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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 6, 2004 on GL
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Monday, December 6, 2004

Sebastian returned to the island and found Holly drunk in her cell. He asked why she hadn't waited for him. Holly, slurring, told him she'd had no idea if he had died and thought that if he had, she should enjoy one last binge before dying a prisoner. Sebastian, disappointed, told Holly she should have trusted him. She responded in near hysterics that he should trust her enough to not keep her caged like an animal.

Sebastian admitted he needed Holly to be sober in case he died. She laughed and told him she was caretaker for no one. Holly was disappointed when Sebastian opened her door but refused to grant her freedom. As he tucked her into bed, she glanced at the open door with a smile on her face.

After treating Olivia to a belated honeymoon on the beach, Bill awaked alone. While calling for his wife, he found a note she had left for him, saying she'd had a beautiful time but needed to say goodbye. Olivia arrived at the airport and found her nanny and Emma waiting for her to board a plane to San Cristobel. Bill phoned Olivia, who answered but didn't say anything. In the background, he heard flight information over a speaker and rushed to the airport.

When Bill arrived at the airport, he found Olivia, who was determined to leave the country to spare him the scrutiny of being involved with a murder suspect. Bill told her if she left, his life would be worse, not better. Olivia was moved by his profession to protect her and Emma from the Spauldings, no matter what happened. She agreed to stay in Springfield.

Cassie and Edmund spent the evening making love and discussing the possibility of raising a child together. Cassie recalled Jonathan's taunts that she could bear a child as heinous as he was and Edmund had been. Edmund discounted her fears and told her that no matter what, their child would be loved every day by loving parents who had devoted their lives to each other. Later, as they prepared dinner, Cassie received a call from the doctor requesting they head in for more fertility testing. Edmund worried there might be problem when Cassie smiled and told him it was his turn for testing. He groaned as he realized he had a date with a cup.

Jeffrey and Dinah had just finished making love in his suite when he commented that she had arrived prepared for romance. Dinah laughed and said she was a modern woman, and carrying a condom in her purse was not a big deal. Jeffrey remarked she had never done so before and examined the condom wrapper, discovering several holes poked in the package. Dinah denied any wrongdoing until he grabbed her purse and discovered her handy needle.

Realizing she had been caught, Dinah told Jeffrey she wanted what other people had -- the opportunity to raise a child. Jeffrey told her she was "desperate, angry, and needy" and that was no kind of life for an innocent child. Dinah, unmoved, told Jeffrey to get used to the idea because she had a feeling her mission had been accomplished. She went on to say she would not seek support from him or any other type of involvement.

Jeffrey was sidetracked from berating Dinah about her deception when she told him they needed to join together to stop Edmund and Cassie from having a child. Jeffrey refused his assistance but listened as Dinah told him she had information that would destroy Edmund and Cassie -- information that would send Cassie rushing to Jeffrey's arms for support.

Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Josh and Reva met their friends Ross and Blake at "Elizabeth & Company," the new, improved Company. Seated at a table set with a fancy linen tablecloth, the couples compared their complicated lives. As they did, Josh and Reva's most recent major complication -- Jonathan -- entered the restaurant. He joined the group and did his best to insult the Marlers.

When Jonathan was left alone with Blake, he said whatever he could to offend her, but she wasn't fazed -- he had met his match. When Reva asked how the conversation had gone, Blake was polite but admitted, "He got a little personal." Reva was furious with Jonathan and decided the only way she could stop his confrontational ways was for him to vent his anger where it belonged -- at his abusive adoptive father, Alfred. Jonathan was not convinced.

As Ross and Blake left the restaurant, a nurse presented them with a package containing the items left by Sebastian during his hospital stay. The news of his illness was a surprise to them both. Inside the package was his two-way radio for communicating with Holly. Meanwhile, in Holly's mysterious island prison, the balance of power was changing in her favor. She shrewdly convinced Sebastian that she had consumed the entire bottle of wine he'd left outside her cell, but she was actually bluffing.

When she wrestled with him, pretending to reach for the flask of vodka he had showed her earlier, Holly instead grabbed the remote control to the cell door. Sebastian tried without success to convince her to give it back to him. As he did, they both heard Blake's voice on the two-way radio. Holly and Sebastian dove for it, but it was broken in the tussle.

Holly and Sebastian's fight brought on yet another of Sebastian's "episodes." At first, Holly thought he was pretending, but when he told her to get his pills on the other side of the cell door, she opened it and, for the first time in weeks, walked out into freedom. As she reached for his pills, she watched him writhe in pain and considered her options.

Harley and Frank argued when he discovered she had known all along that Buzz could be considered a suspect because he had been the only person who had known the combination to the burglar alarm at Company the night Phillip had been murdered. Harley refused to allow Frank to consider their father a suspect, but when forensic tests showed Buzz's fingerprints on the murder weapon, he was forced to take his father in for questioning. Gus appeared at the police station, and Harley told him about the gun. Gus tried to comfort her and insisted they would figure it out -- but Harley already knew what they needed to do.

Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Frank took Buzz into the police station for questioning. Alone in the interrogation room, Buzz remembered the fire on 5th Street as Frank entered to question him. Gus followed Frank into the room, announcing Frank had hired him to act as Buzz's attorney. After Buzz admitted to having seen Phillip the night he had been murdered, Gus interrupted the interrogation and refused to allow Buzz to answer any more questions.

As Frank demanded to know if Buzz had killed Phillip, Alexandra entered the room and proclaimed Buzz was innocent. Alexandra attempted to provide him with an alibi, admitting she had not been in jail that night. When Frank made it clear he did not believe her alibi, Buzz kissed Alexandra and thanked her for trying. Alan took Alexandra away, and Beth and Rick called Frank to the Spaulding mansion.

Michelle left Tony and went for help. In the jungle, she ran into a man who said they needed more help to get Tony. He told her to wait for him to return for her. As Michelle waited in the jungle, Holly was able to escape from Sebastian and set out through the jungle. After stopping to remember her past with Roger, and seeing a correlation with Sebastian, Holly returned to help him in what she thought was his time of need. As the stranger returned for Michelle, she was shocked to see that rather than help for Tony, he had Sebastian with him. Holly searched for Sebastian at the villa and was about to leave once again, but he arrived and locked both Michelle and Holly into the room where Holly had been held captive.

As Marina arrived to meet Danny and Robbie, she discovered Robbie was at preschool, and she was not needed as a nanny that day. She and Danny began a snowball fight, which drew them closer together.

Mel and Rick were arguing over Phillip, and Mel's need to remember Phillip as a friend. As Mel left to answer a telephone call, Beth and Rick began to reminisce over a high school yearbook. When Mel refused to join them, Beth and Rick went to the Spaulding mansion to visit with James and to continue talking about the Phillip they had known. Once they arrived, Beth and Rick discovered Ruth hiding in the study and a letter she had written claiming to be the killer. Beth locked her in the study as Rick called the police.

Thursday, December 9, 2004

Jonathan feared joining Reva for a reunion with Alfred, his abusive adoptive father. Sandy warned Reva not to get on a plane alone with "psycho" Jonathan. Reva ignored Jonathan's angry accusations about Sandy's lies and embraced Sandy as her friend. She refused to choose between Sandy and Jonathan but stayed with Jonathan to wait for their flight.

Coop and Marina assured Lizzie they weren't going to argue with her about Company. Lizzie suspected they were up to something and fired them.

Rick and Beth trapped "Ruth" in the study of the Spaulding home. Harley and alter ego Ruth "argued" over the dire situation as Frank closed in on Ruth. She hit Frank over the head with a vase and escaped from the house.

Rick planned to take a leave of absence from the hospital and charter a sailboat. He longed to escape Springfield and the memories of Phillip. Beth turned down Rick's request to join him on the boat.

Gus tried in vain to get Buzz to come clean about Phillip's murder.

Lizzie floundered as she tried to keep the food orders, supplies, and employee schedules straight at her new restaurant. Alexandra encouraged her not to give up. Lizzie rebounded by giving her disgruntled customers free pizza. After canoodling with Buzz, Alexandra changed her tune and asked Lizzie to give Company back to Buzz. Coop, pretty in a pink Elizabeth & Company shirt, schemed to distract Lizzie with his charm. Lizzie had her own plans for Coop.

Buzz confronted Ruth in front of Company. When he appeared to have a heart attack, Ruth was forced to call 9-1-1 at the risk of revealing herself as Harley.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Billy encountered Olivia at the Beacon and was surprised to learn from Bill that she was packing up to move in with him. Just then, Alan entered wanting to speak to Olivia about Emma, specifically a custody arrangement. He pointed out that Olivia could be facing jail time, and he believed that the Spaulding family could provide Emma with a more stable environment. Alan said that even if Olivia could establish her innocence, he'd like them to share Emma. Olivia was against that idea, citing Phillip and Lizzie as examples of what kind of people the Spaulding family turned out.

Alan told Olivia he'd speak to a lawyer about his rights and then left. There for the entire exchange, Billy suggested that Olivia compromise with Alan, because when it involved the Spauldings, one either surrendered or fought fire with fire. After Billy left, Bill assured a worried Olivia that he would help her fight. Olivia was not very reassured, since there was nothing he could do to help her -- he was not Emma's father. After she went upstairs, Bill made a phone call, asking to meet with someone.

A little later, a woman arrived, and Bill asked her to help him get Olivia something very special for Christmas. Later, a depressed Olivia went downstairs, and Bill asked her what was wrong. She responded that she had just been thinking how her life seemed so perfect at that moment, and she didn't want to lose it. He told her she wouldn't; he was going to get her and Emma something for Christmas that would take all their troubles away.

Reva and Jonathan were in the woods right outside his house at San Jamal. He seemed to be wary about going in and warned her about his father, Alfred. Reva tried to tell him that he had to face his demons, but he was not very moved. He told her he was not going to suddenly change just because he saw the man who had abused him. Reva convinced him to go in, but when they arrived, the house was empty.

Soon, Reva and Jonathan spotted a vagrant who stated that the house had been empty when he got there. He said he had heard that the man had died in a boating accident a few months earlier, and the woman had left soon after. He then hurried out. Reva mentioned that Alfred seemed to have died about the time Jonathan had arrived in Springfield. Jonathan thought he knew what she was getting at -- she thought he had killed his parents.

Suddenly, Jonathan started advancing on Reva and appeared to confess to the crime -- as well as the ozone layer and the budget deficit. Not very amused, Reva reiterated that she wasn't afraid of him. He was skeptical and suddenly lashed out and forced her into a chair, stating that if he could do it to his adoptive parents, she could only imagine what he could do to the woman who had left him. Reva was still not scared and suddenly turned the tables on her son, forcing him into the chair. She then maintained that he was the one who was scared. With that, Jonathan freaked out, bolted up, and started yelling at his father for beating him and his mother for watching it happen.

He then asked who could blame him for getting rid of a guy like that. But, quietly, he stated he hadn't. Reva told him his games didn't sway her; she saw the pain in his eyes. She told him she thought they were done there, and she left. Jonathan then picked up a pack of cigarettes left behind. He lit one up, took a puff, and threw the lit cigarette on the chair as he left.

Outside Company, Frank saw "Ruth" hovering over an unconscious Buzz and thought she had done something to him. He tried to confront her, but then Gus arrived and made if possible for her to escape. Buzz was rushed to the hospital. Soon, Harley arrived, and she and Gus argued about her plan to nail the murder on Ruth. After hearing that Buzz was okay, Harley left.

Soon after, Alex arrived, anxious to see Buzz. Gus, remembering how Buzz and Alex had been lying for each other, wondered why she was in such a hurry to see him. Alex realized what Gus was saying and insisted that she had not killed Phillip. Gus told her, most emphatically, that he was going to find out who had, and if it were her, he couldn't protect her. Just then, Alan entered and told Alex that Gus wasn't interested in nailing her for murder; he was just interested in proving himself to Harley.

Alex again tried to get through to Gus that she had not killed her nephew and wanted him to believe that. He told her that she could start by honoring Phillip's last request -- working in the Spaulding mailroom. Alex was shocked at first, but quickly complied, stating that she wanted to regain his trust. She then went in to see Buzz and told him about Gus reading her the riot act. She told him that Gus was determined to find out which one of them had pulled the trigger.

Meanwhile, out in the hall, Alan tried to convince Gus that Alex was innocent. As a token of good faith, he even gave Gus a motive by telling him about Phillip's threat to get Alex lost in the prison system. Alan also told Gus that Alex had told him about that threat because she had trusted Alan to save her, which he had.

Leaving the hospital, Harley encountered a hooker she recognized and after talking, realized the hooker might have seen something the night Phillip had been killed. The woman stated that she had seen a man there that night -- a man with horns. Later, Harley saw Billy walking near Company and started talking to him about his Cadillac -- the one with long horns in the front. She started to imply that maybe he had killed Phillip, since he had obviously lied about not being at Company that night. She informed him that the police were looking at Buzz as the prime suspect.

Billy started telling Harley that she was barking up the wrong tree, but after she threatened to go to the D.A., he admitted that he had lied but insisted he hadn't killed Phillip. Phillip had summoned him to Company that night, but he had been undecided about whether or not to do it. So he had just ridden around and had only gotten out of his car once -- at the all-night pharmacy. Harley wondered why Phillip had wanted him at Company and asked what Billy had had at stake. When she mentioned that he'd been involved in a shooting before, he reiterated that she was going after the wrong person and walked away.

Back home, Alan received an unexpected visitor -- the lawyer Bill had met with. She told Alan that Bill wanted her to get something special for Olivia for Christmas -- he wanted to adopt Emma.

Gus found Harley outside Company, and she told him about her misguided attempt to grill Billy about Phillip's murder. He mentioned that he had tried that with Alex as well. Harley told Gus that there were only two real suspects in the case -- herself and her father.

Billy was on the phone with someone. He frantically told them that he had wanted them to scare Phillip, not kill him. He instructed the other person to disappear off the face of the earth.

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