One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 6, 2004 on OLTL

Jessica could not quite remember who she had seen kill Tico. Nora attempted to make love to Daniel, but thoughts of Bo stopped her. Cristian continued to hide his memory loss as a worried Natalie tried to make him comfortable. Todd and Blair moved up the wedding. A wedding gown-clad Margaret pulled a gun on Todd and shot him before the wedding could begin.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 6, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, December 6, 2004

Tico went into respiratory failure. Michael realized that the plug to Tico's life support machine had been unplugged. Michael tried valiantly to save Tico, but Tico died. Antonio found Jessica unconscious near Tico's room. They watched Tico die.

Viki and Cristian searched for Jessica. Natalie told John her suspicions that Cristian had been tortured by the drug dealers. John recommended that Natalie give Cristian some time to heal. John received a phone call from Michael about Tico's death. John questioned Antonio about Jessica's whereabouts before Tico died.

John wanted to see Jessica but Antonio wouldn't allow it. John thought Antonio was protecting Jessica. Michael was upset that Tico had died on his watch, and he was also curious about what had happened to the police officer who had been posted outside of Tico's room. John found the officer who had left Tico's room to respond to a drunken disorder. John fired the officer.

Adriana was confused about her life. Duke invited her to stay with him. Kevin was not happy to see Adriana and talked down to her. Duke called Kevin a hypocrite, since Kevin was the one who had been so close to Tico during his campaign for lieutenant governor. Duke wouldn't leave Adriana by herself.

Kevin had his P.I. keep an eye on Kelly, but the P.I. sent pictures of Kelly undressing to Kevin. Kevin was affected by the images. He called the P.I. to warn him to just follow Kelly so that she could lead him to Ace -- and to stop taking pictures of her undressing. Kelly found out that JR Chandler, Babe's husband, would be performing in concert in honor of Miranda Montgomery. Kelly believed Babe and Ace might be there.

Cristian was happy that Tico was dead and wanted to start his life. Margaret plotted her wedding to Todd. Jack was having bad dreams about Blair.

Tuesday, December 7, 2004

John argued with Antonio about what Jessica might or might not have seen. Natalie made John promise to talk to Jessica in the morning. Jessica told Antonio and Natalie that she had seen who had killed Tico; she just couldn't remember. Jessica had a dream that Tico returned from the dead and tormented her with her knowledge about his killer.

Bo and Evangeline set a trap for Paul's killer. Evangeline had the evening news reveal that they had found the shovel that had been used to bury Paul and name the place where police were storing it. R.J. and Rex showed up separately and took away all the shovels, since they didn't know which one had killed Paul.

Riley and Jen talked about their future. Jen was disturbed by the evening news and left Riley's show early. Riley's band mates teased him about Jen's disappearance.

Cristian seemed to be suffering from memory loss. Natalie worried about him. Cristian managed to recall his favorite artist -- with a little help from Natalie. Cristian wrote down the name of his favorite artist in a notebook with other reminders.

Margaret planned her wedding with Todd. Todd and Blair had a conversation about the wedding. Todd wanted to move up the wedding because he was afraid something might go wrong.

Wednesday, December 8, 2004

As Margaret gloated over her dress for her Christmas "wedding" to Todd, he and Blair were busy firming up their change in plans for an immediate ceremony. Blair was saddened that none of her family would be available while Todd was thrilled to have a "no-Cramer" ceremony and only cared about how his children felt about the whole thing. Starr was upset over a mysterious appointment that she had to keep. Margaret showed up as the family was leaving the penthouse and overheard them mention the evening's wedding. She returned to her own place, hysterical, but calmed herself down so that she could consider a new plan.

Cristian had another bad dream. Viki, who needed to have Natalie move her car, interrupted him and Natalie. Cristian thumbed through his notebook, trying to remember his old life. Natalie returned with Cristian's favorite breakfast, though he didn't seem to recollect it exactly, and they both realized that things had changed somewhat. Natalie apologized for her attempts at trying to keep everything the same, but Cristian blamed John for all that had happened. He snarled that he didn't even want Natalie to talk to John. Natalie reminded her husband that she had never stopped loving him.

Antonio stayed with Jessica, who was still having horrible nightmares regarding Tico's death. Evangeline, John, and Paige stopped by, but the doctor cleared everyone from the room so that she could check on her patient. John pressed Antonio for answers, and they both believed that Jessica could be in danger. When Antonio tried to get back into Jessica's room, Paige told him that Jessica would like him to leave.

Bo admitted that his shovel story had been planted and told Nora that Lindsay and Jen were at the top of his list of suspects. Though R.J. and Rex had been seen removing several shovels from evidence, he was sure they had been protecting the women. Daniel arrived, perturbed over Bo's move, though in agreement that David and Dorian were probably innocent of Paul's murder. When John got to the station, the talk centered on the latest incident. Daniel decided that he wanted Dorian and David to remain in jail without any concrete evidence on any other person. They all admitted that it was possible that Antonio might have been responsible for Tico's death.

Viki arrived at Jessica's hospital room and reassured her daughter that she was safe, no matter what her nightmares caused her to believe. Jessica was upset that she still couldn't seem to recall who might have pulled the plug on Tico's machine and was afraid to go to sleep; she thought that she might have seen someone she loved commit a crime.

Todd made arrangements for his wedding at the Palace and, seeing Evangeline, invited her to attend. He tried to pump her for information that she might have gotten from John concerning Tico's death, but she refused to talk about it. Personally, he believed that Kevin was the murderer, he informed her. Matthew lunched with Bo and Paige and was totally entranced when he learned that Paige played soccer and could help him with his game. He agreed to go off with Todd to wait for Starr, who was going to be miserable for some unknown reason.

Bo was pleased that Matthew seemed to be accepting Paige, and when Nora arrived, she walked in as they were sharing a kiss. Nora told them that she was there to pick up lunch to share with Daniel at her place, though it was apparent it was a spur-of-the-moment excuse. When Nora left, Paige told Bo that he was busted; she couldn't help but notice that he had been attempting to make Nora jealous by putting his arm around Paige when Nora showed up.

When Cristian and Natalie arrived for lunch, they ran into Antonio who pulled his brother aside. He thought it was time Carlotta knew that Cristian was alive, he insisted. Cristian wanted to wait until he was feeling better and in one piece. Natalie thanked Evangeline for being nice to her the night of the assassination attempt. She returned John's gloves from their previous encounter in the park.

Starr finally showed up and refused to talk to Matthew at first but finally grimaced to show off her new braces. Todd invited Viki to his wedding, telling her happily that there would not be any Cramers there. An annoyed Blair overheard.

John perused a book of photos consisting of possible mob acquaintances of Tico, and Daniel berated him for not going after Antonio. He also mentioned how John had managed to save Natalie when she had been accused of a crime. Nora asked Daniel if he'd like to have lunch at her place; he was curious at her overly flirty behavior.

Margaret changed her Christmas reservation date on the cabin to the present.

Thursday, December 9, 2004

Left hurt by Todd's remarks, Blair asked Bo if he could release Dorian from jail just long enough so she could attend Blair's wedding.

Bo filled in Dorian and David on Blair's wedding, thinking that they'd spill information about Paul's murder so they could attend the festivities. Dorian pointed Bo in a useful direction by telling him that the murder was connected to Kelly and Ace.

Nora was on the verge of making love with Daniel but pulled away when she couldn't seem to get Bo out of her head. A patient Daniel said he understood and left for an appointment that had been rescheduled. After he was gone, Nora let Bo think that she and Daniel had slept together.

Hayes made arrangements for Marcie to get a complete makeover, for the good of her publishing career, of course. Michael was angered by the news that he was going to be questioned by the hospital board about the night Tico's life support plug had been pulled during his watch. Each wrapped up in their own stuff, Michael and Marcie began to drift apart.

Friday, December 10, 2004


At the police station, Evangeline saw John and asked him to go to the wedding. John declined because of police business, but they agreed to meet afterwards. Nora interrogated David regarding Paul's death. Nora advised she would talk to the district attorney for a deal, but he needed to tell her what Dorian had meant about Paul using Kelly for Ace.

Bo interrogated Dorian in the next room, and Dorian said Paul had used Kelly as his personal cash machine. Bo asked why Paul had been blackmailing Kelly. Nora reminded David of prison life. David said Paul had tormented Kelly but had had something on Kevin. David swore Dorian hadn't killed Paul. Dorian also implicated Kevin. Dorian said she didn't know anything regarding Paul's death.

Bo and Nora met in the hallway. They decided David and Dorian were lying and covering for each other but agreed David and Dorian had not killed Paul. Nora went to find Daniel to get him to agree to free David and Dorian. Nora dropped the charges, since she could not locate Daniel. Todd arrived to ask for Dorian to be released.

At the hotel before Todd and Blair's wedding, Cristian was uneasy as he was reading the journal he had kept while held in captivity. Natalie walked over and asked what he was reading. Cristian did not allow Natalie to read his journal. Natalie commented how much she has changed from a year before. Cristian replied that they were both different. Natalie greeted Kevin, and Cristian was uncomfortable being near him.

Todd arrived and asked why Kevin wasn't in jail for the attempted murder of the governor. Todd taunted Kevin about Ace. Kevin started to choke Todd. Cristian tried to stop him, and Kevin hurt Cristian by hitting him in the abdomen. Viki witnessed it all and stopped Todd and Kevin. Cristian was okay and went to rest.

Viki and Kevin argued about his unsatisfactory behavior. Natalie saw Evangeline, and they complimented each other on their attire. Natalie asked about John. Cristian entered and commented that he had not worn his tux since his wedding to Natalie. Cristian went to get medication because he was experiencing severe headaches.

Natalie saw John enter. Natalie complimented John on how nice he looked. John felt he looked ridiculous. John asked how Cristian was doing. Evangeline walked over, and she and John went to have drinks together. Trying to enjoy the wedding, John and Evangeline escaped to the hotel terrace, where they started kissing. Natalie observed it. John saw Natalie and resumed kissing Evangeline. Kevin told the private investigator to keep watching Kelly.

In the hospital hallway, Adriana asked Antonio to attend Tico's funeral. He declined. Adriana pleaded with Antonio to go and pray for Tico's soul. Antonio believed Tico had not had one. She asked him to call Carlotta in Puerto Rico and tell her about Cristian, and he refused. Adriana decided to pray for Tico and Antonio.

Starr and Matthew gathered for the wedding. Matthew took Starr's picture, as Starr screamed for him to stop. Starr had just received braces and didn't want to be in any pictures. Adriana calmed Starr, and Duke was impressed. Starr decided to be in the wedding pictures to make Blair and Todd happy. Matthew decided to do something nice for Starr, since she was his best friend. Starr was ecstatic when Matthew digitally enhanced Starr's photograph, minus her braces.

In Jessica's hospital room, Viki asked if Jessica wanted her to stay instead of going to the wedding, and Jessica encouraged Viki to go. Viki mentioned that Antonio would arrive soon. Antonio asked John if he had found the killer. John told him to look in the mirror. Antonio was appalled that John suspected him of Tico's murder.

Marcie visited Jessica and asked her to speak to Michael regarding Tico's death, since Michael blamed himself for losing his patient. John asked Paige if he could visit Jessica, since he had more questions. After Marcie left, John asked Jessica to think about the night of the murder and to think about the killer. Jessica told John she did not remember that night and was agitated. John left.

Michael checked on Jessica, and she told him Tico's death had not been his fault. Michael was suspicious of Marcie. Antonio told John he had not killed Tico. Antonio visited Jessica and was glad she was recovering. Jessica told Antonio about John questioning her. Antonio said he was the prime suspect. Jessica asked him if he had killed Tico.

Michael was angry at Marcie for having Jessica talk to him about Tico's death. Paige advised Antonio and Jessica that visiting hours were over. Antonio said he would be back to talk about their future. Jessica asked again if he had killed Tico. Antonio left without answering. Jessica remembered an arm and hand pulling the life support plug and Tico telling her she knew who had killed him.

Blair and Addie were preparing for the wedding. Addie wished Dorian and Kelly could attend. Todd and Blair argued through the shut door, because Todd had said nasty things regarding Dorian. Margaret was also in the hotel, dressed for her wedding. She looked into the mirror to reveal that she was dressed in the exact same dress as Blair. She was determined to be Todd's bride.

Addie told Todd to not to say he was sorry, but to do something to show Blair how sorry he was. Starr arrived and was thrilled to be maid of honor. Margaret was talking to herself in the mirror, holding a gun. Viki arrived, saw Blair, and welcomed her into Viki's family again. Viki stated it took a special type of person to understand Todd. Viki was happy for Blair. Viki also visited Todd to wish him well.

Adriana, Starr, and Addie surprised Blair with the usual wedding traditions. Adriana gave Blair an old necklace from Dorian, since Dorian could not attend. Viki reassured Todd and told him to make this wedding last. Margaret approached Blair and Todd's rooms. Blair opened her door to Dorian, who had just been released from jail and surprised Blair by attending. Since Dorian had been released so suddenly, Addie believed Todd had gotten Dorian released to make Blair happy.

Todd opened his door and found Margaret dressed like Blair and delusional. Margaret told Todd they were getting married that night. Todd laughed. Margaret pulled out the gun and threatened to shoot Blair and Todd. Todd did not believe her, and as he went to call the police, Margaret shot Todd.

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