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Passions Recaps: The week of December 13, 2004 on PS
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Monday, December 13, 2004

Sam can't believe what lengths Theresa went to in sleeping with Ethan. Ethan says he doesn't want to get a DNA test done on the baby because it would be harder for Theresa to let go of the baby if it truly was hers. Rebecca is determined to uncover what Theresa is up to. Gwen is desperately hoping that Ethan can file the papers giving her full custody of the baby, even as Theresa is telling Ethan that she will never let Gwen raise "her" child. Theresa blames her father for the baby's premature birth. Gwen is absolutely furious at what Theresa is doing, and she threatens that Theresa will never see the baby or Little Ethan again! Gwen's anger only increases when she is again denied access into the NICU.

Alistair is rushed to the hospital, followed by Tabitha and Endora. When Alistair's heart stops, Tabitha persuades Endora to save her grandfather's life. The nurses are astounded when Alistair suddenly starts breathing!

Sam arrives at the mansion and informs everyone that they are all suspects, and he will find out who made the attempt on Alistair's life. Everyone suspects each other and wishes Alistair died. Sam tells them that if Alistair dies, one of them will be charged with murder and may get the death penalty.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Beth, Mrs. Wallace (in sock monkey print pajamas), and Precious all hang out in their living room. Beth is searching the internet for something. Her mother accuses Beth of poisoning Alistair and Beth denies it. Why would she kill him before she heard the one word that would break up Luis and Sheridan? Beth reminds her that she's the mother of his baby boy and her mom reminds Beth that it will come out that Sheridan will find out. Precious won't give Beth the newspaper so she reads the headlines online. Mrs. Wallace tells her that her plans will fail. Beth reminds her that she and Alistair both want Luis and Sheridan split up. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that she could give Marty to Luis and Sheridan as a wedding present. Mrs. Wallace keeps talking about Marty being Sheridan's. Beth threatens her with nursing home life if she tells. Beth insists she'll learn Alistair's secret and use it to Luis and Sheridan from getting married.

Beth arrives at Alistair's hospital room in a white wig and glasses and manages to get past the guard.

Sheridan and Luis awaken in bed at the cottage, planning their future together, then making love. Sheridan calls to check on Alistair's condition. She bemoans the fact that she only has one parent and he's a cold-blooded killer. She asks Luis, "What do you think he was going to say that he thought would destroy us?" While Sheridan is showering, Luis makes her a big breakfast. She's excited to get married and they are glad that Julian is on their side. Sheridan wants to see Gwen and the baby at the hospital and starts missing the baby she lost. Luis wants to see Theresa.

Theresa sleeps standing up against the incubator. The nurse encourages her to talk to the baby. She promises to stay by her side until she's able to go home. They will all be a family again soon.

In her hospital room, Ethan brings Gwen a change of clothes and news that the baby is off the ventilator. Gwen flips out about not being with the baby. Gwen and Ethan go to the NICU and Gwen gets angry that Theresa is still in with the baby and that she can't be, "Why is she doing this to me after all the nice things I've done for her? Why does she want to steal our baby?" Ethan calms her down and she says she is so glad that she has Ethan and that this is his baby too. He can't possibly still have feelings for Theresa now that she's been so mean. Gwen starts getting steamed about having the papers filed in court as soon as it opens. As the approach the NICU, Theresa comes out and Ethan asks to talk to her alone. He pleads with her to tell the hospital that she'll give him and Gwen custody. She refuses and then a baby in the NICU goes into arrest and the specialist is called for the emergency. Gwen starts in with "what if our baby dies." The nurse comes out and tells them that their baby is having trouble breathing. Sheridan and Luis arrive and they tell Theresa that she's just the surrogate and she should give Ethan and Gwen the baby and let them be with her now when she needs to be with her mother.

Luis pulls Theresa aside and tries to talk sense into her and she tells him that she and Ethan slept together and she is sure the baby is hers. Luis is astonished. He asks her if Ethan knows. When she says yes, he asks if Gwen knows. He tells her that this is what Gwen is living for. Then Theresa claims that Ethan still loves her and that she is going to get him and the baby. She equates their love to his with Sheridan. He's worried about where this is heading. Then she remembers how hard it was for Sheridan and Luis to lose their baby. Theresa tells him to believe in miracles.

Sheridan and Gwen talk. Gwen is glad the court is almost open. Gwen's anger comes out and Ethan tries to calm her down.

The nurse comes out to tell them that the baby is back on the respirator and doing better. They must quiet down or she's going to call security and have them thrown out. Gwen appeals to Theresa as a mother and Theresa throws it back in her face that she knows what it was like to have little Ethan crying for her every night.

The show ends with Ethan leaving for court, Theresa going in with the baby, Sheridan meeting Luis (and he shares the news about Theresa possibly being the baby's mom), Gwen waiting outside the NICU, and Beth trying to wake up Alistair so he can tell her the secret. "Tell me the word." As she berates him, he starts to wake up.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Fox searches the newspaper for a job so he can support Whitney and the baby. Julian calls Fox and tells him to come to Crane Industries right away, where he tells Fox that he is giving both Chad and him their jobs back as a favor for Eve. Fox says he will only take the job if Julian promises to treat him and Chad as equals, and if Julian doesn't, he'll leave town with Whitney.

Beth tries to get Alistair to tell her the "one word," but he doesn't say anything intelligible. Luis and Sheridan shop for engagement rings and Luis announces that he has set a date for their wedding-December 26, the day after Christmas. Beth is horrified when Luis calls her to tell her the news and ask her if she would help them out by being in the wedding party and planning the wedding with them. Back at their cottage, Beth tries to convince them to postpone the wedding, but has no luck.

Ethan arrives back at the NICU waiting room with the legal papers, and Gwen is more than ready to throw Theresa out of the NICU. Gwen tells Theresa that she is going back on her end of the bargain too, and Theresa won't ever see Little Ethan again. Woody Stumper shows up as Theresa's attorney and informs Gwen that Theresa is the biological mother of the baby.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

In Julian's Office, Fox insists to Julian that he be treated as an equal to Chad or he'll take Whitney and leave Harmony, taking her away from her family. Then he recounted the Julian's poor parenting. By the way, he asks "do you know where my two sisters are at this moment?" Julian realizes that if he wants to make points with Eve, he's going to have to give in to Fox's demand.

Whitney runs away from Chad's office. Then she stops in front of Julian's office and decides that the best thing will be for her and Fox to leave town as soon as possible.

Julian agrees to Fox's terms so that Eve will have a chance to reconcile with Whitney. Whitney joins Julian and Fox who tells her the good news that Julian gave him his job back. Julian is glad they're staying and hopes she reconciles with her mother. Chad comes in with a couple of boxes to give Julian his office keys. Julian tells him he doesn't need to leave because he's giving him his job back and that he and Fox will be equals. Fox and Chad seem to agree to work together calling each other "bro" through clenched teeth. Fox takes Whitney out to lunch to celebrate.

Julian tells Chad he's sorry for all that happened with Whitney. He says that for what Alistair did to him, he deserved to die from the poisoned cigar. A new character, Valerie, enters Julian's office. Julian says he's going to the hospital. He tells Chad he can redecorate the office. Chad starts to unpack his boxes and Valerie insists that as his assistant, she needs to assist - she'll unpack for him. She's glad to have another minority face around Crane Industries. They discuss Julian and Alistair. Chad asks her about her time at the company. He offers to take her for an expensive lunch so they can share the all the gossip.

Whitney and Fox arrive at the restaurant and Whitney asks if he's sure they should spend so much money on lunch. Fox tells her that he'll expense it and then tells the maitre d that they are celebrating their impending birth. He offers champagne. Fox reminds him that Whitney just gets sparkling water. Whitney asks Fox if it will be hard to work with Chad every day. He blows it off, but thinks about the competition ahead of him. Fox starts talking about how they have so many things to do before the baby is born. They need to find a place to live and get married. "Married?" Whitney hadn't even realized this would be part of the package. She was just looking for a father for her baby. She covers with some gibberish about worrying about how Chad will feel since they were going to get married before they found out they are brother and sister. Just then Chad and Valerie arrive at the restaurant.

At Beth's house, Mrs. Wallace tells Marty that they should go visit his real mommy. Then she wrinkles her nose and says that one of them needs to get changed before they can leave.

Sheridan admires her engagement ring with Beth at the cottage. Luis comes into the room saying that Father Lonigan wants to see them now. Beth asks them why they want her in their wedding instead of Sheridan's best friend Gwen. Luis and Sheridan explain the situation about Theresa, Gwen and the baby. Gwen will be tied up at the hospital. Sheridan and Luis get emotional about getting married the day after Christmas. Beth asks them about getting little Martin formally baptized with a party at the same time. Luis reluctantly agrees and they decide to all go meet with Father Lonigan. Beth says she just needs to call her mother first.

They all go to the church and Father Lonigan says he's sure God will smile on the union. Beth thinks that this wedding won't happen if she can get that secret word out of Alistair before he dies. Mrs. Wallace, Precious and Marty make an entrance. Beth asks, "Why isn't he home for a nap?" Mrs. Wallace says he was so excited by what he saw on TV - Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson and Heather Locklear - all blondes. She recommends that Sheridan hold him. Sheridan feels connected to him and Beth says it's probably just because she nursed him. Luis asks Father Lonigan if they can baptize Marty again. Father Lonigan readily agrees. Mrs. Wallace says Sheridan can be his godmother. Beth pulls her aside and threatens her with the nursing home. Mrs. Wallace accuses her of being a crazy baby stealer. Beth decides to take them all home, and takes Marty away from Sheridan. In her mind, a Statue of the Virgin Mary steals Marty from her. Beth tells her mother that she still has a chance if she can get the word out of Alistair.

Luis and Sheridan get back to the cottage and she is sad, and says that she knows in her heart that their baby is still alive and just out of reach. Luis tells her that their baby died. They both saw the car go into the water. She agrees that she knows it with her mind.

Outside the NICU at the hospital, Gwen, Rebecca, Woody Stumper (Theresa's smooth talking Johnny Cochrane style attorney), Theresa, Ethan, and Ivy are in a heated dispute about whether Gwen or Theresa is the baby's mother. Ethan asks Theresa not to push this any further and Theresa says that she's sure the baby is theirs and she won't let Gwen have it. Gwen lunges at her and Ethan stops Gwen. Gwen insists Theresa leave the hospital. Woody reminds her that the papers Theresa signed only indicate Theresa would give Gwen and Ethan Gwen's baby. Eve comes in and asks, "Oh my gosh - has it all come out?" They all start pointing fingers at Eve and ask her what she knows. She hustles them off to another room so they quit disturbing the NICU. Ethan tries to tell Gwen, but she wants to hear what Theresa has to say.

Theresa tells them she did what she did because she was desperate to get her son back. She reminds them that she was implanted, and then she started bleeding. Gwen asks, "Are you saying you lost my baby?" and turns to glare at Ethan. Gwen asks how this is possible. Theresa says she hadn't lost the embryo, but she thought she had and did the only thing she knew to do. Rebecca jumps to the conclusion that Theresa went out and slept with anybody she could find. Ivy stands in the background cringing. Gwen remembers that when Eve heard a second heartbeat she accused her of sleeping with another man. Then Theresa tells that Dr. Russell tested the DNA and one of the babies was hers and one was Gwen's. Gwen insists that she tell her who Theresa slept with. She replies, "I think you know." Ethan gulps hard and steps back. After Gwen asks several more times, Theresa says Ethan is the father of her baby. Gwen shrieks at him, "Ethan, tell me this isn't true!"

Julian meets Dr. Eve in her office and tells her he hired the boys so now she'll have her daughter nearby. She agrees that a daughter should be with her mother at a time like this. Julian says, "At least Fox is the father. Can you imagine if Chad were the father?" Eve worries that Whitney won't let go of her love for Chad.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Beth uses her charms on a pharmacist to steal a lethal drug that will bring Alistair to consciousness just long enough to utter the "one word" that will destroy Luis and Sheridan.

When Antonio is determined legally dead, the Lopez-Fitzgerald family congregates for a memorial at the cemetery. Paloma arrives with a special guest in tow, and chaos ensues.

Unable to lie any longer, Ethan admits to having been intimate with Theresa, and that she might be the child's mother. Gwen erupts with violent anger, resolute in her decision to kill Theresa.

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