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After what seemed like forever, there was finally a little romance last week. Sandy and Tammy are so cute together, and it was a delight to see Jonathan get a dose of his own medicine. That young man needs a serious time out!

Memories are a funny thing. Good and bad, they can take you to a place in your life that you haven't thought of in years. And in this age of technology, it's easier than ever to revisit the past whenever you want.

I had thought about what I was going to write this week. Normally I try to let a line or scene take me in a certain direction and just go from there - I don't write anything out ahead of time. But when I heard that late night legend Johnny Carson died earlier today at the age of 79, I knew that I had my lead.

Less than two weeks ago, my husband and I sat on our couch and watched our Carson Collection DVD - which I highly recommend. Even though I am a firm believer in a 9pm bedtime (during the week) I have watched Carson when I could over the years. Just seeing the guests he had and the bits of laughter he shared with us reminded me a lot of how many of us feel about GL. And the history (and fashion) lessons are a great reminder of how we have all changed over the years.

This week GL celebrates its 68th anniversary on January 25th. The show's debut on the radio on January 25, 1937 was long before I became a fan (my Mom wasn't even born until 1939) but I know many of you have been fans for nearly the length of the show. That loyalty is a wonderful tribute to the show - and I can tell you that it is very much appreciated by the cast and crew of GL.

The show has taken many changes in 68 years. Initially only 15 minutes in length, "The Guiding Light" was not even initially set in Springfield, as it is today. The show made it's television debut on June 30,1952. And the statistic that always makes me shake my head - they went from black and white to color on March 13, 1967 - two days before I was born! We dropped the "The" in 1977 and went to a full hour soon after - the year after I got hooked on GL. And despite some storylines that make me want to shake my head (the 'dreaming death' and the 'clone' come to mind) the show has maintained its place firmly in my heart. I always refer to the show as "my" show - and it is. After all, without us, the fans, there is no show to watch.

One of the best things that I like about GL is what I liked about Carson as well. How I could, through the use of a long running show, re-visited my past via the magic of television. GL's biggest strength is our rich history, and the show has finally seemed to embrace it. I can still remember seeing Jerry verDorn (out of character) doing his tribute to Charita Bauer (the shows longest running cast member until her death in 1985) which brought me to tears. The show has become like an extended family to so many of us - and certainly one of the main reasons I keep watching - and writing this column as well! And no matter where I go, I know that I can always turn on the Light and feel right at home.

But let's get back to the show today. February Sweeps are coming up and it looks like fans will be getting some really great shows. I don't want to "spoil" you here, but I have highlighted some of what we'll see in the Spoilers section. As we get closer to Phillip's murder trial, I might do another survey to see what everyone thinks about that story - and what else Springfield is talking about these days.

After what seemed like forever, I was glad to see a little more romance this week. Sandy and Tammy are so cute together - and it was a delight to see Jonathan get a dose of his own medicine. That young man needs a serious time out!! ; ) And Lizzie and Coop's schemes to get the best of each other are finally paying off. Still - I can't believe that Roxy (the dog, not Reva's little sister) is allowed to go into a hospital and a restaurant. I'm a huge dog lover, but come on!!!

This week looks like all of the stories are bubbling nicely to hit a full boiling point for Sweeps - and I cannot wait. Glad to see that I wasn't the only one who didn't get an airing of GL on Thursday - I'd hate to miss any of the show these days!!

For those of you who attend the annual GL Fan Club luncheon, rumor is that it will be a different weekend this year - October 16th in NYC. When I get more information on the event, I will certainly pass it along. I hope to see many of you this fall in the Big Apple (thankfully without all of the snow they have at the moment!!).

It looks like we'll have some great moments to watch this week, so stay tuned and stay warm!!!! Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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