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Julia is such a piece of work. Is she getting involved with Holden to give her son a father, or is she just one of those demented types who likes to break up marriages?

First of all, I want to say thanks for all the emails regarding my year-end column. I know I forgot some high points of last year like the Cabot story among others - this was an interesting story because one of my favorites, James Stenbeck, was involved. I didn't like the fact that Cabot is gone and no one has any idea that he is alive. Hopefully, this year this can be corrected early on.
As this year gets started, there seem to be a number of triangles and quadrangles taking place in addition to Emily Munson being targeted for something psycho Barbara has done. Emily is paying for so many things that she did when she was a bad girl in Oakdale. I am just glad to see her doing something besides supporting Allison in one of her little dramas. I just have to wonder how will she be found innocent of all of this.

This Lily and Holden thing has been coming for quite awhile now so when he finally decided to leave Lily, it wasn't that much of a surprise. Holden says it was because of everything that they have gone through since Rose died but it's obvious that Miss Julia plays a major part in his decision. She has become such an irritant in Oakdale. I can't wait for her to be on her way out of town. I don't know if Holden and Lily have run their course yet or not. But so far everyone that Holden gets involved with leaves shortly after they start something.
I bet Lily will start to focus on Holden instead of Craig and other people's problems instead of her husband now that he is in the clutches of Julia. Julia is such a piece of work: is she getting involved with Holden because she just has to have someone else's husband or is she doing it to give her son a father or is she just the demented type that like to break up marriages. Lisa's reaction was priceless when Julia starting insinuating that Holden was next on her list - Lisa made it clear that Lily was her friend and business partner and for her to get involved with Holden was not a good idea.

How is this going to play out with Lucy possible leaving soon and there is now word if the role has been recast yet. I like Lucy with Dusty but Rafi is really in love with her. This story has potential but it would be so much better with the current actors playing it out. A recast can destroy a story quickly. I am happy that Dominic Ramsey is dead but I think it should have been worse considering all that he did.

How long is Mike going to pretend that he is not still very much in love with Katie? I foresee Jennifer getting hurt in the process. I wonder how real this marriage proposal of Henry's is - it has been apparent for a long time that he was in live with Katie. Mike is not going to believe this is for real because Henry and Katie are always up to something.
Finally, it's great to see Kim more involved especially with Will; Tom and Margo reconciling which shows there is hope for Ben and Jessica - now he just needs to get back to work at the hospital and the talk between Lucinda and Jordan was great. This show amazes me that when character start to get interesting they are let go - Jordan is another example with all the chemistry he has Lucinda and Sierra; I'll be sorry to see him go.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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