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Who is Ethan really in love with? He wants Theresa to drop the charges for Gwen, yet he can't seem to pull himself away from Theresa. He's constantly trying to lay the blame at Rebecca's feet, but the bottom line is that he refuses to take some of the blame himself.

My first gripe this week: Whitney. I understand she's going through a lot, what with her mother being an accused murderess of sorts, but do the writers really want me to believe that Whitney considered, for even a moment, confiding in Katherine? Theresa has been Whit's best friend for years, and granted she's got her own problems to deal with now, but Whitney wouldn't confide in her. Why Kathy? She just met Kathy two seconds ago, how does Whit know Kathy is really trustworthy? I mean after all, Fox and Chad are her blood. Maybe Whit thought that since Kathy has kept her identity a secret all these years, she'd keep her secret too. And yet I wonder how this is still a secret when Whitney is ALWAYS walking around, with people two feet away, talking aloud to herself about this.

My second gripe this week: Ethan. Who does he love already? He's concerned for both women, but really and truly which one is he more concerned with? He wants Theresa to drop the charges for Gwen, yet he can't seem to pull himself away from Theresa. I was so happy when Theresa told him she wasn't dropping the charges because Ethan is a hypocrite. There he was trying to use EM as a bargaining chip when all along he's been claiming he's the one who wants to give EM back to Theresa. Ethan is constantly trying to lay the blame at Rebecca's feet, but the bottom line is Ethan refuses to take some of the blame himself.

My third gripe this week: Theresa. (You guys knew this was coming right?) I don't blame her for not dropping the charges. I blame her for being so unrealistically stupid. How can she still want to be with Ethan after all this? She literally went from chewing Ethan out, with me cheering her on, to begging him to take her and the baby home. Sweetie, after all this time, if he still shows more concern for the other woman in his life than you, let him go. And that goes double for Gwen.

And that baby is HUGE!!! She literally went from being a preemie to six months old in a week. Endora isn't that big. Almost ten blessed years ago, my sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl eight weeks early. My niece stayed in the hospital for almost two months before she could come home. And here Theresa's baby is going home a week later? What the hell is in her breast milk? And I am so glad that doctor mentioned that Theresa and Ethan's trysts aren't exactly a secret in Harmony. I actually busted out laughing when he said that.

Several of you noticed Theresa's gigantic baby too. Andrea wonders, "Is Teresa's baby Lindsay and Justin's daughter? I've been wondering, since the baby was premature one day and HUGE the next." And Mary Jane noted, "What creeps me out is that one minute she's holding the 'preemie' rubber doll, the next this big whopping baby, then back to the tiny one. Just a tab obvious, there."

My fourth gripe of the week: Sheridan. Why is she letting Luis boss her around like she is two or something? I have to agree with Ryan who says, "Sheridan seems to only be there to be Luis's trophy." I think this is the real reason Luis doesn't want Sheridan to have anything to do with Kathy is because he is scared she will slap some sense into her daughter. And what is the deal with these nightmares again. I swear, the writers better make this story something really juicy, and not cop out like the lame car in the garage, or else I will....Oh who am I kidding. I'm as addicted to this lame show as I am to oatmeal cookies.

My fifth gripe of the week: Luis. What goes on between a man and a woman is nobody's business but that man and that woman. I'd like to know how he'd like someone telling Sheridan not to talk to him. When Pilar was begging Marty to open up to her, Luis should've let them be. If Pilar chooses to forgive Marty, well that's nobody's business but theirs. I mean where would Luis be if Sheridan had never forgiven him for "sleeping" with Beth? He seriously needs to chill out.

My sixth and final gripe of the week: The Frog (a.k.a Liz). Sure her sister is in jail for trying to kill her. So what is she doing there visiting? Does anyone remember last week when the frog was in the police station, shaking and begging T.C. to protect her? So if Eve is so horrible and awful and really trying to kill her, why is the frog visiting her? I guarantee that if someone tried to poison me, I wouldn't be visiting them, even if it is to gloat. I am sorry Rebecca didn't complete the job.

Some Random Thoughts:

Andrea Evans can throw her name into the Emmy consideration this year. Her scenes as the heartbroken mother have me feeling actual sympathy for Rebecca.

Last week I said no one wrote in support of Theresa. Boy y'all came out of the woodwork this week. I got a lot of emails this week cheering Gwen on also, but since I posted those last week, I'll let the Theresa fans have their say this week. A lot of y'all wrote some clever things, some of y'all wrote some ugly things, and almost everyone of you asked me to be more objective. This is an opinion column, and I try to be fair and let everyone's opinion get voiced, including mine.

"Don't forget who started the whole thing between Ethan and Theresa. Ethan was in love with Theresa until Rebecca and Gwen decided to take Theresa's baby and the whole family lost jobs and everything else just so Rebecca can have her way. So why can't Theresa fight back?" Thanks Kirsten.

"Where the heck is all of the sympathy for Gwen coming from. What about when Gwen slept with Ethan and got pregnant, just before he and Theresa got married? What about when Gwen and Old Becky plotted to take away Little Ethan? What about what they did to Theresa's whole family? Rebecca took their jobs, homes, fixed it so that they couldn't get work anywhere, not just Theresa, the whole family. Rebecca may have pulled the strings, but Gwen went right along with it, and if I'm not mistaken, gloated during all of it." Thanks Lynn.

"You act like Gwen is such an angel. HELLO? She and her mother took everything away from Theresa and her family. What exactly did Pilar, Luis and Miguel do to deserve being homeless and jobless? Can you tell me that? And Theresa for that matter. Why on earth would you think she deserved to be homeless and jobless? And WHY would you think is was right for Gwen and Rebecca to STEAL Theresa's son from her???? That was also CRUEL to poor Little Ethan, or EM as you seem to call him. Why would you side with them???" I call em like I see em Jenny. And I read every email I get, whether it gets posted or not.

"Why did Gwen's desire for revenge in something that SHE shared a role in (her baby's death) justify the ruin of an ENTIRE family? And don't counter with the 'Gwen didn't WANT to hurt Theresa's family; she just wanted revenge on Theresa.' The ends DO NOT justify the means." Thanks E King.

"Despite Gwen's pitiful state I feel that she should have never listened to Rebecca and she would have been better off. All she had to do was give back little Ethan and she would probably have her own and only child right now but NOOOO her and her evil witch of a mother had to steal Theresa's son and now look where it got her.... Crazytown!!" Thanks Alicya.

Thanks Neal for clearing up the poison question. "In your column you asked what hospital would keep such a nasty little poison as Flotaxas (which sounds so sweet rolling off Rebecca's tongue) in stock? The answer is that in order to make an antidote, they need some of the actual poison from which to make it, strangely enough. I would assume that any hospital or clinic that treats snakebites or other poisonings would have toxics on hand for just that purpose!" Makes sense to me.

Quote of the week: "Oh, they are killing me with all of these Marty & Kathy flashbacks. Apparently in Harmony, 'extensive plastic surgery' means 'my hair used to be different.'" Thanks Andrea.

Until next week friends,

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