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Passions Recaps: The week of November 29, 2004 on PS
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Monday, November 29, 2004

At Tabitha's house, Kay finally manages to get everyone to settle down, "for Paloma's sake." Sheridan bonds more with little Martin, who quits fussing whenever she holds him. Beth desperately wants to discover who Mrs. Wheeler truly is in the hopes that she can use her to pry Luis and Sheridan apart, and Tabitha is very happy when she realizes how much pain Beth will cause everyone once she uncovers the truth.

Ivy is still unconvinced that Whitney's baby is Fox's, but Fox completely believes Whitney. Julian shows up at the hospital, and Ivy, Chad, and Fox tell him that Whitney is pregnant and that there's a chance Chad is the father. Ivy is furious at Julian when he again decides to support Chad instead of Fox, and she lets him know that she thinks that he's the one who made this mess in the first place. Ivy tells him that the only reason he is taking Chad's side is because Eve his Chad's mother. Fox and Chad get into an argument when Fox announces that he will marry Whitney and they'll have a good life together.

Whitney blames Eve for the fact that she is pregnant with Chad's child. Eve tries to reach out to Whitney and help her, but Whitney only pushes Eve away. Eve warns Whitney what a bad idea it is to keep the baby's father a secret-secrets always come out. Whitney says that she is willing to take that chance, and there is nothing Eve can do to stop her. Eve tries to make Whitney understand that if there are complications with the pregnancy, the doctors will need to know who the parents are, but Whitney still doesn't want to reveal the truth. Eve finally decides that if Whitney won't tell the truth, she'll tell everyone herself that Chad is really the father.

Katherine still toys with the idea of telling Sheridan that she is really her mother, but accepts the fact that if she were to come clean it would tear Luis and Sheridan apart. Martin assures Katherine that there is no way anyone could find out who she is, even as Beth is searching the Internet trying to learn the truth. Luis wants to think about starting a family with Sheridan, but Sheridan reminds him that she is still legally married to Antonio. Paloma becomes further convinced that her mother never loved her or wanted her. Tabitha is surprised when she finds herself feeling sorry for Pilar.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Pilar goes to the hospital to see Theresa where a nurse warns her not to upset her at all or it could hurt the baby. Pilar tells Theresa that she had Thanksgiving dinner at Tabitha Lennox's house. Theresa asks her to tell all the details. She tells her about the piñata and everyone who went to the dinner. Paloma walks in just as Theresa says that it's too bad her papa wasn't there and exclaims "but Papa was there! Didn't you tell her Mama?" Pilar covers for it by saying that they prayed about him in the grace at dinner. Outside in the hall Pilar tells Paloma that they can't upset Theresa or it could kill the baby. Paloma says she has a right to know that Papa is Mr. Wheeler. Theresa has gotten out of bed and hears the news. It is too big of a shock and Theresa starts crying out in pain as she starts cramping.

Martin and Katherine are talking at the waterfront when Paloma runs into them. She tells them that Theresa is in the hospital. Martin asks her to make peace with her mother. She refuses. Then Alistair confronts them and tells them that he can ruin their lives with a phone call. He doesn't want the family name smeared in the press. Martin tries to protect her. Alistair says it will be bad for Crane Industries stock prices. They must leave! They decide they must leave town immediately. Martin and Katherine go back to the cottage and decide to leave. If they leave, maybe Alistair will let up on Luis and Sheridan. Martin makes an appointment with an attorney in order to make arrangements for Pilar's financial security.

Luis and Sheridan stand on a pier at the waterfront talking about getting married. But what about Antonio? Won't it take years to have him declared legally dead? Out of their hearing, Alistair swears he'll never let them get married. "Stock prices be damned!" Luis and Sheridan go to Sam at the Police Station to find out what it will take to get a death certificate for Antonia. Sam tells then there's a problem. The Coast Guard never found any bodies from the jet explosion. Without the body it will be seven years before they can get a death certificate. Luis says he's going to ask Alistair to help get around the law.

Beth continues her online search for information about Mrs. Wheeler. She remarks that it's as if Mrs. Wheeler didn't exist until she came to Harmony. She decides that Ellen Wheeler can't be her real name. She deduces that Alistair Crane must know who she really is since Mrs. Wheeler tried to kill him. When he returns to his office, Alistair's secretary tells him that Miss Wallace has called several times. Just then Beth traipses in demanding to know everything about Mrs. Wheeler. Alistair asks her who she thinks Mrs. Wheeler is. Beth says she wants to use it as a wedge between Luis and Sheridan. Alistair tells her to be patient. As long as he's around, Luis and Sheridan will never be together.

At the hospital, Julian tells Chad he's there for him if Whitney's baby is his. Chad doesn't want his help. Fox asks if he'll stand by him if he's the father instead and they argue about how it's different for Chad. Chad and Fox argue about the baby and the possible birth defects. Julian tells Ivy he should have stayed with Eve all those years ago. Ivy remarks that this and all the bad things that happen in Harmony are because of Alistair.

Eve swears to Whitney that she'll tell everyone the truth and Whitney tells her she won't let her. Whitney reminds her that she's bound by doctor/patient confidentiality. Just then Ivy walks in to the room. She wants to know how long the exam is going to take. She says that she has a right to know the result. After Ivy leaves, Eve says she has to tell everyone the truth. Whitney replies, "If you really love me you'll keep my secret. If you won't do it for me, do it for your grandchild." She doesn't want the baby to grow up being teased for having sibling parents. Eve tells her that she can't keep paternity a secret. Eve owes it to Chad to tell him the truth. Whitney starts sobbing that her life and her baby's life will be ruined.

They all gather in the waiting room to hear the test results from Eve – a pregnant pause ends the show.

After the show ends a message - "In loving memory of David Bailey" For more information on Bailey's passing, please click here.

Wednesday, December 1, 2004

As Ivy, Chad, Fox and Julian wait impatiently for Eve to tell them who the father is, Whitney is terrified at the prospect of Eve revealing her secret. Eve only wants to tell the truth and tries to make Whitney see that lying would just bring everyone more pain. Before Eve has a chance to tell that the father is Chad, she is paged and rushes off, saying it's an emergency. Julian continues to support Chad instead of Fox while Ivy is growing more impatient by the second. Eve finally comes back and decides to stick with Whitney's story that Fox is the father as she remembers times with her daughter. Whitney thanks Eve, and Eve cautions her that her secret will eventually come out.

Theresa endures another series of cramps after being told that Martin is back in Harmony. Paloma is very upset when she realizes it was her fault for upsetting Theresa. The pain eventually subsides and Theresa furiously demands Pilar to tell her what had happened with Martin. The nurse calls Eve to check on the baby, and Eve says the baby is fine, but warns everyone to not upset Theresa again. When Eve leaves, Theresa explodes with rage about her father and "Mrs. Wheeler." Paloma insists that she stop insulting Mrs. Wheeler and unwittingly makes Theresa go into labor.

Martin and Katherine plan to leave after Martin meets with his lawyer to ensure Pilar is fairly compensated. They both wish it could have been different when they came back to Harmony, and Katherine wishes that Pilar could know how noble Martin had been when they first left Harmony. Martin tells Katherine that it is better they leave now, before anyone learns who she is.

Beth frantically asks Alistair to tell her who Mrs. Wheeler is. Alistair tells her to be patient; Luis and Sheridan will be torn apart before long. After a long argument, Beth leaves, incredibly frustrated. At the police station, Luis tells Sheridan that he doesn't want to ask Alistair for help-he wants to ask Julian. They go to the hospital and ask Julian if he will use the Crane influence so they can get married sooner. Sheridan is overjoyed when Julian says that he will gladly help them to get Antonio declared dead.

Thursday, December 2, 2004

Martin and Katherine reiterate their need to depart from Harmony. They reflect on their love and life with each other and the damage they've done to their families by running away from Alistair. Martin's going to make amends with Pilar, starting with a divorce. They try to ignore the ringing phone, but answer Paloma's call and rush to the hospital when they find out Theresa is in trouble.

At the cottage, Luis and Sheridan make love and then make plans for their wedding. They decide to marry on Christmas. "Nothing is going to stop us now." They are so glad that Julian is in their corner. They try to ignore the ringing phone, but pick up when they hear Pilar telling them to rush to the hospital because Theresa is in trouble.

In the mansion library, Julian calls Judge Riley to pay him off so he'll declare Antonio legally dead right away. Rebecca questions his motives then threatens him if he keeps spending time with Eve. She lets him know she has the goods on him and as long as they are married she can't testify against him. He counters that he'll give her a nice settlement. As awareness sets in on her face, Julian tells her he wants a divorce. He loves Eve and wants to be with her. Alistair lurks outside the library eavesdropping. Rebecca refuses the divorce. She also wants Eve out of the house. He can have his mistress as long as she doesn't live with them. She tempts Julian with remembrances of their past sexcapades and we see a video montage set to Johnny Mathis. He resists and then spills the beans about Whitney. Rebecca is taken aback and as she blows through the door, she runs into Alistair. Julian tells Alistair that he can't wait until Alistair dies and Julian can undo all of his father's evil. Alistair and Julian fight about Eve, Chad getting control of Crane Industries, Fox getting control, and Alistair running all their lives from beyond the grave. Julian taunts him with the fact that he'll soon have more black family than white. Julian swears that he and Eve will be together.

At the hospital, Theresa is completely dilated and into contractions when Eve comes in to stop them. Theresa cries out for Eve to save her baby. Gwen, Ethan, Pilar and Paloma look on in horror.

Eve clears the room, Pilar goes to call Luis, and Paloma goes to call Martin. Gwen and Ethan stand in the corridor despairing for the life of their baby. They've lost so much already. Martin, Katherine, Luis and Sheridan show up and begin fighting. Pilar stops them, saying that now is the time that Theresa needs them all. Gwen starts them all off in praying the Lord's Prayer. Luis is still angry at Martin and God, and Pilar tells him they all need to pray. Martin and Luis continue to argue. Katherine and Sheridan talk about leaving and about Sheridan marrying Luis. She warns Sheridan not to tell Alistair, and then she encourages her to elope. She insists that Sheridan not tell anybody until they've gotten married. Martin and Luis keep sparring and Pilar keeps breaking them apart.

Theresa feels the urge to push and the baby is born prematurely. Theresa wants to hold HER baby. Gwen says, "Our baby!" Eve calls for a specialist because the baby is in distress, then Eve encourages the baby to breathe.

Friday, December 3, 2004

Katherine strongly urges Sheridan to leave Harmony with Luis immediately or risk losing all to Alistair.

Julian stands up to Alistair, informing his father that he will marry Eve. Alistair intercepts an important phone call intended for Julian.

As Eve tries to save the life of the premature baby, both Theresa and Gwen desperately cling to the hope that the baby will live.

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