picture. She is frustrated and annoyed over Todd's ongoing obsession with getting back at Kevin and would prefer to plan for their wedding. He heads out without trying on his tux and Blair can't help but vent to Starr who quickly hatches a plan.

John continues working on the assassination attempt and offers to question Cristian though Bo thinks it's probably not a good idea.

Margaret continues with her vacation plans, packing a roll of duct tape and a cord along with her belongings. She makes a quick call to the Sun, pretending to be Blair, to learn that Todd is out at the park.

While jogging in the park, Evangeline encounters R.J. who appears to have been waiting for her. He gets to taunt her with the fact that she can now have John to herself since Cris is back in town and with Natalie. She tells him off but he gets to her; she stops to make a quick call to John before going on with her run. Todd finds Duke and presses him for a "front page quote" that he can use against Kevin. Duke refuses to say anything and takes off. A black cloth is thrown over Todd's head.

Cris awakens to find Natalie lying next to him. She steps out momentarily to get some coffee when Antonio stops by. He's enraged over all the damage that Tico has done, admitting that he was on to him from the day that he met him. He still wishes to seek vengeance, insisting that jail alone is not enough punishment. Both Cris and Nat try to dissuade him. Marcie visits Jess, asks her lots of questions about Tico and discloses her problems with Michael. She confesses that she misses Al but loves Michael. Jess divulges that she's ashamed of herself over recent events. It dawns on Marcie that Michael wants to ask her to get married and she's off to find him and give him a yes. Sonia visits Tico and learns that he's in a coma. She's saddened that the sweet and kind boy turned into such a hateful man. She cries to an unsympathetic Antonio and also admits that she loves him. She assures him that it's ok, that she wants him to be with Jessica. She is leaving for a case in Hawaii. Antonio is confident that she'll find someone; she states that she already has. Michael runs into John and wants to rant about Marcie and figures that John wants to do the same about two women that he's in love with. John hopes that Nat and Cris are happy and doesn't care to talk about himself or his feelings. He admits that he enjoys being with Van but thinks both women would be better without him. This annoys Michael who berates him for never taking care of himself; Michael will have to train him to be selfish. It dawns on him that he has been selfish with Marcie and will need to do a turn-around. John finds his way to Cris' room where Vega orders him out after blaming him for everything that has happened to him. John acknowledges that he blames himself as well and feels responsible for Nat. When Bo arrives, Cris is yelling and ready to get out of bed. He demands that Bo make John leave for what he did to Nat. He thinks that John's presence in Llanview all of this time has only reminded Nat of the horrible things that happened. While John waits outside, Van comes by and they leave together. By the time Michael gets to Jess' room, she is asleep; he realizes that Marcie was already there when he finds the flowers that she brought. Talking out loud, he reminisces about meeting Marcie and knows what he has to do. He figures Marcie is really not ready for marriage. He notices that Jess has a slight fever and makes a call to get her some treatment. He finally meets up with Marcie, apologizes for pressuring her, and says that he's decided they both need some space. He's been trying to ask her to marry him but figures they'd better slow down, that neither of them is ready. He's realized how much she's been trying to do. A disappointed Marcie can only be happy that he has decided to put her needs before his own.

Margaret finds the hidden key at the penthouse and lets herself in, heading upstairs. On her way out, she hears voices and hides. It's Starr and Blair with a "kidnapped" Todd who is finally forced into trying on his tux. Later, after Margaret manages to escape, Blair realizes that one of her new dresses is missing from the upstairs closet.

Antonio finds that Jess is burning up and frantically calls for help. As the nurse orders him out, Antonio is even angrier with Tico than ever before.

Margaret isn't too happy with her new dress but it'll have to do.

Thursday, December 2, 2004

Dorian implies to Daniel that Lindsay murdered Paul. David arrives at the police station and confesses to Bo, Nora and Daniel that he killed Paul. Dorian is furious at David for leaving Kelly. David contradicts himself during questioning and is arrested for being an accessory to murder. Dorian remains jailed for Paul's murder. Kelly flees when Kevin arrives at her motel room in North Carolina. At a truck stop, Kelly learns about the assassination attempt on the governor and also that Kevin is suspected of being involved. Armed with this new information, Kelly stops hiding and confronts Kevin. Natalie thanks John for all he's done for her. Natalie tells John she doesn't want Cristian to find out how close they became during the past year. Although neither one wants to, Natalie and John are forced to say goodbye and walk away from each other. Jen feels as though she will never have happiness in her life and shocks Riley when she ends their relationship. Lindsay sees through Daniel when he tries to question her about Paul's murder. A drunken Rex implicates himself in Paul's murder while mistaking Shannon for Jen.

Friday, December 3, 2004


Kevin found Kelly in North Carolina and questioned if she found Ace. Kelly tossed the newspaper at him (headline read Kevin suspected in assassination attempt on governor) and told him to quit being judgmental. Kevin is appalled Kelly believed these lies. Kelly was not convinced and reminded him that he had the most to gain. Kevin asked if she knows Ace's whereabouts. Kelly believed Babe (Ace's biological mother from Pine Valley) had him. Kevin needed to find Ace. Kelly needed to find him as well, but wants to do what is best for Ace, even if that means giving him up. Kelly reassured Kevin she would not steal Ace. Kevin mentioned how she let Paul steal Ace for her. Kelly rehashes why she was desperate to have a baby. She explained she loved him and was afraid of losing him, especially since he was panting after Blair. Kelly asked what happened to the man she loved. Kevin replied she lied and lied to him and he stopped caring. They both shared how much they love Ace. Kevin asked Kelly how she can give him up and walk away. Kelly could not answer. Kevin wanted to search with Kelly, but Kelly convinced him to return to Llanview. Kelly asked Kevin to trust her. Kevin appeared to trust Kelly and hoped she knew what she was doing. Kevin departed and called a private investigator to follow Kelly, since Kevin does not, nor will he trust her.

At the police station, Bo, Nora and Duke did not believe the stories regarding Kevin, however, leaving town did not help the situation. David called Evangeline to represent him, since he was arrested for Paul's murder. All believed David was covering for Dorian, who is in custody as well. Evangeline reminded John of their dinner plans, however, John had already eaten with Natalie. Evangeline is upset and disappointed. Adriana arrived and questioned why Bo didn't let Dorian go, since David was arrested. Nora and Duke calm Adriana. Paige called Bo regarding Jessica. Evangeline and John discussed how Cristian might react when he finds out how close John and Natalie became while he was away. John and Natalie agreed to stay away from each other, since Cristian blamed John for his involvement in Cristian's apparent death. Evangeline was not pleased with the situation. Bo and Nora arrived back at the police station and Nora stated that even if Tico woke up, he has so many charges pending; he won't leave a prison cell for the rest of his life. Nora commented how exhausted Bo looked, and asked if she can help. Bo advised he had it covered and went into his office. Evangeline asked about Jessica and learned from Nora she was in stable condition. Nora asked if she was going to represent David. Evangeline stated she did not know, but she does agree how David did not kill Paul and is protecting Dorian. Nora was amazed how David could care for someone other than himself. Evangeline answered how love is a powerful thing. Nora wanted to know what was happening with John. Evangeline was feeling positive about them until she ran into R.J. Speaking with R.J. made her feel insecure about her relationship with John. Nora advised her to ignore R.J. Evangeline felt John was sincere about her, but the connection between John and Natalie always interfered. John arrived and asked Evangeline if the dinner invitation was still available. She responded he already had dinner. John stated he had not had dessert. They left together. Nora found Bo asleep in his office. She gave him a blanket, turned out the lights and left.

Natalie walked into Cristian's hospital room, while Cristian was dreaming of his imprisonment. Natalie tried to get Cristian to talk about his dream, but he refused. He told Natalie she was his salvation to get home. Cristian did say how he escaped many times, but when he was caught, they beat him. Natalie realized Tico's men tortured him. Natalie wanted to know more about the year Cristian was away, however Cristian replied it is over. Natalie did not believe it was over for either of them. Natalie blamed herself for everything that happened to him. Cristian does not blame her. He blamed Tico. Tico stole a year of their life together. Natalie promised him they would make up for lost time and rebuild their life together. They declared their love, however, Natalie was torn about her feelings for John and ran into him outside Cristian's hospital room. Natalie told John they agreed not to see each other anymore. John was there on police business regarding Tico. John told Natalie Jessica was not improving. Natalie went to see Jessica. Cristian got out of bed and left his room.

Viki rushed back to the hospital when Paige advised Jessica's condition worsened. She developed a high fever and infection due to her stab wound. Paige was running tests and gave antibiotics to cure. Antonio arrived and was told the medical danger Jessica was in. Antonio was angry and upset by the news. Jessica was still unconscious. Viki stayed by her side. Bo, Nora and Duke arrived to console Viki. They left to call Clint, leaving Antonio with Jessica. Antonio told Jessica to fight, as he still loves her and won't lose her. Paige returned with Viki and informed Viki and Antonio that she has Jessica's test results. All tests are negative and Paige believed in Jessica's recovery. Bo and Nora prayed for Jessica's recovery before they left. Antonio left Viki with Jessica. Natalie told Jessica how much she needs her. Paige advised they all needed to rest. Viki convinced Natalie to go and told Jessica she would be back. Viki took Natalie home. Jessica woke up, got out of bed and left her room.

Sonia stopped by to visit Tico. Sonia explained to the policeman stationed at Tico's room, she came to say goodbye. She was leaving on another assignment to Hawaii in a few hours. Tico remained in a coma. John arrived and Sonia discussed her new assignment away from Llanview. Sonia believed Antonio and Jessica would live happily ever after until John explained how Jessica is fighting for her life. Sonia saw Antonio, apologized and stated Tico won't cause anymore harm to anyone. Antonio wished Sonia well.

Adriana comforted Antonio in the hospital chapel. Adriana decided to light a candle for Jessica. Antonio advised his faith was limited. His thoughts were of revenge against Tico. Adriana stated how she's angry with Tico and was sorry she allowed him into her life and heart. Antonio told Adriana not to blame herself. She was not the only person Tico hurt. Adriana stated how Tico did not fool Antonio. He never believed in Tico. Antonio was angered by Adriana's comments. Adriana wanted Antonio to let his love for Jessica outweigh his hate for Tico. Adriana left Antonio in the chapel. Antonio asked the priest for forgiveness. The priest asked what he had done. Antonio responded it wasn't about what I have done; it was about what I am about to do. Antonio left.

The policeman guarding Tico was pulled away to help with a violent patient. The nurse explained how she could not locate security and since Tico was in a coma, he wasn't going anywhere. The guard agreed to assist her.

Viki went to the chapel to pray for her family. As Viki was reciting the Lord's Prayer, Jessica was stumbling around the hospital corridors. Her vision was out of focus. While looking through the glass into Tico's room, she saw an arm pull the plug on his life support. Jessica turned to leave, but fell and became unconscious. As she fell, she left her handprint on the window as the eerie sound of Tico's death filled the room.

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