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I remember the end of last year when I wrote how Megan McTavish had brought on the new characters of Krystal and Babe. I expressed my displeasure with the choice that was made to bring these two to PV. I haven't changed my mind during the year.

I remember the end of last year when I wrote how Megan McTavish had brought on the new characters of Krystal and Babe. I expressed my displeasure with the choice that was made to bring these two to PV. I haven't changed my mind during the year. 2004 kept them front and center almost every episode. We had the never ending baby switch debacle that is still on-going since Babe stole her own child and wants to keep him from JR. Now even though there was a second "legitimate" DNA test done on this child proving it was JR's there is talk that the child will end up to be either Paul or Jamie's boy. This is one of my pet peeves about AMC, the writers continue to just change directions and think that the audience isn't bright enough to notice. I wonder how long this baby plot will continue. JR should be made aware of his child being alive and be reunited with him. Personally I'd prefer all the characters that withheld information and lied about Miranda go to jail, that includes David, Krystal, Tad, Babe & Jamie. There is NO excuse for any of them. That said one of the worst things that happened in 2004 was the character assassinations of many fan favorites.

David chose to stand by Babe, his newly found daughter from a drunken one-night stand with the slut known to us as Krystal, instead of keeping true to character to inform Bianca her daughter was alive and well but being raised by Babe, Bianca's "best" friend, as her own child. What this did was cause the one decent relationship that David had with another PV resident to completely dissipate. Tad chose to keep quiet about Miranda's identity for fear of putting his son, Jamie and Jamie's lying girlfriend in peril. Tad also kept this news from his other "son" JR since in reality JR isn't his son at all. Tad did mention that Dixie would want it this way several times. Convenient that Tad could speak for Dixie so readily without a thought that Dixie would have wanted her son, JR, spared anymore heartache.

Ryan's character has been changed from a genuine likable good guy to someone that is so self-centered and holier-than-thou that no one can stand the guy anymore. Ryan was in love with Kendall and stood by her as she pretended to be pregnant with Michael Cambias' baby and defended Bianca but immediately turned on her once Greenlee was in the least bit of trouble and Kendall couldn't see fit to forgive Greenlee. Since that happened we had the inevitable triangle involving these three which was the basis for Ryan and Greenlee's marriage for business purposes which then conveniently turned to "love." I've never liked this pairing partly because Ryan and Kendall are a true power couple and also because Greenlee, who used to be full of spunk and life, has been reduced to a sniveling, dependent woman that can't have an original thought or idea without Ryan's intervention.

Some new characters such as Ethan and Jonathan were introduced into PV. Both of these characters had interaction with Ryan. I hear continually through emails that Jonathan is such an unlikable character the fast forward button is repeatedly used during his scenes. Everyone appears past ready to have Jonathan uncovered as the bad guy who is behind the drugging of Greenlee. Ethan is the wild card still as he's apparently Zach's illegitimate child and heir to the Cambias fortune but is unaware of this. In fact Zach has lied about this to everyone except Maria to save Ethan the burden of being a Cambias. I feel sure this fact will surface in the not to distant future and Ethan will then have another reason to hate his father. This is a common bond he and Kendall share --- hating their fathers.

Erica reunited with Jackson after the miserable Vegas showgirl plot. We now have a wedding to look forward to in 2005. As I've said before, I hope this is Erica's last wedding. It's only fitting it should be to the love of her life after Mike Roy and Jeremy Hunter that is.

Two potential triangles weigh on the 2005 horizon. Those would be David/Krystal/Tad & Edmund/Maria/Zach. I don't like either of these. Krystal can have a triangle of her own in prison with the guards and inmates for all I care as long as she's out of PV forever. This would allow Tad and David to move forward in their lives and perhaps find new loves. Simone is still available and I feel sure ready for either!!

The Edmund/Maria/Zach triangle doesn't have much meat to it. Maria and Edmund's on screen chemistry has been long gone and should just be chalked up to no one's fault. It's time for a decent separation, divorce and child custody agreement between them. After that, perhaps Maria and Zach could have a real romance for a while and see how that plays out. We haven't had that in a while and romance is always good.

Speaking of romance --- Aidan deserves to get into the picture with a romance of his own and I don't mean with Anita. Perhaps a new character could come to PV or even Simone. Yes, I mentioned her earlier, but I think she would pair up very nicely with Aidan. Of course there is Maggie that's available but it appears based on the talk out there that AMC has decided to make Maggie bi-sexual and end up with Bianca. Too bad!

This really leaves only JR, Jamie and Babe to discuss. Jamie and Babe both should have to serve time for the sins and illegal deeds they've been involved in. Neither is blameless and Babe has been guilty of many indiscretions. These are too numerous to list or for that matter even process through anymore. I actually like the pairing of Jamie and Babe. They look GREAT together as they are both extremely attractive people. Babe is a fine actress as she has made me dislike her intensely although I can see goodness deep inside. I'm not sure how AMC will go about redeeming them back into the family fold but I feel sure that will happen before next year's end. JR should get some of that Dixie goodness back into him and strip out the Adam revenge. I really want JR to find that special someone and make something of his life.

Well this wasn't a banner year for AMC in the ratings department. A couple of spikes but many more lows than highs. I attribute this to the drawn out baby switch story and the totally unbelievable Erica as a Vegas showgirl plot. When you alienate your base, which is what AMC has done over the past year by ignoring your veterans and forcing the audience to view the newbies with almost the same dialog for week after week the show is bound to suffer. They chose to get rid of Liza - don't give me the recurring role line as we'll see her about as much as we see Dimitri --- that would be never. Brooke was so rarely seen that one would have to wonder if she also went recurring. I don't understand AMC not utilizing one of the best actresses on television as Julia Barr has proven time and again. I have hopes that AMC will return to greatness, but it will take a different direction from Brian Frons instead of shelving all females over 40 for teens and 20somethings. There is a treat for us long-time fans though --- Nick Davis, Tom Cudahy, Mark Dalton and Ruth (Lee Meriwether) Martin will all return for the anniversary show. I truly wish they'd bring Ruth back fulltime and have the Martins be a family to be reckoned with again. Get back to those roots!

Mary Page
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