All My Children Recaps: The week of November 29, 2004 on AMC

Greenlee was admitted to the hospital's psychiatric ward. Lena broke up with Bianca. Anita signed the divorce papers. JR and Bess left for Florida. Tad stowed away on JR's plane. Tad confronted Babe and Jamie in Florida. Jamie refused to allow Tad to tell JR about his son.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 29, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, November 29, 2004

Kendall and Ethan fought as they went to the Fusion office. Ethan deduced that Kendall was upset about Ryan, which she denied but she admitted being crazy about Greenlee. Kendall was excited about a phone call saying the sales of Enchantment were up and dismayed that the person to share the news with was Greenlee. Ethan tried to cheer her up and left to find them a meal. Kendall saw something drop off the roof and went to investigate.

Ryan warned Jonathan to stop talking, but everyone discussed Greenlee's mental health. Jack demanded to know what was going on. Ryan insisted that she had medication and him and would be fine. The well planned dinner was falling apart; Livia and Derek argued and Myrtle left. Ryan looked for Greenlee and barked at Jonathan and Maggie and told them the subject of Greenlee is off limits. He realized Greenlee was missing and called her. One of the "hot girls" showed up with her father to accuse Reggie of stealing her car and crashing it. Lily approached her to ask why she was saying mean things and was rebuffed. Danielle thanked her for saving her life and tricked Autumn into admitting she'd been at the club where her car was found. Danielle walked her into a bathroom stall and swirlie noises ensued. They came back into the ballroom, where Lily and family had been called useless and addled. Autumn admitted to her father that she crashed the car after partying. Erica suggested they leave now. Everyone else left and Jack had to console Lily who realized the hot girls were not her friends. Lily and Reggie left to play chess at home. As Jack and Erica lamented the catastrophic and disastrous day, she asked him to marry her.

Greenlee was in the rafters, with a rope and wearing her Green Butterfly costume, imagining an acrobat Ryan with her. She heard him calling her and promising to catch her. She was swinging when Ryan called but dropped her cell phone mid-conversation. Ryan raced home and couldn't find Greenlee, but he did notice the trapeze gear was missing. He tried to guess where she might be. Kendall was shocked to find Greenlee swinging from a trapeze and wanting to argue about Ryan. She tried to stop Greenlee and wanted to take her home. When that didn't work, she said she was part of her act and wanted to catch her. Greenlee insisted Ryan was the only one she could trust. Kendall begged her to swing to her. Greenlee said it was time and was hanging upside down when Kendall tried to grab her.

Babe and Jamie wondered what was going on in Pine Valley. Jamie tried to focus on them and understanding Babe's history to make their lie of being a married couple work. Babe couldn't stop worrying and decided she needed to tell JR the truth about his son being alive, to protect Miranda. Jamie stopped her. Bianca finally called and said JR and Bess would be at the concert.

Tad tried to tell Bianca the truth and David tried to stop him. Bianca wanted to talk alone and they went outside. David tried to calm Krystal down and they pretended nothing was wrong. Outside, Bianca stopped Tad from talking and said she understands it's all about children being with parents and she wants to protect anyone from admitting criminal wrongdoing. Tad was confused and Bianca said she knew that Bess would be where she belongs very soon. Bianca admitted talking to Babe and Tad guessed they planned to meet at the benefit concert. He was relieved when he heard that Babe plans to make things right and decided to let Babe tell her. Tad wondered how she stays so sane and JR interrupted them. They all went back inside. Tad pontificated about shame and letting others suffer instead of telling the truth. Tad said it breaks his heart to see how Bianca is too good to see the bad in people. JR said he too wanted to stop the lies and threw David and Krystal out. Bianca thanked Tad and hugged Krystal and left. Brooke was very curious and followed Tad out to find out what was going on. Tad told her he just couldn't and asked her to trust him. JR and Adam gloated about finding out that David and Krystal didn't believe Babe's lies either.

Tuesday, December 30

On the Fusion roof, Kendall prevents Greenlee from falling to her death just as Ryan and Ethan arrive. When Ryan immediately places the blame on Kendall for Greenlee's near-death experience, she defends herself and tells Ethan she didn't want to see her sister die. Greenlee is brought to the hospital, where she is checked into the psych ward.

Bianca asks Jonathan to give Maggie a letter from her on the anniversary of Frankie's death. But when he returns home, he only gives flowers to a touched Maggie, who says no one else remembered her sister. He then flashes back to destroying the note that Bianca gave him to give Maggie.

Anita puts the final nail in her marriage coffin by signing her and Bobby's divorce papers. She and Bianca cry on each other's shoulder about their failed romances and agree to start anew. Meanwhile, after Jack and Erica voice their love for each other, he accepts her proposal.

Wednesday, December 1

Kendall and Ethan are at the hospital to see how Greenlee is doing. Neither Jack nor Ryan is happy to see her. Ryan questions her role in Greenlee's breakdown while Jack asks her to recount to him exactly what happened. Kendall, more concerned over Greenlee's welfare than the accusations in Ryan and Jack's tone, tells them what happened. She tells them that she was in the Fusion office when she saw something fly past the window. She went up to the roof to see what it was and when she got there she saw that Greenlee had rigged this trapeze. Greenlee thought she was an acrobat, calling herself the Green Butterfly, and got up on the contraption and started to swing really high and fast while Kendall begged her to come down. Greenlee ignored her please at first until Kendall begged her to swing towards her. Greenlee did an upside down flip then slipped but Kendall had grabbed a hold of her before Greenlee could fall down the side of the building. Jack and Erica are clearly shaken by the events that had unfolded while Ryan watches Kendall with growing suspicion. He questions why she didn't tell him all of this the previous night and Kendall replies that she had tried but he was too focused on getting Greenlee to the hospital to hear anything she was saying to him. Ryan isn't satisfied. He suspects that Kendall edited everything to make herself look innocent...that she was getting Greenlee back for running Kendall down with a car. Ryan doesn't deny it. Kendall decides it's best to leave. Kendall has a private moment with Erica first, asking her how Greenlee is doing and letting her know that she is truly concerned for her. She also lets Erica know that she's about to leave for Florida. Erica makes her apologies for not making it to the benefit concert but under the condition feels she needs to stay with Jack. Ethan stays behind promising Kendall he'll call if there is any change in her condition.

JR prepares to leave for Florida with Bianca and Bess. Before he does though, he has a confrontation with Adam after Adam tries to warn him against going to Florida with Bess. JR tells him to stop trying to prove Babe's lie true because his daughter did not die in the freezing cold water, Miranda did. He is tired of Adam questioning everything JR does and lets him know that he's taking Bess to Florida despite Adam's instincts screaming bloody murder for him not to.

Babe is worried that JR will find them. Jamie tries to reassure her that he won't because he doesn't know they are in Florida besides which they're staying at a cheap motel JR would never consider staying at. He also reminds Babe that last he checked their real names have not been mentioned on the news indicating that they are not suspected of anything. Babe is calmed somewhat then tells Jamie once again how much she's looking forward to reuniting Bianca with Miranda. They then prepare to head to their destination. Jamie walks into their motel room awhile later to discover that Babe has dressed James in a pink dress and frilly cap. He's horrified and more so when she tells Jamie that she bought him a dress too. He demands that she take the dress off of his son which makes Babe smile. They then leave to go to Disney World where they will spend the day before meeting up with Bianca. A montage of the three of them having fun on the rides and taking in all of the sights at Disney World is shown.

On the plane to Florida while JR takes Bess into the common rear of the cabin to put her down for a nap Kendall demands some answers from Bianca, namely what role Babe has in all of their plans. JR overhears and demands explanations of his own. Bianca quickly covers her tracks by telling JR that Babe's lies and deceptions have all but ruined their once very strong friendship and that she sees the trip to Florida as an opportunity to mend some fences and regain some of that closeness they once shared. Before JR has much of a chance to absorb Bianca's explanation, Tad lets it be known that he stowed away on board. JR is livid and wants to know what Tad is up to. Tad gives him a bogus excuse which JR sees right through it realizing he doesn't have much choice but to accept Tad's presence on the plane, grudgingly let's the matter drop for the time being.

A montage of Bianca, Babe, JR and Jamie recalling the events over the past months leading up to their trip to Florida are shown.

At the hospital a distraught Mary arrives wanting answers. Neither Jack or Ryan have any. When Dr. Ashburn joins them the news is grim. He tells them that Greenlee is in the grips of her hallucinations and seriously ill having suffered a psychotic break. They ask to see Greenlee but he advises against it until they can get her stabilized. He suggests that it's possible Greenlee's psychological problems had lain dormant for years and that something triggered the break such as a stressful event. Ryan is angry. He turns to Ethan and threatens him that if they prove the shot that nearly killed him caused Greenlee to become so stressed out that she lost her mind he will kill Ethan. Mary, having heard everything the doctor said tells anyone who will listen to her that mental illness does not run on her side of the family then suggests that if Greenlee is mentally ill, it's thanks to Jack's side of the family tree. Erica pulls Mary aside and tells her to either act like a mother or leave. Ryan meanwhile tells Jack that he doesn't believe Greenlee is really psychotic. He doesn't know what is wrong with Greenlee but it's definitely not mental illness. Dr. Ashburn returns a short while later with the test results and asks Ryan why he or Greenlee didn't tell him about the other medications that Greenlee was taken. Ryan is confused and tells him that the only meds that Greenlee was taking were those Dr. Ashburn prescribed to her. He tells them that a powerful anti psychotic drug showed up on her tox screen and that combined with other medications could have had a toxic reaction. Ryan is shocked, as are the rest. Ryan lets it be known that Greenlee was not self medicating and then realizes that means only one thing. Greenlee was being poisoned.

Adam is at the mansion trying to make arrangements to join JR in Florida but is stopped by Stuart when he pulls the plug on Adam's phone call -- literally. Stuart pleads with Adam to take stock of what he's doing; that interfering with JR's life the way he is he's doing nothing but driving JR away just as he did with Liza and Colby.

Bianca, Kendall, JR and Bess arrive at Disney World to check out the stage on which JR will be performing. Jamie and Babe are on the other side of some tall bushes with James seated at a bench. Jamie spots them and turns to Babe to let her know that everything is on track and going according to their plans. Just then Tad walks up to them and asks if they know where he can get some concert tickets.

Thursday, December 2

Tad finds Babe and Jamie sitting with James on a bench. He tells them that he won't tell his travelling companions (JR, Bianca and Kendall) about his discovery as long as they agree to find a private place where they can talk. They end up back in the hotel room that Jamie and Babe rented. After Tad gets officially introduced to the baby, and he concludes that he has Dixie's eyes, he's back to business. Tad wants James to close his ears because he is going to rip into the escaping duo. Tad tells Babe and his son that they have a glorified idea of what will happen when they reveal the truth to Bianca, but they are not considering all that is involved. They are also ignoring all of the consequences. Jamie tells his father that it's fine if he isn't on board with their plans because they don't need his permission. He goes on to say that they are going ahead with their plans, fully aware of all of the fallout. Tad tells Jamie and Babe that just as it was criminal to let Bianca believe that her daughter was dead, the same is true with regards to JR. He tells them that it doesn't matter how far or fast they run, JR is still the baby's father and still has rights. Jamie wants to know how Tad can say that when it is a fact that he helped Liza do the same thing to Adam. Conceding that point, Tad tells them that Adam has shown for 20 years that he can't be trusted with a child. Jamie adds that Adam has molded JR into a mini-clone, and if he finds out he has a son, the pattern will continue. Tad then says that with the second felony conviction hanging over his head, Jamie needs to realize that they will be found sooner or later. Both Jamie and Babe are confused by this, but Tad won't talk about it while Babe is in the room. He asks her to take the baby into the bathroom and turn the water on full force to block the sound. When she asks why, Tad tells her that if the authorities try to make her testify against Jamie, she can honestly say that she doesn't know anything. She swears that she would never betray Jamie in that way, but Tad informs her that they may not give her a choice. Jamie encourages her to do as she is asked, because he doesn't think that Tad will leave until he has his say. She gives in and holes up in the bathroom. Once they hear the water running, Jamie asks for details about the other conviction. Tad initially delivers one word - murder - and then asks if Jamie killed Paul Kramer. Jamie tells Tad what happened the night Paul died: Jamie showed up at the cemetery but was quite a distance away when he heard a gunshot. By the time he got to where the body lay on the ground, whoever had committed the crime was long gone - and Paul had no pulse. Jamie admitted that he wasn't glad that Paul was dead - but he was relieved. He didn't want to have to call 911 and act like he wanted to help save him. Jamie tells Tad that the only crime he committed was taking the baby from a family that never should have had him. Tad asks about JR and his rights - and Jamie responds that JR has no more rights to the baby than the Buchanans do. He says that he and Babe will do what they need to do, what they feel is right. He suggests that Tad go off and do something unrelated and stay out of their way. Tad breaks the locked gaze he had been sharing with his son and goes over to the bathroom door. He knocks and yells an "all clear" to Babe. Jamie doesn't think Tad needs to stay and say goodbye, but Tad corrects him and says he isn't planning on going anywhere. He tells his son that there is something else that needs to be discussed - between the three of them. Babe comes out of the bathroom and sits on the bed next to Jamie with the baby. Tad informs them that they are going for a ride - to tell JR that his son is alive.

Bianca, JR and Kendall are getting settled into the dressing room backstage. Bianca says that she had the fridge stocked but she also wants to check out the one in the green room. When she leaves, JR tells Kendall that while Bianca is sweet - she is also the worst liar he ever met He goes on to say that he believes Kendall is working for her, and he wants to know what the plan is - when is Babe going to storm in?

David and Krystal are also in Florida, and they are looking frantically for Babe. David announces that now is not the right time for Babe to spill the truth about the babies. He emphasizes that they need to make sure she doesn't say anything in front of JR because of the fact that his son is nearby. Krystal stops his ranting by reminding him that she is the more experienced parent, and that she needs to take the lead. She tells him that if Babe needs to get the truth off of her chest once and for all, they need to stay out of her way. Krystal admits that she had a change of heart about Babe's situation on the flight down. David says that despite that, they still need to stop Babe from confessing all. He feels that the only thing that will come out of that is a trip to prison for Babe, and he describes it in the worst way that he can. Krystal, still trying to keep a positive outlook, says that the only way that would happen is if one of them called the cops. David, astounded that Krystal can't see the truth staring her in the face, rhetorically asks what she thinks JR and Bianca will do when Babe admits what really happened. He believes that one of them will have Babe arrested. They are still arguing about this when Bianca walks in. They turn around in an attempt to be unnoticed, or at the very least, unrecognized. They fail miserably, and Bianca asks what they are doing there. They initially try to say that they are there in support of the concert/fundraiser for the center, but Bianca can tell immediately that they are lying. She calls them out and says that she knows they are here to do an end run on Babe. She tells them that she knows what Babe is going to do, she knows how important it is and admits that she is going to do whatever it takes to help. David asks what she will do if Babe ends up in more trouble than ever imagined, and Bianca swears that the three of them need to keep that from happening. She tells them that she got JR to bring Bess down to Florida with him, and that soon, that little girl will be back in her mother's arms again - and Babe will have her baby. Realizing how close she had unwittingly gotten to the truth, David and Krystal finally agree to help in whatever way they can. They tell her to be careful, but she responds that there is no way they would be anything but - considering all that is at stake. Bianca leaves, and David tells Krystal that all he wanted was for Babe to go along with their plan. However, because of her actions, he can't control what happens anymore. Krystal tries to get him to understand why what Jamie and Babe did was right, but David tells her she is missing the point. Regardless of the fact that the baby is hers, the baby was being raised by a family that didn't know that information - so it is still kidnapping. Further, the baby connects them to Paul Kramer, thus providing motive for Jamie to kill him.

Ryan is standing in the waiting area with Greenlee's extended family. Ethan is there as well and Erica takes one look at him and jumps to the worst possible conclusion. She asks why trying to kill Ryan wasn't enough and why he felt he had to poison Ryan's wife as well. Ethan vehemently denies having anything to do with Greenlee's poisoning - what would he have to gain from that? He isn't in the running anymore for an inheritance that isn't his, and he has no desire to be slapped with another charge of attempted murder. Mary thinks it could be revenge, but Ethan dismisses that as a ludicrous option. Jackson speaks up and says that he may regret doing so later, but he thinks this time, Ethan is telling the truth. Ryan, obviously crazed by everything that is happening, says that if Ethan isn't guilty - who is? Jackson, reluctant once again, says that they need to take a look at the theory that Greenlee did this to herself. They discuss the possibility that Greenlee decided that she wanted to try to speed herself along the path to wellness, and saw another doctor for an additional prescription. Mary attempts to make it about herself and talks about how headstrong Greenlee had been growing up and tried to make herself sound like a martyr. Erica, already fed up with Mary, tells her to shut up because she isn't helping to solve the problem. Just then, Maria and Dr. Ashborne come into the area. Maria tells them that she finally had an opportunity to look at the tox screen they ran on Greenlee. Uninterested in the results at the moment, Ryan begs her to find a way to get him in to see Greenlee. Maria, acknowledging his pain, tells him that although she wants to, she can't. Realizing that Maria is able to see his wife, he asks her to please go talk to her and find out what Greenlee took and how much. Dr. Ashborne chimes in and asks her also find out when she started taking it so they can find out the extent of the damage. Maria agrees, but parts with some encouraging words: now that they have the results back from the screen (which indicated that she had a high level of an anti-psychotic drug in her system) they know how to treat Greenlee. Maria feels that once the medicine is out of her system, the old Greenlee should be back, good as new. Maria shows up in Greenlee's room to check on her. She initially asks if Greenlee is aware of where she is and why. Greenlee, laying calmly on the bed in four-point restraints, passes those test questions with ease, and Maria relaxes a little. She then asks Greenlee to list all of the medications she is taking. She tells Maria that she recently went off birth control pills, since she and Ryan were hoping to start a family. The only other medication was the one Dr. Ashborne prescribed, and she took that as instructed. A short time later, Greenlee, having been released from her restraints, comes out of the bathroom in her room and climbs back into bed. Maria, believing that this calm streak will last, starts to take her blood pressure without putting her back in restraints. Greenlee's vision blurs once again and she suddenly sees (and believes) that it is actually Kendall taking her blood pressure. In her view, Kendall is telling her that she needs to be with Ryan - and that Ryan is dead. This drives Greenlee over the edge and she starts freaking out. Maria tries to calm her down, but getting closer only makes Greenlee freak out more. Maria is forced to call for someone to help her. As she is being strapped to the bed once again, all Greenlee can see is that it's Kendall and Ethan tying her down. All the while, she sees them tormenting her by telling her that once again she has lost because nothing ever goes right in her life. In actuality, it is Maria and Dr. Ashborne. He asks her what happened and if she noticed anything that might have set Greenlee off. Maria replies that one minute she was calm and joking around, and the next she was freaking out. He asks her to go to the family while he tries to figure out something additional that will help their patient.

Back in the waiting room, Ryan is telling everyone that he doesn't believe that Greenlee would self-medicate because she didn't want anyone to know what was going on. Jack offers that perhaps she saw a doctor that didn't know her or her family as a way to feel more comfortable. Interrupting this discussion as well, Maria returns to the area. She tells them that Greenlee thought she was Kendall and Ryan was dead - and Mary has heard enough. She now wants to blame everything on Kendall - revenge yet again, because Ryan fell in love with Greenlee and not her. Erica starts to physically lash out at Mary for disrespecting her daughter, but Ethan steps up to the place in her stead. He informs Mary that if it weren't for Kendall, her daughter wouldn't have survived the triple flip she was attempting off the roof of the Fusion building. Mary, completely incensed at being stymied, storms off to find Joe Martin. With her gone, Jack informs everyone that Greenlee is still close to David, and perhaps she got additional medication from him. Ryan thought that, because Greenlee wanted to keep her condition a secret, even going to David didn't make any sense. He is reminded that Kendall found Greenlee near David's cabin recently, and that lends credence to the theory that the medication originated from David. Ethan pipes in and says that the scenario sounds plausible, and by doing so, provokes Ryan's ire. Ryan tells him that he is not wanted, and waits for him to leave. Before doing so, Ethan expresses to Ryan his hope that Greenlee make a full and complete recovery. Once Ethan is gone, Jack says that he is going to head over to David's cabin to investigate their theory. Erica insists that she will accompany Jack, and tells Ryan not to lose hope. She tells him that she is certain everything will work out okay.

Jack and Erica arrive at David's cabin, and Jack inquires about a spare key. Erica doesn't think David would leave one lying around, but Jack looks anyway. He finds one under a flower pot, and believes he has Babe or Krystal to thank for that. Once inside, they start looking at various vials that are on David's desk. They agree that they will have them sent to a lab for analysis. Jack tells Erica that if it turns out that David is the one that did this to Greenlee, Jack will hurt him in the worst possible way. Erica tries to calm him, and says that their first directive is to find some proof. If proven guilty, they can decide on a punishment later. They don't find anything useful until Erica goes through a stack of mail. She comes across the letter that Babe wrote to David and Krystal.

Back in the dressing room, Kendall tells JR that she is not working for Bianca, but JR doesn't believe her. Kendall tries to soothe him by saying that he can't be too worried about any plan that had been hatched, or he wouldn't have agreed to come to the concert. Having the desired effect, JR asks Kendall for her help. He tells her that without it, he won't be able to kill Babe's plan. Slightly alarmed, Kendall asks if he wants to kill the plan, or kill Babe. Apparently not really wanting to know the answer, Kendall forges ahead. She says that while she will never be on Babe's side or support her in any way, she will do everything she can to get Bianca what she wants. She acknowledges that without Babe, Bianca might never have had a chance to see her baby. Further, Bianca might never have survived the night. Because of that, she is fine if Bianca wants to hang out with her best friend and catch up. JR stuns her by saying that if all of that is true, Kendall musn't care about her sister as much as she claims. JR admits to Kendall the truth about what was written in Babe's letter (that Bess is really Miranda) and Kendall questions why he lied about that. He tells her that he was trying to protect Bianca from any additional pain, after Babe ditched both her and her baby to run off with Jamie. Understanding, Kendall says that now it's her turn to protect her sister - but she has a question. She wants to know why JR won't just have another test done. It would eliminate any doubt about who the baby belongs to - and obviously Babe can't expect him to hand over his daughter without making sure what she says is true. JR manages to not address Kendall's suggestion by focusing instead on Babe's transgressions (the fact that she slept with Jamie when she came to town) and the "fact" that she lied in her letter. He tells her that Babe married him for his money, and that Jamie stole money from them to finance their trip. He thinks that Babe has blown through that money, and wants to see him as some sort of blackmail. JR says he is willing to pay her whatever she wants, as long as she stops spreading lies. He claims that he is willing to do this solely to protect Bianca. JR convinces Kendall that she needs to keep Bianca away from Babe, because Babe will only bring more hurt, pain and lies. Kendall falls for it - and when Bianca walks in, she sees concern written all over her sister's face. When asked what is going on, Kendall tells her that they had just been talking about her. JR is nervous that Kendall will blow his cover, but Kendall smoothly lies and says that they had been talking about Bianca being stuck with nanny duties. She tells Bianca that there are beautiful beaches to see, and a lot of VIPs to meet and greet, especially since they are the reason that the benefit is happening. Bianca laughs it off and says she has no problem staying with and taking care of Bess. That matter settled, JR says that he is going to meet with the stage manager to hammer out the specifics of the show. Kendall says that she needs to get something to drink and follows him out. When they get outside, JR asks Kendall if she is on board with his plan, and she indicates that she is. Thankful, he kisses her and takes off.

David muses that there has to be a better way to parent than what they are doing. Should they really sit back and do nothing and wait for Babe to crash and burn? Krystal corrects him and says that she wasn't suggesting they do nothing - they just need to find another way to provide direction. David is frustrated and suggests they leave, but as they start to go, JR enters the room. Hardly surprised by anyone's appearance at this point, he asks if the duo plans to stay and cheer him on.

Kendall goes back into the room, and finds Bianca leaning against a chair, waiting for her to come back. She tells Kendall that she should realize that anything JR told her is all crap. Feigning innocence, Kendall asks what she means, and Bianca tells her that anything JR said was a bunch of lies.

As Bianca gets dressed for the concert, Kendall tries to divert her attention by complimenting her and telling her how beautiful she looks. Bianca, wise to her ways, brings the subject right back to the forefront. She tells Kendall that JR lies and that she can't trust him. Kendall says that she understands that Bianca will always be on Babe's side, and she is fine with that.

Bianca informs her sister that things aren't that simple. She tells Kendall that she doesn't realize how important this time in Florida is - and that if she does one thing to help JR (stop her from seeing Babe, get in the way of Babe doing what she needs to do) their relationship is over. She will forget she has a sister. Kendall, clearly shaken, has to leave the room. When she leaves, Bianca picks up her baby and tells her, ironically, that she will be back in her mother's arms before she knows it.

Ethan gets back to Kendall's place, and takes a moment to think about her while holding a scarf. Suddenly, an idea pops into his head and he starts to open cabinets and drawers in the kitchen. He pulls out any bottle he can find, all shapes and sizes, to confirm that there is nothing she could have used against Greenlee. Unbeknownst to him, Ryan had slipped into the apartment, and startled him by asking if he found anything to solve the mystery of how Greenlee got poisoned.

Friday, December 3

Ryan tells Ethan that he is obviously at Kendall's because he thinks she is the person who poisoned Greenlee. Ethan tells him that he is wrong and that he was invited to her house. Zach comes up behind Ryan and Ethan accuses him of poisoning Greenlee. Ryan quickly fills him in on what happened to her and Zach denies having any involvement in it. Zach says that he would have not benefit from killing her, then accuses Kendall of giving Greenlee the pills. Ethan tells Zach that Kendall did not do it and kicks him out. Zach watches from outside as Ethan pours the pills from the bottle down a sink drain.

Ryan rushes off tot he hospital where he finds Maria and Edmund fighting. Maria told Edmund that she was his new therapist and is not ready to sign the divorce papers. Edmund tells Ryan that he is sorry to hear about Greenlee and that whoever shot Ryan, probably is the one who gave her the pills. Maria quickly says that there is still the chance that Greenlee self-medicated. Edmund sees that comment as Maria defending her precious Zach and tells Ryan. Edmund's therapist comes up and they leave. Ryan tells Maria that he has not marked Zach off his suspect list and she realizes that.

Jackson reminds Erica that they are not at David's home to rummage through his mail. Erica tells him that she knows that, but that Babe's letter may help her figure out what she told Bianca. Jackson says that he thought she knew what was in the letter and asks her to share it with him. Erica tells him it was no big deal and doesn't share what she was told, until Jackson pushes her a little more. She tells him that JR told her Babe lied in the letter and that she had it "checked out" to make sure it was true. She says JR told the truth. They begin talking about Greenlee's condition and Erica tells Jackson that Greenlee is going to be fine. She is a strong woman who does not give up on what she wants, Erica says.

Kendall comes back into the room and Bianca reminds her that if she helps JR, their relationship is over. Kendall tells her that she does not have to agree with her to support her. Bianca gets frustrated and asks her to leave, but Kendall does not. She asks what Babe has done that makes her such a great person and Bianca retorts the same thing about JR. Kendall turns the issue into a "whose side are you on?" and Bianca says that she is not anyone's side but Bess'. She says that she won't let JR use Bess as a way to get revenge on Babe.

Babe tells Tad that JR can not know about their baby being alive, but Tad disagrees. He says that after Babe let Bianca think her child is dead, she can not do that to JR. As much as they hate him and as much hatred as he has spilled, Tad points out that he has a right to know his son and eventually the truth will seep out. When Babe and Jamie still refuse, Tad threatens to tell JR himself and when he tries to leave, Jamie blocks his path. Tad reminds them that James family is powerful, wealthy and won't stop until he is found. The longer they run, the better chance that they will be facing jail time. He says that if Babe and Jamie come forward now and explain to a judge what Paul Cramer did to her, then she could get James back and be on probation. He also points out that no one knows James paternity except them. Jamie says even if they turn themselves in, so what? JR could still take James away from Babe, he notes. Jamie tells him that he is doing this to try to save JR for Dixie, but JR is too far gone. Tad says that may be true, but its not too late for him to stop being a replica of JR. Jamie and Babe manage to tie Tad up to the bed and rush off to the concert.

Krystal asks JR where Babe is, but JR tells them he does not know. He figures she probably would come to the concert, but isn't sure why. David tells JR that he and Krystal believe Babe might try to kidnap Bess and they came to stop it. JR gets pretty shook up and believes that Babe might kidnap Bess. He goes back to the room where Kendall is watching Bianca welcome the crowd and tells her not to take her eyes off Bess for even a minute. Kendall agrees and JR rushes off.

Babe, Jamie and James arrive in the backstage area of the concert, where they find Krystal and David. After some reuniting, Jamie immediately asks David why he told his dad that he killed Paul. David told him it that it was possible and Jamie retorts that he probably killed Paul. Babe, clueless to what they are talking about, breaks in and tells them that she has to tell Bianca the truth.

Tad wakes up, tied to the bed and when a housekeeper comes to clean the room, she gets scared and leaves. David is the next visitor and instead of loosening the ropes, he only makes them tighter.

Bianca welcomes the crowd and introduces her first performer. JR is next and rocks the house. She finds Bianca, hugs her then tells her she has something to say.



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