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Passions Recaps: The week of December 6, 2004 on PS
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Monday, December 6, 2004

Alistair relished the idea of tearing Sheridan and Luis apart with his secret. Julian remained convinced that Alistair was lying and trying to get Julian to help him destroy Sheridan and Luis' relationship. Julian told Alistair that if he tried to murder them again, he would get caught, and Alistair replied smugly that he wouldn't have to hurt anyone to break them up -- in fact, he could do it from behind his desk by uttering one word. Alistair called in his secretary and asked her to make arrangements for a party that night and to invite Luis, Sheridan, Julian, Eve, Pilar, Martin, "Mrs. Wheeler," and Beth. He was planning to reveal his secret at the party.

Pilar slapped Mrs. Wheeler across the face when Mrs. Wheeler tried to apologize. Pilar finally took out all of her anger on Mrs. Wheeler and then called her a monster worse than Alistair Crane. She was shocked when she discovered that Mrs. Wheeler was from Harmony, knew of Pilar and all of the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, and had children of her own, but Pilar hadn't yet discovered Mrs. Wheeler's true identity. Mrs. Wheeler asked Pilar not to blame Martin for everything.

Theresa and Gwen had a furious confrontation about who should be in the NICU with the baby. Gwen was heartbroken and enraged that her baby was alone and possibly dying, and she was unable to be there with her. Ethan tried to get Judge Riley to let him file the papers saying that Theresa had no right to the baby, but nothing could be done until morning, and without the papers, Theresa was legally the mother.

Eve tried to reason with Theresa but had no success. Theresa refused to back down and kept insisting that she be allowed to be with "her" baby. Theresa mused that maybe it was time Gwen knew the truth about her sleeping with Ethan, but Eve managed to talk her out of that. Gwen pleaded with Eve to let her be with her child, but Eve said it was hospital policy that the woman who gave birth to the child could be in the NICU with it and allowed only Theresa into the NICU.

Luis managed to put together a rooftop picnic for himself and Sheridan, and they talked about getting married and starting a family. Luis told her that they would name their first daughter Katherine, and they agreed they wanted a lot of children. Luis promised her that their heartache was over, but Sheridan couldn't shake the feeling that something horrible would happen.

Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Outside the NICU at the hospital, Gwen confronted Eve and Theresa about going in to be with the baby. Theresa claimed that her baby needed to be with her because the baby knew her voice and smell. Until the legal papers went through, Eve could only allow Theresa, the birth mother, access to the NICU. Gwen started choking Theresa in her anger. Ethan broke up the fight and calmed Gwen down.

Gwen wanted to be in the NICU, taking care of her baby girl. She thought Theresa might even try to kidnap the baby. She said she was an idiot for trusting Theresa, and she didn't think it was fair. Eve got Gwen a shot of Valium to knock her out, because she was so out of control. Theresa thanked Eve.

Eve chastised Theresa and told her not to go in and bond with the baby. Theresa snapped back at her and stalked into the NICU to be with the baby. She told the baby that they would all be a family together and be happy ever after. She sang to the baby and then fantasized about life with Ethan and the children.

In another part of the hospital, Katherine told Pilar that she was concerned about Theresa, and Pilar confronted Katherine with all the things that would have been different for her family if Mrs. Wheeler hadn't stolen Martin from them. Katherine blurted out that she had abandoned her own children. Pilar demanded to know who Katherine's husband and children were. Katherine said she couldn't tell Pilar. Pilar called Katherine a monster with ice water running through her veins.

Rebecca showed up wanting to know Theresa's status and managed to get in some digs about Pilar's husband's mistress. Katherine took offense. Rebecca said she was on Katherine's side, and then revealed that Mrs. Wheeler had had plastic surgery. Light dawned for Pilar as she realized she had to have known Katherine as her old self before plastic surgery and demanded to know who she really was. Ethan carried a knocked-out Gwen past. Rebecca and Pilar ran after them.

Rebecca was angry when Ethan explained all about the fight. Rebecca accused Pilar of being in on Theresa's plot to take the baby. After Pilar left, Rebecca told Ethan he was going to have to fight like a terrier to get the baby from Theresa. Rebecca then accused Ethan of knowing something about Theresa and the baby, and he remembered the time Theresa had told him he had slept with her.

Pilar went to the NICU and asked Eve about the baby. She told Pilar that the next 45 to 50 hours were crucial to the baby's survival. Pilar was worried that Theresa would bond with the baby. Eve said she didn't think Theresa was planning to give up the baby. Pilar thought she hadn't been a good mother to Theresa for her daughter to live in her happy-ending fantasy world.

Eve went to the NICU to counsel Theresa that the baby was Gwen's and to leave her. Theresa claimed ownership. She said she knew Ethan still loved her and he'd join them. Eve said that it would break Gwen's heart. Theresa said that it was her little girl, and she was going to get them all back. Her baby girl was sick, and she wanted Eve to leave them alone.

Martin joined Katherine. Martin noticed the slap mark from Pilar on Katherine's face. He said if Alistair had done it, he'd kill him. Katherine said it had been Pilar, and he got a stricken look on his face. He was going to speak to Pilar because she shouldn't take out her anger on Katherine instead of him. In his anger, he slammed his fist into a wall.

In Alistair's office, Julian told Alistair that he should just leave Sheridan alone. Alistair said that one word spoken at his party that night would ruin Sheridan and Luis' relationship forever. Julian said he was ashamed of the man he'd become. He bemoaned the fact that he had promised his mother he'd protect Sheridan and then had turned on her in doing his father's dirty work. Alistair called him a whining Nancy-boy.

After Julian left, Alistair instructed his assistant to have the party invitations hand-delivered and not to accept any regrets. Everybody had to attend the party, especially the main attraction, Mrs. Wheeler. Alistair muttered to himself that his children seemed to take after their mother. Katherine had made a mistake if she thought she could protect them by leaving him.

On the hospital roof, Sheridan and Luis discussed eloping that night. They thought they should get away from her father and wait until Julian told them that they were clear to get married. Luis didn't want to hide from anybody. He told her she deserved the wedding of her dreams in front of all of her friends, right there in Harmony. He didn't want to run from Alistair.

Julian found Luis and Sheridan and told them that Alistair had found out. He told them that it didn't matter if Antonio were declared dead because they would be torn apart with one word. Julian said that he feared his father was going to destroy them all. Alistair's secretary found them and gave them each their invitation.

Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Julian mused over the "one word" with which Alistair could apparently break Sheridan and Luis apart and told them not to count on getting married. Alistair joined them on the roof and said that what he had to say at the party was literally a matter of life or death, and he expected to see them there.

Eve and Pilar tried once again to convince Theresa to give the baby back to Gwen and Ethan. Dr. Carlyle examined the baby and said that she was stable but still critical. Eve told Theresa that she'd had a blood test done on the baby and asked what Theresa would do if the information said that Gwen was the mother. Theresa was forlorn when she thought that the baby was not hers and said that if the baby wasn't hers, she couldn't keep her. She was shocked and furious when Eve admitted that there had been no blood test, and she just wanted to show Theresa that she was not so sure that she was the mother.

Alistair's assistant gave invitations to Pilar and Eve. Luis and Sheridan announced their engagement to Pilar, who was overjoyed to hear the good news. Julian, Eve, Pilar, Luis, and Sheridan realized they all had a motive to kill Alistair. Julian and Eve thought that if Alistair were murdered, everyone would be a suspect.

Rebecca and Sam were still clueless as to why Theresa thought she had a right to the baby. Ethan lied and said she had probably bonded with her during the pregnancy, and Sam offered to help him get the papers filed at the courthouse. Rebecca wished Theresa were dead.

Beth continued to search the Internet for information on "Mrs. Wheeler" at the book café. When Tabitha arrived and asked what she was doing, Beth gave a flimsy cover story and said she was trying to find out about Mrs. Wheeler for Little Martin's sake, but Tabitha found out what she was really up to by talking to Precious. Mrs. Wallace noticed that Tabitha hadn't aged at all and told Beth that she wouldn't find anything on Mrs. Wheeler unless Alistair wanted her to. Beth hatched yet another plan to break up Luis and Sheridan -- she decided to kill Alistair. When Beth discovered Tabitha "innocently" reading a book on poison, she got Tabitha to let her borrow it.

Martin and Katherine also received their invitations to Alistair's party and figured out that Alistair was throwing it so he could reveal who "Mrs. Wheeler" really was and stop Luis and Sheridan from getting married. Katherine tried unsuccessfully to convince Sheridan and Luis to elope. Katherine worried that no one would believe them when they told how Alistair had abused her, and she decided that she would take care of Alistair immediately.

Sam overheard Ethan talking to himself, wondering who the baby's mother was. Alistair was watching the drama in the hospital unfold and was wondering who had the guts to attempt to murder him, when Katherine showed up in the room with a knife.

Thursday, December 9, 2004

At Alistair's office, Katherine confronted him about what he was going to tell at the party. Alistair lunged at her, and when they struggled, Martin ran in and grabbed Alistair around the throat. Alistair's goons broke up the fight, and as the "guests of honor" for the night's party left, Alistair spat out that he'd get his revenge.

Fox and Whitney went to her dad's house, and as they walked in, they discussed the baby. T.C. and Liz walked in and heard them. T.C. was angry and said, "How could she get pregnant by a Crane?" Fox distanced himself from the rest of his family and said he was "over the moon" about the baby. As they discussed Alistair and how he had even given Chad money to date Whitney, T.C. said that Alistair should die.

Liz reminded T.C. he was going to be a grandpa and should congratulate Whitney. After the kids left, Liz asked T.C. if he wanted a sandwich, and he said no. He wanted to be left alone. She went for a walk, and T.C. violently threw his drink against the wall.

Outside, Fox comforted Whitney and then asked her about something she had said to her dad -- she had told him that she and Fox had always used birth control before that one time and had forgotten that time, but in reality, that had been the first time they had made love, and they'd always used protection after that. She told him he was right; she had misspoken. His cell phone rang, and it was Tina, Alistair's secretary, telling him he was fired and out of the will. He canceled dinner with Whitney and stalked off to confront his grandfather. Whitney muttered that the reason she was pregnant by Chad was because of Alistair.

Precious the orangutan was running the Book Café, and Beth was reading a book about poisons in order to get rid of a "two-legged rat" as she told Tabitha, when Alistair's secretary delivered an invitation to his party for Beth. Tabitha told Precious all about Beth wanting to kill Alistair. Mrs. Wallace told Beth not to kill Alistair because people said the day of Alistair's funeral would be the day Sheridan could marry Luis. Beth left to get what she needed.

Chad walked in and ordered a cappuccino, then Liz walked in, and Chad shared his woes with her. Liz said, "You're right, it always comes back to Alistair. That man should be killed." Mrs. Wallace told Precious that Beth was going to the mansion to kill Alistair, and finally the secrets would be revealed and Marty would be with his real mom and dad.

At the hospital, Luis, Sheridan, and Pilar discussed Alistair's motives for having the party. Sheridan thought that he just wanted to celebrate her wedding to Luis. Luis told her that couldn't be. Martin and Katherine went back to the hospital to warn Luis and Sheridan not to go to the party. Luis angrily asked, "What does it matter to them, anyway?" Luis, Pilar, and Sheridan started to leave to change for the party.

Katherine told Martin she was going to freshen up but looked like she was going to head for Alistair. Martin said he was going for coffee and looked like he had something up his sleeve. Beth showed up to ask Luis and Sheridan about the party. They told her they didn't know what was going on, and then Luis, Sheridan, and Pilar made excuses to leave separately. They all seemed to have malice on their minds.

Across the room, Eve and Julian discussed Alistair and how nice it would be to kill him. Chad ran in to tell them that Alistair had sent him a letter firing him from Crane Industries and telling him that he wouldn't inherit anything from the Cranes. Alistair had also told him there were two strikes against him -- he was black and a bastard. Eve and Julian stood up for Chad, telling him he deserved to be part of the Crane family and money, and Chad threw it back in their faces. He was angry at Alistair and ran off to do something about it. As Julian left, Eve wondered if she should do something about him herself.

Alistair, his goons, and his secretary, Tina, were dressed for a black tie event. Alistair instructed Tina to replace a mirror with a picture and to make a phone call that he'd assigned to her earlier. The picture was one of Katherine with a veil, holding a baby, that he had commissioned after she left. The doorbell rang, Alistair and Tina went to answer it, and while they stood there, looking for whomever had rung the bell, a black-gloved hand dumped poison into Alistair's brandy snifter.

Julian walked in, then Eve, then Luis, then Sheridan, then Pilar, then Beth, after they had all been alone. Alistair asked Tina to show everyone in. Sheridan noticed the painting and told Luis that it had something to do with the party. Katherine arrived, and Alistair started talking roughly to his guest of honor, then Martin arrived. "Stay away from my wife," he demanded.

Alistair dug him about which wife and indicated that Pilar was in the other room. They entered the living room, and Katherine noticed the painting and knew that Alistair was going to ruin Sheridan's life with it. Alistair welcomed them all. "Tonight will be a night that none of you will forget -- ever," he said.

The goons led in Liz and a drunk T.C. They had been out on the grounds. Whitney ran in to rescue him. Fox and Chad burst in to confront Alistair about getting dumped from the will. Alistair picked up his brandy snifter; he was going to tell them why he had them over and took a swig. They all watched guiltily as he drank swallow after swallow.

Back at witch central, Tabitha watched everybody on split screen TV as they prepared to do in Alistair. She mused that it was Endora's first murder. Tabitha cackled to Endora that it was how the family business was done.

At the end of the day, there was a long list of party guests, invited and uninvited, who would love to see their host dead.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Gwen had to be sedated when she lunged at Theresa and tried to choke her. Ethan confessed to Sam that he and Theresa had slept together and that Theresa could be the biological mother of the newborn. A worried Theresa remained in the NICU with the newborn, convincing herself the child was truly hers.

Alistair's party began at the Crane estate, and Alistair threatened to shake things up with the use of "one word." Katherine got more and more upset as she saw her evil husband point to his painting of a veiled mother and child as the reason for the party.

Alistair almost drank his cognac, which had been poisoned earlier by a mystery person. All the invited guests were suspects, including Eve, Julian, Beth, Luis, Sheridan, Katherine, Martin, and Pilar. Adding to the list of people who might have poisoned the drink were those who had shown up unexpectedly - T.C., Liz, Whitney, Chad, and Fox.

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