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As a new year begins, let's take a look back at some of the most memorable moments of 2004 in Springfield.

As the year 2004 comes to a close, many of us will look back on what we have done (and not done) in the past 365 days. It is a time to reflect, and a time to think about what we hope to accomplish in the future. So as we all think about losing those 5 (or 10) extra pounds, or working harder, being nicer to others, etc., let's look back on the year 2004 in good old Springfield, U.S.A.

The year was full of murder and mayhem, of new beginnings and new faces in town. Here are some of the more memorable moments in 2004:


Jonathan Randall - made the biggest splash in town in 2004. Originally showing up as "JB", this bad-boy seduced his virginal cousin Tammy and pretty much made the town hate him - all in less than 6 months. Will Reva be able to put up with his rough exterior and get him to embrace a pretty great family in 2005? All of the spoilers I've seen have his character really putting a strain on the relationship with Reva and Josh. Let's hope that this not-so-little bundle of joy can wreck their relationship and their third-time's-a-charm marriage.

Sebastian Hulce - As Roger's son, you know this character can stir up some drama for the citizens of Springfield. If we can only get him out of Santa Domingo and those hokey jailhouse bars.

"New" Michelle Bauer Santos - Can someone find a cure for her amnesia before they help out Sebastian? This tattooed, sassy version of Michelle makes me want to pair her with Jonathan - and give them a one way ticket out of town!


Ed Bauer (to Africa) - other than the killing off of Phillip Spaulding, shipping Dr. Ed (the great Peter Simon) off to Africa was the worst move of the year. Just when Michelle needs her dad the most, he is nowhere to be found. Now Michelle, Tony and Holly's future all hangs in the balance as Dr. Ed and his miracle cure are nowhere to be found.

Marah Lewis (to Paris) - This was a pretty abrupt departure given that the character was newly involved in a romance. At least they remembered to mention that cousin Mindy Lewis is also in Paris working as a fashion designer. Christopher (to where, we cannot say - did GL ever mention it?)

Nico - Thankfully he took his singing with him!

Eden August - (Parts Unknown) Thanks to her "Bad Girl" connections, Eden had to break her engagement to Bill and enter the Witness Protection Program after bringing down Vinny Salerno.

Shayne Lewis (to Bosnia) - Not a very good send off for a character who has been in Springfield for so many years - I think Reva needs some kids who really have her best interests at heart in town!

Joey Lupo (anywhere but Springfield - thanks to Phillip) - Coop had better watch his back if Phillip isn't really dead!!

Darci- Frank's cute little fiancée' fled town after Springfield's Top Cop learned of her sordid past. Of course, Darci remembering Alex is "Mrs. Godfrey" sealed the drug dealing case against her (those were Brad Green's dying words) implicating her in their dirty dealings.

Returning Characters

Dinah Marler - I've gone on record a million times saying that I am not normally fond of recasts. But if we couldn't get new mom Wendy Moniz to return to the role, hats off to Gina Tognini for bringing my favorite bad girl back to Springfield with a vengeance!

Henry Bradshaw "Coop" Cooper - Another SORAS'ed character (that's Soap Opera Rabid Aging Syndrome to you newcomers) but what a welcomed addition to the cast. Now let's see some sparks between Coop and Miss Lizzie!


Brad Green (heart attack) - This drug dealing Spaulding executive died at the Beacon after confronting Alex.

Eden August (faked) - After her near miss with the warehouse explosion, Eden is wisked into the Witness Protection Program for turning on the Mob.

Phillip Spaulding (murdered) - Although there is a big part of me that still thinks this is not true, Phillip is technically was murdered in 2004. Hopefully TPTB have orchestrated a great return for this fan favorite.


Leah Bauer - Rick and Mel's all-but-forgotten daughter


Olivia and Phillip Spaulding - Who says you can't get married in a sanitarium? Olivia shanghaied Phillip into a whole different kind of shotgun marriage.

Olivia and Bill Lewis - Talk about your jailhouse marriages - this one might actually work. IF the bride and groom can get out of Ravenwood and finally admit their feelings to one another, that is. I wasn't a fan of this pairing in the beginning, but they are one of the steamier couples in Springfield these days....

Break Ups

Jeffrey and Marah - A pair I never warmed to at all. Not sure it was the age difference or the fact that I missed Marah with Tony - the old Tony that is...

Olivia and Phillip - They might have the shortest marriage in Springfield history (or is that Reva and Buzz? Reva and Alan?...)

Gus and Harley - The one couple that fans really wanted to see unite the Spaulding and Cooper families had a very public (and expensive) breakup right at the wedding! Hopefully these two lovebirds will find their way back together - the Christmas Eve episode has fans hopeful.... Tammy and Joey

Danny and Michelle - How many times is this now, anyway?

Shayne and Marina - I thought they were so cute together, but thankfully Marina stayed in Springfield to help her family - who really need it these days!

Jeffrey and Dinah - For now, it appears that this loveless couple are kaput. Of course, Dinah still needs a little help to have the baby she so desperately wants - watch out Edmund!

New Couples

Tony and Michelle - "new" Michelle that is - sure hope this doesn't last or I may sleep through GL in 2005.


Cassie Winslow - The only person in Springfield who would find a miscarriage as a positive sign - now the soon-to-be Mrs. Winslow (again) might start a family with Edmund.

Off to the Pokey

Carrie Carruthers - After that long, drawn out story SHE killed her own niece - but somehow had all of that pent up rage for the Fab Five.

Harley Davidson Cooper - Did she or didn't she kill Phillip? Only time will tell!

Holly, "New" Michelle and Tony - All Sebastian's prisoners in Santa Domingo may they get out soon - or I'll be forced to wear out my FF button....

Out of the Pokey

Marah Lewis - for shooting Carrie Carruthers (who faked her own death)

Alexandra Spaulding - Little brother Alan called in a lot of his markers with the governor to spring his big sister from her drug conspiracy charges. If only the Coopers had their bank account or connections....

Buzz Cooper - Thank to daughter Harley's cameo as Ruth (making herself look guilty in the process) Buzz is off the hook for Phillip's murder.

Sandy and Marina - After snooping on Alan's computer and "teaching him a lesson" they finally get out of jail.

On the Mend

Michelle Bauer Santos - after the warehouse explosion (if only her memory would return and we could get "old Michelle" back!)

Shayne Lewis (after his car accident)

Sandy Foster (partial kidney transplant)

Reva Lewis (partial kidney donation)

Buzz Cooper (after a heart attack)

Big Stories

Marianne Carruthers Murder Mystery - In the "be careful what you wish for" category those of us (myself included) who longed for MORE veteran air time, there was this little gem. Altered GL history and drug on for ages before finally coming to a half-way decent conclusion. If only I could stop having nightmares that involve Carrie and that raspy voice of hers....

Brad Green and Antimonious/Harley and Gus' Failed Wedding - While I love Mark Pinter (who previously was Mark Evans from 1981-83) the thought of him dealing drugs with Marj Dusay (Alex) was preposterous! And Gus' covering for Auntie Alex cost him (for now) his future with Harley. I have hope that these two will reunite for good in 2005.

Springfield Mayoral Election - I think we need to revisit how long the presidential race is after this NASCAR paced election with crooked results. The fix was in and Danny had to concede his Mayor's role to Ross after only a few days.

The Spaulding Apprentice - In an obvious ploy to get teen viewers and cash in on the Donald Trump reality show, Springfield's teens were shown vying for a spot with Spaulding Enterprises. But when Lizzie rigs it so Joey wins, she ends up not getting the man of her dreams when Phillip blackmails him into leaving Springfield after Lizzie tried to force him into a relationship.

Bringing Down the Mob in Springfield - Hopefully with Eden in the Witness Protection Program and Tony and Danny too busy fighting for Michelle's love, the Mob will finally be over and done with in Springfield.

"Princess Cassie"/Dinah Returns to Springfield - While this story took a little too long to get going, fans are glad to have bad girl Dinah back in town (but how can she get away with murder? That never added up to me!!). What tricks does she have up her sleeve now?

JB/Jonathan Comes to Town/Sandy is an Imposter - The worst kept secret in daytime did payoff big with the addition of Tom Pelphrey to the cast. But having him seduce Tammy brought new meaning to the "ick" factor on any show. Still, I can't wait to see what this bad boy does next (pair him with Dinah!!!).

I'm sure I've missed about a million things that happened this year - but those are some of the memorable moments. As a long time viewer, I do see some very positive changes to the show in the past year. Despite my reservations about a writer who hasn't been ALIVE as long as I've been watching (and I'm only 37) I think that Head Writer David Kreitzman's dedication and devotion to the show are evident. Let's hope for more great moments in 2005.

And thanks to all of you who visit the site regularly to check out all that we have done. I only do a small portion of the things you see - even on the GL Online pages - Dan is the Guru of the WHOLE site (all of the shows we highlight). We wanted to take this time to say that the volunteers at SoapCentral really value your feedback. Even if we don't respond personally to each of your comments (but we do read and appreciate every one) we thank you for visiting the site - and caring about Guiding Light as much as we do.

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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