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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 29, 2004 on GL
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Monday, November 29, 2004

Danny and Marina arrive at the lighthouse after leaving Thanksgiving clean-up duties behind at Company. They are joking about the possibility that Frank followed Marina when there is a knock at the door. Danny answers to find Sebastian is there looking for Michelle. Danny tells Sebastian Michelle has gone out of town and he has no idea when she will return. Sebastian casts a sidelong glance at Marina and asks Danny if he even cares when Michelle will be back. Danny tells Sebastian to mind his own business. Sebastian is near screaming when he tells Danny he must know where the mother of his child is. After getting control, he apologizes and leaves. Marina comments that Sebastian may be right that Danny should know where his wife is. Danny assures Marina that too much has happened between Michelle and him for it to ever be the same. Marina asks Danny for help in business and in return she will teach him how to have fun. She invites him for a drink. Danny looks surprised and asks Marina if she is old enough to drink. Marina makes a face and responds she is old enough for a lot of things. Danny follows her into the night.

On the island, Tony and Michelle have just made love. Tony stares at Michelle and tells her she is beautiful and thanks her for believing in the two of them. Michelle is distracted and tells Tony she has been selfish since she lost her memory. She makes him promise he will not let her miss any more moments as special as the ones they just shared. Tony responds he is there for good and he will never let her go - no matter who gets hurt. They begin kissing again when Tony is bitten on the neck. Michelle looks for the insect but doesn't see anything. They decide it was only a mosquito and resume their passion. While they kiss in oblivion, a large black spider makes his way through the sand nearby.

At Farley's Bar, Harley arrives alone to find that Gus is already there. Gus asks how Harley is holding up and she tells him she hates watching every move her father makes and wondering whether or not he is responsible for Phillip's death. She tells Gus she wishes they could be any two people alone in a bar without worrying about family wars and murder. Harley comments that 'their song' is playing on the jukebox. Gus rises and holds his hand out to Harley. They are dancing when he asks her to forgive him for lying. She breaks their embrace and tells him she can't forget or forgive. He accuses her of blaming him for every person who has ever hurt her. Harley calms and tells him she should not have called him a liar, because she intends to protect her father the same way he protected Alexandra. Harley leaves to put her kids to bed.

Sebastian phones Holly on a one-way radio he brought back from the islands where Holly is still imprisoned. From her cell, Holly begs Sebastian to free her. He is about to respond when Blake arrives and demands to know where her mother is. Sebastian hides the phone and tells her Holly decided to stay behind and continue sorting through Roger's personal things. Blake is suspicious and tells Sebastian she has no reason to believe him and will feel better if she could hear her mother's voice. Holly, listening in, contemplates a bottle of wine left by her cell. She reaches for it and inhales deeply. She glances up and thanks Roger for what he has reduced her too. As she hears Sebastian lie to her daughter about what Roger left behind, she mutters 'he left a son as scary as he was.'

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Sebastian has gone back in Springfield to look for Michelle but instead finds himself overtaken by illness. Dinah happens upon him and he pleads for her help. She refuses, but as she walks away, he collapses to the ground. He would surely have died had Edmund not turned the corner, for when Dinah saw him, she, anxious to impress Edmund with her "compassion," pleads with Edmund to call the paramedics. Where a moment ago she was ready to walk away from a dying man, Dinah now decides to become a hero and she resuscitates Sebastian. As her mysterious ex-stepson is carried away by paramedics Dinah convinces Edmund to have a drink with her. He agrees, and Dinah makes every effort to make Edmund believe she wants to be his friend.

In the meantime, Rick and Mel have yet another disagreement about his feelings for Phillip. She does not understand that Rick misses his lifelong friend and doesn't understand how Rick can have compassion for Phillip's behavior during his mental illness. Rick stomps away in frustration. Beth just happens to walk in on the last bit, and asks Mel if she can help. Mel tells Beth she believes it is a family matter and something she and Rick will work out. However, after Mel leaves and Rick reappears, Beth gets another story Rick is obviously very upset about her lack of support in his grieving process. Their conversation is interrupted by Sebastian's arrival at the emergency room. Rick runs to his side but is quickly overtaken by a panic attack as memories of Phillip's death flood his mind. Beth, who apparently has nothing else to do that day, is still just outside the door and is very understanding of Rick's feelings. After agreeing to always talk with each other and sharing more than a few moments of meaningful looks into each other's eyes Rick returns to his patient's side. Sebastian realizes he is being treated by Ed Bauer's son and asks about Michelle. He finds out that she is missing and realizes that she has not contacted Ed, whom he feels is the only person who can cure his mysterious disease. As Rick and Beth enjoy yet another few moments of conversation, Sebastian escapes from the emergency room to continue his search of a cure.

Cassie and Reva try to patch up their argument over Jonathan by enjoying drinks at Towers. However, upon their arrival, Reva finds Jonathan and Sandy in a scuffle. Reva is angry and tells Sandy to leave her son alone. She doesn't, of course, know that Jonathan egged Sandy into the fight by threatening to bed Reva's daughter, as he did Cassie's daughter. Sandy swears that he will defend Reva and he tells her she is worth fighting for. In a sudden about face, Reva and Sandy embrace and are found in that embrace by Jonathan, who is visibly unhappy about what he sees. Jonathan, in a bit of good acting, looks contrite and sad. He tells Reva that Cassie has thrown him out of her hotel and asks if he can stay at her home Reva is overjoyed. But before he can move in, they must first win Josh's permission.

Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Jonathan moves in with Reva and Josh, causing a rift in her relationship with Cassie. While Reva is grateful to Josh for giving Jonathan a second chance, he later reveals to Edmund that he believes Jonathan will eventually show his true colors, getting him out of their lives much more quickly. Jonathan takes advantage of an opportunity to upset Cassie by reminding her of what happened to Tammy. Not knowing what was said between them, Reva attempts to defend Jonathan, reminding Cassie he is her baby, and that Edmund was once a person who had done despicable things but who had been given a second chance. Cassie ultimately tells Reva she hopes Jonathan's second chance does not cost her the other people in her life.

Cassie finds a stuffed toy sheep in the trash, leading her confront Edmund on his desire to have a baby. Edmund admits he would love to have a baby, but does not believe Cassie would want to have his child. Cassie confides that while she would love to have his baby, she is worried about putting him through all the difficulties of trying to conceive. Cassie agrees to put her worries aside, and the couple happily agrees to try to have a baby.

Tammy arrives at the bar where she flirts with Jake. Sandy interrupts and attempts to convince her to leave with him. Tammy agrees to leave, if he will take her home with him. Sandy argues he is trying to do the right thing, and that he will take her anywhere else. As Sandy leaves to get the car, Jonathan enters the bar and approaches Tammy. She gathers her courage to confront him, demanding to know why he chose her. Jonathan tells Tammy her attitude is what drew him to her. He then proceeds to taunt her, saying he is the type of guy she wants, and now Sandy will not want her since he had her first.

As Bill and Olivia enter Towers, they are met by Billy who shows them a newspaper declaring her the prime suspect in Phillip's murder. Olivia moves off to speak with Dinah, as Bill sits down at a table with Billy. While Olivia agrees with Dinah that she had great motive to murder Phillip, she still declares her innocence. Olivia says Bill is a great person and he has been good to her, however, she does not believe he loves her. As Dinah begins to complain about how unfair it is that Cassie should be so happy when she is not, Olivia interrupts her, reminding her that Cassie is her friend and partner. Dinah then shocks Olivia by asking if Bill knows she is in love with him. As Billy attempts to tell Bill he should leave Olivia, he interrupts, reminding his father that he is not the person to give advice on relationships. He does not think it would not be right to leave while she is being falsely accused of a crime. The foursome comes back together; Billy and Dinah leave as Olivia gets a telephone call requesting she go to the police station. Dinah runs into Cassie on her way out, who tells her that she and Edmund are going to have a baby.

Thursday, December 2, 2004

Tony dreams about building a new life on the island with Michelle. His dreams turn to hallucinations of Danny when he's affected by the spider bite on his neck. The ghostly Danny gloats that he will have it made with Michelle because Tony will not make it out of the jungle alive.

Back in Springfield, accusations are flying. Mel accuses Danny of driving Michelle away. Frank accuses Olivia of killing Phillip because he was blackmailing her with proof of stock fraud. Olivia pleads her innocence and Danny admits his marriage to Michelle is over. Olivia accuses Beth of engineering the allegations against her. Olivia's day gets worse when Lizzie promises to take care of Emma while Olivia is in prison. A shaky Olivia decides to take Emma and leave Springfield.

Lizzie presents the mortified Cooper clan with pink, frou-frou menus for her new restaurant, Elizabeth & Company. Marina and Coop brainstorm about ways to cause trouble for Lizzie. Danny encourages them to exploit Lizzie's weak spot-not being in control-by giving her complete control and following her orders. They hope if they give her enough rope, she will hang herself. Marina bets Danny he wouldn't last five minutes working for Lizzie. Marina tells Coop to mind his own business when he warns her to be careful with Danny.

Harley tells Gus their Thanksgiving flirtation and dance at the bar meant nothing.

Harley, fearing Buzz is upset because he killed Phillip, assures him she will make everything work out. Buzz catches Gus snooping for evidence in his room. Gus claims he is only trying to protect Buzz. He is cryptic when Gus interrogates him about the night of the murder. Buzz says the blood on a shirt in his room is his own blood and not Phillip's.

Rick and Beth grow closer through their mutual grief over Phillip's death. Rick and Mel grow further apart when Mel shows Rick pictures from the Bauer barbecue and the pictures do not include Phillip. Mel explains she omitted pictures of Phillip looming over their kids because she is upset about the kidnapping and wants Rick to have happy memories of the barbecue.

Frank discovers only Buzz had the access code to Company's alarm system. Harley, as Ruth, calls Frank and then hangs up before he can trace the call.

Friday, December 3, 2004

Olivia is stunned to discover she's been kidnapped by Bill, who's taken her to the beach for the honeymoon they never had. When she complains about the miserable day she's had, Bill says all the more reason to celebrate themselves. But, as Bill strives to give Olivia what she needs, she's distracted. She's thinking about the instructions she gave her nanny to meet her at the airport with Emma so they can slip out of the country and avoid Phillip's investigation all together. But, Bill is so wonderful and so sure of their future, she gives in for the moment. But, after they make love, she lies in his arms, wide-awake, and full of conflict, and when he dozes, she makes her escape.

Armed with advice from doctors, Cassie and Edmund are ready to try to make a baby and take advantage of the miracle thrown their way. Jeffrey, however, is greatly affected when he hears their news and though he tries to hide it, Dinah can see his sad resignation and chooses to take advantage of it. She seduces Jeffrey, painting them both as needful in the wake of recent events, and in Jeffrey she finds a willing partner and then puts her plan into action. When she gets him out of the room briefly to get them some drinks, she pulls out a condom for their imminent use and pokes holes in it with a sewing pin, determined to make a baby.

Michelle realizes Tony is sick and she swings into doctor mode, trying to figure out how to reduce his fever. Tony however continues to get worse and his fever induces a hallucination in which he imagines the old Michelle leaving him to return to her old life. Michelle discovers the source of his fever, the spider bite that is now infected, and knows she must try to leave and bring him help. She goes, despite his protests and the danger she faces, into the unknown jungle.

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