Whatever happened to baby Jane?

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Whatever happened to baby Jane?
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Why doesn't someone just haul off and slap the hell out of Luis? Last week, when Pilar begged him to let Martin speak, instead of respecting the mother he's so upset his father betrayed, he jumped right back into his same old routine of what a loser Martin is.

Why doesn't someone just haul off and slap the hell out of Luis? I spent a good deal of my Passions' hour this week screaming at the television. When Pilar begged him to let Martin speak, instead of respecting the mother he's so upset his father betrayed, he jumped right back into his same old routine of what a loser Martin is. I for one would like very much to see Martin just knock him out. And my sides are going to be hurting something fierce when little Marty grows up and resents Luis the same way. That's assuming Sheridan doesn't figure out he's her son first.

Poor Paloma. I'm not saying that if a woman is raped she should be ashamed. Personally, I think it takes a tremendous amount of courage to admit such a thing. But this poor girls' business has been spread all over Harmony and while she is still unconscious. Could someone take her feelings into consideration first? And Luis made me sick again by trying to blame this all on Martin or anyone else who happened to cross his path. I'm not saying this is Luis' fault in anyway, but he really needs to take it down a notch or two and get a grip.

Kay and Jessica's concern over Paloma's beating was a bit unconventional. I can see if Jessica had been walking on the wild side for some time now. But she went from a bridesmaid to a barfly in seconds, so her "maybe I better be good" shtick was absurd. And I love Pilar, but she can't blame Paloma's actions on Kathy and Martin. I mean after all, Theresa has pursued a married man and Luis has pursued a married woman, not to mention that three of her children had babies out of wedlock. So Pilar didn't exactly impart morals on the children she raised.

Okay so last week I was wondering how Theresa got to the hospital and a lot of you wrote in to say she had to wait for a special needs cab to pick her up. Thank you for correcting me. Now that she is at the hospital, Gwen sneaks up on her with a pair of scissors. (Liza plays a psycho fabulously.) Now if I had been Theresa, I'd have started screaming the minute I saw the woman who's already tried to kill me once. But instead Theresa wheels away and is in a deserted hall before she starts screaming for help. I'm not blaming either actress or character, but rather the writers for not writing these characters with more sense. And for trying to make us believe that there are deserted halls in hospitals with no nurses, doctors, or even janitorial people walking by.

And I am so with Rebecca. Gwen needs Ethan right now and there he goes chasing after Theresa, "for Gwen's sake" Bull. Ethan should know Theresa well enough to know that she is not going to drop the charges, no matter how much he begs. Especially now that Gwen's made it perfectly clear she wants Theresa dead. But then again, since Ethan is the king of saying one thing and meaning another, I guess he is hoping his inability to make up his mind has rubbed off on Theresa.

I knew the second Theresa turned her back, with Gwen right there, Jane was going to be kidnapped. (Okay so I read it last week in the spoilers too.) But it was absurd how it happened. Both Ethan and Theresa were right there by the baby. Didn't they see Gwen taking the baby, or at least that she was gone? And what was with Ethan telling Theresa to calm down, once she realized Jane was gone? A psychotic woman just stole her child, I don't think calm is even negotiable.

It's no secret I am a Gwen fan. I get email after email, telling me I'm wrong, telling me I'm right, telling me where to go and how to get there. And through it all, I've been on Gwen's side. But I think she's faking the psychotic act. Granted she obviously needs help. I mean what sound person slashes their wrists just to get closer so they can kill their enemy? But I think if Gwen had truly lost touch with reality, she'd have gone to the Crane mansion with the baby instead of the cabin. When she walked in the cabin she told Jane, "welcome home." Since when has the cabin ever been home? No, Gwen is hiding out because she knows exactly what she is doing.

I absolutely love John Reilly. I loved him as Sean Donnelly on General Hospital, and as well as on Sunset Beach. But in the character of Alistair, I'm a bit torn. Yes Reilly brings Alistair's villainy and lechery to a new level. But it seems to me that the writers or producers or whoever is in charge, is trying very hard to make Reilly sound like Alan Oppenheimer (the man who voiced Alistair before he was seen). I think they should let him go and let's see where this role takes us. And I have one question about Alistair? His assistant is what 12? Literally, she is younger than Sheridan. Yet she knows the inner most details of his shady dealings. Why is that? What makes her so trustworthy?

And did Julian honestly think that he was going to bully Alistair into telling him who he thinks tried to kill him? Julian should know by now that Alistair thrives on pain and misery. Julian and Eve being apart is just icing on Alistair's cake. And why is Eve back at work? She supposedly abused her position as a doctor, so why would she be allowed back in the hospital with access to the poison?

High Point of the Week:: Silvana Arias: She had me in tears this week.

Low Point of the Week:: Whitney: Eve's flashback showed Whit vowing to never lie to those she loves. Uh, HELLO!!!!!!!! Some Random Thoughts:

"Luis is going on and on about how he "wants to handle Paloma's attack by the book."..Since when do police officers drag a victims attacker into their hospital room, and demand that they not only ID the person, but answer questions about whether or not they were raped in front of their possible rapist?" I was thinking the same thing. Thanks Jez for pointing this out.

"Ok, I didn't understand why Kay was worried about her dad finding her at the club; isn't Kay of age and everything? [20-21] So why would she run off? Who cares if Sam doesn't agree with going to clubs." I totally agree Ryan. Paloma's attack could have been prevented had her "friends" cared enough about her to check on her instead of being selfish and running away.

"How eerie is it that Gwen heard a baby crying at the same time that Baby Jane was sick and started crying? The show is constantly shoving the mother/daughter bond down our throats; it's got to mean something." I thought the same thing Alisa, but I do believe baby Jane belongs to Theresa. But perhaps Fox, not Ethan, is the daddy?

Quote of the week: "I had a thought while watching Terror in the hospital emergency room. Did she take the time to dress up in that snazzy red top because she was planning a night out after Jane was diagnosed?" Thanks Katie!!!

Until next week friends,

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