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The last couple of weeks have been damp! I tell you I was in tears for JR when he had to give up Miranda. I know she wasn't his to keep but he did think she was his child up until very recently (especially soap time) and he loved that little girl. It was a great touch to have the music box playing Dixie's song to JR.

The last couple of weeks have been damp! I tell you I was in tears for JR when he had to give up Miranda. I know she wasn't his to keep but he did think she was his child up until very recently (especially soap time) and he loved that little girl. It was a great touch to have the music box playing Dixie's song to JR. It reminded me of how much I miss Dixie and probably always will. Shame on AMC for letting her go! Jacob Young is a fine actor and definitely deserves an Emmy nod. He showed range of so many emotions as he was very believable. What a fine addition to the cast as he's played the villain just as convincingly. Let's hope he's locked into a long-term contract. Now we'll get to see JR out for revenge --- like father like son. What's the old saying "Revenge is a dish best served cold"? JR may want to keep that in mind.

Bianca has her baby back and now most of PV knows that Miranda is alive. I just don't understand why no one would spill the beans about JR's son being alive. Yes, Bianca suffered but JR has too. Instead of being told by someone who cares about JR, he found out through an investigator. At least he knows his son is alive, but it appears Bianca might be coming clean with JR. Why isn't Brooke telling the truth?

Some jail time is in order for David and Krystal, but to insult the viewers with the absurdity of having them share a cell because the jail is full is ridiculous. There is NO way this would occur. There are no co-ed cells in jails. If it was that crowded then some would be transferred elsewhere. And why isn't Tad in jail? After all he also kept Miranda from Bianca and is currently covering up for Babe and Jamie, not only that, but Bianca isn't telling the truth either. Yes, Tad deserves to be punished. Why does Erica refuse to see this?

Speaking of being punished, when are Jonathan's dirty deeds going to be exposed? Now we see he is capable of beating up on women as well as drugging them. After that slap in the face, I hoped Maggie would call the police and press charges. Unfortunately, AMC decided to go with the standard public service announcement after the show. Too bad since abusive men are truly an issue in this country and AMC could have still shown the public service announcement, but shown Maggie taking action.

Instead of Jonathan being exposed, Kendall was accused a bit longer for the crime of drugging Greenlee. This continued because of the breaking and entering that Ryan and Greenlee took advantage of in Kendall's condo, of course no legal action will come of it. Won't Ryan be surprised once Jonathan is uncovered for all he's done, but will Ryan be contrite? Probably not remorseful enough for many of us fans. Now Greenlee and Kendall are friends again? This is somewhat unbelievable after everything that's gone down in the last year. We got to see how twisted Jonathan is as he continues to blame Ryan for leaving him so many years ago after Ryan ran away from their abusive father.

I really like Reggie and liked the twist that both he and Danielle are virgins. I don't see a lot of spark between Reggie and Danielle though. Seems the actress isn't suited for this part. It's nice that Derek seems to be enjoying getting to know Reggie after all this time. Lily wants Aidan to be her boyfriend. I've heard from several parents of autistic children as well as from a Special Ed teacher and all concur this plot is totally out there. First off everyone is treating Lily like she is 5 years old instead of explaining to her Aidan is a grown man and too old for her. Plus Lily should be made aware of what "having a boyfriend" means. It's unfortunate AMC apparently hasn't researched autism in depth enough to portray it as a neurological disorder instead of a mental one. That said the actress portraying Lily certainly is eye candy as she is such a pretty girl. Speaking of eye candy that goes for Ethan as well.

Ryan decides to give Cambias Industries to Miranda. I believe that was in the will so it's not really his to give.... But Ryan is playing the "hero" again and then more so when he talks Ethan into a DNA test. Once this occurs, will Ethan also partake in the Cambias fortune?

The 35th anniversary show was truly enjoyable as we got to see many old time favorites and were given the opportunity to see Agnes Nixon on camera. When Daisy was mentioned, it reminded me of how much I loved her especially paired with Palmer. Bring that lady back to the show. Nick, Mark, Phoebe were all a treat to see as well as Ruth on air! I understand Phoebe has been ill in real life and she looked as if she is in poor health as she didn't speak and was wheeled in. Ruth (Lee Meriweather) looked beautiful; I can see how she won Miss America years ago. Yes, that was Carol Burnett playing Verla Grubbs, Langley's daughter. She was on the show briefly back in the old days. I enjoyed the thoughts of including Mona in this show, but found it out of place that Nick wouldn't have shared the letter long ago. I heard from other long time viewers that enjoyed seeing the veterans again too. So much for TPTB who think only characters under the age of 40 are exciting and interesting! Speaking of the over 40 crowd, Adam was great when he was sparing with Dorian from OLTL and even better when he ushered Mary away!!! Yes, indeed Christmas came late for him. Wonder where Mary will end up? Also, it's sad we never hear about or see Greenlee's grandfather who is a great character.

The AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Karen who writes: "Babe and Krystal and Co. have committed numerous crimes and sins against people they supposedly care about all in the name of making sure that Babe's son doesn't grow up and become a pompous jerk??!! That is what all this is about. It is not like they are protecting this child from a physically abusive parent. Really the Chandlers are not even emotionally abusive because it isn't like any Chandler has suffered from an inferiority complex. Adam does everything he can to build up his children, not tear them down. He wants them to know that they are privileged and special. So he's a little controlling, but what parent isn't? Certainly one cannot argue that Krystal isn't controlling. Didn't she do the whole God routine and control the fates of several people?." Yes, Karen I agree!!

I think they must be out of razors in PV as Ryan and Jonathan have continual stubble and Edmund needs to shave that handsome face. Thanks for the emails and I'll see you next week!

Mary Page
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