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Never has someone deserved the rotten things that have happened to them more than Theresa. If she had shown just a bit more compassion toward Gwen, she would probably be walking around right now.

I haven't been this hooked on this show in a very long time. Liza's amazing performance as Gwen descends deeper and deeper into lunacy astounds me. And not only has Gwen's plight brought out a shining performance and a week's worth of entertainment, but also a jaw dropping revelation. Rebecca will go to ANY lengths to protect her daughter, even confessing to her crimes. Could this be the way the infamous paternity scandal comes out?

I just want to choke Theresa. Never has someone so deserved the rotten things that has happened to them. Had Theresa shown just a bit more compassion toward Gwen, she might be walking around right now. I think if I had just learned that my mortal enemy raped my husband and therefore took every chance I'd ever have of being a mother with her, I'd stab the witch too. And is there anyone out there who thought for even a moment Theresa would drop the charges? Never fear Theresa fans, I think she will be up and moving just around the time February sweeps ends.

And the sad part is, Theresa acts all upset that she can't walk for her children's sake. Where was this concern for her children when she jumped down an elevator shaft to save Ethan? All Gwen really did is give Theresa an excuse to whine "woe is me" to Ethan and use her illness as a way to keep him near her. I was hoping Theresa would die. But then this show would go right down the tubes since this story basically drives this show.

Luis and Sheridan officially disgust me. How can he be worried about making love to Sheridan when his sister is lying in a hospital bed? By the way, they should name a wing after the Lo-Fitz family as much as they occupy the place. The only thing that concerns Luis is Sheridan. How can he condemn Marty at every turn when he shows such disregard for his family as well?

Is there anyone surprised Eve is in a jail cell? As soon as Liz fell down, we all knew Eve was going to take the rap for this. It was only too obvious, what with Eve threatening to kill Liz in front of every single person in town. What gets me is that all of a sudden, everyone thinks the good doctor is capable of murder. Even her spoiled children. Eve just needs to come right out and be a witch with a capital B and tell everyone's secrets, especially whining Whitney. And who is Simone to talk when just a few short months ago she wanted to kill Whitney for taking Chad from her?

I have to ask what kind of hospital keeps poison in stock? And how potent can this poison be if both Alistair and Liz popped right back up from it? I mean the frog's organs were shutting down, yet she pulled through in time to finger Eve. Two seconds later she was dressed and at the police station, begging T.C. to stop Eve from hurting her. I mean it couldn't have been all that serious now could it?

And apparently Alistair has been receiving doses of Viagra while he is comatose. I mean he popped out of that bed, same as the frog, and was hell bent on raping Kathy. Why? His assistant is better looking than Kathy is. This is just another way to show how vile Alistair is and was and gain sympathy for two losers who cared only for themselves and not their families. Not that I'm condoning rape in any way, but I could careless about Kathy and how horribly Alistair treated her. I'm with Luis, Kathy could've called in help.

Some Random Thoughts:

"I'm paying you to represent the woman I love, not my wife." Julian to Eve's lawyer.

Nice touch to have Patsy Cline's "Crazy" playing in the background when Beth learned about Theresa's accident. The title couldn't be more fitting to Beth.

I thought Theresa and Ethan's baby was in critical condition. So why is she being brought all over the hospital? And what is with Theresa breastfeeding her? What did the baby eat while Theresa was in surgery and recovery? This was actually brought up on Friday's episode, but shouldn't she have been on some pain medication that she shouldn't be passing onto the baby?

For the first time in as long as I can remember, I didn't have one Theresa supporter in my inbox this week. The following are just some of the great quotes from the emails this week.

"My heart just broke when I saw Gwen in the jail cell with her 'children.' What could have been and especially what will never be is just too much for her to bear." Candy.

"I at least think Gwen is redeemable, because she has lost her mind. With a good counselor and some anti-psychotic meds, she will be brand new. But I am not sure if they can bring sweet innocent Teresa back, she has done too much." Telisha.

"Just once I wanted Gwen to win and Terrorcita to be the big loser! She really does love Ethan. Terrorcita is obsessed with Ebait, rather than in love with him. If I hear the dumb fate line out of her one more time I will barf!" Pat

Quote of the week: "Finally, I was actually hoping for Liz to die. Harmony would've been a better place for everybody if the frog had croaked." I was actually going to work this into my column somehow, but Jamison beat me to it with a great quote. Thanks Jamison.

Until next week friends,

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