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Liza and Tad are sharing a sweet and tender reunion as they plan Jamie and Babe's escape with Baby James/Ace/Adam III. Whew, poor little tot doesn't really know his name or true father. Now we know Juan Pablo is still alive and kicking as he works with Tad to get the kids to Argentina. We are finally up to the showdown in New Orleans with JR and Adam Sr in hot pursuit. It will now be the Chandlers vs. the Buchanans as they fight over this poor little victim. I have seen enough of OLTL to know how powerful and stubborn the Buchanans are, so I think the two Adams found their match. It will be very interesting to see what will happen to all the parties involved in the cover-up and "kidnapping". Everyone involved have known what he or she was doing and chose to aid and abet the young lovers. We have had a lot of discussion on this and Mary has mentioned it more than once, so we don't need to expand on it. Mary's choice for Fan Spotlight of the Week comes from Lloyd who shared, "Regarding AMC, I hate that the writers are trying to make us hate JR and have sympathy for Babe. What Babe has done to him has been awful. Jamie and Tad are just as bad if not worse since they have known JR longer yet has turned on him in a horrible way. Tad is a creep and he makes you root for Adam who is a better father than he could ever be. Tad cowardly uses Dixie as a justification for how he has betrayed JR. No mother, especially Dixie, would be happy at the way Tad has betrayed JR at every opportunity". Yes, I do agree Tad didn't handle the situation with his stepson as well, but his loyalty to his son is understandable. He was in between a rock and a hard place in that it made him take sides per se. He has always been a good parent and was always there for JR even when Adam was into controlling his children instead of accepting them for who they really are. Now he almost lost a grandchild and his son's love and it has humbled him. Yet, he is still using his power and is ready to put his hands around Liza's throat for running off with HIS daughter. There is no easy way to write either character without making them too soft or too hard. It was just a shame it had to affect the relationship between JR and Jamie. One die-hard fan, Dr. Ward, submitted a great comparison table about the two "brothers" I want to share. Lots to think about with everyone involved in this scenario!!!
JR's Sins Jamie Sin's
Drugged wife to try to get baby Bess Drugged babysitter and took baby Ace
Tried to lock up wife in asylum to steal baby Locked up brother in warehouse to steal baby
Hired snitch to frame brother so he would go to jail Set up brother to take his daughter and then let him believe son is dead
Kept stolen baby and did not know it. Kept 2 stolen babies. Knew the truth about Miranda and did nothing about it. Knew the truth about Ace and said nothing.
Kissed Kendall while married to Babe Slept with brother's wife
Kept baby in insane asylum with babysitter Helped daddy keep brother in insane asylum in strait jacket
Was lied to by Babe and Tad about his marriage to her; she was married to someone else. Lied to all who would listen as he tried several times to claim his brother's "daughter" as his own
Hit brother in the head with pipe (to get away to save his daughter from being kidnapped by Babe) Put his brother in a headlock in his own house and told him he was dead to him.
Got brother stabbed while in jail. (This was not intentional) Committed theft, kidnapping, stalking, extortion crimes to get brothers' family.
Conspires to blackmail his brother and everyone in sight to manipulate them into getting his baby back. Conspired to steal his brother's wife on more than one occasion and now his babies; and was successful.
Tried to steal information about Babe and Jamie from Brooke by bugging her office. Trespassed, stalked and eavesdropped on brother in his house on more than one occasion.
Tries to bully the police to get what he wants. Constantly lies to police while on the run to get what he wants.
Tricked Bianca into admitting baby James was alive. Tricked Kevin Buchanan's nanny so he could drug her.
Stole large amounts of cash from brother's house on more than one occasion.

Meanwhile, Babe and Jamie made love and decided to marry. Life imitated art, or was that vice versa? It seems Justin who portrays Jamie, used takes in between the scenes to sincerely propose to his ladylove, he gave her three rings and made her cry as she said YES, YES, YES. They are such a cute couple.

Greenlee and Kendall are friends again and have figured out Jonathan is the one behind her poisoning/drugging. It amazes me how bold Greens is about breaking into someone else's apartment (after all it is Maggie's, not Jonny Boy's), there are guns, beatings, blackmail, and thin walls for eavesdropping. The list is endless. As usual, Jonathan was one step ahead of the two ex co-workers. I am sure this puts Maggie in even more harm's way. It has been very unsettling watching this storyline unfold. Maggie was fearless and strong and is now weak, afraid, and clueless. Fortunately, she has a caring circle of friends with Bianca, Reggie (he cracks me up when he is in his defensive mode), and Anita.

Bobby got a real beating and we are still in the dark as to who really did it. Edmund has paid him off to set up Zach, but who was it? Could Jonathan be a part of that abuse too? He is definitely like Jekyll/Hyde as he shows up at Ryan's on his birthday to surprise him with balloons, cake, and a remote controlled plane. It will take Ryan awhile to believe his baby brother is capable of all the accusations yet he thinks about their traumatic childhood living over the dry cleaners and fear of belts and too much beer. The cycle of abuse and how it affects various family members.

Kendall and Ethan are going strong; I really enjoy their rapport. Unfortunately, it does appear he could change in his behavior and/or attitude now with the Cambias name and billions. He is not happy with Zach keeping this information from him for so long. Erica dashes in and continues with her judgmental nature and hypocritical manner. First with Ethan and then with Zach and/or Maria. I had to chuckle when Zach told her to shut the hell up for once in her life and then called her on her delusion that she would make the cut at St. Peter's gate. When she gets on her high horse, I never enjoy the ride. When she is soft and caring, especially around Jack and her daughters, I flip thumbs up for Erica Kane!!!

At least now Erica will have her "New Beginnings" and a wedding to plan. Bianca and Ethan signed off on their new life and signed on Jack and Kendall. Ms Hart will be a busy woman working for both family members and with Greenlee at Fusion. I guess we saw the last of Bobby as he snuck out of the hospital and am sure can be found hitchhiking to Cayman Islands. It was very sad news to hear about Ruth Warrick's death, she has always been an important part of AMC's history. I can remember the early years when Phoebe was such a pistol and busybody as she tried to interfere in her children and grandchildren's lives. She was an amazing aunt and confidante to Brooke. I can remember thinking on the 35th Anniversary show how fragile she looked. Wow, I would have never guessed she was 88 years old. She had an amazing career and will be missed just like Mona continues to be.

I want to thank Mary and Dan (wasn't it great to have him share his year end commentary with us?) for covering me in my absence. I have been in the process of moving from my home of four years to share a new home with my oldest daughter and son-in-law. We are preparing for my granddaughter's arrival in April. I was also house/animal sitting for various friends as they took holiday trips. Now I feel like a vacation myself, LOL. There is so much to do with the house, nursery, and usual projects but it is all very exciting and I couldn't be happier. I must admit it has been difficult keeping up with AMC during all of this, but it was like keeping in touch with family and old friends when I did and thank you so much for all of your correspondence during this hectic time. My deepest apologies if I didn't get back to you or possibly missed an email as we switched Internet service. I am back up and running, so feel free to let me know how you feel about OUR FAVORITE SHOW. I like what they live by in the Big Easy (New Orleans) and suggest we all try it in the New Year (Happy 2005 to ALL) " Grab all the happiness you can while you can because you never know when the good times will roll around again!!!"


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