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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 20, 2004 on GL
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Monday, December 20, 2004

At the bridge, Ruth Karloff has gone over the side as a result of Frank's warning shots. Gus and Frank try to reach her but it's too late. Gus, distraught, grabs Frank by his jacket and screams at him, 'Do you know what you've done?' Frank, unaware Ruth Karloff is his sister Harley, thinks he has just killed a woman. Frank leaves to get help from a search team. Gus collapses and is talking to himself about how stubborn Harley is when she whispers to him from a ledge under the bridge. Gus is happy she's alive but worried when she asks him to help keep her cover. They achieved their goal: Ruth Karloff is believed dead and her father will no longer be a suspect in Phillip's murder. When Frank returns, they find a taped confession from Ruth, admitting she killed Phillip.

At the police station, Billy is talking to Buzz when Jeffrey arrives. He tells Billy to leave. Billy says he can't do that because they've arrested the wrong man. He is nervous when the DA asks why he is so certain Buzz didn't kill Phillip. Billy begins saying Buzz was a man pushed to his limit and Phillip deserved what he got. An officer arrives and tells Jeffrey there has been a development in the case. Once alone, Buzz asks Billy if he is the one who shot Phillip. Billy responds it wasn't him...but they're interrupted with news of Ruth Karloff's confession and tumble from the bridge.

Frank and Gus arrive at the station followed by Harley, who is out of disguise. Frank apologizes to his father for not believing in him and removes his handcuffs. Harley is happy to have freed her father and hugs him. Gus and Harley exchange sidelong glances.

At the hospital, Dinah is demanding to see a doctor to confirm her pregnancy. She sees Cassie waiting to see her fertility specialist. Cassie is shocked Dinah may be pregnant but congratulates her after a visit with her own doctor. Dinah suspects Cassie is not happy at all but secretly jealous that she may be more fertile. Cassie refuses to be baited and leaves the waiting room. Dinah calms herself by daydreaming she has had quadruplets and Cassie has learned her eggs are those of a ninety-year-old woman. Dinah's happiness is short lived when the nurse tells her there is no way she could be pregnant.

Jonathan is home alone at Reva's contemplating the wedding gift he gave to Cassie only to find it crammed into a trashcan moments later. He answers the doorbell ring to Edmund, who has come to warn him to stay away from the wedding. Jonathan tries to lure Edmund into a fight by reminding him of what he did to Tammy. Edmund slams him into the wall, but regains his composure immediately and tells Jonathan to try to live a life not ruled by revenge. Jonathan assures Edmund he has no plans to attend the wedding. As Edmund leaves Jonathan offers him the gift but he leaves it behind. Jonathan makes a phone call to rent a tuxedo.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Danny is finally becoming suspicious about Michelle's "disappearance." He wonders about the telephone call he got from her last week, during which she insisted on calling him "Dad." Was it a signal? Danny asks Rick about Michelle and they both admit they are concerned and also have suspicions about Sebastian. Why was Sebastian asking about Michelle and Ed on his last visit to town? Danny also talks with his cousin the priest at St. Michael's parish. He is also concerned -- Tony did not show up for the annual St. Michael's basketball game and Christmas party, and event that was very important to him. Danny is now convinced that something is wrong, and that Sebastian is at the heart of it all.

Meanwhile, Danny's wife Michelle almost had control of the situation in her tropical prison. She had convinced a very ill Sebastian that her injection of vitamin B could help his situation before they reached Ed. He almost lets her give him the shot, but recoils at the last moment, fearing she is trying to kill him. Holly, however, convinces Sebastian that the shot is for his own good, and that he needs it to survive until they can find Ed. Sebastian agrees. But Holly does not like what Michelle tells her when she asks what is in the medicine, and at the very last moment cries out to Sebastian....

Tammy finds Reva decorating the porch of her home when she arrives to try on the dress for her mother's wedding. Tammy asks if Jonathan is home, and Reva assures her he is not, that she would not put her in that awkward situation. However, when Tammy has trouble with the zipper, Jonathan offers his help and she is furious. Not very convincingly, Jonathan pleads with her to forgive and forget and blames her for their rift. When he tries to touch her, Tammy yells at him to leave her alone and runs from the room. Meanwhile, Reva's porch has become a very popular place. Sandy arrives with Christmas gift in hand, and they chat. Reva thanks him for taking such good care of Tammy. She invites him to join them inside, but he declines. When she goes in, Reva is appalled to find Jonathan sitting in the living room. Tammy runs from the house and right into Sandy, who is still standing on Reva's porch. She surprises and delights Sandy by asking him to be her escort at Cassie's wedding. Happily, he agrees! Meanwhile, Jonathan gets a severe and well-deserved scolding from Reva. Once again, he blames his bad upbringing for his ugly behavior, and declares that he doesn't want to go to Cassie's wedding. He storms out of the house. The phone rings, and Reva finds herself chatting with a tuxedo rental company, and his jig is up when she discovers that Jonathan is renting a tuxedo for his aunt's wedding....

In a clever and gutsy move, Olivia tries to tackle the nurse whom Alan Spaulding has hired to terrorize her in the mental hospital. Because she is tied to the bed, she is not successful and the nurse forces her to take a sedative. However, unbeknownst to the nefarious nurse, she was able to wrestle the phone from the table and onto her bed without them discovering. She calls Bill, who has been worried sick about her. She is able to tell him where she is and that Alan Spaulding kidnapped her, but is unable to tell him in which room she is being held before she falls asleep. A very angry Bill -- who suspected all along that Alan Spaulding had something to do with this -- storms into the hospital.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Danny and Ross confront Blake about what she knows about Sebastian, and Michelle's whereabouts. Danny expresses his concern, that Michelle is in danger. Blake gives in and tells them that Michelle went with Sebastian and Holly, after she was told the Roger had left something to Maureen. Blake thinks that they have gone to Santa Domingo, as that is where Roger held Holly captive. Blake apologizes for not sharing this information; however, she can't believe that Sebastian would harm them. Danny leaves Blake and Ross, and goes to meet Marina. Danny shares what he has learned, and Marina offers to help him locate Michelle and Tony.

Sebastian threatens to inject Tony with the medication in the syringe, unless Michelle tells him what the medication really is. Michelle stops him and admits that it is really a tranquilizer. Tony attempts to convince Sebastian to set him free, so that he can locate Dr. Bauer and the medication. Instead, Sebastian locks Tony and Michelle into the room and keeps Holly out. Holly convinces Sebastian to let Tony find Ed. Sebastian tells Holly that he learned about her through Roger's memories and stories, and that he is afraid to let go. Holly is touched and they share a kiss.

Buzz, Harley, Frank and Gus arrive at Company, where Buzz says that he has a confession to make. Buss admits that he argued with Phillip the night that he was murdered, however, professes that Phillip was alive when he left. As Buzz and Frank go into Company, Harley and Gus discuss Harleys framing Ruth Karloff for the murder, to save Buzz. If Buzz is innocent, then the real killer is still out there. Harley worries that she may the killer, since she can't remember what happened that night. As Buzz and Harley hug, and express how happy they are that their family is back together; Frank goes to the police station and watches Ruth's confession on video tape. As the tape begins, Frank recognizes the scar on Ruth's arm as being the same scar that Harley has.

Lizzie and Coop are at Company, and Coop tells Lizzie that they have been receiving good feedback on her changes. Coop and Lizzie both say privately that their plans are working. Coop tells Lizzie that he knows that this is a rough time for her and tries to convince her to get rid of Company and go away on a vacation. Lizzie agrees that this might be a good idea, then tells Alexandra on the telephone that she is having to much phone owning a restaurant to sell it.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

On their flight to Santa Domingo, Marina reveals to Danny that she lied to her father about where she was going and with whom. She finds a gun in Danny's belongings. In a hotel on the island, Danny tucks the gun into his pants and shows a picture of Michelle to a bellhop who recognizes her. The bellhop remembers seeing "Mr. and Mrs. Santos" when they were on their honeymoon and says that they looked very much in love.

Michelle is comforted by visions of her mother, Maureen. Maureen encourages her to have faith in herself, not to lose heart, and to be brave.

While kissing Holly, Sebastian begs her to be his salvation. She pulls away but then asks him to lie down with her. Before they go any further, she asks him to release Michelle. Sebastian reminds Holly that she and Michelle are at his mercy.

Michelle angrily confronts Holly about why she didn't try to overpower Sebastian and why she warned Sebastian that Michelle had prepared a tranquilizer for him. Michelle says that Sebastian is not the only one with psychological problems and asks Holly if she likes being hurt.

During a holiday party at the Beacon, Beth asks Gus if he suspects that Ruth Karloff didn't murder Phillip. Beth compares herself to the troubled Ruth and says that she too has done things that she isn't proud of. She tells Gus to accept Ruth's confession as a gift and move on. After Gus leaves, Beth becomes upset and knocks a Spaulding family photo to the floor.

Reva decides not to tell Cassie that Jonathan has rented a tuxedo for Cassie's wedding. Cassie tells a disappointed Reva that she won't come to Reva's house for Christmas because she won't subject Tammy to being with Jonathan. Cassie tells Joshua that she would give Jonathan a chance if she saw a flicker of remorse in him. Joshua tells Cassie that he made a pact with Edmund to protect her, Reva, and Tammy and to make sure that Jonathan doesn't show his face at Cassie's wedding.

Jonathan remembers Cassie's rejection of his peace offering and wedding gift. Jonathan perks up when he takes a call from Marah. Later, Jonathan finds Reva at the Beacon to tell her that Marah called to say that she and Shane weren't coming for Christmas. Reva accuses Jonathan of lying about the call and about the tuxedo. Jonathan tells Reva that he doesn't need her but that she needs him. When Jonathan leaves to find Olivia, Joshua asks Reva what Jonathan said to Marah to make her not want to come home. Reva insists she can't make Jonathan leave her house for Christmas.

Jonathan runs into Cassie and tells her that he's trying to win Tammy's trust back. He says that one day they will all be a family and that he and Tammy will be really close again.

After watching Ruth Karloff's videotaped confession, Frank sees a scar on Ruth's arm and deduces that Ruth was Harley in disguise. At Company, Harley urges Frank to put Ruth's "death" out of his mind. Frank reminisces about their childhood when Harley fell off a balcony and got a scar on her arm. Frank is torn between his love for his sister and what he witnessed on the videotape. Frank tries to get Harley to confess on her own but she reveals only that she misses Gus and that she has put a new star on Company's Christmas tree. Harley makes Frank promise to keep reality at bay until after Christmas. Frank vows never to desert her. After Frank leaves, Harley calls Gus but hangs up. Frank calls Jeffrey to tell him that he has another suspect in the murder that he will be bringing in after Christmas.

Friday, December 24, 2004

It's Christmas in Springfield and as Ross explains, despite their disparate lives, everyone in town is connected and with the help of a butterfly, they all get a glimpse.

Harley spends her day searching for a star that Zach can put on top of his Christmas tree. Her search for a star first brings her to Bill. The two try to cut a star from a tin can, but when Bill cuts his hand, it inadvertently sends him to Ravenwood for treatment where he reunites with Olivia and the two spend Christmas together. Meanwhile, Harley's search leads her to Cassie who in helping Harley, winds up at Reva's, in spite of Jonathan, so that the two sisters can spend Christmas together.

Gus winds up at Company in search of Lizzie's dog that has gone missing. The search for Roxy brings Lizzie and Coop even closer while Gus and Harley finally find a Christmas star and celebrate Christmas with a kiss.

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