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JR has seen and briefly held his son. This was very touching as was Adam looking and calling for Colby. I really dislike AMC keeping children from their parents.

JR has seen and briefly held his son. This was very touching as was Adam looking and calling for Colby. I really dislike AMC keeping children from their parents. Tad, Babe and Jamie are in the PV jail which would be highly improbable since this was a federal offense and the FBI should have been involved. Just another instance of inconsistency from reality. Bianca continues to defend Babe and see JR as the bad guy. The comment Bianca made of wanting the baby to have a normal life was absurd. Which would be more normal for Ace/James/Adam III --- Babe and Jamie on the run with no home, family, money, etc. vs. JR's giving the child a loving environment? I'm confused about Bianca holding a grudge against David since she hasn't any qualms putting no blame on Tad. Bianca has become rather a stupid character throughout this whole baby switch fiasco. At this rate, it won't be long until Babe and Bianca are best friends again.

Speaking of best friends again -- Kendall and Greenlee can't convince Ryan of Jonathan's "dark side." Well, it won't be long until Jonathan's evil is exposed in the light of day from his abusive nature to trying to kill Greenlee. It's unfortunate that both of Ryan's brother's have been abusers. Only --- hero Ryan was able to escape the violence and put it behind him.

The Buchanans won't let go of Ace/James/Adam III and there are rumors out there stating the child will end up on OLTL since he's been there. This would be wrong as the DNA test which proved Babe was his mother also proved JR was the father. No, JR being the father wasn't stated outright but was definitely implied as Jamie was not the father and the DNA was done against JR's hair sample. Also, Paul Cramer made the statement that JR had a son back long ago when Paul gave the baby to Kelly. I want the baby to be Adam's grandchild. JR has done nothing to prove he'd be an unfit father, in fact just he opposite.

David isn't buying Daniel's deal but doesn't mind testifying against Jamie himself. David should just stay clear of this. It's not like David saw Jamie kill anyone, nor do I believe Jamie killed Paul Cramer. David will end up alienating everyone in PV even more. What else is new?

Aidan is being given a storyline without Anita for a change. Thank goodness. Now, we have Aidan being the PV investigator for all (with Lily's assistance). Lily is off to investigate Jonathan but it appears Aidan has figured where she's gone and I suspect he'll keep Lily from any harm.

Maria doesn't appear to be very happy with Edmund in her life again. Edmund has become somewhat of an unlikable character which is a shame since at one time Edmund was just great. Zach's involvement in the wrong doings in PV is still in question, but I don't think he's as bad as Edmund is trying to make him out to be.

Erica wants Zach's help and Jackson wants Erica to forget it. Wonder when Erica and Jackson's wedding will actually occur.

Bianca is trying to convince Ryan of Jonathan's evil ways, but Ryan is still defending Jonathan. It appears Ryan will stand by his brother for a while.

Suellen's AMC Fan Spotlight of the Week comes from Curly who writes: "What is the deal with the dress code on AMC? I know they are based in NYC, the fashion capital of the USA, but do they really dress like this at a real job? Especially on the East Coast? I continue to struggle also with the sucker punching on the show. No one EVER just stands toe to toe like a man and hits is always a look away, a move like they are leaving or have forgotten about the hurt, and then WHAM, KAPOW, BLOOEY (note my Batman fetish) and down goes the victim. And no one ever hits back. With all the glass jaws on that show, you could start a vase collection!!!" Well Curly, I have to say I never see anyone dress in a business environment like is done in PV either!

Eden Reigel has decided to leave AMC and I predict they won't recast at least for a while. My speculation is that Bianca, Maggie and Miranda will leave PV together. I would think if Eden doesn't come back in the future that a recast will be warranted and Bianca will return at some point in time. It's similar to when Sarah Michelle Geller left and no Kendall recast was done until much later, but that worked out quite well as Alicia Minshew has been a great addition in her portrayal of Kendall.

Not much of a goodbye for Bobby. It's a shame that AMC treats the characters very badly once they are leaving. I've had many people ask about whether Phoebe's death will be addressed onscreen and I would certainly think that would happen as they did with Mona Tyler. Remember taping is done some 6 weeks in advance so it would take a little bit to work it in. I always thought Langley's death should have been brought up instead of continuing to refer to him after the actor, Louis Edmonds was gone. I was able to meet both Ruth Warrick and Louis Edmonds many years ago and both were class acts. Very personable and approachable, especially Louis. What a delight they were as they brought such joy to so many viewers. I hope they deal with Phoebe's death properly and have this story bring Brooke to the forefront as Phoebe was Brooke's aunt. It's sad when long time characters are gone. Another couple of older performers James Mitchell (Palmer) and Eileen Herlie (Myrtle) should be valued and cherished when we get to see them in storylines. They are a huge part of AMC's history.

The Super Bowl is coming up. Being such a football fan I'm excited and let me just say "Go Patriots" - for that 3rd Super Bowl win!!


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