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Cassie should have learned how vengeful Jonathan can be when he set out to seduce the virginal Tammy. Shouldn't she be concentrating on getting married, rather than outsmarting a guy whose only friend is a snake, literally?

Not unlike the classic television show from the 1970's, the GL family has moments of laughter and of tears - and we really saw it all this past week. I got to see it all in one day - thanks to a 4 plus hour session of watching today on Tivo (the greatest invention known to man).

During the past 29 years that I have been watching GL, I really have felt like the characters (and in some cases the actors that portray them) have become like an extended family. There are times when you want to laugh with them, cry with them, or bonk them upside their heads for what their character is doing. Lately, it seems like I have been getting at least two out of three each week.

Let's start with the easy ones - the laughter. The often talked-about chemistry on screen makes for some hilarious moments. For those who have never met Daniel Cosgrove (Bill) you could see more than a little of his real-life wackiness this week at Ravenwood. His quick wit and easy smile are contagious. And getting to see Jordan Clarke more than once a month is worth the price of admission (even if it is free - or whatever DirecTV cost me each month).

On top of that, even though they aren't "together" officially, Gus and Harley always make my day. How can you not see a little bit of yourself in these two who bicker at one another, yet love one another without question. The road to reconciliation will probably have to wait until Harley is cleared - but I'm (sort of) a patient person. And who is that mystery person lurking around Springfield. Don't tell me that a total stranger killed Phillip (although that would mean not losing a cast member to the Springfield Jail). Of course, she could be involved in the TV show Alan has planned for this week (see Spoilers for that).

But who wasn't screaming at Cassie this week when she tries to out con the biggest con (next to Dinah) in town? Didn't she learn how vengeful Jonathan is when he set out to (and succeeded at) seducing the virginal Tammy? Hello? Shouldn't you concentrate on getting married rather than outsmarting a guy whose only friend is a snake - literally? I know that I'd want to protect my family from the guy, but one thing at a time, please. And who didn't see that IF she really slept with Jonathan, she'll end up pregnant with her late husband's grandson? Ewwwww.

Jonathan continues to be a hot topic with GL viewers. You either love him or hate him (or really, love TO hate him). Still, you have to admit that Tom Pelphrey is a pretty talented guy (in desperate need of a haircut!). You can cut the tension with a knife in the Lewis/Shayne household and I don't see that changing anytime soon. I could see him with Dinah as a really evil, misguided terrible twosome in Springfield, though. But Vanessa would NOT allow that to happen - and she'll be back in Springfield soon (hooray!).

But even though I am not a Cassie/Edmund fan (like both actors, like their chemistry but cannot forget GL history that boggles the mind that these two characters are together) I did like the wedding. It was a nice touch that Harley did go (although GL was majorly cheap in not allowing recurring character Blake go to the bridal shower AND wedding - two days of taping - come on GL - give the VERY talented Ms. Keifer a contract already!). Although just thinking about the botched Harley/Gus wedding made me a little melancholy. Can we have a little happiness in Springfield, please?

And what romantic doesn't want Tammy to finally realize what a catch Sandy is? They get soooo close, then back away. I know that Tammy has been through a lot lately (thanks, Jonathan) but the girl needs to open her eyes and see Sandy as a potential romantic interest. Still, I know GL has to pair these two - they are just so darned cute together!!

So while the "family" isn't perfect, I can say that I enjoy spending time with them each week. Well, except the snake (can you tell I have a big fear of them?), that is. Harmony off-screen is great, and the on-screen stories are making me glad I continue to tune in.

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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