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Gwen is going further off of the deep end. She keeps imagining a life with all of her children and Ethan, but none of her fantasies include E.M. Gwen never really wanted E.M. as anything other than a means to hurt Theresa, and that has sealed her fate.

I am so glad that Jessica and Simone got out of the house and jumped into a storyline. Or as Lia says, "I'm getting so annoyed with all the references to 'Mark' cosmetics and how they made such a big difference in Jessica's life." However, why do the writers feel they have to do a complete 180 before they can proceed with a storyline? They did it with Theresa, now they have jumped way off the bandwagon to do so with Jessica. She's getting C's and D's and smoking. What? Since when? Three weeks ago she was an innocent bridesmaid at Sheridan's wedding. Now she's a tramp. I don't get it. At least now we know what Jessica's been doing with all that "Mark" money she's been making. And what a lovely sisterly moment Jess and Kay shared while Kay was chastising Jess about her wild ways.

Paloma's attempted rape was heartbreaking. When Pilar finds this out, Kathy will feel her vengeance for good. And Kay, Jess, and Simone wanted to leave her in that club with that creep. Why didn't they call someone for help? I guarantee you had I been thrown out of a club without one of my friends, I'd have the police there in minutes, regardless of whether or not my father was chief of police and approved of my being there.

Theresa makes me sick. I knew the second she couldn't move her legs she'd use it to keep Ethan under her thumb. And I was so right. Her pretending to fall in the shower was gross. And what kind of message is she sending to her young son when she openly admits she wants a married man? I guess one day we'll have a young man who will think it's perfectly okay to pursue what you want, others be damned. And if Ethan had the money to pay for renovations to Theresa's home, why couldn't he afford to hire a sitter to stay with Theresa around the clock?

Baby Jane is running a fever, but Theresa spends a half hour spewing hateful words about Gwen before picking up the phone and calling someone for help. It's obvious since Eve is incarcerated that the Harmony medical system is going down the tubes. Theresa calls and asks to speak to a doctor and 911 puts her on hold. Then she is told to wait until morning. What kind of answering service is this, and how are they still in business? Most doctors provide answering services with someone they can page. Still, how did she get to the hospital? And is the jail right next to the hospital, because Ethan got there very fast? And I have to agree with Rebecca. All Theresa has to do now is mention the baby and Ethan will go running to her, Gwen be damned.

Gwen is going further and further off the deep end. She keeps imaging a life with all her children and Ethan. I've gotten several emails concerning the absence of EM in these fantasies. I think it's because Gwen wants her family with Ethan and not have any part of Theresa in their life. I don't think Gwen ever really wanted EM as anything other than a means to hurt Theresa, and I guess by doing so, she has sealed her fate.

Are Sheridan's dreams making sense to anyone else? A few years back she was dreaming she killed Martin, now she is dreaming she stabbed Katherine. Which is it? And I was hoping they wouldn't wake her up so she'd kill Katherine. All Katherine ever does is whine and moan and groan. I have my moments where I like Martin and the possibilities of this story. But it's those moments where he professes his undying love for Kathy in front of Pilar that make me hate him.

Could it be Rachel that Sheridan stabbed? Could that be the reason behind Alistair's hatred and determination to torment Sheridan for life? Makes sense that since Sheridan took Alistair's one true love away from him, he'd want to take Luis away from her. Could Rachel's fake (or real) death certificate be hidden in the burlap sack Luis found years ago? I must admit, I am scratching my head waiting on this revelation. I just hope it's not car keys hidden under the gazebo.

Rarely would I publish an entire email, but I totally agree with everything Dana had to say and to cut her email would disrupt the points she so smartly made. "Isn't it funny how marriage is sacred to Pilar and Luis, except when its Sheridan's marriage to Antonio and Gwen and Ethan's marriage! Also there must be some sort of crazy gene that is in both the Lopez-Fitzgerald family because both Luis and Theresa are really out there. Luis hates Alistair Crane and he has good reason to; the man has tried to kill him several times and various family members as well. So now that he knows that Martin is alive and that Martin knows some stuff that could perhaps stop Alistair, does he put aside his hatred and work with Martin to try to get rid of Alistair. No Luis would rather sit back and vilify his father and Katherine. Considering that Alistair has tried to kill him, Sheridan, and succeeded in killing Antonio you think that his first priority would be to get Alistair. I also dislike the fact that he calls Katherine all kinds of names and yet completely ignores the fact that he broke up Sheridan and Antonio's marriage. And his actions indirectly caused Antonio's death. It would be nice for someone to point this out for him.

I wanted to gag when I heard how Pilar was pushing Theresa and Ethan together by pointing out that they are a family. Completely forgetting Ethan's wife Gwen. It's amazing how she completely dismisses her children's bad behavior and yet scolds and condemns the same actions done by other people. I was extremely happy when it turned out that Theresa is paralyzed; it is the least that could happen to her after what she's done to Ethan and Gwen.

Poor Eve! I can't believe she was married to such a jerk for 20 years. In the real world she would have gotten the house and at least half their marital possessions. I would have loved to have seen a divorce lawyer rip that idiot T.C. from one end to the other. I wonder if Liz would be so quick to marry him if he didn't have the house. And I would make sure that in any custody hearing that T.C. and Liz got saddled with those two selfish, stupid, spoiled daughters. Eve's daughters and Liz deserve one another. I hope the show won't keep this 'Eve in prison' storyline going to much longer. I'd like to see her get out and then stick it to her ex and two little monsters. And then have some fun!" Thanks Dana!!!

High Point of the Week:: Liza Huber. When she smiled and thought, "I'm coming to kill you Theresa," it was the scariest thing I've seen since "The Blair Witch Project."

Low Point of the Week:: Luis, Sheridan, Pilar, Martin, Alistair, and Katherine in Friday's episode. It was mind numbingly redundant.

Some Random Thoughts:

"If Gwen just gave Theresa little Ethan back, she would have her daughter now. Yeah right!!! How many times did Teresa say that even if/when they gave her little Ethan back, she would still keep the baby to TEACH HER A LESSON? I think she said it at least 100 times in one week! That girl can't be trusted." You're absolutely right Chavonn. Theresa was determined to keep Gwen's baby no matter what.

"I don't feel sorry for Gwen at all. She and Rebecca were the ones who gave the tabloids the story that Ethan was not a Crane just so that they could frame Theresa. Gwen has constantly played dirty to get him, but she never gets caught, and everyone bad-mouths Theresa. I just hope someday the truth comes out and they are the town pariahs." Thanks Jacqui!

"I don't understand how two scoops can be so one-sided when it comes to Theresa and Gwen." Because Two Scoops is an opinion column and opinions are generally one-sided.

"I think you said that you actually started feeling sorry for Rebecca. I think Rebecca's sorrow is self-centered, I think she is more concerned that she has a crazy daughter than she is that her daughter is actually going through some personal turmoil." I don't think so Jay. Rebecca has always fought the good fight for Gwen's sake, and I really think Gwen is Rebecca's one redeeming quality.

"I've always liked Pilar until this whole incident with Gwen stabbing Theresa. Gwen didn't press charges against her precious angel when she was stabbed. But there was Pilar pushing her daughter to. What comes around goes around." Thanks Erica. I seem to recall "temporary insanity from pre eclampsia" being Theresa's excuse for stabbing Gwen.

"Did you hear the irony of what Kay said Miguel's doing now? She said he's working as a gardener! And what do you know? Jesse Metcalfe (ex-Miguel) IS working as a gardener -- on 'Desperate Housewives!'" I actually noticed this and laughed. Desperate Housewives in one of my favorite programs. Thanks Jamison!

Quote of the week goes to Alex: "You know, on Passions, as soon as a woman discovers she is pregnant, she balloons up practically the next week. We found out that Whitney was pregnant, when August, September? By now, you'd think she'd be close to her due date (knowing Passions time). She still is so skinny!" And will probably give birth to a 15-pound baby like Theresa did.

Until next week friends,

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