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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 29, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, November 29, 2004

Katie calls Margo from Paris, wanting to talk about Mike whose ad for "Street Jeans" she has seen in a Paris fashion magazine. Instead, Margo asks her if she has heard from their brother, Craig, recently. Katie has not, and finally comes out and asks Margo is Mike is seeing anyone new in Oakdale.

Paul and Rosanna return to Fairwinds from their honeymoon in Bermuda to find Mike and Jennifer curled up together and asleep on the couch. Mike and Jen are embarrassed, and when Jen takes Paul out of the room to see the "Street Jeans" ad, Rosanna teases Mike about his feelings for Jen. He assures Rosanna that he and Jen are taking things slowly. Mike and Jen leave, and Mike takes her to the Lakeview.

Lily and Sierra go to the Oakdale Police Department together, although Sierra is reluctant to believe that anything has happened to Craig. She feels Craig is pulling another of his stunts for attention, but Lily is truly concerned. She interrupts Margo's phone conversation with Katie to ask her to put out an all points bulletin on Craig.

Meanwhile, Craig awakens in a monk's cell in some unknown location. He realizes he has been drugged and abducted, and is stunned to find he is wearing monk's sackcloth. A Brother Francis brings him water and bread but refuses to answer any of Craig's questions. Instead, he urges Craig to "reflect on his life."

Julia is on a plane bound for Montana to rescue Jack from the clutches of Carly, but she cannot get hold of him on his cell phone. Jack is with Carly at the cabin where they were married, and suddenly Jack's memories all begin to come back. He grabs Carly and tells her how much he loves her and that she did the right thing in not ever giving up on him. They share a kiss as Jack tells Carly that she is his whole life. Then he remembers Julia, as well, and she walks through the door and begins verbally sparring with Carly. Jack tells her he remembers his other life now.

Rosanna and Paul continue their honeymoon at Fairwinds and make love in the living room. Paul wants to discuss the reminders of Cabot that he is afraid will crop up at Fairwinds, but Rosanna assures him that she is not fearful of that. Paul gives her a picture of himself in a beautifully etched glass box as a present, and Rosanna is thrilled with it.

Katie boards a plane headed for Oakdale, clutching the "Street Jeans" ad of Mike.

Jack tells Julia that his remembering his other life changes all the promises he made to her. Julia doesn't understand and thinks she and Jack can now leave and get on with their marriage. Jack tries to explain that he can no longer honor his earlier promises.

Rosanna is examining her glass box again when suddenly she hears a baby crying. She is so startled that she drops the box and it shatters. Will and Paul arrive, but they have heard no baby.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Sierra, Lucinda and Lucy discuss Craig's disappearance and Lucy is certain that it's just another of her father's stunts to get her attention. Dusty, however, walks into the room surprising Lucy, who assumes he has come to see her. He has but to return her belongings, not to beg her forgiveness, as she obviously had hoped. He also says he isn't sure the disappearance is typical Craig theatrics. Dusty announces that Dominic Ramsey has been released on parole and that he didn't seem the least bit surprised to hear about Craig's disappearance. After Dusty leaves, Raphael drops by and is invited to dinner at Lucinda's. Despite Sierra and Lucinda's insistence that Craig will return on his own, Lucy begins to suspect he will not and Raphael agrees to help her look for him. They embrace clearly, Raphael sees Lucy as much more than a childhood friend.... Meanwhile, when Dusty runs into Dominic, he accuses him of knowing more about Craig than he lets on Dominic spars with Dusty, yet denies nothing.

However, in an undisclosed location, Craig is indeed being held against his will. As he tries to learn where he is and why, he finds more questions than answers. The only soul at this mysterious monastery who will speak to him is a monk who tells him his life has been a waste of time and this "place" is Craig's last chance. Not impressed with the speech, Craig escapes through a conveniently open window.

At Fairwinds, a spooky place on the sunniest of days, Rosanna is startled by the sound of a baby crying and drops the antique crystal box that Paul gave her as a wedding gift. The crying stops just in time for Will and Paul to enter the room when Rosanna asks if they heard "the sound," they tell her they only heard the sound of the breaking glass of the box. When Paul goes to do an errand, Rosanna convinces Will that she indeed does want him to live at Fairwinds, despite his history of mental illness. Paul returns with a replica of the gift that was broken, and, after Rosanna assures them she feels better, the men leave the mansion for yet another errand. Moments after their departure, Rosanna hears the cries again and, this time, she is shocked and frightened to find a baby doll hidden under a table.

Back in Montana, in what has to be a very cold barn in more ways than one, Jack has found himself in quite a pickle. Now that he has regained his memory and likeable personality, he realizes that Julia is still acting as if he belongs to her. Jack realizes that nothing but brutal honesty will get through to her "I love Carly and I look at her and it's like I never left." But Julia, with no small amount of anger and through yet another bucket of tears reminds him that he did leave Carly, and has made promises to her and JJ. Both Carly and Julia would like to know where they stand but Jack is understandably confused. As he makes arrangements for all three of them to return to Oakdale, Julia attacks Carly and assures her that she is not giving up on Jack. Carly doesn't doubt her but she rejoices in a few moments of bliss as Jack returns to their home in Milltown, and the Snyders enjoy a sweet family reunion.

Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Julia has passed a sleepless night waiting for Jack to come home to the Lakeview. Holden arrives to check in with her, and she breaks as she explains what happened in Montana.

Meanwhile, Jack is waking up at Milltown after falling asleep on the couch. Carly is seductive and wants to make love until Jack suddenly bolts upright and remembers his promise to Julia that he would come home. Carly is trying to convince him to stay when Holden arrives. Holden is overjoyed that Jack has his memory back, but is concerned about Julia's devastation and urges Jack to make a choice between Carly and Julia. Jack then tells Carly that under the circumstances, he thinks it would be better if he lived at Emma's for a while. Later, Jack returns to the Lakeview to find an anxious Julia wanting to know where things stand. She reminds him again that he promised her he'd always love her and JJ no matter what. Jack tries to make her understand his dilemma and tells her what he told Carly, that he's going to stay out at the farm until he reaches a decision about what to do. After he's gone, Julia breaks down and JJ sees it. He then overhears Jack telling Lisa it's hard enough choosing between the two women but JJ makes it even more difficult. Assuming he's somehow at fault, JJ runs away.

Determined to find her father, Lucy summons Dom to Lucinda's house to offer him money for Craig's return. Protective Rafi argues against this but Lucy insists she isn't afraid. Dom arrives, teases and taunts her, but finally admits he doesn't have her father. Lucy doesn't believe him and threatens to testify against him if he doesn't produce Craig. Meanwhile, Dusty meets with Tom, prepared to give his deposition and move full speed ahead with the case against Dom. Later, Dusty summons Dom, asks him point blank if he's next on Dom's list but Dom warns Dusty to get Lucy off his back or they'll both be sorry. Meanwhile, Craig is returned to his monastery cell after his failed escape attempt. He tries to bargain with the monk, but Brother Francis is clear that Craig will be released only when he's proven he has truly changed. Later, as Craig rails at his situation and his captor, a hole in the wall is revealed where Craig's captor watches him from a television screen.

Aaron gets some feeling back in his right leg and is overjoyed when he stands up until he overhears Bob tell Alison that Aaron's condition might not improve. Later, Alison overhears Bob talking to Dr. Ramirez, saying something about a liability investigation. She calls in a favor and asks Chris to try to get his hands on the hospital's incident reports on Aaron's surgery. Chris balks at first but ultimately comes through for her. Meanwhile, Ben comes clean to Curtis about his suspension and the reasons behind Curtis having to take the drug test. Concerned and upset, Curtis calls Jessica.

Thursday, December 2, 2004

Carly and Jack begin moving closer, but are interrupted when a frantic Julia calls to say that JJ has run away. Jack and Carly go to Julia's Lakeview suite and Carly realizes the depth of Jack's involvement with JJ. Carly and Lisa come face to face and Carly tells Lisa to help Julia realize it's over with her and Jack. Meanwhile, Jack gets word that JJ's been sighted and Jack, Julia and Carly rush over to the school courtyard. Alone, Jack finds JJ, but he fights Jack and runs off, nearly getting hit by a car. When JJ, Jack and Julia finally come together, Carly witnesses the tender family moment and everyone is gut punched when JJ explains he left thinking he was the reason Jack wasn't coming back.

Ben tells Jessica everything about the operation and his abuse of painkillers just as Holden learns about the incident reports from Alison. Jessica tells Ben the choice is his, he can say nothing or own up to his mistakes. Later, Aaron and Chris have a heart-to-heart about Alison and Aaron and Chris admits he thinks Alison and Aaron were meant to be all along. Aaron winds up feeling more depressed, realizing that he can't give Alison what she deserves either and pushes her away, determined to leave the hospital without her. Meanwhile, Holden demands Bob stop covering things up and questions Ben's performance during the surgery as Ben walks in. An angry Holden tells Bob, he'll be hearing from his lawyer and storms off. Ben then turns to Bob and tells him there's something he needs to hear.

Barbara is drugging and hypnotizing Emily so that she can take over the household and be queen of the manor. Meanwhile, Rosanna continues to be tormented by memories of Cabot and she comes close to blaming Will for the incidents.

Friday, December 3, 2004

Jack assures JJ that he loves him very much and promises him that he will always be his father. With Carly's approval, Jack takes JJ back to the hotel with Julia. Later, Carly arrives back at Milltown alone and can't stand it. She calls a babysitter and sets out for the Lakeview. Meanwhile, Jack starts to say good-bye to Julia, but a chaste kiss heats up and suddenly, the two of them are in each other's arms and headed for the bed. But Jack stops and, much to Julia's chagrin, insists he can't do this, and goes. Julia calls Lisa to watch JJ and heads out after him. No sooner does she go than Carly shows up at the suite looking for Jack. Lisa lies that Jack and Julia are out on a date just as Julia comes to Milltown looking for Jack. The two women realize that neither of them has Jack while Jack sits in the Lakeview Lounge, flashing back to kissing both Carly and Julia, on the horns of the biggest dilemma in his life.

Jennifer meets Mike at the Lakeview Lounge with the news that she's been summoned to Lucinda's to celebrate the successful launch of "Street Jeans" and wants Mike to come. They head out and seconds later, Katie enters! Margo arrives and the two sisters reconnect. Katie claims to have come home out of concern for Craig, but Margo sees the magazine ad of Mike in Katie's bag and busts her. Margo reminds Katie that she left town with a whopping big lie, and that everyone, especially Mike, believes she's off living happily ever after with Simon. She asks if Katie is ready to tell the truth. Tom arrives and after a quick hello and goodbye from Katie, Margo and Tom each admit they miss the other. Meanwhile, at Lucinda's, Jordan sees the new publicity photo of Street Jeans. Sierra enters, sees Jordan's discomfort at the photo, and the two introduce themselves. Sierra probes Jordan about the photo and he covers, but Sierra's on to him. When Jennifer and Mike arrive and see the photo, Sierra takes in Jordan's reaction while Lucinda, Mike, Jordan, Jennifer, and Sierra toast to Street Jeans' success. Later, left alone with Sierra, Jordan opens up slightly about his lost relationship with Jennifer and the two part, sure to cross paths again. Meanwhile, outside of Lucinda's, Katie's heart leaps when she sees Mike but as she is about to make her presence known, Jennifer appears and she and Mike fold into a big kiss, as a gob-smacked Katie reels back!

Alison enlists Dr. Ramirez's help to keep Aaron in the hospital but a determined Aaron threatens to sign himself out if Ramirez does not discharge him and goes, leaving behind a brokenhearted Alison. Lucy arrives to visit Aaron and finds Alison alone. Speaking from her own experience when she was paralyzed after her accident, Lucy advises Alison not to let Aaron push her away. Meanwhile, Curtis takes Aaron home but rebuffs all of Curtis' attempts to help him. Curtis reluctantly leaves and Aaron grows increasingly despondent as he tries to do things on his own. Later, Alison knocks on the door and barrels in, announcing that she's moving in and not taking no for an answer.

Ben finally confesses all to Bob, who is rocked to learn that Ben faked the drug test. Ben insists that he made big mistakes, but not in the operating room during Aaron's surgery. Bob warns Ben that he has to report this and tells Ben he will need Jessica's help.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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