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Lucinda has never been a fool, and her brutal honesty is one of her best traits. It's not believable that she would be so eager to see Dusty marry her young, debutante granddaughter.

I never thought I'd see pals/cousins Jack and Holden ready to rumble, but tensions were high as Julia traded in one Snyder man for another version. I thought for a second it would end in a throw-down, but cooler heads prevailed.

That probably won't last long. Jack seems to have taken off the rose-colored glasses he's been wearing where Julia is concerned. And Holden, who has been so starved for attention, seems smitten with his cousin's ex.

Making this story even better are Lily and Carly, who are fantastic as the devious divas trying to rid their town of the "husband-stealing" Julia. And the twisted tale is about to get another complication, with the amazing Kin Shriner popping up in that photograph with J.J. I can't wait to see what he has in store for Oakdale. His apple-munching Scotty Baldwin was always one of my favorites on "General Hospital."

--Note to Emily Munson: When dumpster diving for garbage, it's probably not a good idea to wear light-pink gloves and one of your cutest outfits. That ensemble was just too gorgeous to soil with nasty garbage.

--Wouldn't you know it, just when Rafael cuts his hair, he gets recast. Just my luck.

--If I ever have to have brain surgery, I'm heading to Oakdale Memorial. Apparently, the crack surgical team has discovered a way to open the skull without disturbing even one hair on the head. The evidence: First Barbara, and now Aaron. Of course, Aaron did wear that silly bandage patch stuck to his hair for a couple days. Then, two days later, the patch was gone, and his luscious locks were as fine as ever. Um, OK.

--I'm never upset when Katie and Henry are plotting a scheme to make money, but where did all her "Butt-Busting" video profits go? Last I recall, Simon told her he hadn't stolen her money, but had set up an account for her instead.

--Please don't let that consolation scene between Sierra and Dusty be the foreshadowing of a future romance. A Sierra/Dusty coupling is just, well, ewwww. After all, he dated her daughter Lucy, her sister Lily and Lily's sister, Rose. Dusty really needs to venture outside the Walsh gene pool next time around.

--It's a little weird watching a scene with Jessica and then hearing her in a commercial as the voice for Downy Simple Pleasures.

--Let me get this straight: Lucinda, who hated Dusty when he was dating Rose and spending time with Lily, is now his biggest supporter in his romance with Lucy? Um, no. I don't think so. It's out of character for Lucinda to be so easily taken in by this bamboozler, no matter how sexy and charming he is. Lucinda has never been a fool. And her brutal honesty is one of her best traits. It's not believable that she would be so eager to see Dusty marry her young, debutante granddaughter.

--Barbara is headed back to the hoosegow. Sadly, she's spent more time in lock-up the last few years than Otis on "Andy Griffith." I've said it before, Barbara needs to leave the evil manipulations to James and get back to the boardroom, if her character has any chance of being redeemed.

--A number of characters exited Oakdale the last couple weeks. Jordan, Lucy and Chris are gone, and Aaron is apparently on the way out, too. I was hoping Chris and Ali would get, at least, one last emotional scene, but it didn't happen. And I was hoping for more of a good-bye between Lucy and Craig, too.

--I'm usually not a fan of rapid-aging syndrome on soaps. Watching a beloved couple's baby turn into a teenager in only a few years just makes me feel older than I am. But, I have to say, new Luke is wonderful. And you know I can't stop raving about new Will. The jury is still out on the latest version of cool Casey. (He seemed to be channeling Shaggy from "Scooby Doo," in a good way, even down to that crazy hair.) I usually bristle at an onslaught of newly introduced teen characters just in time for summer, but this crop has potential.

--Hal needs some lessons on how to be a supportive husband. I hope Emily rediscovers her temper soon and has a frank, much-needed discussion with him about his lack of support. This marriage seems to have sucked the life out of the Divine Miss Em. I miss her.

--Jennifer Munson is a gutsy gal. Advising Mike to spend endless hours with his gorgeous former fiancée, is a bold move. I can't wait to see how she handles it when Mike and Katie start bonding again over paint and tile.

--Henry is breaking my heart. Watching him fall more and more for an oblivious Katie is only endearing him more to me. The scene where Katie questioned him about his depressed behavior was excellent. His downcast eyes, wistful longing glances and sincerity were right on. I've been waiting for years for Katie to tell Henry how much she appreciates him. It was about time. And maybe it's wishful thinking, but all that subtext chatter about not leaving the table too early and waiting out the rough spots is starting to make me believe that the show honchos could be toying with the possibility that Henry gets the girl. Yeah, I know, maybe I need to lay off the martinis.

--Alert the cop shop, evil is afoot in Oakdale again. It looks like James is back to torment Rosanna and the gang further. What perplexes me is why? I see the connection to Paul and Barbara, but why Rosanna? She barely knows James.

--I couldn't help but laugh at Ali and Aaron's attempt to sleep separately. It was sweet. Hanging the sheet between them made me chuckle. It's been a popular move since the '70s, when Barbara on "One Day at a Time" used it when she ran away with her boyfriend.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Craig is waiting at Lucinda's house and samples her liquor.)
Craig: "You're running low on vodka, dear."
Lucinda: "Well, there's plenty of hemlock. Why don't you start there?"

(Barbara insults Emily's hair color during an argument with Paul about the Munson china.)
Barbara: "If there is something suspicious about those dishes, you'd better ask your peroxide pal."

(Jordan tells Rosanna he quit his job at Worldwide.)
Jordan: "I swear I will never work for another family business as long as I live."
Rosanna: "Yeah, things do get Greek and tragic pretty fast."

(The always unemployed Henry knocks at Mike's door.)
Mike: "Are you here about the job?"
Henry: (baffled) "I don't do jobs, Mike."

Reader Spotlight:
From Two Scoops reader Lisa:

"I think Sarah Brown is doing a fine job playing Julia. My problem is with wardrobe. Would a nurse be wearing old blue jeans even in a small hospital as she was when she met Jack? And has she ever worn anything to cover her midriff even in the middle of winter in the Midwest?"

From Two Scoops reader Karen:
"Kudos to ATWT. I can't stand Julia as much as the next, but it did give Lily something she has never had before...a girlfriend. I loved watching her and Carly plot and talk. It was real for once, and that's something that this character has needed since she was 15."

That's all for now. See ya next time Scooopers!
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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