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Walking a fine line
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Reva has been fiercely loyal, always there to protect her family from nearly two decades of troubles. What will happen when Jonathan has alienated every member of her family? Will Reva discover how huge of a cost this relationship will bear?

There is always a little fine line that characters have to walk in daytime. One little wrong move can really change how the path that the character is on. Many Springfield residents are walking that fine line right now - and I can't wait to see how it all turns out!

Let's start with Cassie - the blushing bride. Of course, she might have a lot more to blush about then the glow of love. Her well-meaning, ill-conceived plan to get rid of her pesky nephew/stepson Jonathan might have disastrous results. Instead of getting Jonathan out of her hair, she might have alienated Reva and Tammy. Of course, Josh will certainly be on her side to get the pesky Jonathan to find another place to hang his hat.

Then there is Jonathan, himself. He came to town to get even with Reva for leaving him with Alfred and Marissa. However, he's done so much damage to so many family members, it will be next to impossible to get close to his family - if that is what he really wants. This character has such anger and hurt, but how much can anyone forgive despite his troubled past?

And when Jonathan's misdeeds are done, where will this leave Reva? This character has been a fiercely loyal one, always there to protect her family from nearly two decades of troubles. What will happen when Jonathan has alienated every member of her family? Will Reva discover how huge of a cost this relationship will bear? Or will she feel that her actions so long ago are worth the sacrifice?

The dynamics of the entire Lewis family really hinges on one very angry young man. He's pulling the strings on the entire family - which is a pretty heady experience. Will he realize in time that he has a family that could give him the love he seems (at times) to want - or will his plan backfire on him as well?

Now that Sebastian is dead, Holly is free from her prison bars. But giving up the feelings of a long-lost love (Roger) and the ordeal that she faced in the jungle might be too much to bear. Not only will Holly have to face what Sebastian's death means to Blake - when she eventually learns the truth, but what demons has a return to her past made her face? Will she return to the comforts of the bottle to ease her pain? And once she reveals what happen to Ross - how will he react? Will he keep the truth from Blake to protect Holly from her questions? And at what cost?

Santa Domingo was also a big turning point for Michelle, Danny, Tony and Marina. Now they have to come home to Springfield and make it all work out. No matter what they want, Robbie's needs are most important. As a child who's parents split up in kindergarten, I can tell you first hand that this is a really sticky situation. Not only does this cute little guy have to deal with Michelle's vast difference from the "old Michelle" but his parents split.

In a similar situation is little Emma Spaulding. Her father was just murder and the fighting between the Spauldings and Olivia and Bill will certainly have consequences. James and Lizzie would suffer a double loss if Beth killed Phillip - as would Zach and Jude if Harley is guilty. So many different paths to take in writing a show with such rich history.

And after years of complaining about the lack of history, and plots that weren't always well defined, I have to admit that GL is really holding my interest. Just thinking about the sheer number of ways each story could go has me tuning in with more interest than I've had in some time. For those of you who haven't tuned in for awhile, you might want to think about watching again. Our talented actors have some really juicy stories to share, and you could find yourself pleasantly hooked on GL again!

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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