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Last week's episodes really showcased all of the things that make Guiding Light great, as families reunited to celebrate the holidays. The show has had such a rich history of memorable families, and last week, that fact really stood out.

In this season of giving, it is always great to know that you have given someone the "perfect" gift - one that really pleases them (hopefully without breaking your budget). So how full of holiday cheer do you think I was to have not one, but TWO reasons to think that TPTB might finally be really listening to their fans?

First of all there was the email from GL head writer David Kreitzman that said (in part):

"I consider it an honor and privilege to write for Guiding Light. It's been a part of my life for almost a decade now. GL was my first job out of college. I met my wife at the show. I care deeply about its history and its future. I love these characters and feel blessed to write for such a gifted cast and talented crew. I, and the entire writing team, promise to continue to deliver the Guiding Light you crave: surprising, yet comforting; larger than life, yet wholly relatable; fresh, yet rooted in history; emotional, exciting, inspirational, funny, romantic and always entertaining. Thanks again for sticking with us through the ups and the downs."

"Happy holidays & Happy New Year. See you in 2005,"

"David Kreizman, Headwriter, GL"

And then GL has done a fan survey with the Nielsen Company to gage the feelings of GL viewers like you. If you would like to check out this survey, please visit: Click here I encourage all of you to really share your thoughts on GL. And since we are on the subject of surveys, we're conducting a survey to allow you, the fans, to pick the top GL new story of the year. To participate in our poll, please click here.

I have to tell you that in nearly 29 years of watching GL I can count on one hand the number of times that I (or any fan I know) have been asked such in-depth questions. Yes, it can mean negative things like low ratings or the "c" word (cancellation), but I prefer to start 2005 off with a positive frame of mind and think it's because they truly care what we think of the show. For that I am one very grateful GL fan and will do all I can to make sure that they know how much we appreciate all they do while listening to what we have to say. Heck, it beats a bad Christmas gift any old day ; )

This week's shows really showcase all of the things that I love to see on GL. Families, no matter what is going on in their lives, coming together to celebrate the holidays. GL has had such a rich history of some pretty memorable families, and this week it really stood out. Once again, we saw that the sheer talent that the show has in their actors and writers. We've seen some stinker storylines in the past - I know we can all name at least a dozen - but time and time again we are somehow taken off guard at how talented this group is - and how much of a part of our lives they are.

The "crawl" for the last show before Christmas is one of the things that I really love to see each year. Because it lets those of you who don't see the actors off camera in person to really see a bit of the "real" person as opposed to the character they play. We typically focus on just those people we see on screen, when in fact there are so many people behind the scenes who work hard to make GL a part of our lives. This is their one chance each year to be seen and receive some small part of the recognition they deserve.

So as you sit back and enjoy the holiday with your family, let's take time to give our GL family the recognition they deserve for bringing us so many great memories!

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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